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Greedy Genius

                Okay, I'm not going to bore you, or bother making a huge, fancy post. That is why I work in PMs, so I don't have to make fancy posts.

                What I'm looking for

                - Literate, no less then two meaty paragraphs per post.
                ~ I myself write 2 to even 10 paragraphs, I could go farther, but I haven't roleplayed in a while.

                - I only roleplay M//M in romances
                ~This is of course only for... biological reasons. Female anatomy freaks me out. If your character is Trans* or Non-Binary or just not human, that works too!

                - Someone desensitized, ready to try anything. v~v I do mean Anything.
                ~ annnyyything [[ The TOS patrol gotta hold of this, I basically mean I like really weird things, like... Slenderman. I'm a Teratophile, it means I find what most people would find horrifying, extremely attractive and/or cute, so I hope you don't fear Manticores and Driders or anything~]

                - Someone active.
                ~ I'm on Tumblr quite often, but I'll certainly check Gaia every day and try to reply every day, so hopefully you can do the same.

                - PM me if interested.


                You don't have to worry about Plots, I've got plenty of ideas, but I do like it when people pitch in sometimes.
                If you ditch me, please tell me why. I don't wanna think you hate me or anything...
                If I ditch you, the chances are you're a terrible roleplayer and immature so I'm scared to hurt your feelings so I end up ignoring you, which is rare! So don't worry.
                If you roleplay on tumblr, feel free to message murdor-rps
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Greedy Genius

I'm going to eat then I will be back to bump
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Greedy Genius

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Greedy Genius

Hotty-Chans-Yaoi's avatar

Greedy Genius


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