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candid silence

Dang girl. You rock as an Engineer. Well that and I suck at being a Spy...

And I'll stream again. biggrin No worries. That one was short though...because I got distracted.
A Random Cat

It's my favorite class by far ;D. No aiming involved, and it's fun surprising people with random sentries. You're not alone, I'm pretty bad at the majority of the stealth classes as well as Scout.

I'll look forward to it ^^. I was able to see a second of a painting of Zed before an ad cut, it was awesome.
Sadly I won't be able to stream anything until I get a better PC. I knew it was old, but not 2002 old.
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Dangerous Lunatic

We should all get together and play some time again (gets bord with playing Mass Effect all the time )
Life slapped me in the face, I moved out and s**t, got furniture before food and a nice little room to sleep in, except all my moneys are gone ;u;
Yeah anyways I don't even have internet at my place right now and it's likely that I won't be getting in anytime soon so ugh
Yeah you guys have fun
We should, I'm up for it whenever you guys are.

Congrats on moving out,
And you will be missed D:

You're posting your comic first since it comes directly after Vinnieg's, right?
Just wanting to make sure.
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Dapper Hunter

Metallic Artist

YAH! Just poke me when I'm online for Steam. biggrin
Also, somehow I got a six-kill streak with a medic my last playthrough. What the crap... How is it that I'm better as a Battle Medic than a Pyro... D:


I miss you already bro. D:
May college bring you good luck, and hopefully some money will come soon too.
Don't let Life keep slappin' you, girl. Throw combustible lemons at it. That'll teach it.
(Also, I didn't have internets either when I moved into college. Usually you'll get wifi about a month into college if you're living in a dorm. Typically what happens.)

candid silence

Yep. Right after Vinnieg. And nothing really special is going to happen much, just what's in the comic with some added detail. The last panel just shows zombified Zed hissing at Eli. So feel free to work on it. biggrin
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Dangerous Lunatic

*misses you already*
Love you long time Bunny rabbit.

@Cat and Candid
*pokes cat in the eye*
Like that n un ?
User Image
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Profitable Prophet

@Rabbit: I don't know how my heart will go on without you. Come back safe... And good luck in the college. MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!

@Metallic: Just hit me up on steam! I'm on pretty much all the time over the weekend, and a lot during the evening.
Niiwa and everyone

I hope the job hunt will be as fast and easy as the room hunt ;u;
I'm not dead yet, why is everyone talking like I be gone forever blurgh

I'm not living in dorm, I'm renting my own place which saves me at least a good 300$/mo : >
I'm living next to this Japanese dude who can barely speaks english, so I guess it will be a relief for my overprotective parents constantly worrying me being overcrowded by too many sausage presences

wait what
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Dapper Hunter

An Electric Keyboard and pair of headphones.
Unless zombies like 80s electro-pop. I think I would die...

Umm, learn some Japanese quick then? XD
I wish you the best of luck, Rabby.
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*huggles Rabbit*
Good luck finding a job!
And I haven't seen it, probably should though.

Well you might be able to use the keyboard as a bludgeon if it's the right size.
I got a wireless mouse and a bag of paper.
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@ Everyone
Hey! It finally got posted. Hurr. I procrastinate too much. XD
And I'm going to keep nagging you until you get a mic.

Also this...
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Sorry haven't been on much. No internet at home. Next time I'm on I'll post my updated drawings of my character.

@ doctor artz I'll be sending you a note soon on deviantart about some updated ideas on the Docs and my characters relationship.
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Dapper Hunter

candid silence

...Well damn. That was fast. I take way to long. Distractions are the bane of my existence.
Good job though. XD

Also I'm going to be gone for a couple days on a mini family reunion. So yep...

Umm, who would like to go next? biggrin

Alain Walker

That sucks.
Feel free to post some character designs though. biggrin

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