Welcome to Gaia! ::

I think I may have to join.
Seems fun.
//Works on reservation real quick.//
Yayyyyy! smile

Lol yea, been on gaia for a while also n.n; but I took an extended hiatus and now I need something to do again, also how's this? I re-sized it in pb so I think it's right...

User Image
Do something o: ? And that pic is okay!
I think I filled everything out right for the reservation.
So much stuff to look through to make sure I'm doing it right. xD
Meh eyes. ><
Awesome working on the short profile now User Image
I apologies if the short profile is difficult xD
Pfft! Nothin to apologize for.
It looks pretty.
Totally worth it! :3
I agree, although I think I messed it up because somehow it's not rendering correctly x.x this is what happens when you stop using code daily lol
and world's avatar

Desirable Sex Symbol

yay peeps are joining... rofl X)

sorry i stalked you sweet~

@hatake -- if you need help, just post the short profile here and we can fix up the coding for you
Pfft. Stalking people is the cool thing to do (on Gaia.)
@ RR lol good catch with the specification =P

Nah I think I got it lol, just had to pick through it a little and move some things around =D
Hi world biggrin AND YES PEOPLE JOINING!!!! Glad that you think its worth it Rose ^^

If you need help Hataka just ask World 8D or me 8D...Although its not suggested
I stand corrected, Halp xD

User Image
                  The Clean Blade ◞ 侍 ███ Aku Kosho
                  xxxx" Innocence is a lie told to the ignorant and the gullible... "

                  xxx23 |
                  xxxPersonality| Quiet, Anti-social, Doesn't trust others.
                  xxxLikes | Being in command, pretty women, the night.
                  xxxDislikes |Heat, being commanded, ignorance.

                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRole | Hatake Aku
It looks fine to me O_O

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