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                                          Type of role play: semi-lit+
                                          Role play theme: Dark comedy/ adventure/ romance
                                          Role play inspiration: Futerama, As You like it [a play by William Shakespeare], dating web site commercials
                                          Role play moderator/ creator: joey_serene NO STEALING!
                                          Second in command: OPEN
                                          Era the role play takes place in: Modern day
                                          Rp status: ACCEPTING
                                          Link/s: MAIN THREAD
                                          Banner/s: User Image
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                                          Not too far in the future, a brand new website is created called the Cupid system. This dating web site claims the ability to match people with their potential soul mates. In fact the web site has become rather successful with a 100% marriage rate.. But the web site doesn't mention why... It's because of the often unseen fine print of the contract that all participants have to sign that States that if the participants do not marry the person their matched to and stay married to their match that a multitude of raging kill bots will hunt the participant down and kill them. (And here's the kicker, this is all perfectly legal). But this far all participants who have signed up have had successful marriages and had not had to read the fine print.

                                          However twelve participants who have just signed up for their own various reasons will soon discover the darker side to this web site. You see the Cupid system has recently gone "stupid". Matching people to their completely direct opposites. And needless to say, these folks will soon find themselves in a world of trouble if they don't marry in three days and they find themselves at the end of a gun being held by a ruthless and cold killing machine! Will they survive long enough to bring this issue to life?! And if they do, will anyone even listen? As their running for their lives will sparks of romance alight? Grab your keyboard and find out!


Welcome! Be sure to post in the OCC! And please help me recruit!
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We need some more people. Let me work on this! mrgreen
Heehee, got a lot of partial Scottish girls in this RP.



we now have a banner!
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Hello you guys! I play the Dedicated Soldier. My profile's littered with mistakes, so sorry about that. I'm on the mobile app so it's hard type and stuff. Augh. I promised Joey I'd send her an edited one so yeah. I look forward to roleplaying with you all!
Hey there! I look forward to RPing with you too, though I'm not sure how much interaction our two characters will have, haha!

I hope we get more peeps soon so we can get started. I sent a message to a few friends, but none of them got back to me yet so I'mma assume that means they're not interested. XD
Well folks I think I'm going to open the roleplay tomarrow. ^•^ since we finnally have gained some bachelors
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Okie dokie. smile Can't wait!




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We are now open! You may post when you like!
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I play the criminal haha, and I put up my first post. It's kind of suckish though, sorry! Nice to meet everyone though!!
@follow: welcome! And I liked your first post. Hopefully now that the role play is active we'll get more people. I'll be posting soon. ^•^
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AHHHH BUT I am not ready yet why

Um lemme just get to school real quick and I'll post from there! I hate that I have been grounded. Ergh.

@Classique; lol, me too. I hope we get enough interaction. O wait - do you wanna make our characters cousins? -grin-

@Joey; How about you erase some of the 'reserved' posts you have there? People would feel more welcome that way lol Idk /uselesssuggestions

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