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Yaaaay /dance lol and yea I have the d3 beta too tried monk and it's pretty cool, don't have mists yet though </3 looking forward to GW2 also <3
Oooh yes! Can't wait for GW2 either.
Though I only played GW, and none of the xpacs. xD
Lol Nightfall was pretty awesome, and Factions had some really awesome story but it was like 5x's harder then the original game x.x
Ugh. I remember slamming my head into the desk when I played the Factions beta.
It was stupid hard!
Yea I pretty much skipped it lol I just go back with my other toons after I play to 20 on nightfall lol also I might be out for a bit but I should be back soonish.
Well, best of luck out doing whatever you'll be doing.
Have to cut my hair n take a shower xP also happy grunny infested belated easter...lol User Image
Oh my. Frightening little bunnies.
Anyone still here? User Image
LOL WHOOPS..I went to sleep >_< my badd
Forgiven =P this time anyway BBL
Thank you? ;~; HAVE FUN AT WORK!
*Jumps on the thread*
Hinthere biggrin I like your char btw *~* Someone who doesnt wield a sword! Interesting

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