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@ Telos: It will take time. Part of their Persona right? at least its mixed in there for Akari.

Akari: *quickly backs away and bows her head* I..i'm sorry...she...yeah ...and yeah.......Did...you .....want....to... uhm you know...a back rub?....I'm not used to ....uhm people.....trying to take care of me....not that i don't want you to...it's just...oh god.... gonk
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Don't leave me, Mi-chan ;A;

breadsticks, huh? :
theo's breadstick?
omg i love breaksticks tho, so i unno who you'd be embarrassing : DDD
i'd be right there with ya xDD
FOOD THAT IS BREAD is usually amazing : D
pasta too.
italiano's know where it's at ;D

Wh-E-Eh o w o
N-Nyaa? ;//w//;
curl... up
YADAYOOOOOOO *waves arms like a lunatic.*
i-i'm... sorry *takes two steps and collapses in pile on ground.*

overloaded : D
she doesn't even know what to make of any of that xDDD
too straight forward for her blood @ w @
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@ Bitterly: Hey, Kiyoshi should count himself lucky that he isn't literally a hermit anymore. It'll be hard to stay locked in his room once Midori finds out. sweatdrop

/take initiative, kiyoshi! she's just as awkward about it as you, after all!
It's, ah... It's okay. I don't mind, really! *sheepish grin* I'm used to it with my brother and sister.
... Have a seat? /gestures to what I'm assuming is a chair or something?

@ Kit: Well, you can probably have more than one male if you're, like... Touya, but...
... I digress.

@ kari: don't talk about my newfound persona husbando like that! ;_;
Everyone's invited! XD

Heh. How cute. heart
/pillows her head with a folded-up jacket
/cracks open an icy can of Mad Bull
/scans the park for new targets
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-watches Hiro being all tsun tsun again-
He is so...T-Tsundere.....hmph! -looks away-

-looks at Airi-chii- -hugs her- ; A
I feel like a failure at making friends all over again.
-starts tearing up- pluoooeee~ ; ////;
-stares at kiyoshi and touya-
See kiyoshi is being all lovey dovey
with that girl Ai-chii...and he forbids me
to go out....that hypocrite! Hmph!!
-throws potatoes at kiyo-nii-
-looks at touya- -walks up to him-
Hey touya nii..;n ; I love you..NOT!
-snatches away mad bull and gulps
down- Woah! That felt nice....fuhuhuh

@Tel: Yes she is closet romantic.
She likes one of those maybe..uhh...not the shy types
but outgoing and the ones that tease her type guys. Oh god
someone like Touya. e__e LOOOOOOOOOOL Omg at least
she appreciates him in a way....i guess. OTL
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@ Telos: haha have fun with that! Akari shouldn't be a hermit but because she lacked friends growing up *sigh and shakes head* tsk tsk children can be so cruel. poor thing. But maybe with these connections through Kiyoshi, perhaps Midori will force both of them out of the house and to be social...hey Eir!!!!!

Akari: Please no! T.T;

Bitterly: That's a way to take initiative Kiyoshi-san! *pushes a conveniant "massage bench to them and puts akari on it* so you lay like this!

Akari: Kiyoshi-san...how....how can you deal with this?
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M-Mi-chan... is that you...?
*pulls her close.* Tell my mom and papa... That's I'm sorry.. and... I love them ; n ;
I love you too, Mi-chan ; w ;
Good... bye...
x n x *soul exits body.*
*inhales soul back in.*
Kiyo-kun is flirting? @ w @;;;
We shouldn't watch >////<;;;;
and you avenged my death ^ w ^
Where'd this jacket come from? : o
*puts on.*

ooo~ closet romantic~ <3
i wouldn't even know what Airi's type is ;A;
she has a skewed perspective of relationships cause she's only seen them in animes and stuff xDDD
plus she doesn't think any guy would be interested in her because she looks like a baby ;A;
hopefully one brave soul can look past that ; n ;
but he might look like a loli con D:
hopefully he won't actually be... : DDD
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@Telos: Not in Hiro's personality. Remember he seen people break promises before and hated it so playing around with more than 1 female is like lying to him. So you can guess.

Hiro: -Smiles but inwardly grins- (Oh boy...Nidori just gave Hiro the response he wanted.) -Watches as Nidori pelts Kyoshi with stuff- Now now Nidori. You should be more nice to Kiyoshi and encourage him. After all he does need to find a girlfriend before he loses his good looks. -Encouraging them more for kicks-

Kits: C'mon Akari! After all you only get to live high school memories once. -Also smiles-
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@ Bitterly: Kiyoshi had childhood friends... It's just the culture-shock that was less than kind. And Japan's sticking-up-nail-gets-hammered-down philosophy. *headshake*
I basically grew up with it. They're pretty persistent, so sometimes giving in is your best option.
/with the air of resigned experience, while pulling the (totally present) curtains shut
/hesitantly gently touching her shoulders
Are you... comfortable, Akari-san?
/as comfortable as possible, anyway

@ Kit: XD
... Seeing as you're a year older than me, Hiro-san, shouldn't you be more worried about your good looks?

@ Eir: I guess you really are influenced by your family growing up? xD;
where did the potatoes come from?
... Huh.
/makes a tentative grab for his drink back

@ kari: /the jacket is too big for airi and it is adorable
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Hiro: I don't really worry over my own good looks. -points to Kits- He tends to always find pics that can keep up with my age. -Places a hand on kiyoshi's shoulder- Just be sure to treat her nicely. Girl can be mighty fragile if you make a wrong move. Well...Better leave you two love-birds alone. -Walks away far enough to be out of sight-

Kits: Lol. From teen to adult...Heck even mid thirty I can find some awesome pics. But besides that. -Looks at Kiyoshi- Enjoy your school life. -Vanishes as well-
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@ telos: That makes sense too....i'm like that irl. New place @_@; *sleeks off to a person she knows or into a corner* then it's just awkward standing and an occasional reply to a question.
So i pressume a new place for me would be X100000

Akari: > >;;;; *glances at kit and hiro

Bitterly: You know...Kit's right....Have fun and enjoy *lets curtain fall between them

Akari: b...but i feel they're up to something...

Bitterly: Relax and enjoy you too!!! and remember clothes can be awkward at times especially for massages!!! That's what the cotton sheet on the table is for!!! *hint hint wink wink xd

Akari: *lies down* Yes ....thank you... Kiyoshi-san. *blush* I...suppose *she agrees with "best option" statement*
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Midori@Hiro: W-why are you so...-moves head from side to side-
It's okay Hiro-senpai, I-I...will try my best to be your friend! -smiles genty-

Midori@Tel & Airi~Ai-chii lets spy on Kiyoshi and karikari~
-sees Kiyo and akari- o/////////////////o
W-W-W-What are you doing?! KIYO-NIII?!
I-I...A-Are you taking advantage of akari-san?! Oh god.
You have turned in to Touya. -holds on to Airi feeling traumatized-
;A ;

@Bitterly: Hello~ And of crs Midori will force kari-senpai and
Kiyo-nii to have talks and stuff dnt worry about that!~ xD
leave the monkey business to her please. o w o

@Tel: Yes she did! wejk fhcenhrfeidjf
and when did kiyo turn in to such a playa?! LOOOOL

You should be love and mido should be hermit. talk2hand

Ps: This rp-ooc needs an ooc. ; u;
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hahaha daw it would be like a giant jacket dress c:
flappy arms xD

i think this magical jacket is a gift from Kami-sama u w u
i'll have to repay him with many visits to the shrine c:

Mi-chan... I-I don't think we should sp-
*clings onto Mi-chan as well.*
I didn't know Kiyo-kun was like that ;A;

hahaha yeah, Kiyo ttly is a playa somewhere in there ;D
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@Eir: Lol. You're character is easily confused.

Hiro: -smiles back at Midori- A friend would be nice but I'm just surprised you knew my name since I never introduced myself...(Oops) Anyway you better not stay here unless you wish to see Kiyoshi making google eyes with Akari.

Kits: ...-Knows what Hiro is up too-
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Gaaaaaah. ;~;

I've missed so much!
20 pages worth of OOC.

All because I have performances. Damnit.

I'll do my best to keep up, though.
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@Klyde: You didn't miss anything important.

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