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Have I misread or is my 28 year old character currently the oldest in town xD

I thought I'd be joining this RP as one of the few with a male character's for a while as well.
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Nion: Heyyy, just you know, just doing what I do on this magical thing called the internet or I sometimes like callin' the web. Cause ya know no one calls it that anymore.

Reku: She should! I love her anti-social guy characters!!!
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Reku;; Eh, not likely. Isaac doesn't drink....well, much. Special occasions. Anything else makes it hard to think of words to write.
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: P
Oh well.
I'm sure there are plenty
of other people for Isaac
to be friends with~

Imma call you Luther,
cuz 'Kaiser'
is too close to 'Kaiden'.
But yup~!
He's ooooold!
But that's okay.
I think Austin is
26 or 27,
so that's not too far away!

what kind of person is Dominic?
Ophelia is kind of a free spirit/party girl-
she does what she wants
when she wants
and when she wants something,
nothing will stop her!
She's girly and cute and flirty, too~
What kind of relationship
(besides their business one)
would they have?
@Reku: That's cool I prefer Luther anyhow. I think I had little choice because having a 20 year old Mayor would just be silly xD

@Kitty: I love your character's nickname for Ruisu. I sense a little tension between the two of them since they're so different ha-ha.
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Beckett the Postwoman is finally done.
I'm willing to start planning now as well. However, I may be a bit slow to reply so please PM me with the ideas.
I'll be moving this weekend so anyone who hasn't contacted me with ideas after then I'll look ya up and give you my ideas of how Beckett knows your character(s)
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they took me a long while
I'm pretty sure I won't be editing it anytime soon
@Luther: xD It's basically because of their severe differences in personality, lol. I don't imagine Xentus holding any real malice against Ruisu or anything like that, it's just more of a first impression after meeting him once. Like when they first met, Ruisu gave him a stiff handshake and ignored any bantering/flirting Xentus did, and moved right on to other things. And Xentus was all like, "that dude needs to get that stick out, pronto." xD That's how I imagine the first impression on Xentus' part, anyways. There could be a little tension between them! But for the most part, I just see it as a, "I don't want to have drinks with that guy" sort of deal on both of their sides lol. xD

MoonStar: *Goes to check out the new profile!* Hope your move goes smoothly! c:

*Throws confetti for Yuna's completed profiles!* 8D

@Anyone that has been plotting with me: I've started to add entries to specific people that I've been plotting with. If you've been looking through Xentus' journal, you may have noticed that I've added more specific details about plots I've discussed with you and your character, just to flesh them out a bit. Specifics, but still pretty vague and open-ended. If you don't like any of the specifics I've written for past events between our two characters, please let me know and I'll work to change them. xD

Also, nicknames! If Xentus is on friendly terms with someone, and your character doesn't like any of the nicknames I have in his journal, let me know. If, however, your character is on hostile terms with Xentus, then he's going to call your character whatever the crap he feels like. xD
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@ Kitty: Orly? I'll have to go and look at that soon, then. : L

@ Yuna: You can do it, fight on! I need to finish Ivan's journal soon too...but I'm getting everything ready with Amanda and Yuiko's first. So much work to do, urgle.

In other news, Yoko's all set to go to some cosplay conventions next month! But nobody cares about that and I'm just a nerd, hurhur.
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Isaac the Writer is now completely up and ready to be....stared at awkwardly, or something.
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I've linked up the reserves and profiles!
Now I'm going to sleep.
I'm completely
from the first day of school.
Fourteen hour days = no fun for Reku

Good night, all!
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Ryan Ness Finally, done[/dies] now, I work on the next thing m/.
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@ Kitty
Thank you~~
> w <

Also, is Kuri's bio alright with you? Do let me know if I should edit something!
and I've made it so that the incident happened on Winter 7, is that all right?
> <

@ Yoko

But he should be easier then the sisters.... I hope....
Gotta finish him - either that or poor Phephe's gonna have a heartbreak

@ Reku
Good luck, Reku!!
Tomorrow should be a better day!
^ w ^ b
*Stares awkwardly at Isaac the Writer*

@Yuna: Kuri's bio looks fine to me. c: Winter 7 is also fine, and actually works out really good with Xentus' own timeline. xD The RP is starting on Spring 03, isn't it? That's what the front page says, though I'm not sure if it just hasn't been updated or what. xD

Another little side note for Xentus' journal! I've added "Friendly With" to all of his Pokemon posts. This basically lists the people that that specific Pokemon will allow to touch/hold/pick them up, which you can then use IC if you ever want to add interactions with Xentus' Pokemon. If a character isn't listed, then that Pokemon will shy away from that character, and not allow them to touch, pet, or play with them.

So for example, Absol doesn't allow any except Xentus to touch/approach him. So if your character is talking with Xentus and Absol is out, don't have your character reach out and pet Absol, because he wouldn't let them do that. xD Or, if your character's name is in Terasu's list, you can have your character go up and give her a great big hug around the neck - but if it's not, then Terasu is going to growl or move away from your character. Absol and Terasu, especially, are fickle and aren't friendly with many of the characters, but his other Pokemon will pretty much become friendly if Xentus gets to know the character/hangs around them a lot.

...I hope that made sense. It does in my head, but seeing it written out makes it seem more confusing than it should...
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> w <

Also - I should probably note,
Kuri's the one with the shorty complex.
But I have no complaints to Xentus picking up Rue to spite her!

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