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Take that helpless security guards!
Glitch post up :3
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That's not really how I intended him to be lol
I'd prefer if you guys just killed him off o.o

That's not really how I intended him to be lol
I'd prefer if you guys just killed him off o.o

I'm sorry! D:
Is he nicer? More human?
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Super Noob

      Lol, next time I make a rp, I'm going to incorporate some kind of rule saying,
      "If you quit the rp, all rights to the character you created are annulled; they belong to meeeee emotion_donotwant "
      Or something. xD
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I'll post today sometime.
Midnight Mona

I find this incredibly amusing.
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Okay, I lied. Post tomorrow after a test and I stop being lazy.
I realize that school has started again for most of us.
Does the lack of activity mean that we've all abandoned ship? I'm willing to keep going, but I'd like have a confirmed yes or no.
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Fashionable Gawker

I haven't jumped ship. D: Post peeps.
I am still here and very willing to keep going :3
I just posted though so I need someone to post as pulse sad
My schedule has been tight from the get go, but I'm here and willing to continue.

still sort of waiting for everyone to roll out before I actually put Jack somewhere- Although I'm not apposed to a hero randomly appearing atop his u-haul or something.

Let's jump start this.
Villains - Get to your assigned posts, make some mistakes. Get caught on security camera, miss a tattle-telling guard, just do something to accidentally alert the heroes. I'll do this with Pulse first thing tomorrow; you guys do the same.
Heroes - Have an alert of some sort come into Atlas's office when a villain makes a mistake. Go fight evil.

I have no authority here; yell at me for being bossy.
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Fashionable Gawker

I'm waiting for the other heroes to post. Where is Atlas?
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Super Noob

      Sorry guys! Life took me by the a** and just started going off.
      I was like, "stop it, life, stooooppp",
      And life was like "NO. emotion_donotwant ",
      And I was like " emotion_8c "

      But yup, I say we all just jump in there like KLTC said.
      And then the heroes can come do they thing. ;3

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