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        Hi there. I'm a male living in the US, in the EST time zone. You can call me whatever you'd like to. I really don't mind.

        So, this is literally the only thing I want to RP right now. I'm not taking any sort of suggestions or ideas unless they're somehow related to this wonderful game series. No Avengers, no Sherlock, not even Psychonauts. I need some Monkey Island, and it could probably work wonders as an RP. I'm interested in both groups and 1x1s, and I don't care what role I get, but I can promise that I play a mean Guybrush Threepwood -- and would probably prefer that. I can come up with plot ideas like nobody's business -- I have a few ideas in mind already. Please, if you're a fan interested in roleplaying, no matter your literacy level, just send me a PM, and we can probably totally work something out. You don't know how much you'd please me by doing this.

        If you don't know what Monkey Island is -- but I doubt anyone browsing this thread does not -- feel free to PM me. =D I'm super nice and patient, I promise!

        What I expect of you 1x1ers:
        - You can punctuate and capitalize your sentences. I can't stand chatspeak unless its a joke.
        - You're a Monkey Island fan, or are interested in what it's about.
        - That's literally it. I don't care how much or how little you post or wherever you want to roleplay over. I'm literally the most flexible person alive when it comes to partners for this. Messengers, AIM, PMs, threads, email, other forums, literate, adv. literate. I can do all of them.
        - I have no limits, but let's... just try and keep it along the lines of the game, all right?
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Are you still looking for some Monkey Island roleplaying? If so, I'd like to think I'm your pal. I just hope you don't fight like a dairy farmer.

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