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Sweet Pyromaniac

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User Image Slow GROUP role play
User Image Slow 1x1 THREAD role play

User Image Western sci-fi on a walking city Interest thread for my current rp.

You were bored, looking through the Barton OCC for a good role play or role playing partner. For some reason you stumbled upon another thread with a player searching for the same thing. Hopefully, once you clicked that link to get here, both our searches would be over.

*See the letters above this? If any is greyed out and the blinker is off that means I'm currently not looking for that.

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Here are some role-playing samples.

I try to follow the rules of grammar as much as I can, though at times I might misuse or forget punctuation marks. I always write in Microsoft Word and use the spell check before submitting my posts. I've made it my personal goal to usually write close to four hundred words per post. I occasionally make mistakes, since I'm only human. However, I have no problem with someone pointing them out. How else am I going to learn?

I don’t like to focus on length. As long as the idea is conveyed it’s ok to use as many words as necessary. To me it doesn’t really matter if you write in whatever font size, or use extravagant colors. I personally enjoy posts that are visually appealing, but try to stray from hard to read colors and sizes out of respect to other readers or players. If my post ever poses any trouble for reading, again, I really have no problem with someone pointing it out so I can change it for somebody else's comfort.

I like to be as detailed as I can when necessary, but you won’t see me writing a whole chapter on how a leaf was being carried in the wind. I prefer to keep things simple, to keep the story moving and most importantly have fun.

If you aren't having fun, you've failed and then your ego really can take a hit as you have failed to have fun at something as free-form as role-playing. That is right – you have failed a game that has no win conditions.
Rather, role-playing has one: to have fun.

-Greg Schneider

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I have role played many genres, but there have still been many out there that I haven’t had the chance to experience. Instead of writing a huge paragraph of what I will or will not play I will provide a list of genres I've played so far. Those I would enjoy playing the most will be in bold. Anything else I'm willing to take a shot at.

User Image Right now, I'm really into good old fantasy.
User Image I really want to stick to small and slow roleplays.
User Image I tend to play male characters.
User Image Really want to play as a roguish type fellow, or a honest warrior or knight.

      User Image Bangsian fantasy
      User Image Contemporary fantasy
      User Image Dark fantasy
      User Image Heroic fantasy
      User Image High fantasy
      User Image Historical fantasy
        User Image Steampunk
        User Image Dieselpunk
        User Image Wuxia
        User Image Medieval fantasy

    User ImageScience Fiction
      User Image Dystopian fiction
      User Image Cyberpunk
      User Image Apocalyptic fiction
      User Image Post-apocalyptic fiction
      User Image Dying Earth

    Family saga

      User ImageContemporary romance
      User Image Paranormal romance

      Series Related
        User Image Soul Eater
        User Image Avatar: The last Airbender
        User Image Pokemon

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Sweet Pyromaniac

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I have so many stories I dunno what to do with them. For now I will post them here just for personal keeping. If anyone is interested on posting feedback, comments or suggestions about them, please feel free. They are divided by group - role-play stories and one x one - role-play stories.

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      Here is a list of most of all my old RPG threads. There might be a story idea you might be interested in, let me know if you are. Most recent on top, oldest on bottom.

Sealed with a kiss
A series of unexplained deaths has the entire city on edge.
Otherwise normal, healthy people have been discovered dead in their beds with expressions of extreme agony and terror on their faces.

A strange rumor has been circulating that if someone falls in their dreams and doesn't wake up before landing, they die in real life...

Here and There
A mix of worlds and planes. The guardians of these, known as Gate Keepers, must keep them from colliding. Before anyone becomes a Gate Keeper they must go through rigorous training, many lose their memories once they finish. If anyone ever asks or becomes too curious they are taken away for a "cleansing". What are the Plane Walkers trying to hide?

The Umbra Virus
There's been rumors of an odd virus in Sinnoh, causing pokemon to lose control and attack anyone without remorse. Professor Rowan calls out eight specialized trainers to investigate further. Will the trainers be able to discover the cause and origin of the virus before it spreads far enough to affect their own?

The Five Elemental Children that protect the fantastical world of Iuvenesco must set their differences aside and defend their one and only home from the malady of Iron.

A post-apocalyptic world where the only chance of survival means taking their old city back. The task lies in the hands of a group set off to destroy the demon who took control over it.

Kamigawa is a world inspired by Japanese mythology. It is also a Magic the Gathering expansion and Novels.

Gainnes Enterprises
A hangout inspired by the hit anime series Outlaw Star.

The World of Darkness
Inspired by White-Wolf's own world of Darkness, where the world is not what you think. Beneath skyscrapers' leering gargoyles, factories belching smoke and streets packed with the human throng lurk things we are not meant to see. Creatures dwell in the shadows and hidden places.They watch you, stalk you and prey upon your body and soul. The life you lead is a lie. Your darkest fears aren't make-believe.

They're real.

User Image

      Here I will list a few story ideas, either for one on one, or group role plays. Most aren’t fully conceived, keep in mind these are mostly just ideas.

The Lance
Madisson has been looking for a way to cure her “disease” for quite some time now. It seems that the only way that her soul will ever find rest is if she accepts the help of those she has been trying to avoid contact with since the very beginning.

* * *

The story is meant to be played one on one. The first time I played this, the other character was a young reckless demon. I’m not saying that you need to play as a demon, I’m just pointing out how the story was played. The boy was in it for the strong magical items and/or weapons they might encounter in the way that would help him gain the respect he wanted from his comrades. At first anyway. Eventually he began to grow feelings for Madisson. He didn't react well once he found out the truth of why she wanted The Lance.

The Con
Madisson has lived with her father for quite some time. He had been dating one of her teachers but never imagined it would end in marriage. Much less that one of the students at her school ended up being her teacher’s son. In the time that Miss Moore became Mrs. Reed Madisson found a letter written by her believed to be dead mother addressed to her father. After finding out that her father had been hiding the truth from her she decides to investigate who her mother really is.

* * *

I really need to work on this a bit more...

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Sweet Pyromaniac

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How to contact me and links to other things I am interested in here in Gaia. My Gaia number is 342114. This ought to make it easier for all those stalkers out there.

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      Currently, I only want to role play in Gaia Online. I have had the chance to role play outside Gaia, and it's a whole different experience, but it's just something I'm not looking for at the moment. I haven’t played much via Private Message, so I’m not sure how to go about that. Let’s do this then:

      Interested in a group role play?
      You can post here if you want to invite me to an rp. You can also post if you are interested in making an rp. You can pitch in an idea of your own, we can brainstorm away.

      Looking for one on one?
      If you would like to role play one on one in a private thread then let me know here. If for some reason you would like to speak privately just hover that mouse under my avi and click on Send PM. I don’t have many ideas for one on one role plays but it would be great to come up with a plot between the both of us. I only play in threads.

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      Here I'll be linking the current role plays I'm in.

      Other links
      Here I'll be placing other amazing links that deserve checking out. If you'd like your link here I would love to trade links with you. Just post here in the thread to let me know.

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          User Image

      If you'd like to link me back here's the code for my image link. Just copy and paste the gray text bellow the image.

      User Image


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