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Where should we time skip to once everyone has posted?

A SECRET PARTY! 0.25 25.0% [ 2 ]
The next day, let's cause some violence in the lab!! 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
An attempted escape from the institution! 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
I DON'T KNOW 0.75 75.0% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 8 ]
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Tipsy Grabber


                          you should all pay attention to this because it's in bold

                          I'm thinking of forcing the time skip soon
                          That way people who have just joined/gotten their profiles in can post without really thinking things through
                          Or some bullshit like that
                          I dunno, it makes sense to me.
                          Currently I'm just waiting on Ett to get his profile in, so I'm thinking of just making a time skip on wednesday
                          That's tomorrow right? I think it is but I don't want to look at a calender right now.
                          If not wednesday, then thursday
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Tipsy Grabber

                              TIMESKIP = A GO
I am hoping to have a post up

Likely Lily?

Followed by Vicky.

I'm really exhausted.
Sii knows why. So yeah x:

Almost finished with both posts. Add a little more and proof read tomorrow.
S ii t a r a v e 's avatar

Tipsy Grabber

                      Alrighty love

                      I'm going to start on my boys after I get home from work today
                      If anyone wants to post first/ already have a post ready
                      You can pop it on in there
I don't know if I like
My Lilith post.
I might scrap it and redo it. x:

There's also things that
I need to plan with you Miss. Sii.
Sii, I'm going to wait for Sonny's post for Lilith.

I have a busy week this week.
I have to go to the hospital for several tests,
and then I have to go to the states this weekend.

I'm going to try and get this post up tomorrow night.
Assuming Sii's post is out.

I am also waiting for Ett's post with Kitt,
before I post for Victoria.


I feel like other people should be posting
sometime soon as well.
We don't want this to die guys.

I know that I've been slow,
but Sii also knows I've been having
a lot of drama flying about in my life.

Y 0 N A H's avatar

Thieving Fatcat

          I can finally get back to my role-plays. /lehappysigh
S ii t a r a v e 's avatar

Tipsy Grabber

                    AWE YEA
                    Good job, Yonah!
                    -le celebrations-

                    Sani I'm going to assume I can GM Lily a little
                    Okay? Okay.
S ii t a r a v e 's avatar

Tipsy Grabber


                            Okay guys
                            So I really need other people to post before me
                            Because it is very unlikely that I am going to post first
                            My laptops keyboard is fried and I do not have an income to get it fixed right now >.o
                            So it's going to be a while before I post
                            So everyone else
                            PLEASE GO AHEAD
passed out and woke up with keyboard face
trying to type lily's post xDD
So I went to post,
my computer did a random restart.
I lost said post.


Looks like I'll be doing it all over again.
Y 0 N A H's avatar

Thieving Fatcat

          Hey hey, life has been
          Crazy. I apologize
          for major delay.

          I wrote you a poem. I'm going to post as soon as my finals are over.
          I'm so sorry, I thought I'd have time last week. T.T
S ii t a r a v e 's avatar

Tipsy Grabber

                      It's okay~
                      You wrote a poem so that makes it automatically okay

                      I feel like I should start crackin the whip again though
                      /stares are er one
Majestic Sheep's avatar

Distinct Gekko

            I SWEAR.
            Just hugely busy with life and an convention coming up.
            That's eating my time in the computer as I've been going to
            friends houses, shopping, and other places to work on cosplay.
            But anyways, as a bonus I guess ( probably a bad one ) but I will
            be away from the 23rd till the 27th. As the 23rd is when I'm leaving
            to the convention and all. ; w ; You all will get a post from me after that.
            ( As I am unsure I can make a post sometime before that, but I will try!. )
            I promise!. <3

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