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What time is it in the roleplay? o.o Like...dinner time? :3

And Skully scares me, so he's gonna scare Pulse too x3
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What time is it in the roleplay? o.o Like...dinner time? :3

And Skully scares me, so he's gonna scare Pulse too x3
It seems to be early morning.

And I'm glad that I'm playing my villain correctly! Hopefully you get a few giggles too.
Ate dinner, finished my format, and I am working on my post right now :3

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I love how he adds in the bit about "programs....clowns...."
Glad you enjoyed that.

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|・ω・`) *peek*

I wasn't aware this was here. I apologize for not posting in here. Now I feel silly. This is why I need to stalk people.

Not sure how exactly Inky's gonna get from point A to point B, because I was going to have her crash into the Atlas's office window on some sort of ink bird and slowly slide down a few stories (leaving a trail of ink) before she makes suction cups and climbs back up until she's let inside, but then I realized Atlas's office probably wouldn't have open-able windows.

I just can't wait for her first fight though. If she were a bit more playful she'd probably do something like stain Jackal's uniform or something. I can't see him taking too kindly to that.

Oh and ten points to your house if you know what I based Ink's back story off of
The whole "opening window\" thing is going to be a dilemma for my character, too. She doesn't like closed spaces, hence not wanting to use the conventional elevator. I'm guessing that she's going to be forced to go back down and use the stairs, thanks to my lack of foresight. Inelegant, but I never said she was.
You Super Pooper Scoopers!
When will someone post emotion_donotwant
rett, your insults are amazing. xD
I'll be posting tomorrow. I'm waiting for Atlas's response to coinshot and Judas.
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Same as KLTC. Plus I'm coming down with an upper respiratory infection which will make my energy go down to zero. ヾ(×× ) ツ Maybe if I burn my throat today it won't be so bad...

And I'd like to have Ink drop in mid-sentence. And by drop in, I mean leave an ink stain on his window.
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      Okokok, I'm wondering if I should go ahead and post
      or wait for another villain to-- because I really wanna post. DD;
      If someone doesn't by tomorrow, I will. Hell, I might even tonight. emotion_awesome
It is pulses turn. Then mine :p I am just waiting on that
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I'll be posting tomorrow~
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      We have a posting order? gonk

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