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Lonely Prophet

        they really do
        tsk tsk tsk

        forest is so naive
They do.
Those poor boys.

And Forest actually has a clue about most things (he knew that woman just needed him to stay in the country, but he didn't acknowledge it).
But he is starved for interaction when he manages to leave his porn.
He is like a child most times.
Me thinks his parents may visit, just so I can see what it's like and what it'll reveal.
Or maybe I'll just write it out for myself.

[/throat hurts]
losty is me's avatar

Lonely Prophet

[/rubs throat]

Eventually Mikey's little sister will come
And he'll have a temporary change of heart
I am back~
[/gives love]

attention sex addicts (and everyone else) : Nolan will do anything for drugs.
Welcome back~
You missed interview time.
It was crazy, I say.
I found out that my boys were hiding stuff for me. DX

And oh dear. o3o
i missed interviews?! [/gasps]
Shame on them! keeping secrets from their mommy =/

Oh yes...
losty wanted a distraction from homework, so we did interviews.
And I KNOW. They are so rude.
[/snuggles close]

I lurvs Nolan~
He's one of the adorable ones.

gahh, homework. I have too much again, and another show tonight.

i enjoy having awkward characters.
You're gonna be awesome once again.
[/cuddles up]

Me too! : 3

why do you feel like you got hit by a truck? :c

xDDD i just stretched and fell out of my chair.
Sinuses are draining.
And the weather is making my arthritis act up.
; ___ ; I should be used to both of those since I went to the doctor in 7th grade about them, but I just feel so old.

That is classic.
[/kisses any ouchies] c:
awww :c
[/cuddles and heals]

No ouchies, it was hilarious. xD
D'awwww. <3
You're so good to me.

I have moments like that.
But I'm glad you're not hurt. Hehehe. c;
Forest said he likes Eliot.
Eliot doesn't mind his porn talk or missing finger. <3

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