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*shrug* Not at all. Less pressure for everyone, not least of all me. I've been turning my plot ideas over in my head, still trying to flush them out. I've got a couple of more ideas that, if they get used, should be both challenging and fun. I'll talk to Cosplay and see what he thinks.
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I think there might be a bit of confusion in the RP... ooobled-, the battle in the Atlantic is basically finished. Asaji massacred Task Force 20 and a good majority of the fleet is in flames, sinking to the ocean floor. Devil, because I have no idea who has a blue and white mech, who are you attacking?
profile submitted, and now I lurk >.>
I intend to include a more in-depth description of the event from my bio in my first few posts
Is anyone getting any replies from Cosplayforhire? This thread is floundering, a pity since we're getting pretty steady character requests. I have no less than two plot ideas that will create open endings for this thread to continue on with. I've PM'd both these ideas to Cosplay and gotten no replies. So if, in the next few days this thread doesn't progress anywhere I'll post the intro to one of my plot lines. I'm not trying to tell people their own business or anything, but I don't want to see so many people disappointed when this thread falls through, so I'ma try to catch it.
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I was going to post but I've been trying to resolve a bit of confusion with OoooBled- with no responses. So I'm just going to have to post a bit of OOC in the RP thread. As for Cos, I haven't heard anything from him and Meyrin was accepted so I've no clue why she hasn't posted yet. I gave her a recap of what recently happened but, again, no response.

I'll get a post in by tonight or tomorrow but I'm going to need to think of a way to get around OooBled's post until things are resolved.
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Alright heres what im thinking since im sick and not feeling up to rping at the moment i will be probobly close the rp NOT PERMANENTLY but just untill im feeling better but thats just a thought
If that's the case I'ma point anyone interested to my interest thread.
here it is: Mecha chronicle

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