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Hi again everyone! This is a recruit for Blades of Seven roleplay! It's Samurai themed roleplay so please check it out! Semi-Lit is preferred.anyone interested?

Update: NPC Captor and Shichitou Leader (Male) is needed! If you are applying for the leader, I will need to see a post sample before letting you continue.

- Now I need some Onii and Akumu members smile

- Now I need a second in command for Shichitou

- The roleplay has now been put to a guild!
Ps to check the thread just click the pic biggrin
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                  In the middle of the 15th century, life wasn’t as peaceful anymore. The ‎Government was beginning to weaken and taken over by tyrants known ‎as ‘Onii’. Villagers in Japan have been living in fear due to great number ‎of wars, lack of resources and unfair laws that has been announced. ‎Lords have taken an advantage in this situation and were sucking the wealth out of the blood, sweat and soul of the lower class. ‎Innocent people have been killed mercilessly just because they don't ‎follow the laws or they just feel like shedding blood. Suicide rates also ‎increase because it was believed that it was better to perform seppuku ‎than die from an enemy’s blade. ‎

                  Legend was spread across towns that there was a rebellion ‎group with very powerful and unmatched skills. With their skills, they ‎roamed throughout Japan, helping those who are in need. Their purpose ‎was to bring peace in Japan and retreat the power back that was taken ‎away from the tyrants. Seven heroes wield a blade and that’s why ‎they are named, the Shichitou, meaning the Blades of Seven. The true warriors' heart and soul have inspired many villagers to hold onto hope and fight ‎in what they believe In. This news brought the Onii to fear and their only solution was to ‎bribe and put the rebel group as the most wanted criminal.‎

                  Although there is a hint of peace spreading through each town, there ‎was another group that was just as famous as the Shichitou. ‎Government or not, they would slaughter anyone in order to survive and ‎get what they want. The group is known as the Akumu, meaning Nightmare. Whenever ‎there is a battle, five survivors were used to spread rumours about the ‎group. Whoever survived, they suffered just as much pain as the people ‎who were slaughtered. Why? No one knew but they claimed that it was ‎black magic. When the victim is left to live, they would come back with ‎horror in their sparkless eyes, hallucinate and go ballistic when ever ‎someone goes close to them, as if they are in a nightmare. Then when ‎they have calmed down a bit, their voices would tremble as they tell the ‎story about the group. Finally, after telling their story, the mind breaks ‎and they commit suicide. Doctors found no cure for this illness because ‎they do not have a clue about the cause. All they would say was that the ‎control was the only cure to this suffering.‎

                  Japan has been in chaos for many years. Now that the journey for ‎everyone has begun. Which side would you choose? Will you bring peace ‎in Japan once more? ‎

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