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Roleplay Thread
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Real Name: Mimi Evans
Age: 19
About me Mimi lives with her roommate in a small apartment building, the NerveGear was a gift from her brother for her birthday. However, obviously, it all went sour when she found out she was now stuck here for the rest of her natural life unless she died or someone passing the 100th floor. So, Now Cora, she owns an Item shop on floor 2.
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Real Name: Takahashi Taichi
Gender: Male
Age: 17
About me:
~ Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
~ Birthday: August 2
~ Height: 6' 1
~ Weight: 125 lb
~ Weapon of Choice: One-handed Sword
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Name: Yamashita Tasaki
Character Name: Yamasaki
Nickname: Yama
Age:16- Male, Height:5,7
Weapon- Katana

Back-story- Yamashita had always loved video-games, and had been waiting for the nervegear and saving up his money for it. He wanted to get away from the hard life he had, but when he put the nerve gear on, life had not gotten any easier. He was devasted, but after remembering his real life, he was somewhat happy.
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Real Name:Ayumi Yoshida
Age: 16
About me: Ayumi only bought the nervegear on a hunch; She was never really a big fan of games, but enjoyed the occasional RPG. So she randomly picked up a game that seemed popular. Talk about bad luck...
Now she tries to make the best of it all and has joined the battle. She makes a living by running the occasional errand and questing. Although she generally prefers to avoid fights, she is very capable in battle.
Weapon: One handed straight sword
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Ren Hichikawa
Age : 15
About me: I'm a kid who wanted to try out a cool game. Just like everyone else.
I am a kid who wants to fight and be rebellious. Just like everyone else.
I am a kid who wants to see things that I can't in reality. Just like everyone else.
I want to find out what I can do here, just like everybody else.

I used to live in the suburbs since I was 7, but then my family and I got kicked out because we didn't have enough money so we went to live at a shelter for a few years. At the age of 12, I met someone at the shelter who seemed like a cool guy, he was nice and everything. He was also my best friend. One day, a bunch of men in black kicked the doors down and held guns at us, shooting random people. I got hit in the lower spine region, and my best friend was shot. I became traumatized. I thought I was a poor excuse for a human being, having such a pitiful life. I can't walk anymore, so I can't do anything else like a normal human being should be able to do. So I thought that if I could just experience what it's like to have my legs back and experience fantasy-like wonders, I would be able to look up a bit! But... this wasn't supposed to happen. And I'm stuck inside this helmet, in my grandparent's study room...

Traits; rude, tsundere a bit... but has a bunch of potential to be a kind hearted person. Likes to play video games and chat with friends online and become rich on websites, etc.

Likes sweet stuff, a lot. Hate's spicy foods and salty or bitter foods.
Likes warm clothing, food, etc; doesn't care about the weather.

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Real Name: Yukito Arashi
Age: 20
About me: I'm an adult male, I stand at six feet and two inches tall, and I weigh 130 pounds. Not that this really means much, but people like to ask questions.

I use one-handed swords because I have a love for swords in general, and have a preference for speed versus the power of two-handed swords.

I enjoy exploring, collecting interesting items (but not necessarily rare ones), doing quests, and solving mysteries. I'm not a great socializer, but I get along well enough with small groups that have interesting things to talk about. I have little to no tolerance for anyone that is looking for profit or glory, especially not if they will compromise others' safety in the process.

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