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Sorry guys, don't think I am up to this anymore sweatdrop So I'll be removing myself from the roleplay
Lets just say Pulse got killed during their last evil plan? :p
Aww curtsie :[ I am sorry to hear that. Pulse was the least insane of us all and he might have brought a touch of civility to the group.
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Super Noob

      Pfffft. Back to the recruitment board. emotion_awesome
So are we going on without or what? :[
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Super Noob

      I intended this rp to be a group effort, so I don't want to make the call myself.
      You guys wanna recruit someone else or keep going?
      We can keep going WHILE recruiting too, I'd imagine.
Yeah my vote is to go on whilst recruiting and have you or someone temp npc Pulse. He will die in the attack on the city, we have to pick a hero to kill him though twisted
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I like pulse. I was sure that he was going to turn out even more insane than the others, purely because he seemed so nice.
I'm totally willing to npc him or kill him, if no one has dibs.
Anyone want to kill him while I npc him?

I vote to recruit while continuing.

All the same, we can tastefully write Pulse to his death, and use it as plot/character development.

Also I'm around. I check often. I'm just a dirty lurker.

Sounds like a majority rule for recruiting while killing pulse :]
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Angelic Explorer

I'll post today, btw.
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      Lmao, maybe I should have had Kaiser blast his face off after all. emotion_awesome
      But yeaaaaa, character death + plot device, hmmm...
      Pulse dies in epic combat (somehow) and the Legion blames the League?
      The city/people start to question the League because they (accidentally) killed someone,
      Despite them having that pesky 'no kill' policy, even for evil villains?
      HMMMM. I dunno. But yea, KLTC, if you wanna play him until his untimely demise,
      I say he's all yours! ;3
I agree smile
Should I post now?
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Super Noob

      Sure, go ahead and post!
      Like I said, not real big on posting order and all that.
      Just a kind of whimsical thing. If you can post, post!
      [I've just been lazy lately. I should post too. >__>]
Oh I am usually a stickler for post order ><
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Super Noob

      Lol, really?
      Well, your turn then, I guess?
      I haven't been keeping up with that. emotion_drool

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