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            ███JAR OF HEARTS
            xxxxxxx ______________________________

            NEW OOC

            `IF I MAKE ANOTHER*___ { `MOVE
            xx there'll be no more turning back xxxx × × ×

            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbecause everything will change and it all will fade to black
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User ImageUser Image

                                              Once upon a time, in an age long before our own, there was a Kingdom called Freygard. In Freygard all were kind and thought not of evil or sin. Freygard was so blissful and pure that they referred to their own queen as the Queen of Pure Hearts. This was true! Beneath the surface of every man, woman and child there lied a heart shard and in Freygard, each and every heart shard was pure and white. For eternity, these heart shards would remain white and free of tarnish, misery and sin. The Queen made certain of this! In an attempt to keep her Kingdom happy she locked all bad feelings away in a big glass jar. If any of her people felt even the slightest twinge of negativity she would lock those feelings away. Any sorrow, sin, fear or anguish, pride and arrogance, the Queen of Pure Hearts would steal it away and stow it in her jar which she soon referred to as a container of evil.

                                              As with any jar or box, the container of evil began to overflow. The darkness within could no longer be contained and so it began to seep out, bringing with it a cold and bitter wind. As the dark feelings crept into Freygard things had begun to go awry. The sin and misery crept into the pure hearts, tainting them and causing otherwise good people to go sour. As the sour and tainted people of Freygard wrought chaos and havoc the bad feelings in the Kingdom multiplied and the Queen of Pure Hearts struggled to store the excess of dark feelings in her container of evil. Meanwhile, down in the tainted kingdom, citizens slept restlessly, their dreams invaded by shadowy figures digging away at their souls. Every day, people would wake and stare at the castle. Why was it bringing darkness into their lives? For the first time, the citizens of Freygard felt fearful. The Queen of Pure Hearts knew that soon the container of evil would shatter and the darkness within would corrupt her people and blacken their hearts. At that point, she would be unable to contain the bad feelings without tearing her people's hearts open at the seams. Not wanting to injure the hearts of her kingdom the Queen of Pure Hearts bestowed the jar upon the Valiant Knight and trusted him to dispose of it properly so it would never harm her people again.

                                              The Valiant Knight, oblivious to what was inside, brought the jar to the farthest corner of the forest where the container of evil continued to pull bad feelings and sin from the Kingdom of Freygard. The darkness was drawn away and for a short while things seemed as though they had returned to normal. Meanwhile... deep, deep in the forest the evil within the jar constricted itself. Tighter and tighter the malleable darkness compacted. Contained in the jar of evil now was a heart, black as night and cold as ice, but it was beating. The heart would remain dormant until one fateful day in Fall. A traveling Jester was making his expedition to the great Kingdom of Freygard in hopes of meeting the Queen of Pure Hearts and sharing with her his puppets and stories of distant lands. The Jester stumbled and dropped his most beautiful puppet, the one he called Queen, down onto the container of evil. Not only did his precious puppet break, but the jar itself was cracked. And then came a sound. Crack. Distant at first, it grew into a quake so immense it could be felt in all of Freygard.

                                              Freygard heard the explosion but blissfully disregarded it. Meanwhile in a dark kingdom the Black Jester awoke in a circle of his now life-sized scattered puppets. "How pecuiliar!" he declared, assuming he was in a dream. "How am I supposed to transport puppets of this size?" He reached for out for his Queen and much to his shock and horror, she had swatted his hand away. The black heart had shattered! Within the Black Jester and each of his puppets was a heart shard, black as night and cold as ice. The Queen of Dark Hearts looked to her subjects and then to her castle with reverence. "Knight? General? Dear King?" One by one the puppets rose to their feet and bowed their heads before the Queen. The Dark Hearts weren't nearly as ignorant as their mirror Kingdom. Their hearts were twisted and strong with sin and hatred. Fueled by intense rivalry, they founded their empire, completely unnoticed by those with the shards of white. The Dark Heart citizens, though twisted, were not evil. They were born of fear, negativity and darkness, but within their empire they grew wiser, found romance, raised families and laughed, though their humor was darker and their love was more bitter. The thought of waging war had barely crossed their minds.

                                              Disaster occurred when the Rejected Princess ventured beyond the castle yards. Her Prince of Perish was a frightening man but her second option was just as bleak as her first. Prince Disenchanting always seemed as though he wanted nothing to do with her! The Rejected Princess strolled through the forest before she was captured by a beast! She screamed for help but no Princes had come to her aid. In their stead came the Valiant Knight of Freygard! With his heavy sword he slashed through the beast and released the Princess who had never been shown such kindness. "Who might you be? I've never seen you before!" she piqued, clutching onto his armor. A circling crow saw the Princess's shard of black become spattered with white and dove down onto the Knight, clawing at him viciously in an attempt to remove his wretched white heart but The Princess swatted him away. In time the feathered vermin of misfortune perched itself on the shoulder of the Queen of Dark Hearts. "You say that foolish Knight sullied the heart of our Princess?" "Yes, yes!" declared the Crow. "They're waging war against us, they are!" Well... we mustn't have that. Tonight we commence war and tomorrow we defend. Blacken the skies and tarnish their hearts! I want each and every one of those shards painted black." Thus it was settled and a war was declared across the kingdoms!

                                              moral: don't bottle your emotions or they'll wage war on your hearts.
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            ███THINGS TO KNOW
            xxxxxxx ______________________________

            User Image

            qualities of citizens- unknowingly put themselves in harm's way, usually paranoid, cautious
            and rigid, respect and obey all authority, few differences between men and women's
            nature (androgynous), often follow concrete routine, are tempted by/curious about chaos,
            pacifistic and patient to a point where they can withstand great beatings, ignorant and gullible

            Freygard is a trainquil and cheery kingdom of good-natured folk and kind spirits. Dark
            feelings here are either ignored or ostracized. Citizens who live in Freygard actively
            strive to spread good cheer, hospitality and are cautious when it comes to danger
            and situations that could darken their hearts. Freygard is more ignorant than their
            darker counterparts and their motto is to "turn the other cheek." Those who have the
            purest hearts hold the most power, but are also in the most danger. The purer the
            hearts in Freygard, the less powerful Dark Freygard will become. If all hearts are pure,
            dark Freygard and all of its citizens are in danger of reverting into their puppet selves.
            If you're a traveler, this is the place to see. Brights are brighter, whites are whiter,
            the sun is sunnier and all citizens are friendly and looking for love. The downsides to
            Freygard are the rules, which can be a bit hard to accept at times, and lack of individuality.
            No homosexuality or magic unless the King states otherwise.

            DARK FREYGARD
            User Image

            qualities of citizens- strongly rebel all authority, prey on those who are weaker than them,
            accept bribes, compliments and hospitality, usually have obsessions that dictate their daily
            lives, have aggressive fetishes, don't tolerate defeat, could give a ******** less what they put their
            d**k in, manipulative (purposely, or subconsciously)

            Dark Freygard is a lavish kingdom of litany and excess where dark feelings feel good. Those
            who live in Dark Freygard live their lives free of all bounds and actively engage in all of cardinal
            sins. Those who have the darkest hearts hold the most power. The darker the hearts, the more
            powerful the nation. If all hearts are black, Dark Freygard's control is set in stone. If you're a
            bad egg, this is the place for you. Parties are frequent, the food is saturated in fat and sugar and
            drugs and sex are easy to come by. Everyone in Dark Freygard has a vivid and unique
            personality and many strange and bizarre tics that set them apart. Dark Freygard also openly
            endorses homosexuality, polygamy, satanism, sacrifice, witchcraft, and sorcery. If you're
            unfortunate enough to live here and your heart is pure, any hope and sentiment is beaten out
            through torture and misery. Looking for freedom and excitement, this is where you need to be.

            CONFLICT 1: MARRIAGE

            The King and Queen of both Freygard and Dark Freygard are unmarried and must yield to the
            next married Prince and Princess who wish to take the throne. In Freygard, everyone
            anticipates the wedding of the Prince of Poppycock and The Cherished Princess. Everyone
            except Prince Charming, the Princess's second option. King Courtesy fancies the Queen of
            Pure Hearts, but she refuses to take his hand in marriage, meaning that his seat on the
            throne isn't permanent. He fears her closeness with the Valiant Knight. If they're conspiring
            to marry then he would be booted from the throne and tossed farther from the Queen he
            adores. Dark Freygard has a similar problem. the Rejected Princess must marry as well!
            Her choices are not as promising as the gentlemen the Cherished Princess must choose
            between. Prince Disenchanting is a sour, mean, offputting man and the Prince of Perish? He's
            horrid! Wicked all the way to the core! To marry him would ensure that she lives happily never
            after. She's even become the toy of King Calamity who feeds off of her misery and anguish.
            The only reason anyone in Dark Freygard tolerates her is because The Rejected Princess
            holds an unfathomable power that could fade all pure hearts into black. The Rejected Princess
            is a well of sorrow, but perhaps not for long. It seems that she's taken quite a shine to the
            Valiant Knight and he too, has taken a shine to her. Will the Pure Hearts accept Dark
            Freygard's princess with open arms? Will the Dark Hearts allow the Valiant Knight to warm
            the heart of the woman who holds the future of darkness? Will the Valiant Knight allow
            Freygard to push the Rejected Princess back into non-existence and will the Princess allow
            Dark Freygard to tarnish the heart of the only man who's shown her kindness?


            Oh, the blessed throne of Dark Freygard. Whomever sits upon it holds the dark and
            forbidden power that shadows over all of Freygard. The throne itself sends waves of misery
            that appear to be fueled by the darkness of whomever sits upon it. Currently the one who
            sits upon the almighty throne is the Queen of Dark Hearts. King CalAmity sits on a throne,
            but he doesn't sit on THE throne and yes, he knows it. All in Dark Freygard know that the
            Dark Throne is the source of infinite power. The Queen is unwilling to let any person take
            over her highly guarded throne unless they prove to be strong, powerful, capable. ...and her
            loyally devoted puppet. Anyone who isn't under her spell will surely taint her world white and
            pure!! Mustn't have that. The Queen's ONLY choice is that dreaded Rejected Princess... but
            what if King Calamity himself were to marry that whore? Then the Queen would be bumped
            and the Dark Throne would be theirs to control!

            The Rejected Princess is feared to have the purest heart in all of Dark Freygard and if she so
            chooses to marry any royalty, the throne is as good as hers. If her heart grows pure then the
            throne itself will break and the Dark Hearts will be emancipated, possibly reverting back to
            their puppet forms. If the Princess marries one of the Princes its plausible that he could
            control the throne instead. Although, the Queen herself is unwed so if she were to marry one
            of these boys instead... --no! What a wretched idea! Perhaps she could see to it that the
            Rejected Princess stays miserable and unmarried, ensuring both a dark heart and no Queen to
            seat the throne! Oh, but what of the Pure Hearts? Rumor has it that they have a throne with the
            equal and opposite effect of the Dark Throne! Could it be true? If the Pure Hearts have a royal
            wedding, then surely the Dark Hearts will all perish! Is there another way? What if the Queen
            were to steal away the Prince of Poppycock's heart and taint it black? Turn him into a wretched
            puppet, instill jealousy in Prince Charming and tear Freygard at the seams? It's certainly an
            idea... Or, if she were to marry a puppet, that might work as well...

            if I⇁ find a way; to ノ`change, if I step _↘into the ▬ &light.
            xxthen i'll never be the same × × and ↖ ↘
            xx┆↪ IT ALL WILL ↘ ( FADE TOWHITE )
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            xxxxxxx ______________________________


            pure hearts
            - The Queen of Pure Hearts ( female, I would accept trans/herm )
            - King Courtesy ( male )
            - The Prince of Poppycock ( male )
            - The Cherished Princess ( male )

            - Prince Charming ( male )
            - Damsel in Distress ( female/ I might accept a male )
            - The Patient General ( male or female )
            - The Valiant Knight ( male )

            - The Dove of Good Fortune ( female, male, trans/herm )
            - The White Jester ( male or female )

            dark hearts
            - The Queen of Black Hearts ( female, I would accept trans/herm )
            - King Calamity ( male )

            - The Prince of Perish ( male )
            - The Rejected Princess ( female )
            - Prince Disenchanting ( male )
            - Damsel of Discord ( female, I would accept trans/herm )
            - The Thoughtless General ( male preferred )
            - The Futile Knight ( male )

            - The Crow of Bad Omen ( female, male, trans/herm )
            - The Black Jester ( male )

            - characters can have magical abilities that will be approved when a reason is given as to
            why it'll help the story or why it makes sense for your character to have the ability
            - freygard doesn't yet know that dark freygard are born of puppets but many have heard
            the story of the jester who lost his puppets to evil and in turn because a puppet himself
            - etc. i think of

            [align=center] [color=white]x[/color] [size=16][color=COLOR1] [size=16][color=COLOR2]*[color=COLOR3]「[/color] ♚[/color][/size] [color=COLOR2][u][color=COLOR1][b]dark/pure [/b][/color][/u][/color][b] heart of[/b][/color] [/size] [color=COLOR1] [size=15] [b]freygard [/b][/size][/color] [/size]
            [size=12][color=COLOR3]》⋮[/color][/size] [size=10][b][color=COLOR2]CHARACTER NAME[/color][/b][/size] [color=COLOR3]♔ } [color=COLOR1] ▇[/color] [/color] [b][size=10][color=COLOR2] CHARACTER ROLE [/color][/size][/b] [color=COLOR3]》[/color]

            [img]http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj214/haybetchhay/twisting tale/pic1.png[/img]
            [color=COLOR1][color=COLOR2]▪▫[/color] [size=10]personality trait¦[/size] [color=COLOR3]▪▫[/color] [size=10]personality trait¦[/size] [color=COLOR2]▪▫[/color] [size=10]personality trait[/size] [color=COLOR3]▪▫[/color] [size=10]personality trait[/size] [/color]

            [size=16][color=COLOR2]♥[/color] [/size][color=COLOR1]⊱[/color][size=9][color=COLOR2] ║ ████████████████████████████[/color][color=COLOR3]███████████████████████████ ║[/color] [/size][color=COLOR1]⊰[/color] [size=16][color=COLOR3]♥[/color][/size] [/align]

            if I⇁ find a way; to ノ`change, if I step _↘into the ▬ &light.
            xxthen i'll never be the same × × and ↖ ↘
            xx┆↪ IT ALL WILL ↘ ( FADE TOWHITE )
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x *「 ♚ pure heart of freygard
》⋮ Lucielle Volendvant ♔ } the queen of pure hearts

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
▪▫ affectionate¦ ▪▫ insightful¦ ▪▫ captivating ▪▫ determined

The Queen of Pure Hearts is an extremely important character in this story.
It is debatable that she is the root of this war. It was her magic and bad
decisions that assisted in bringing the entire wicked kingdom of Dark
Freygard to life. Nobody must ever find out her place in this war! The Queen
of Pure Hearts it is her duty to keep her people happy and pure by any means,
even if she must use a few unmerited methods to get rid of the ones who
break the rules or those who can't be "mended." The Queen has many tasks
she must go through. She has to deal with those whose hearts have been
tarnished, contain the spread of misery, orchestrate events to keep people
happy and maintain the laws and order. The Queen is able to see into hearts,
even her own, and often doesn't like what she sees. Has she facilitated the
purity and happiness of her people, or has she only suppressed the darkness
that naturally festers within?

reserved by x Mint x

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x * pure heart of freygard
》⋮ Leviticus Gruenewald ♔ } King Courtesy

User Image
▪▫ doting¦ ▪▫ chivalric¦ ▪▫ well versed ▪▫ aesthetically addicted

King Courtesy is absolutely, undoubtedly, painfully oblivious. The Queen
and he rule together for convenience, not out of marriage, and though he adores
her it seems that the feelings aren't mutual. His queen would much prefer
to spend her time with the Knight. She seems uneasy as of late, not only
because of the war but and the King can't seem to figure out why. She
refuses to confide in him and for that reason he's becoming justifiably
suspicious. The King has three important duties. He can declare war, draft
soldiers and most importantly, he writes the laws. Is there a law he can
write to make everyone happy and pure? To ail his Queen's fragile heart?
To end the war that wages across the hearts of his people? What is it that
this kind King should do on behalf of the great falling kingdom of Freygard?

reserved by -farceur suffisant-

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x * pure heart of freygard
》⋮ IVAN 'PROSPER' REUEL ♔ } prince of poppycock

User Image
▪▫ enigmatic¦ ▪▫ idealistic¦ ▪▫ warm-hearted ▪▫ repressed

The Prince of Poppycock has a tragic tale. He can rule all of Freygard,
and all he has to do is marry the Princess. The King and Queen both adore
him and believe he is suited to the throne, the Cherished Princess fancies
him with her heart and soul, and all of Freygard knows who he is and
greatly respects him. There should be no problem, but alas, there is
because the Prince of Poppycock has no interest in marrying the
Cherished Princess. There are two distinct sides to the Prince; the one that
Freygard sees and the one that steals away to Dark Freygard in the dead
of night to openly express himself. Could it be true? The Prince of
Poppycock has the heart of a dreamer and would much prefer a Prince
over a bride?! Will he be able to keep this horrific secret hidden from the
Princess, Prince Charming, the King, the Queen and all of Freygard,
and more importantly, will his tender heart turn black in the process?

reserved by Kawaii Haya-nee

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x * pure heart of freygard
》⋮ Shayde Lillian Valentino ♔ } The Cherished Princess

User Image
▪▫ flirty¦ ▪▫ optimistic¦ ▪▫ jealous ▪▫ curious

On the surface the Cherished Princess seems to be what Freygard is
all about. She is kind-hearted, pure and has enough love in her heart to
share with all of Freygard... especially her future prince. The future of
Freygard depends on this one young lady and whomever she chooses
to marry. A Princess becomes a Queen and the Queen holds all of the
power. Trouble lies in the fact that the Prince she most desires refuses
to marry her. How could this be? Her heart is the most desirable in all of
Freygard! Perhaps he's hiding something, but what could Prince Poppycock
possibly hide in a kingdom of all love and no secrets? The Cherished
Princess's second option is Prince Charming... but it would appear that
the Damsel is already after his affections. What lengths will the Cherished
Princess go through to win the heart of a prince- any prince- and to be
loved and taken as a perfect bride? Will her passion lead to obsession?

reserved by iiM G0NNA S P L 0 D 3

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x * pure heart of freygard
》⋮ Aiolus L'avier Vaciel ♔ } prince charming

User Image
▪▫ theatrical¦ ▪▫ avaricious¦ ▪▫ cordial ▪▫ deceitful

Its all about the Prince of Poppycock. His face is plastered on every wall
and you can't turn a corner without hearing his name. Could it be that
Freygard has forgotten that it basks in the glow of not one, but two
capable princes? Yes, prince Charming is brave, he's gallant, he's smart,
he looks great in a gentle breeze! He adores the Cherished Princess!
He should be King... if it weren't for that Damsel in Distress. She's great
and all, but marrying her isn't going to do any good for Prince Charming.
If anything, her presence is making him less desirable to the Princess who
will earn him fame and fortune. That damn Prince of Poppycock has a
secret that needs to be exposed. If Charming can do that, the chips will
surely fall in his favor. A couple little white lies and underhanded tactics don't
mean anything. His heart is just as pure as anyone else's.

reserved by Pandemonium Panda

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x * pure heart of freygard
》⋮ Estelle Lynn Bovary ♔ } damsel in distress

User Image
▪▫ Adventurous¦ ▪▫ Outspoken¦ ▪▫ Lascivious ¦ ▪▫ Deceitful

The Damsel in Distress is just that. She's always in distress and her life
can be difficult at times, but atleast she has her dear friend the Cherished
Princess to guide her through it all. The Damsel is smitten with Prince
Charming... quite possibly, if only slightly, romantically involved. It's a little
irritating that he's obviously fond of the Cherished Princess. The Prince of
Poppycock is the one that's supposed to marry the Princess, so why is it
that Charming is even showing an interest? Maybe the Princess should just
back off. Why's it always about her? Damsel in Distress deserves attention
just as much, if not more! Maybe, just maybe, the Damsel will get
herself into so much trouble that a handsome gentleman will have no
choice but to rescue and love her. Perhaps those wicked hearts from Dark
Freygard can be of assistance... oh, what sort of danger shall damsel get into?

reserved by mature content warning

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x * pure heart of freygard
》⋮ Quincy Merle ♔ } Patient General

User Image
▪▫ soft-spoken¦ ▪▫ insatiable¦ ▪▫ cagey ▪▫ objective

The Patient General knows how to fight and knows when to strike. She's a
problem solver, a diplomat, and a good listener. Not only does she like to
solve problems, but she likes to get to the root of them. She's friendly with
the King and can tell that the Queen has something she's hiding. The
General is certain that there's something that the Queen and the Knight
are keeping from her and is sure that the citizens of Freygard hold the
missing pieces of the puzzle. The Patient General has privileges that
other citizens don't. She can enter and search a home without a warrant.
Not only does he have immunity, but she travels with armed men for safety.
An ambassador who can safely carry messages between the two kingdoms,
what can the Patient General do to get to the root of this war?

reserved by x_Fiicklefish

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x * pure heart of freygard
》⋮ Gunnar De'leup ♔ } VALIANT KNIGHT

User Image
▪▫ Nice¦ ▪▫ Charming¦ ▪▫ Heroic ▪▫ Obedient

The Valiant Knight's close relationship with the Queen of Pure Hearts is
bound to get him into a mess of trouble! Both the King and Patient General
are wary of him due to his closeness to the Queen which makes it
increasingly difficult for him to get away with pursuing a bond with the
Rejected Princess of the dreaded kingdom of Dark Freygard. The poor Knight
is in a predicament! He fears that somehow the Pure Hearts will battle and
win against Dark Freygard, causing unimaginable ruin, and possible
eradication of the darkened hearts. Though if Dark Freygard continues to
thrive surely the Queen of Dark Hearts will destroy his home and all the
people who are so important to him. Will he fight or flight? He is loyal to his
home and has a special fondness for Cherished Princess... fraternizing with
the enemy is not only treason, but it's putting her life in grave danger.

reserved by le iron chef

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x * pure heart of freygard
》⋮ arlotte white ♔ } dove of good fortune

User Image
▪▫ whimsical¦ ▪▫ gullible¦ ▪▫ benevolent ▪▫ selfless

The Dove of Good Fortune is the emblem of Freygard. Not only is its heart
white as snow, but it loves and spreads good cheer without discrimination.
The Dove tries their hardest to be a beacon of light for both Dark Freygard
and Freygard alike, often thinking with their heart over their head, and
because of this the Dove is an easy target. Everyone in Freygard loves the
Dove and, like an oracle, the Dove seems to know everything (including
those little secrets Freygard's trying to hide.) The end of the Dove is the
end of Freygard and to capture it would be the equivalent of grasping onto
all of Freygard's secrets, aspirations, weaknesses, desires and hopes for
the future. The Dove is the equivalent of a god and their presence warms
the coldest of hearts instantly, even if just for a moment of time. Not only
that, and this is a secret, but the dove can dispel some of the darkness in
one's heart when restoring their fallen life. Omnipresent and omniscient,
may Freygard protect the dove with the very deepest of their hearts and souls.

reserved by vicious animal

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████

x * pure heart of freygard
》⋮ grendel abramsson ♔ } the white jester

User Image
▪▫ hedonistic¦ ▪▫ manipulative¦ ▪▫ capricious ▪▫ intrusive

The White Jester has a very simple task to uphold, but even the simplest
of chores can be rather difficult in Freygard. He willingly does whatever
it is that the King or Queen tell him. His main duty is to spread cheer and
lively jest throughout Freygard, and even Dark Freygard if he's willing to
go the distance. The Jester is given license, meaning that for the purpose
of entertainment, he is allowed to do whatever it is that he wants. Because
of this, the White Jester has a second very important responsibility, as
decreed by Law. He is a loyal snitch. If anything or anyone seems
suspicious, he heads straight for the King or Queen. Its what he must do
in order to keep the home he loves safe from misery. As much as he
immensely adores the Prince of Poppycock, there's just something about
him that drives him to a point of obsession... Not to mention the Valiant
Knight and his place in this war. Are there boundaries when it comes to
snitching? For the good of Freygard's hearts, the Jester does what he feels
needs to be done... even if ethically it's the "wrong" thing to do.

reserved by Titty McNipples

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║
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x *「 ♚ dark heart of freygard
》⋮ Erika Marionette ♔ } The Queen of Dark Hearts

User Image
▪▫ Insidious¦ ▪▫ Esurient¦ ▪▫Tyrannical ▪▫ Scheming Mastermind

The Queen of Black Hearts has it made. Everyone in her kingdom willingly or
unwillingly obeys her, she's allowed to torment whomever she pleases and the
Jester who lovingly crafted her this way is now nothing more than a weak little
pet to control. Everyone in Dark Freygard fears and respects her, but that's
not enough for this Queen. She wants all of Freygard, and she wants it for
the rest of eternity. Due to the circumstances surrounding her creation, the
Queen has the ability to live forever under favorable conditions, but she refuses
to live if she's not in control. That nasty King, the wretched Princes and those
Pure Hearts are doing everything in their power to stop her reign of terror. How will
the most hated individual in all of Freygard stay in the throne?

reserved by Scriptwriter Mika

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x * dark heart of freygard

User Image
▪▫ malicious¦ ▪▫ selfish¦ ▪▫ destructive ▪▫ uncaring

Oh, King Calamity, although you may not be seated in the Queen's throne
the power and responsibilities you possess make "second chair" feel like
the "fun seat." You control the law. All of the law and according to your
law. The moment that the Princess of Dark Freygard takes a royal hand in
marriage, you're kicked out of the throne. Ah, but at least the Queen is
going down with you! Oh, and how the Queen's mind tends to wander when
you cozy up to the young royalty. Will you marry? Hah... Possibly not, but
let Miss Queen worry anyway! Until a wedding takes place, you'll torture,
maim, terrorize and instigate whomever it is that you please.

reserved by le iron chef

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x * dark heart of freyrgard
》⋮ Belarius Erion ♔ } Prince of Perish

User Image
▪▫ nefarious¦ ▪▫ rapacious¦ ▪▫ ferocious ▪▫ sadistic

The Prince of Perish is one of the darkest and most powerful hearts in all of
Dark Freygard. He's an icon and despite how much you loathe him and how
dastardly of a man he is, one can't help but to adore him. A slight step up from
the queen, with a heart that rivals hers, the Prince of Perish is the one who will
be taking that throne. Every day will both an orgy and a bloodbath once Perish
is in charge. Oh, but how shall he do it? By marrying that pure-heartening Princess,
seating her in the power-chair and letting her turn his home into sunshine or
worse? Until someone strikes him a deal that'll benefit only him, he's going
his own way. Not only is Perish wicked to his core, but he's also a mastermind
who knows how to get what he wants, when he wants it if he wants it bad enough.

reserved by 0_Kanna_Chan_0

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x * dark heart of freyrgard
》⋮ lucasta crios ♔ } Rejected Princess

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
▪▫ subservient¦ ▪▫ Pessimist¦ ▪▫ Honest ▪▫ Kind

The dark hearts say there wasn't enough substance left on the day of their
creation to make anything else of value. The Rejected Princess is surely
rejected indeed. Toyed with by the king, abused by the queen, scoffed at,
scorned and spat on by the crows. Even her loyal Knight and closest friend
in this has become more distant than usual. It's claimed that she has the
purest and decidedly most dangerous heart in all of Freygard. If the rumor
is true, and a pure heart sits upon the throne, then all of Dark Freygard will
fall back into nonexistence. In spite of the nature of her people and the efforts
to keep her heart, the princess is still drawn to Freygard and their valiant knight.
Is being cared for and respected for a short fleeting moment worth her home
and the lives of her people? Will the princess give herself to the darkness
and be forever rejected for the rest of her days? How will the potentially most
powerful heart in Freygard influence the fate of the two sister kingdoms?

reserved by Dee -- Lamour interdit

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x * dark heart of freygard
》⋮ Vittorio Xanto Draco ♔ } prince disenchanting

User Image
▪▫ passive¦ ▪▫ blunt¦ ▪▫ psychopathic¦ ▪▫ apathetic

They call him disenchanting for a reason. This prince is the surliest, rudest,
snarkiest, and most offensive man that Dark Freygard has the pleasure of
calling "prince." If not for him, the dark hearts would surely be in danger of
falling into the light. He has no friends or lovers, everyone is merely "tolerated."
Even the queen herself, though she has more often than not thrown herself
at him, is tolerated. Unfortunately, it's nearing time that someone in this
pisshole of a place needs to be more than just tolerated because being tyrant
is something even Prince Disenchanting wouldn't entirely mind. He needs to
marry someone important. Isn't that just a kick in the tits? As long as Perish
stubbornly refuses to share the throne, taking it from right under his nose
should be a simple enough task.

reserved by D Zonatai

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x * dark heart of freyrgard
》⋮ Olivia White ♔ } Damsel of Discord

User Image
▪▫ haunting¦ ▪▫ shallow¦ ▪▫ manipulative ▪▫ mysterious

They say something went terribly right when the Damsel of Discord was
spawned from the darkest and sharpest shards of that heart. They don't call
her discord for nothing! Everything she touches falls into misery, illness, ruin
or famine. Because of this, this Damsel usually gets what she wants, when she
wants it from most people who value their treasure and selves. This damsel
could care less about the Princess. Even the princes don't entirely impress, for
as charming and ruthless as they may be, they're knock-offs. At the core of it,
all of Dark Freyrgard are puppets, parodies, phonies- oh, but not Discord, she's
better than that. She has a plan of her own, and that plan is to make one of the
real princes her husband, slave, pet... whatever it is you'd like to call it, however
she can. Soon the Damsel will rule all of Freyrgard as a Queen and all that dare
to defy her will crumble. Gloat as she may, can anything honestly work out for
the Damsel whose fate is discord and ruin?

reserved by Princess Kitaaa

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x * dark heart of freygard
》⋮ eronel nyx ♔ } thoughtless general

User Image
▪▫ irrational¦ ▪▫ brazen¦ ▪▫ imperious ▪▫ boisterous

The Thoughtless General is a brutal force to be reckoned with. His set idea for
solving problems is to kill them. He has a hard time listening to what the
strategists suggest and will often times go rogue. The Thoughtless General will
always take credit for every victory even if he had nothing to do with it. The
alternative being that nothing was his fault if something goes wrong. He is
known for putting a band aid over an issue that most likely warrants great care.
A loner by nature, he's highly despised by everyone he encounters and the
only love he allows is unwanted and forced. As his name suggests, he lacks a
single thoughtful bone in his body. He'll rape, torture, pillage, and even attempt
genocide in order to get his way and win. The law means very little to him, and
why should it when he's head of the armed forces? His word is never questioned
by those beneath him and he is favored by the king, giving him nearly limitless
control over lesser citizens, and even less daring higher-ups. The Thoughtless
General's only lust is for power and control and nothing quenches his thirst more
than watching someone die at his feet. Be cautious: the wrong word, the wrong
move, even the wrong look can and will set off his desire to see you laying in a
casket. He is known to be somewhat unintelligent in real world, everyday
interactions, but is actually a rather intelligent, and entirely ruthless conqueror.

reserved by vicious animal

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x * dark heart of freygard
》⋮ Tobias Sealander ♔ } Futile Knight

User Image
▪▫ pessimistic¦ ▪▫ distant¦ ▪▫ self-kept ▪▫ haunted

A man of few words, far an in between, the Futile Knight was once one of the most
easily trusted in Dark Freygard and knows what some may consider to be "too
much". Bred on pessimism and unfulfilled aspirations, the Knight's purpose was to
follow Queen's orders and protect the princess and her heart by any means. His
loyalty lied with the princess more so than anyone and he's even been severely
punished for showing taboo kindness. The scars on his body from the crow and a
fear of feathered beasts had all gone in vain the day the war was sparked. The
Rejected Princess had fallen in danger and the Futile Knight, as his name suggests,
was unable to rescue her in time. In his stead, the Valiant Knight swept her off her
feet and persists to paint her black heart white. Despite being the root to this war,
the Princess still pursues his counter Knight even knowing the torment he must face
for allowing such a thing to happen and the scorn and ridicule he suffered to warrant
her a small amount of freedom. Since then, the Futile Knight's heart has severely
blackened and his loyalties are conflicted. Is it time for the Futile Knight to defy his
role and cage the Princess as he should've done many years ago? Perhaps the
treason would come to an end if the Valiant Knight were never seen, nor heard from again.

reserved by porcupine sac

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x *「 ♚ dark heart of freyrgard
》⋮ Morrigan Black ♔ } The Crow of Bad Omen

User Image
▪▫ disturbed¦ ▪▫ eccentric¦ ▪▫ manipulative ▪▫ sadistic

The Crow of Bad Omen is the emblem of Dark Freygard. Not only is its heart
as black as coal, but it spreads torment and anguish everywhere it goes. The
crow is an excellent source to go to when it comes to revenge and getting blackmail,
but an exchange is always required (unless, of course, you're the Queen.) The
crow spreads darkness across Dark Freygard and Freygard both, but can easily
be countered by the light of a pure heart. Everyone is an easy target for the crow
because they are selectively all-hearing, all-seeing and therefore, all knowing.
Treason of any sort warrants punishment by the Queen when the crow has their
eyes and ears set on you. When the crow enters an area, they darken even the
purest of hearts, even for just a fleeting moment. Be wary, for the crow can taken
on any shape and any form and use it to their heinous advantage. If any heart were
to stop beating, take that body and shelter it as best you can, for the Crow of Bad
Omen can revive any soul darker than it's ever been before.

reserved by trollstache france

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║

x * dark heart of freyrgard
》⋮ nemo ;♔ } the black jester

User Image
▪▫ subservient¦ ▪▫ amorous¦ ▪▫ whimsical ▪▫ infantile

Kingdoms near and far have heard the tale of the traveling jester who lost his
puppets to evil, and in turn, became a puppet himself. In Dark Freygard lies
the origin of this bedtime story. The Black Jester earnestly believes it was solely
himself, with the help of something horrible, that brought the kingdom of Dark
Freygard into existence and for that reason, he feels a sense of great guilt.
The Black Jester disillusioned by love and awe of his creations obeyed and
played along, subservient to his precious queen and anyone who commanded
him. Years passed and "playing along" became something more. Much as his
puppets once were, he dangles helplessly by strings. The most scorned and
ridiculed soul in Dark Freygard, the Black Jester's heart is no longer his own.
He obeys every word, and follows every command. He accepts all ridicule,
taunts and torture. The opposite of a traditional jester, the Black Jester is a
well of misery and anguish who lives and bleeds only for his kingdom.
Occasionally he reflects on his goal of meeting the Queen of Pure Hearts. He
wonders how the Queen would feel towards the traveler who has put Freygard
in such great peril. He bleakly wonders if he could ever instate "God giveth
and he taketh away" when it comes to his puppets, his dearest Queen and the
only place he could ever call "home."

taken by Titty McNipples

║ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ║
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guess that's it, gonna add stuff and code the rest but people who know this thing can chat freely.
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*does a little jig*
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Kanna, now I can publicly love you~

A lot of the dark hearts have been taken. Nobody wants to be a pure heart! C'mon, they got issues too! scream
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asdfghjkl; I'm gonna finish this little nonthread thing tomorrow mornin', I needs sleep.

I graduated today, man.

I'm back.

FOREVER. emotion_donotwant
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sooo, I'm back.
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that's about all the coding I can smack on there.
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look at them gorgeous dark hearted sluts.
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I don't think we will get much attention at this stage, but we cold use some pure hearts.

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