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Shy Sweetheart


He has no other numbers programmed into his phone? So Al will always be the default after drunken shenanigans? Ouch.
Al says that doesn't narrow it down. There are many places with strobe lights.

...On his ARM. From her clutching it.
Though, Al may be that much of a gutterbrain.
I am not.
And I don't think Al wants info on Flynn's conquests.

It's going to bug me that I can't remember now.
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Beloved Fatcat


Well, Al's his only friend he'd call.
His booty calls probably called him or dealt with Flynn randomly showing up.
Because Flynn hates talking on the phone so he's more likely to just show up and see if they're busy.
And who puts "home" in their cell phone?
Not some rich boy who could easily replace it and doesn't really care about his phone in the first place.
So yes. Al's the default.
Yes, well, Flynn is mentally impared, so strobe lights is the best he's got.
If you want more, you're going to have to ask him questions.

Ha ha ha ha.
I guess I am.
I guess Al'll learn to be more specific about such questions.

Random internet searches?
It's worked for me before.
Chihari the Kiwi's avatar

Shy Sweetheart

I see. /puts home in her cell phone/
I suck at memorizing numbers.
The only ones I have memorized are my Grandma's and Hippy's.
Al will tell him to walk outside. Turn around. What does it say on the front of the building?

They've probably had this conversation. I bet they have.
And Al will explain that no, that's not what he meant.
He doesn't approve of bragging about sexual exploits.
Too many sisters, I guess.

CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

Home is in my cell phone, too.
But mostly just in case I lose my cell phone
and whoever finds it is honest as unlikely as that may be.
I have very few numbers memorized, too.

Ha ha, I hope Al is patient.
It'll prob. take Flynn a minute to make his way out there.
Maybe he should just ask him to hand his phone to the bouncer/bartender.
I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time it had happened for them.
But Flynn'll do it!
He'll get his way out there!
Hopefully without barfing.
ANd hopefully it's not one of those like chain clubs.

Yeah, in this case, it's not so much bragging
as admitting his "offense" to the question is totally unfounded.
Flynn's not much of a bragger, either, though he is unflinchingly honest about that kind of thing.
And his brain probably goes there first if he's not specific about the question.

I think it would be funny if Flynn told Al his sisters are cute sometime.
Just because it's probably true and Flynn's not tactful enough not to say it.
Even though he'd probably never go after Al's sisters.

Perhaps. <333
Gotta go shoo some duckies into their pen.
Chihari the Kiwi's avatar

Shy Sweetheart

He'll try. Really he will. But he'll be so not impressed haha. And also worried.
If it was, Alonso would facepalm and tell him to go back inside and find someone who works there.
Then he'll wonder how he's supposed to get down there and haul Flynn home.
Probably get a cab and make Flynn pay him back later.

Al will learn this, I'm sure. If he hasn't already.

All will stare at him. And try to decide whether he should slap him or not.
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

Flynn prob. doesn't have much experience with being drunk so. . .
Ha ha, you can get your revenge when he's hung over, Al.
I'm sure Flynn has a credit card on him.
Just tell the cabbie you're picking up a stupid rich kid and encourage him to put a really big tip on the card.
It's not like Flynn would even notice.
Or his parents would particularly care about some random credit card charge.
Al is a good friend.

Ha ha, I'm sure it was/is/will be an amusing process.
O u O

Ha ha, I'm just imagining Flynn looking so bewildered if he got slapped for that.
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Omnipresent Survivor

Chihari the Kiwi
Mage Fai D Flourite

I want Selwyn and Theo to fight. lol
Maybe they'll be honest with each other when they're furious and yelling.
I'm not entirely sure it's possible for Theo to get angry. I can't say that of Selwyn, obviously, but...Theo will probably always back down to Selwyn. Maybe not to a guy that's hurting a child, but that's different.
Chihari the Kiwi's avatar

Shy Sweetheart

Clompy: I don't think Al has much experience being drunk either.
So foreign territory for him.
Yeah, he'd probably do that.

I'm pretty sure it will be. :3

It would depend on how he said it.
Since it's Flynn, Al would probably decide against it.

Faifai: Really? That's kinda... disappointing. YOU NEED A BACKBONE, THEO.
You know, it's probably good Janet's dead. She would have steamrolled right over the poor kid.
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

Everytime you guys say "Janet," I internally go

I want to know what Al is like drunk.
I want to see it.


Since it's Flynn, huh?
If he was around any of Al's sisters when they were feeling down about some dumb boy or something,
he'd def. tell them how cute they are, too.
And that boys are dumb trust him he should know. >>
/not sure why I thought of that.
Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Omnipresent Survivor

Chihari the Kiwi
Faifai: Really? That's kinda... disappointing. YOU NEED A BACKBONE, THEO.
You know, it's probably good Janet's dead. She would have steamrolled right over the poor kid.
Haha, he had one when Theo was Gabriel, but he's lost it now. He doesn't want to make people mad, and he doesn't want to inspire people to try and hurt him. He probably only has a backbone when he's battling, because he takes that very seriously.

Clomp: Haha, whenever I hear the name Janet aloud, I do the same thing.
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

But I think it would be worth it.

I think they def. will.
O u O

That is true.
It will be good for Winter to have Flynn (and as an extension, Al and possibly some of the others) come back into his life.
All work and no play is not good.

I'm sure he will be. o u o
Fai does her research.
And Clomp can help, too!
*nod nod*

Ha ha, okay, a tame winter whose trainer died.
Ha ha, that's assuming Flynn tells him.
Flynn doesn't really have a good answer for that question.

Ha ha, I can just imagine Sera taking one look at them and being like nuh uh.
"What are you, like, 15? When I was your age. . ."
Bonus points if they are legal adults.

Ha ha, yeah, because Florian will have to heal him when he's being detoxed!
I don't remember if I told you that or not.
But I was thinking about Dr. Sam's reaction to the information,
and I basically decided that if we want Miles to live after the cold detox, he's going to have to get healed.
Heeeee. I look forward to his fury. emotion_kirakira

I just remembered htis.
Pretty sure I didn't tell you.
I think it would be THE BEST if Cassus/Aurelius/Eyvind/etc. ran into a troll at some point.
And it was like a super giant nasty one to the point where Cassus is like WE BETTER NOT GO NEAR THAT THING NO NO ABORT ABORT if not actually aloud.
And Eyvind was like "Awww, cute tiny troll. Very nice, yes?" and no one can tell if he's serious or joking.

Good lord I just got up.
/slightly ashamed.
On the bright side, my little notations for finishing my Flynn post
here in this word doc are kinda hilarious.
Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Omnipresent Survivor

You just got up then? Wow...I'd been up for like five hours. OTL

All work and no play is a good distraction though.

Fai does do her research, though she sometimes does need help.

Haha, they are all probably Florian's age or older, so yeah...legal adults.

You did not tell me that. It makes sense though. Yeah. Let's have Florian's fury be unleashed before that, because there's nothing like being forced to use the powers you're now afraid of to save someone's life. OTL

It will be...loud for him. His fury, I mean.

Pft. Evyind. OTL Aurelius will definitely not engage. BACK AWAY. SLOWLY.
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

I was also up a lot later than usual, though.
So it's slightly less ridiculous than it sounds.

Flynn is a better distraction.

Clomp is here to help!

Ha ha, yes, excellent.
Sera would def. be extra insulting.
I'm sure they would just be thrilled.

Ha ha ha, whoops.
I totally meant to tell you.
Yeah, I was just thinking about how mad Doctor Sam is about him making Miles go cold turkey
and how the conversation probably would about go in my head.
And I was just like "what is this Miles being the exception crap? MILES? Nope nope nope."
So yes.
Hopefully Avery will figure that out before it's too late.
Because I"m pretty sure Miles will just be really weak. . . and not wake up.
Well, there may be a little blood, but maybe not, so.

Sera will think it is cute.
"See, even you can yell." *headpat*
Though she might not actually get to say so, if he's freaking out.

Ha ha.
Good boy.
*pats Aurelius's head*
No fighting the giant troll.
I think Eyvind will probably have multiple moments like that,
because that just seems to be in line with his sense of humour.

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