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Chihari the Kiwi's avatar

Shy Sweetheart

Clompy: I see. That's cool. o 3o

I'd say I would post enough for both of us, but I don't think I owe that many posts. >.>
I owe... Fallen, and... Jezzie x2 and... I don't think I owe any others for roleplays Faifai is in.
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

I owe bunches of posts again.
Though I should really start with ones not for my main group
before Hippy and Kingsy decide to string me up.
o u o
Chihari the Kiwi's avatar

Shy Sweetheart

Well, Hippy's unlikely to string you up.
She's more for death by eggbeater. o u o
Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Nimble Gatekeeper

Kiwi: XD I remember ranting about it. I can't remember which thread it was in...It was about that time that Charlie Sheen was all crazy, and he said something about tiger blood, so they made the tiger virus, which made you into a tiger piloting a plane. <.< Man, I was so pissed.

Haha. That's okay. Aske will remember how to pronounce it for her, and he will happily supply her with more little facts that no one but him cares about. <.< Because Aske is a know it all.

Clomp: I was always lonely sometimes. /: But I usually had at least one friend...except for those times in my sophomore and junior year when that one friend abandoned me for "being a b***h" and then "being too clingy," respectively. <.< I have...never been good at keeping friends.

Haha. If you can barely type...

XD Yeah...you might want to post in those soon. ( but not before you pay attention to me! *mocksrsface* )

I owe...Avery and Hallon. And right now that is it.
Chihari the Kiwi's avatar

Shy Sweetheart

Faifai: Ah, I remember that one now.
I never go sucked into it though. <3

She will listen politely, try to remember them, and then probably go fishing and completely forget. xD
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

That sounds much much worse.
o n o
I think I must try to make more posts this week.

o n o
Too bad faifai didn't go to school with Clomp.
Clomp wouldn't have ditched her.
Clomp would have put her in her pocket and kept her forever.

XDDD. Clomp took something good
that has the little side effect of somewhat motor empairment.
One of those "don't operate heavy machinary after taking" ones.
* u *

XDDD. I will try to make fai at least one post next! Hopefully tomorrow.
And then I will be good and do posts that I've owed longer.
Chihari the Kiwi's avatar

Shy Sweetheart

Clompy: Hahaha. Hippy's funny. <3
But yes, death by eggbeater does sound painful. >.>
But the whole eggbeater thing started out where her character's granny tried to start her car with an eggbeater, and then the eggbeater just never left. xD
Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Nimble Gatekeeper

Kiwi: XD And I obviously never WANTED to get sucked into it.

...Meh. That's okay. She at least listens. No one else does even that much. <.<

Clomp: So I have come to assume. o u o I never really got it. I'm such a loyal friend, and I treat my friends like gold. /: I guess I just tend to...well no, I guess I don't even pick wrong. I don't get to pick. <.< I took what I could get.

OH. One of THOSE medications. XD I understand.

Okay. o u o
Chihari the Kiwi's avatar

Shy Sweetheart

Faifai: Yes. /petpets/

She will listen. She just has a very poor attention span. >.>
When she's hungry, anyway.
She can probably focus really well when she wants to.
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

D :
Soren will listen when you talk, Aaaaaaaaaaaaske~~~~

I know that feel.
I was always friends with whoever would take me.
*gives big hugs*

YES. One of those.
XD. I keep having to go back and add all the v's back in.

Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Nimble Gatekeeper

Clomp: XD Minus the whole human society norm bits, Aske pretty much assumes Soren knows everything he does. <.<

*big hugs* Yep. That's how it works. /: Unfortunately, all the ones who would have me just... <.< Aren't good friends.

The Vs? XD For some reason your finger skips vs in particular?

Kiwi: But at least she would listen! That is the main point. XD <3333
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

o u o
I'm sure there are other things!
And even if he already knows it,
Soren will patiently listen.
*nod nod*
He is that type.

I had a lot of that, too.
*hugs lots*

Yes. For some reason I am having V issues tonight.
I never realized there were so many Vs in my sentences.
Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Nimble Gatekeeper

Clomp: I'm sure there are other things too, seeing as Aske will read pretty much anything in a language he knows, and he knows such...random stuff ( like irregular dodecagon. ) But Aske assumes. He's not going to bore him with stuff he already knows. <.<

*mutual cuddles* o u o

D: V issues...are there other letter issues other nights?
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

Well, then it will just have to be Soren's job to get him talking!
o u o


And it took me like a dozen tries to log into my computer.
I have kind of a long password.
And it has a V in it.
Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Nimble Gatekeeper

Yes, I suppose it will be Soren's job to get him talking. XD

Just Vs. Silly Vs. They have to be difficult, huh? >.> Well, at least you were able to login, right?

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