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Do you need a relationship skeleton?

Yes 0.4 40.0% [ 2 ]
No 0.6 60.0% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 5 ]
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the gingybread --'s avatar


pants off;
i think leigh wouldn't be the outwardly warm and caring sister type
because that's just not who she is. she'd be probably be mean
verbally most of the time, but she means it affectionately and hopes
they build character or smth xD

does that mean i'm also the cutest because we're twins? haha

eskimo kisses;
lol, is it alright if i let my love for ben hill cloud my judgement? xD
eskimo kissses
we didn't really plot because you hadn't sent in your reserve yet (at least i don't believe so).
any ideas for dare and mimi?
miss pants off dance off's avatar

Partying Reveler

gotta love like woe

nuuuuu, dun rip off Matty's head!
it's too pretty for that.
but dat's cool, Matty is all for being thought of as cute. xD

the gingybread --

Matty is going to be like '...why are you so mean to me?'
and pout at her, but secretly realize thats just how she is.
He wouldnt take stuff to heart, that is.
Cause he's an observant kid, so he notices stuff.
the gingybread --'s avatar


              maybe when the time is right leigh would hand him down her journal
              or at least lend it to him, from one hunter to another d'awww~
the sound of fury's avatar

Eloquent Hunter

eskimo kissses

drinking buddies. that is all.
your baecon's avatar

Partying Prophet

          aaslkdfs sorry for my absence i went home this weekend and spent
          most of my time with my family so i'll probs ope
          this on tuesday...sorry if that's a weird time for
          you guys but i don't want to prolong it much longer ~

          also please vote in the poll because i know whenever there are relationship things to fill out
          i'm always lazy and never do them so if you guys
          need them i'll make something but if not we can just skip that.
why isn't there a hell no option?
that's my vote.
eskimo kissses's avatar

Tipsy Conversationalist

oh s**t i forgot to respond to all of you. i'm so dumb.

@gingy;; always darling. who said a little clouded judgement was a
terribly bad thing?? any ideas, because i'm braindead.

@katy;; here goes the text walllllll, sorry it's long,

okiiieee, so i think he and mimi would get along. they are
similar in a sense...before he got into demon hunting he was, impetuous,
facetious and like a bit of a free spirit but after his wife was killed, he kind
of band to drown himself in his work (aka killing demons everywhere) over
time he acquired this harshly cold sort of cutthroat demeanor and became
a bit merciless not unfeeling, but just very dense and critical of everything.
so you said she's cold and distant sometimes...that's kind of what dare is
like...he always has a very dry sense of humor if that matters at all. and
he'll shoot people halfassed halfsmirks most of the time, he smiles genuinely
in very rare occurances. he's very serious about what he does. anywaaaays,
i think that he would hate to see abraham and mimi together because it would
pain him, considering they remind him of how happy he used to be with his
wife before she was murdered. but other than that, he'd have no problem w/
her unless she had a problem with him.

@relo;; lololololol yes. DRINKING BUDDEHS FO LIFE, SISTAH! <3
dare and rafe are gonna have an interesting friendship lolololololololololol.

@pants off;; we need to plot, woman <3
psssh get ready for him to never be pained.
she might love her husband, but at the moment
she's two steps away from hating him.
mimi is probably going to have mad respect for him since he's so serious and such.
they both experienced a horrible loss
so she would feel as if he'd understand her
in some cosmic way.
miss pants off dance off's avatar

Partying Reveler

the gingybread --

that would be so perfect.
Matty would be all "O 0O REALLY?!" and worship it or something.

eskimo kissses

uwaaaah yes we do!!!
hit me up.
which almost came out as 'knock me up'.

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