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Hey there! I'm a male looking for girls to role play with! I'll be playing any sort of furries, animals, or other kinds of creatures in the RPs. You are welcome to play as whatever you wish, and it would be awesome if you'd join me in playing a creature as well!
If you'd like some pictures of females to play as, check out this journal entry.
Want a list of elements and interests I like in role plays? Just ask in a PM!
What I ask from you is that you are able to type at least 3 or more lines worth ( a couple of sentences) per post. I will request you to type more, and if you are unable to put more effort into it, I will leave the role play. I'm sorry, but I just am not interested in too little information. I'm also not interested in too much information. Three paragraphs per post in my limit. Too much information and too much happens in one turn, so it becomes less about the two role players guiding the RP as a team. So semi-literate please!

Comments? Suggestions? Ideas? Go ahead and say!
I RP in PMs only!

Plots and Pairings

Simple Pairings - My Roles on the left, yours on the right!

Animal x Human
Animal x Animal
Animal x Furry
Animal x Dragon
Furry x Human
Furry x Dragon
Dragon x Dragon
Dragon x Harpy
Dragon x Gryphon
Pokemon x Trainer (Human or furry)
Pokemon x Furry
Pokemon x Pokemon
Pokemon x Animal

Fandom Based

Elder Scrolls - I'd play as an Argonian or Khajiit
Pokemon (duh) - As long as I can play a pokemon, I'm happy!
Okami - I'd play as an animal or furry, you'd play as Amaterasu
Spyro - I'd play as Spyro, or another male dragon, and you'd be Cynder or another female dragon
Star Fox - I'd play as fox or another male furry, you would play Krystal or another female furry
Animal Crossing - Male animal character with a female human or a female animal
Cave Story - Male mimiga with a female human or mimiga
Seiken Densetsu (Secret of Mana) - I play as flammy(male), another male dragon or a male furry character, and you play as flammy(female) another female dragon, or a female human or female furry character.
Tales of Symphonia(1 or 2) - I play as Noishe, Tenebrae or a monster and you play as any female character, just about.
I would also like to try mixing and matching between there fandoms. EXAMPLE: Amaterasu x Pokemon

Comments? Suggestions? Ideas? Go ahead and say!
I RP in PMs only!

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