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XD What's funny is I'm not sure how alarmed Nathan would be about all the odd hours and what have you. I mean, he likely worked a lot of night shift jobs and everything throwing himself through school with scholarships and all that jazz.

:c Well it'd certainly be really awkward at first, but really when you think about it...if they'd already been living together for however long and then he got outed as a vampire, what's the harm really? It isn't like he'd done anything to them! At least that's how I see it...or Nathan rather. I'd be freaked out, but Nathan's like '8D WHATEVER' Which is funny since this is someone living with the woman he'll likely be proposing to sometime in the near future and his little brother. It's totally serious business >>; Totally. <3

I think Nathan really thinks he could solve one if he tried >>; There are just way more interesting things around. He's much better with people than he claims to be at puzzles. All day long. XD And he's got images up...and one image is stupidly cursed because it keeps resizing the wrong way and making me mad D<

EDIT :: I laugh because it now looks like I was a schitzo in my image diggings. I'LL PROBABLY FIX THAT LATER. Pahaha. -faceplant-
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Jonathan couldn't solve a rubix cube if his life depended on it.
His brain just doesn't work that way.
I'm pretty sure he can only solve "puzzles" he's already atuned to,
which is why I wouldn't be suprised if he figured it out before he was outed.
At the very least, he'd react to the news with a complete lack of surprise.
No like Mallory, of course.
Mallory would be freaked out. o u o
But, you know, she has her telekinesis to fall back on.

Ahahaha, Frosty.
Your images will never be as schitzo as Jonathan's profile.
*likes picking images of varying style for profiles*
o u o
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Punctual Rogue

Frost: Nathan sounds overworked. Micah does not approve. XD Micah is lazy in the way that he does work, but refuses to do more than a certain number of things, and thinks that everyone should be this way or they get too stressed.

Haha. Micah would appreciate the "Whatever" from Nathan, because that's how he sees it too. "I've been living here and I haven't hurt you, what's the harm?" He'll be glad that someone thinks the same way...that isn't a vampire. But yeah. I would be freaked out too. My line of thought is, "You haven't hurt us yet, but the moment you don't drink on a daily basis, it could be my neck that pays."

Hey, at least you have more than one image. I've just got the ONE for Micah. XD

Clomp: If Jonathan ever needs a Rubik's Cube solved, Micah will solve it for him ( Although I can't think of a situation where you would NEED to solve it. ) and as I've said before, the fact that Jonathan knew would freak Micah out. Badly. I doubt Micah's come across anything supernatural other than vampires before this. XD

Can't say I blame Mallory at all for being freaked out. She's the most normal one of the bunch. ._.
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Shirtless Husband

Ahahaha, if Jonathan ever needs a Rubick's Cube solved, he will promptly hand it over.
But really, death is such a large part of his life at this point, that I doubt he thinks very much of Micah being dead,
even once Mallory starts harping on how the resident vampire could eat them.

Mallory would be all:
Her voice would get really shrill.

She really is~!
She's going to be fun, though, because of that.
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Invisible Conversationalist

Nathan laughs at the word overworked. >> Though he probably is. He just wants to make sure he can provide for all those that need to be provided for and all that jazz. When he can't sleep, he'll skulk around the flat and make sure everyone's okay. I imagine him being a somewhat light sleeper unless he's not slept decently for a night or two.

Then he's like a rock. You might have to set off fireworks in the place to get him up. >>;

It would just be a chance to watch mannerisms at that point. If they'd been living together long enough, it should be easy enough to tell if they're in any kind of danger or not >>; Mallory shrieking or not. Nathan would just claim to be her protector for always and try to explain things logically enough so it can't be fought with >>; And there would of course have to be some kind of commentary about how Micah wouldn't be allowed to nom on Mallory unless she says okay...which is just laughable in my head XD
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Punctual Rogue

Jonathan is sweet. <3 And "now" Micah knows that and really loves him ( when he's not thinking of how Johnny could puppeteer him ) but when he's first learning all this... <.<

Pft. "Of course it's not. <.< If I were to eat you, he'd be very upset...but I'm not going to eat you." This is what he would say instead of what he WANTS to say, which he knows wouldn't help his situation at all. *coughs*

I think all these characters are going to be fun. *srsface*

Frost: And if Micah is home he'll probably be sitting at the dinning room table and when he sees Nathan skulking go, "Stop doing that. They're fine. Come play cards with me. <3"

XD Oh god. "Oh. I'm not allowed to nom on her unless she says it's okay?" *grinning at the use of the word nom* "I think I can handle that."

And THAT is probably where Micah's teasingly asking for blood every so often came from. ( When he stopped feeling like he was a witch in Salem. ) "Well, I have to get your permission, right, right?"
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Shirtless Husband

XDDD, Nathan.
Very sweet, but I'm pretty sure Mallory is going to make it very clear to Micah at some point
just exactly how she intend to ******** him up if she noms on any of them without permission.
And I'm pretty sure the "without permission" was added begrudgingly.
Though I'm sure she gets along with him fine now that she's used to him.

Jonathan is sweet, in his own straightforward, corteous way.
It's hard to imagine him actually trying to puppeteer Micah.
o u o
*tries anyway*

Ahahaha, I'm dying to know:
What does he want to say?

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December Frost's Husband

Shirtless Husband

And if Mallory ever walked in on him feeding on one of his roomates,
he'd totally get the stink-eye for the rest of the day.
Doesn't matter that he has permission.
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Punctual Rogue

Haha. I doubt Micah felt threatened. Really. He probably just nodded and perhaps wasn't even really listening. He doesn't feel threatened because A) He lives with them. He's not going to ******** up a good thing. and B) Even if he was, he lives with them. He hurts/kills them he's first on the suspect list, and he would not survive jail. <.<

He would have tried to explain that he has self control, and that when she thinks of all the bad vampires that would eat all of them, she's probably thinking Red Court, but he doubts she really cares.

How's that going? Micah can imagine it really easily, and it makes him shudder. Real bad.

<.< He wants to tell her that no matter what she did at this point ( short of moving to a completely new place ) would stop him if he really wanted to eat all of them. He lives there, he can get in, and even if she kicks him out, he could still get in because he's already been invited. He wants to tell her that, but it wouldn't help/probably only make her more upset.

If she catches him feeding on one of them, she'll get stink eye herself, for invading something he considers intimate without knocking. D< He did nothing wrong, he had permission. She disregarded privacy.
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December Frost's Husband

Shirtless Husband

XDDDD. Yeah, it would be pretty damn stupid of him, I agree.
She does not trust his self-control.
She also seems pretty sure she could squash him good with her telekinesis.
Maybe it wouldn't kill him the first time,
but then she'd just know to try harder. o u o

XDDD. I can imagine the technicalities,
but when it comes to imagining Jonathan doing it. . .
Nope, no dice.
He just doesn't have the personality.

Mallory knocks.
She just comes in before you can answer
and no matter what you say.
She doesn't have much of a sense of personal space.
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Punctual Rogue

PFT. "Okay. So he survived having the car thrown on him. Next time I'll just try harder."

Go for it Mallory. I'm pretty sure the more you squish him, the more he'll complain later. <.< Now if you squish him and then burn him while he can't move...

Yeah. He really doesn't seem like the type that would do that to someone. ._. Invasion. He doesn't seem the type...still, like Mallory can see Micah hurting them, Micah can see Jonathan taking over him, even if he knows Jonathan isn't like that.

XD That defeats the purpose of knocking! Micah now wants a lock on his door, even if he can't have one. Not that he brings his prey home with him ( Never. ), but he wants to sleep in peace, and honestly, I'd be a bit afraid of Mallory deciding it wasn't worth the risk and coming to steak him in his sleep if I were Micah.
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Invisible Conversationalist


And it's not his fault >>; He's just making sure everyone's good...pretty much. He'd be doing the same for Micah without even realizing this. I mean..he sees this as his new family. Before it all got torn away from him, but now he has whatever this is and he's perfectly pleased with all of it <3

>>; I fear for the time when Mallory hears about Nathan letting Micah feed on him. HE'D FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT ALL BETTER THOUGH...or at least he already has >>; Seeing as they're still together and I imagine it's happened in the past. Ahaha.

OKAY I HAVE A POST DONE. That took entirely too much brain power from me today. I need to go find some drugs and some noms and sit here and finish it all. x__x; YES. <3
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December Frost's Husband

Shirtless Husband

You know, for all her suspicion,
Mallory's really not the type to take out an unarmed opponant.
So she def. wouldn't sneak in his room and stake him.
If she came to the conclusion, she'd remove him from the premises
and if not kill him, make the squishing an unpleasant enough experience
that he probably wouldn't want to come back.
At least when she's there, anyway.
But apparently that's not what happened, since he's still there.
I get the feeling by now she's used to him and almost likes him,
but will never be completely comfortable with him,
just because he's a vampire.

Ahahaha, I know, right?
If she knocked on his door and opened it to find him sleeping,
she'd just backpedal - with an apology if she woken him, even.
And really? A lock? What's that going to do against Mallory?

Ahahaha, Frosty.
Nathan will always know when Jonathan's not alright,
because then he'll be in bed with him.

I don't know if Mallory would be more pissed or scared when she found that out, Frosty.
She would definately not be okay with it. XDDDD
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Punctual Rogue

Frost: YES. LATE NIGHT CARD PLAYING. And Micah promises it's not strip poker. <.< It'll probably be something like Canasta. I think Micah would like Canasta.

Haha. New family. <3 Micah probably sees it the same way, in a sense. He probably doesn't use the word family. More like coven. If Nathan ever said that, Micah would be...touched. And Nathan would be getting a hug. A really tight one.

Clomp: XD Micah's very pleased that all that will probably not be happening. Although he is kind of sad that Mallory won't ever completely trust him.

XD The lock would make him feel better. But at least she'd apologize. That's nice. <3

AWW. Jonathan slipping into bed with his brother. <333 I squee at the cute.

Micah's Profile Go read the kosher section. I love his favorite snack. I don't know why, but I do. <.<
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December Frost's Husband

Shirtless Husband

Mallory's not a particularly trusting girl.
But she's not rude. Of course, she'd apologize.

Ahaha, actually, I can see Jonathan slipping into bed with brother a lot.
Like. Whenever he doesn't feel well. Or it storms. >>
It's totally adorable. Unless, I dunno, there're shenanigans going on in there or something.
O n O

Ahahaha, you know.
If Jonathan catches on to him liking those little applesauce things,
they're going to start appearing in the cabinet/fridge.

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