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My, what big feet you have. . .

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Nimble Gatekeeper

Yes, definitely Halt. XD

Awww, that's adorable. :3

I...can see that. I'm sort of like that now too, though, obviously not to the extent you are. Omg. OTL But I'm definitely at the point where leaving the house without a bra is not an option for me. /:

And, it is finished, I will start the next one on lunch tomorrow.

...You'll be mad at her if you like Tom.
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

Ha ha.

It is.
Now I can call him when he's wrastling and he like
straightens up, barks, and runs over omg so cute.
* u *

Ha ha, my bra only comes off to sleep.
No way in hell I'm going out in public without a bra.

I'm excited for you.
That books def. even better than the one you just read.
o u o

. . . I'm not actually sure if I like Tom ha ha ha.
That makes me really curious.
Chihari the Kiwi's avatar

Shy Sweetheart

My favourite Ranger's Apprentice books are probably Erak's Ransom and The Emperor of Nihon-ja. But I really like all of them.

I don't remember if I told you that my cousin is pregnant?
And my aunt.
Two babies due in march whoo.
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

The Emperor of Nihon-ja was actually my least favourite on my first read through.
Not that it isn't a really good story.
But I think the way he handled the lead-in, with the time difference in the back and forth, was a bit awkward.
So that threw me off a little.

omg did I tell you guys my sister-in-law's pregnant again?
I can't remember whether it's a march or a may baby though.
Dad says (jokingly obv) that this means I owe him three babies now
and I told him no Justin (my sister-in-law's name) was having that third one on my behalf,
so now I only owe him one.
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

I am ahead on my work.
I have a few odds and ends to do around the house,
but like dishes and laundry and taking out the trash nothing big.
I will definitely write posts tomorrow.

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