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I'm in love with love.

I love when characters are in love,

especially if the love is anything but wondrous.

I want drama. I want tears, both happy and sad.

Romance in a role play is necessary to me.

Emotion is important to me ( give me "feels," bro ).

+ love, romance, drama

+ multiple characters, multiple pairings

+ descriptions, not pictures (scenery photos allowable)

+ messengers or e-mail (possibly private messages)

I am online a lot, both at home and at work. That means that I have a lot of time to role play, so I can shell out multiple posts in a day. I prefer NOT to have partners who can only respond to a role play once or twice a week or anything so spread out like that. I do not like to drag on a scene like that. I like to chat on messengers or e-mail to get real time responses, both in and out of character, so please be an active role player! A compromise here would be that we chat over messengers and role play over private messages (but I will not do private threads).

Write what you feel. On average, I write two or three paragraphs; I may write more if I feel more is necessary or if I feel inspired to write more. I'm old, and I'm "literate." I like humble post sizes. I say this because I prefer QUALITY over quantity in one specific category: CHARACTERS. Feed your characters to me. I want to know EVERYTHING - ABOUT - THEM. I want to know about their family, their home life, their heroes, the life events who made them who they are today, their genetics (please, stay realistic here; I do not like surreal eye or hair colors, unless the role play is fantasy-based), their psychological make-up, personality traits, and more! I really love creating characters and discussing them. CHARACTERS are the central theme to me, not the plot.

I don't designate "seme" or "uke" roles.

Shortness does not qualify submission.

Oldness does not qualify dominance. Break the mold.

    + I have a modern fantasy idea revolving around an obscure hotel off a desert highway or beyond a forest or near a snowy mountain pass [optional idea: the hotel 'moves,' fading out of one place and into another]. Some people live in the hotel and have for years. Many different people have come and gone from many different places with many different customs, but one thing remains the same: those who stumble upon the hotel [or those to whom the hotel presents itself] are either running away (from something like a secret or a crime or a pursuer), hiding, or have nowhere else to go and no one to trust.
      + The hotel is full of secrets, just like the patrons, the staff, and the owners.
      + askgjsgsahsa I think this would be interesting to try!

    + best friends

    + depression, self mutilation, substance abuse

    + emotional and verbal abuse

    + toxic love, unrequited love

    + love affairs, "polyamory"

    + slice of life, chance, random meeting

    + street gangs, orphans, wanderers, homelessness, squatters,

    + street "families," prostitution

    + I'll add more later, but make a suggestion, loves

    + [elemental fantasies] war in a fantasy world; an epic adventure to acquire an artifact;
    a gang of criminals with one common goal
    (romantically involved characters must be humanoid in appearance)

    + I do not do: furry, anthro, mpreg, cat boys, tails, medieval fantasy, history based, steam punk, characters under 16, fandom, heavy fantasy, romance between non-humanoid characters, vampire, werewolves, and most fantasy really.

Ask me for my Windows Live/YIM messenger information if you prefer those;
otherwise, my AIM name is digableswaggot and my e-mail is digableswaggot@gmail.com

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