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                                      xxxxx→ supernatural / school life
                                      xxxxx→ paranoidist
                                      xxxxx→ revolt carousel ( layout / graphic maker )
                                      xxxxx→ 5-7 sentences per post
                                      xxxxxic / profiles
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                                                      I...intended to make a layout for the reserve,
                                                      but then I failed to see the point in prettying s**t
                                                      which isn't even going to be shown in the main
                                                      page in the first place.

                                                      I feel stupid doing coding for reserves, okay!

                                                      Pretty things up yourselves if you wanna, just make sure everything's in there.

                                                      Here's what you need for the reserve.

                                                      A 100x100 pixel image.
                                                      Name, gender, class, rank. ( mandatory )
                                                      Ability name. ( mandatory )
                                                      Ability explanation. ( not mandatory, but highly recomended )
                                                      Clubs. ( not mandatory, just fill it in in case you're afraid someone else might snag this spot )
                                                      Plans for the character. ( not mandatory, not highly recomended, but appreciated nonetheless )

                                                      If you need more time finding an image, just fill in the rest of the info and include the image later.
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Name : Taylor Richards
Age : Eighteen
Gender : Male
Class : One
Rank : F
Club : Baseball Captain
Ability : Pyrokinesis
Description : "What do you want, a written essay?"

Problem child extraordinaire. Stereotypical angsty teenager with a really, really bad attitude.
Holder of the record-breaking low score of 27 points.

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Name : Dante Rowan Victor
Age : Seventeen
Gender : Female
Class : Two
Rank : S
Clubs : Disciplinary Council President
Clubs : Basketball Captain
Ability : Vector manipulation
Description : Altering the direction of existing vectors, such as gravity and wind currents.

Outrageous overachiever with little regard to the welfare of others except her own.
What? You're already done?
Argh. I haven't even started on mine yet. mad
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Name: Rima Falen Ann
Age: seventeen
Gender: female
Class: 3
Ability name: memory manipulation
Ability explanation: She can either, remove or change parts of your memory.
Clubs. Magazine: interviewer, Dance: President
Very odd and mysterious person who like to do stuff to keep her entertain.
that green gentlemens
You seem to be missing the age part, but that's not very important. XD
Accepted, thanks for joining.
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Aged Fatcat

Oh yay! I'll fix the age biggrin
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Big Nerd

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name // Asai Takeru
age // 17 years of age
gender // Male


power mimicry - Takeru can mimic the powers of other people by observing how their abilities effect reality through the astral plane. ( As a side effect, anyone who has the potential for an ability also appears to have an aura around them. )
Class 4, Rank D


  • *archery club: member
  • magazine club: member
  • *orchestra: violinist (member)

A happy-go-lucky kid who just wants to graduate (relatively) unscathed and go to med school. Friendly to everyone and helps little old ladies cross the street. A free-spirit who likes adventure, but would rather stay at home, and does things without (much) regard for the opinions of others.

* new club to add por favor. ( archery is athletic and orchestra is non-athletic )
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Name : Nicholas Morganti
Age : Eighteen
Class : 2
Rank : S
Clubs : (None at the moment, we'll see!)
Ability : Kinetikinesis
Description : The manipulation of Kinetic energy (The energy created by an object in movement.)

Picture is going to be added in a bit. Have to go out to eat tonight and I have a LOT of photos to sort through.
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Katrina Aureole






Ability name:

Ability explanation:
Ergokinesis is the power to manipulate all forms of energy with the mind. One with this power can keep energy as potential or cause it to release itself sporadically. One with this power can negate potential energy, thus keeping oneself and others in continuous motion. One with this power can even generate energy perpetually, and thus have peak stamina and/or release the excess energy to fly or shoot bolts, blasts or rays. This power causes great strain upon the user, except for naturals. Even then, it is not as easily used as telekinesis. Users are rare.



Captian Swimming

Vice President Art

Plans for the character:
Gonna be more of the quiet type, although pretty well known around the school because of her powers. She does have a hateful side but that will be explained later on to why she is cold-hearted. She also has another power but shes not so open about it because she can't control it which again will be revealed soon.
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Rainbow Flatterer

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Headed to bed just got off work and I gots to be up at 5am >.< I get off at 11am so I should be on for a bit once I get off ^^ Take care everyone.
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Mm, this looks cool ~
And not that intense, which is great for a college student o wob
Time to test out a character idea I've been brewing, if I get accepted 8D

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Name: Rainer Zeitreisen
Gender: Male
Age: Seventeen
Class: 4
Rank: S
Ability: Chronoportation
Ability explanation: The ability to teleport backwards and forwards through time. Rainer can also switch his locations when chronoporting, and he can teleport other things, not just himself. However, the one thing he doesn't quite have a handle on is staying in the current time he's in -- while he cannot do that on his own, he has an artifact that locks the time he's in so he won't teleport out of it accidentally.
Clubs: Disciplinary Vice

Plans: I was thinking that he's from another time, and he kind of got stuck here and was sent to Rathbourne so he could control how to stay in the time he's in -- since his ability encompasses many things, I think it would be plausible he could eventually learn how to stop the timeline and have his ability improve as the roleplay progresses.

... Accidental teleporting to weird times, anyone? No?
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          Name: Kikuchi, Reia
          Age: Eighteen
          Gender: Female
          Class: 4
          Rank: S
          Ability name: Reality Bending (within a limited space)
          Ability explanation:
          Spheres of Influence: spheres or bubbles of psionic energy, which are highly malleable to the effects of Vocifery (Vocifery, also known as Command is the amazing superhuman ability to speak nearly anything into existence. When using this ability, almost any event or being the user of this ability speaks will come true instantly.), Mentifery (Mentifery, known also as Imagining, is the marvelous superhuman ability to think nearly anything into existence. Nearly any desire or wish of the user can be fulfilled at the simple thought of it, and can be changed, rearranged or deleted by the user's imagination.) or Pathifery (Pathifery, known also as Wishing, is the powerful superhuman ability to "feel" nearly any occurrence into existence. One with this ability can induce occurrences and abilities based on their feelings, and simply wanting something to happen badly enough.) by the user; used to bend reality within a limited space (usually a literal sphere) for various effects; with enough willpower, one could change the size of the sphere of influence, but by how much varies with the strength of the user's mind.

          Clubs: Service → Disciplinary Council → Member
          Clubs: Athletic → Track and Field → Member
          Plans for the character: (( Currently working in this part Dx )).
Angels at Dawn
Accepted, thanks everyone joining! revolt carousel will be notifying those whose character reserves have problems with, so watch out for your inboxes. ^^

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