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We can kill pulse in the next round of posts smile
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Super Noob

      Oh yea. We still gotta do that, huh.
      Kaiser: "WHO AM I GOING TO TEASE AND MAKE FUN OF NOW?! gonk gonk gonk "
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Invisible Loiterer

After that huge pep talk, I'm ashamed to admit that I'm a bit of a hypocrite.
I seriously underestimated my course load this semester, so my posting will be sporadic.
I apologize for my absence. Feel free to puppet my characters to keep the story going.
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Super Noob

      Yeah, school's starting back for a lot of people now,
      So spotty activity is to be expected. It's cool. emotion_c8
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Divine Explorer

I'm gonna drop out. I get on 'spurts' for RPing and I guess I just found this place near the end of one. Sorry. I do hope it works out, because this is still one of the better concepts I've seen to come out of Barton Town in a quite a while.

I've become rather busy- though I still am lightly rping, and will continue in this one if anyone is still interested. I'll understand if people aren't though. It's easy to lose interest, and I'm aware of this.
I still want to play :[
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Super Noob

      Lmao, I dunno.
      One person never even posted (and refused to reply to PM), one dropped out after one post,
      And now someone else has dropped out.
      No one's posted in forever and so I've assume everyone's lost interest.

      Maybe I'll try to start a new rp like this again sometime later with new people/characters,
      When people aren't so busy with life. During summer break or something.
      Til then, think I'll just put the dead and bloated label on this rp. emotion_drool

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