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HEAVEN OR HELL 2012 REGISTRATION IS CURRENTLY CLOSED. Start date is set at Saturday, September 22nd, 2012
There may still be a few revisions or additions made to the Codex before the event begins in full but these changes should not significantly impact profile submission.


The Heaven or Hell 2012 Start Date has been extended one week to September 22nd to finalize grading.

On September 15th, 2012, all Free Agents shall be dropped and the currently listed teams locked into place. No further replacements/switch-outs will be allowed past this date. All grading and revision efforts will be focused entirely on the remaining unregistered participants on each team. If you are a team leader with a team member who has yet to be accepted, please contact them and urge them to contact the judges for a live review. If we can get everything finalized sooner than later, we can begin the Preliminary Round of the tournament before September 22nd if everything is in place.

That is all.


Registration for Heaven or Hell 2012 will end on Monday, August 13th, 2012. You all have one week to send in your profile submissions. This also goes for already established teams with members who have yet to submit a profile. Please be sure that all members of your team have submitted their profiles. Once we hit the cut-off date, NO NEW PROFILES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Not one.

Furthermore, the official start date for Heaven or Hell 2012 will be Saturday, September 15th, 2012. This is approximately one month from the cut off date. During this time, all profiles will be finalized and accepted, so it's not too late to resubmit if your profiles have not yet been accepted (as long as you're on the participants list before the cut off date). Any teams with empty slots are expected to fill said slots with participants from the Free Agent list. Aside from that, ALL OTHER FREE AGENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GROUPING TOGETHER INTO TEAMS. All team compositions that have not been listed thus far MUST be sent to -HoH- Judge. Any Free Agents that have not been grouped into teams by the time we hit the start date WILL BE DROPPED.

I cannot stress enough the importance of communication between participants with regards to forming teams. Talk with your fellow Free Agents or Team Leaders to see what slots you can fill. If you have friends who would like to join you to make your own team, they have one week to do so.

That is all.

Heaven or Hell is currently looking for part-time volunteers. If you are not planning on registering for the tournament but still want to know how you can help out with as little as one night a week, please read the following.
We are full on judge and administration staff. However, if you wish to do plot, provide art/music/etc, or other services, feel free to apply for those.

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The time has come again...

...an HoH planning and discussion thread.




Welcome once again, heroes, to the HoH's Special Q&A area.

This thread will serve as a place for both newcomers and returning players to get caught up on everything that encompasses Heaven or Hell. We will also be taking suggestions and concerns regarding the tournament proper in order to better provide both the participants and our beloved spectators with a more enjoyable experience.

Table of Contents

What is Heaven or Hell?

The Heaven or Hell Tournament is a team based tournament role-play created by the members and crew of the Leviathan Stadium role-play guild. Since its creation Heaven or Hell has evolved into an entity of its own and has grown to become a central facet of the Gaian role-playing community with each recurring season.

    The distinction between a role-play tournament and a tournament role-play is a key note that we wish for every one of our participants to keep in mind. While there is the competitive atmosphere to take in, the thrill of winning to usher in enthusiasm, and the prize waiting at the end of it all, the Heaven or Hell staff reminds our participants to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a tournament of kings. Heaven or Hell has the function of a tournament but we encourage all of the guild (both participants and spectators alike) to remember that this is a tournament-themed role-play event. A competitive spirit is welcome, but we encourage the players and spectators alike to not let the desire to be crowned champion become something that gets in the way of a good, clean roleplay.

Originally based off the King of Fighters video game series, HoH is a showcase of talent from all across Gaia and other sites as well, with the fighting held at an equal number of diverse venues in many well-known and unorthodox locations. Past match locations have ranged from popular landmarks like the Barton Fountain and the Durem Clocktower to lesser known but equally bizarre settings such as different rooms of Joseph Brown's estate or the rooftops of the desert city of Strata. The Firebrand Bar and Grill has also made an appearance (and burned to the ground) as a normal or hidden stage in every edition to date.

Heaven or Hell can make the claim to being the original, as well as one of the best. The success of HoH encouraged many others to host their own tournaments that were inspired by, or based on this event. While we at Heaven or Hell are flattered by imitation, there is no substitute for the genuine article. A large number of role-players have even set "HoH acceptable" as the bar for balancing their character sheets. Many have tried to emulate it but none can ever replace it.

The premiere free-form team-based tournament role-play on the internet.
The tournament for the people, by the people, at the people.
The reason for the season, back in its 7th year:

Heaven or Hell 2012.

What's new in Heaven or Hell 2012?

We have made many significant changes to the Codex in preparation for HoH 2012, and have enjoyed the largest number of staff members to date brainstorming ways to improve the tournament in preparation for the coming season. In addition to the 2012 storyline there have been clarifications made to many existing rules and a few alterations made. Read the HoH 2012 Codex for full information. Key points include:

+ New registration format
+ Sportsmanship points
+ Removal of the ban on poisons and toxins
+ Loosened restrictions on allowed equipment
+ Revised penalties
+ Altered rules regarding death and massive damage
+ More prominently featuring our policy on recovery between rounds
+ Additional guidelines to help streamline the profile grading process

A lot of discussion went into revising the tournament policies in the attempt to give every player the most personal freedom we could allow without compromising our best efforts at enforcing a fair game. Every rule that is listed in the Codex has a purpose, and that purpose is ensuring that Heaven or Hell is an event where every player has an equal opportunity to enjoy themselves.
What are the rules?

Rules of the Heaven or Hell OOC Thread:

  • 1. Do not upload, post, discuss, or link to, anything that violates the Gaia ToS. This will be severely punished and strictly enforced.

  • 2. Do not post the following: trolls, flames, uncalled for catchphrases, rants, indecipherable text, and rampant asshattery. This may be an OOC thread but it is not about how your pokemanz bring the nerds to the yard, nor is it a place to shout back and forth at someone you have a personal dislike of.

  • 3. Remember: Being here is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to delete content and remove users for any reason at any time.

  • 4. Posts should be as "quality" as possible. Interpret this as you will.

  • 5. Feel free to chat freely in this thread, but take care not to drown out or ignore legitimate questions about Heaven or Hell or post content that is offensive to other users. If a staff member says to change the topic then the topic had better change.

  • 6. The posting of personal information is discouraged. In addition, blatant advertisement that is not related to HoH is not welcome. Our lawyers are standing by.

  • 7. Discussions should not devolve into a flamewar. Constructive criticisms are both allowed and welcomed. Inciting or encouraging such disruptive activity will not be tolerated.

  • 9. Quote trains will not tolerated. After a warning, train conductors can expect to be removed. As a rule of thumb, posts should not have more than two or three quotes, depending on the size and relevancy. Also, try to restrict quoting long passages of text.

  • 10. Absolutely no lolcats. GOD HELP YOU if you post lolcats. This rule now includes musclebirds, derpdogs, ponies, bronies, and coneys.

  • 11. Before you ask any questions: Read the first page of this thread in its entirety and read the Codex. If you still have a question, go right ahead and ask.

Heaven or Hell 2012 Tournament Rules:

The rules have been revised. Read the new Codex in its entirety as you will be held responsible for the contents.

The rules may change or be altered to clarify depending upon questions that are raised by you, the players, or in response to possible exploits we see submitted in profiles during the registration period. See the Patch Notes for further details regarding updates to the Codex.
Current Codex version: 1.03.2012
How do I join? & Member List

Registration for HoH 2012 begins in the month of December and will run until the participation limit is reached, the format has also been changed from previous years. Read up on the HoH Codex Registration entry for all of the rules and a look at the 2012 registration form.

Heaven or Hell teams consist of 4 members but this year we are allowing participants to register solo with the hope that structuring the registration in this way will allow individual turnaround times to be faster, particularly in regards to resubmits. Multiple characters are not allowed for one user, and one user attempting to register multiple accounts will result in that user on any account being banned from the tournament. Therefore, a team must consist of four different eligible combatants.

Once a submitted character has been approved they will be placed on the Registered Participants list and are eligible to form a team with other registered players. Either let a staff member know of your team composition in this thread or PM -HoH- Judge with your team format (including team name, captain, and vice-captain).

Someone who is definitely not a panda stuffed into a suit of Judge armor

Due to some recent changes, registration structure has been slightly altered. Instead of waiting to fill up the Free Agent list in order to assemble teams, we are now seeking to assemble teams immediately for the sake of finally getting this show on the road expedience.

Whether your profile has already been approved or if you're currently going through the motions of getting your profile approved, we ask that you PM the -HoH- Judge account with the subject [Team Roster], providing us with the name of your team and its roster. A quick example.

Subject: [Team Roster]


Team Leader: Norio Wakamoto
- Ken-Oh, King of Fists
- Rowboat Girlyman
Designated Striker/Altenate: Tits McGee

This is, of course, an example.

From now on, people are encouraged to sign up as a team before putting in their registration. Anyone participants who have already banded together as a team and sent in their registrations individually should PM us as stated above. It is suggested that everyone currently on the Free Agent list that doesn't have a team should talk with other free agents/interested friends into forming a team with them. Anyone who wishes to remain a free agent will be used to help fill up teams that are looking for members.

That is all.

It should also be noted that there is no entry fee required for joining the tournament.

Also, because he's on our payroll such a cool dude and all I'm going to leave another one of Mr. Kazamaru's propaganda helpful videos here to illustrate some of these concepts for those of you who ignorant commoners lazy people who won't read the Codex no matter how many times we tell you to.

For up to date information, subscribe to this thread and check in regularly. Feel free to chat with other participants or ask questions pertaining to the tournament. We are also affiliated with many roleplaying communities.

There is a Ventrilo server available for those who wish for a more personal session with Heaven or Hell members and HoH veterans. It's basically Skype without the call juggling and like MSN live conversations but with no nudity on web cams!

Server is: vent13.light-speed.com
Port is: 8254

The server is generously provided by Kraun and any asshattery or foul users can and will be banned from the server. This is paid by us, for YOU, so remember-- you have been warned.

Registered Participants

____ Character Name :: [ User Name ]

  1. Clash [ Caesar III ]
  2. Darren Blackthorne [ Unspeakable Tragedy ]
  3. Sokoya Ramak [ The Female of the Species ]
  4. Thorven Battlefate [ Rounin Kuro ]
  5. C. Fox [ C. Fox ]
  6. Ferris [ Zerogamer ]
  7. Fasumbra Langardo [Destructive Forces]
  8. Tzakery Elijah Bishop [ImNoHero]
  9. Terrance Vanguard [Trexasle]
  10. Aoi Kushinada [Iyuesturu]
  11. Athan Cole [Designated Hero]
  12. "Blacksmith" [Master Nemesis]
  13. Edward Queensborough [Just Naota]
  14. William Hayes - [William Hayes]
  15. Tresondros Ecstuffuan - [Tresondros Ecstuffuan]
  16. Reicher Wallach [5567_No_Okami]
  17. D' "Twitch" Aire [Unchecked Twitch]
  18. Dithakar Yodsuwan a.k.a. Zhu Lóng [Slash Zinrai]
  19. Henry Dacote - [The Young Rapid]
  20. Joseph Walsh [Deathgra]
  21. Shigekuni Genryusai [shigekuni genryusai]
  22. Ammiel "Silver" Moonblade [Ammiel Moonblade]
  23. Ryugi Kazamaru [Ryugi Kazamaru]
  24. Naota Shosuro - [Naota Takun]
  25. Jay S. Borne - [Darkest Silver]
  26. Oriel Abbey - [Avatar of Virtue]
  27. Zandra Ryke - [Sins of an Angel]
  28. Mana - [Mana the Hack Cat]
  29. Ebris Dhifi - [[Cognitive Genome]]
  30. Dzan Streea - [Ebag the II]
  31. Malenexum [The Duke of Id]
  32. Wigi Ouija [Zeo Hiroboshi]
  33. Paylor Sakaki [Sanctified by Dreams]
  34. ???????? - [????????]
  35. Mifune Yojimbo [MifuneKinshin]
  36. Gammu [Nihilistic_Impact]
  37. Damion Hedley [Eternal Dirge]
  38. Benjamin Nicolai [ LuvMonke ]
  39. Frank Martel [Krausse Kreugar]
  40. Elliot Pope - [We Came To Fight]
  41. Serren Glacial [Glacialic Acid]
  42. Tenrai Tsuchi [BJW81_RawR]
  43. Arthas David Spell-Hand [Project DT88]
  44. Stephen McCabe Lasanti - [Sutiiven]

Registered Teams

____ Team Name :: Captain | ViceCaptain | Member | Member

  1. Team Success - Fasumbra Langardo | Throven Battlefate | Sokoya Ramak | Clash
  2. Team [Name Pending] - Terrance Vanguard | Joseph Walsh | Ferris | Damion Hedley
  3. Team Bloody Pandas - Ebris Dhifi | Dzan Streea | Athan Cole | Zandra Ryke
  4. Team ODESSA - Oriel Abbey | Tresondros Ecstuffuan | Henry Dacote | Malenexum
  5. Team Fighting Spirit - Shigekuni Genryusai | Dithakar Yodsuwan | Mifune Yojimbo | Mana the Hack Cat
  6. Team Mata Leon - ??????? | Naota Shosuro | C. Fox | Gammu
  7. Team DARE - Edward Queensborough | Frank Martel | Wigi Ouija | Darren Blackthorne
  8. Team Gaians With Attitude - Tzakery Elijah Bishop | Elliot Pope | Jay S. Borne | William Hayes
  9. Team Rising Star - "Blacksmith" | D' "Twitch" Aire | Benjamin Nicolai | Serren Glacial
  10. Team Strangers with Rock Candy - Reicher Wallach | Paylor Sakaki | Tenrai Tsuchi | Arthas David Spell-Hand
  11. Team Ryugin, The Silver Draygans - Ammiel Moonblade | Ryugi Kazamaru | Stephen McCabe Lasanti | Aoi Kushinada

NOTE: If we reach an excess of 8 teams, there will be a preliminary round.
2012 Tournament Staff

  • Head Judge: Tenkai Matsumoto.
  • Judges: Antique Queen, Lord Haelstrom, Paidi tou Selini, Nighthunter.

  • Graphics: Uberwulf X.

  • Story Team: themightyjello, Damnatus

[:Current Staff Profiles:]

  • Lord Haelstrom: Judge of Justice, JoJ, tasked with balancing characters and carefully eyeing fights. Got tired of getting perfect scores in previous years by hitting buttons, throwing fire snakes, beating Irish men into computer screens, and watching opponents nearly die from having rocks put in them. Is a super cool programmer who needs cut off from YouTube. Can potentially be bribed with Dr. Pepper, or if you're a fetching young lady IS UNBIASED AND CANNOT BE TEMPTED, HAS UNBREAKABLE RESOLVE.

  • themightyjello : Story Team. Known to spend hours of the day sitting at his desk sipping apple juice from a mug that says "World's Greatest Boss" and not doing any actual work. Collects TPS reports from the staff every Friday at 3:00 PM and is responsible for organizing office birthday parties. Responsible for writing the codex, and therefore the rules.

  • Uberwulf X : Lead Graphics Designer for HoH, and stand-in for nearly every other position. Gets paid the most, has at least 7 houses (up from last year), 1 hummer (down from last year), a 90-ft yacht (up from last year) and likes to growl at people (consistent with last year). King of PSP, XPJS master, and a sage guru who follows the teachings of LADDER. He oils the HypeMachine with cheetah blood and bacon grease to make it go faster and run more deliciously. This year, he is participating as a fighter instead of doing staff work, but he still provides us with his awesum grafx.

  • Tenkai Matsumoto : He's a panda. :3 He's also apparently this year's Head Judge, to which he puts on his Adam Jensen sunglasses and says "I didn't ask for this". His duties include managing bamboo stock portfolios and sleeping in his enclosure. Requires poking with a pointed stick to make "da tuff decishums". Known for being fuzzy and lovable, but IS STILL A BEAR. STILL A GODDAMN BEAR. Secretly moonlights as Pan-Oh, King of Fists.

  • Antique Queen: A devout Lovecraftian Cultist with a love for the macabre. She is the staff's catgirl and long time competitor who enjoys long walks on the beach, and tentacles. With a flair for flamboyance and a keen eye for detail, she is also horribly allergic to asshattery and stupid.
    Along with her beloved hamsters, Veigar and Teemo, she will conquer all souls, judge like a boss, and still manage her job of feeding the masses.

  • Nighthunter: Getting kirred. But not by Hael.

  • Paidi tou Selini: LUST SUBWAY.

[Past Staff Profiles:]

  • Damnatus : As both a participant and a staff member, this man has made a name for himself within the Heaven or Hell community and we have all come to fear his photobucket account. Venture no further intrepid adventurers, here be the stuff of nightmares. While possessing an impressive vocabulary of spacer slurs and an encyclopedic knowledge of ********, Damnatus was the story lead for HoH 2011.

  • The Darth Vizzle : The savage savage, Struck By Mustang. This man has been a mover and a shaker in the staff forum, both pitching and fleshing out new ideas in order to make the tournament better than it ever has been before. Having judged in the past, expect to see him dolling out numbers again - and make sure to check out his work at Gaia Mainstream.

  • Dashboard: I don't know who left the door unlocked but we can't get this guy off our couch.

  • Deegrading : First time staff member, long time participant. Has more bee suits than taste buds and covers both in a thick layer of honey for reasons unknown. Her long-time rivalry with Fengrading has yet to be explained by modern science, likely because Fen sold all of our science to the Chinese.

  • Designated Hero: Past judge and HEUG GAI. Bears a strong resemblance to Guts. Will savagely murder anyone who suggests that he bears a strong resemblance to Guts. Known for such original characters as Athan and Ethan.

  • Fengrading : Past judge and staff for several years running. All of the tournament funds mysteriously still wind up going through him first, and as such, significant portions tend to go missing shortly after being routed through his seventeen offshore holding accounts. He is responsible for scamming, rigging, scrigging, and has yet to give any of us a raise. Contrary to his name, Fen will not be grading.

  • Joseph Brown : A man after my own heart, not afraid to embrace his vices. Heavily responsible for influencing some of the new ideas we bring to the game every year and a top notch performer in both judging ability and tournament management. He drinks Jack Daniels and pisses pure gold, bringing a divine halo of awesome with him wherever he goes.

  • Kraun : Overlord of the populace and general organizer for a majority of HoH related stuff. Generously provides us with the Heaven or Hell ventrillo server (be grateful). Very well known for his joy in eliminating people (or quite possibly just rending people limb from limb) both during tournament run time and outside of it. Hence why he is the Chief Eliminator for HoH. He keeps both tournament goers and participants in line as well. Stay off your high horses or you just might find your steed on the receiving end of a horse uppercut.

  • Maximos : Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The shadow knows. He also tends to never show his face in the OOC thread but you will often find him lurking in the IC threads late at night. Having not a single shred of human emotion, he handles behind-the-scenes work and general ambiance as well as looking quite spiffy in a suit of Judge armor.

  • Mr. Crawley : A big mouth, big love for women and a grasp of fighting that only few can match, Reiko took up the mantle of Eliminator once, and quite thoroughly enjoyed the position. Unfortunately, his entire fight had to be censored...

  • Nihilistic_Impact : If one didn't know better, it could be said that Impact and Fenix were both brothers. In the greatest of respects, they can often times compliment each other--- while providing disastrous results for everyone else when they bring the Gams out. Impact possesses the clarity of judgment and objectiveness that every Judge should strive to embody. He also doesn't care about you or your little dog.

  • ragingtofu : Bollywood celebrity and star of the upcoming hit film Rage V 2: Return of Rage V (produced by Noah Pictures Ltd.), rage is a man indescribable by words, so I won't bother trying. Constantly at the center of a media frenzy and throwing art at people faster than Ace Attorney throws accusing fingers, expect him to be an often talked about and generally overlooked addition to the staff.

  • Ryugi Kazamaru : Lead Story Designer for HoH 2010, the man responsible for bringing you Atma and Lumina. He was a newbie to staff, but a recurring competitor for every year before since the tournament's conception. Heaven or Hell's resident anime hero and draconic paladin, his legendary fire-proof pants have surely reached artifact status by now. He has been making Heaven or Hell promotional videos for years now.

  • Shouyin : With a baby-face and the mouth of a rapper, Shouyin made a name for himself when he started out in Leviathan as a novice--- and quickly climbed up the ranks in skill and wordplay through the help of those around him. Armed with a sharp tounge and a good knowledge of hand to hand combat, there isn't much that can prove to be too much for the 'Stoan King'.

  • Skysong Moonsword : Past Judge. Responsible for upholding all rules and rulings during tournament run time, as well as keeping the rest of the Judges in line.

  • Striker Nightmare : With Ryugi Kazamaru back off of the staff and in with the participants we seem to have been running below quota on our dragons. Not anymore though. Half the paladin means room for twice the dragon... or something like that. Fen sold our math to the Russians during the off-season so this was the best we could do with an abacus and some glue. Has a tendency to begin foaming at the mouth during rage-induced seizures.

  • Sunstrike : Being a member of the most teams that have seen the winner's circle in HoH, Sunstrike is clearly your lucky charm if you want to hold the gold. Sunstrike is an artist extraordinaire who is responsible for a large number of our art posters and NPC portraits.

  • themightyjello : Project head. Known to spend hours of the day sitting at his desk sipping apple juice from a mug that says "World's Greatest Boss" and not doing any actual work. Collects TPS reports from the staff every Friday at 3:00 PM and is responsible for organizing office birthday parties. Responsible for writing the codex, and therefore the rules.

  • Uberwulf X : Lead Graphics Designer for HoH, and stand-in for nearly every other position. Gets paid the most, has at least 7 houses (up from last year), 1 hummer (down from last year), a 90-ft yacht (up from last year) and likes to growl at people (consistent with last year). King of PSP, XPJS master, and a sage guru who follows the teachings of LADDER. He oils the HypeMachine with cheetah blood and bacon grease to make it go faster and run more deliciously.

  • Vahn Fah : Co-Creator of HoH, and all around consultant for a variety of things pertaining to the tournament. Known for participating as well, although his staff duties end well before the tournament actually begins. Is known to rage at the drop of a hat. Has a beautiful wife and a beautiful son, and has largely retired from roleplaying.
The Story so Far

Heaven or Hell
Chapter 7: Avalon

Who are the past winners?

User Image

  • 2006:
      [1]Team Glacier: Silver Alexander|Sunstrike|Shouyin Velvel|Vahn Fah
      [2] Team Ryugin - Silver Dragons: Silver Moonblade|Ryugi Kazamaru|Cristopher Reinhart|Meryl Tomorrow
      [3] BLarGh: Sieg Estufeccan|Peppa|Kichiro|Lenne

  • 2007:
      [1]Team Glacier: Silver Alexander|Sunstrike|Shouyin Velvel|Vahn Fah
      [2]Team Lu Bu: Sieg Estufeccan|Peppa|Kichiro|Nano
      [3]Team a** Tear: Joshua|Maximos|Tzenidaar|Stryphe|

  • 2008:
      [1]Team Bloody Pandas: Ebris|Gamma|Dzan|63
      [2]Team Fracture: Vahn Fah|Rage|Kael|Athan
      [3]Team Frozen Flame: Teira|Lazenca|Sunstrike|Silver Alexander

  • 2009:
      [1]Team Honestly Nice Guys: James Black|Ebris Dhifi|Katie Gostik|Colin
      [2]Team Redemption: Duc|Deitric|Ray|Crawley
      [3]Team Mythos: Athan|Lucind|Kael|Brendyn

  • 2010:
      [1]Team Never Knows Best: Jospeh Brown|Solomon Blackwell|Michael Alex White|Allison Harmony
      [2]Team Shattered Steel: Canaan Noble|Dragosani Kain|Yasuo Katsuhiro|Rosa Vernal
      [3]Team Glacier: Silver Alexander|Shouyin Velvel|Vahn Fah|Lazenca Miranda

  • 2011:

For Heaven or Hell 2012

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Heaven or Hell cannot run without staff, and there can never be enough staff.

Consider the following: The maximum run-time for a round of Heaven or Hell is 17 posts per participant plus 3 strikers, in 3 bouts, across 8 matches. That means that in Round 1 there can be up to 24 bouts of 34+1 posts, or 840 posts. The minimum requirement for gradable fights is 5 posts per participant, which means that in the same round there will be at least 24 bouts of 10 posts, or 240 posts (assuming everyone attends). The average post length for a role-player these days can vary from a few paragraphs to well over a page, and absolutely all of this material must be covered by 3 separate graders before we can present the participants with their scores.

That is why it's important that we have the staff necessary to perform this task in a timely manner. At the minimum of 3 graders each person will be required to read 240-840 RP posts, grade them, and respond. With 6 graders this becomes 120-420 posts. With 9 graders this becomes 80-280 posts.

In 2011 our grading staff ran into serious problems when half of our initial staff either became unavailable or resigned, and for the majority of the tournament run we had to rely on stand-in staff to perform the essential duties. This caused countless delays and complications, and eventually resulted in the event grinding to a halt because the grading was not being done in a timely fashion which grated on the patience of both the players and the staff.

That is why it is important that we have a sufficient number of back-up graders and part-time staff to prevent the event from coming to a stop again because one or two people become too busy to continue for a few weeks.

In addition to grading there is also Q&A, judge call discussions, moderating the OOC thread, and GMing activities for the guild members to be done. Being a staff member for Heaven or Hell is not purely paperwork, but when there is not enough staff to find time for anything but paperwork the entire event atmosphere suffers.

We are currently seeking volunteers for staff. If you are not planning on registering for the tournament please consider registering for staff.

- Previous HoH experience.
- A professional attitude.
- Not a troll.

- Moderating the OOC.
- Responding to questions and concerns.
- GMing in guild threads.
- Fill-in grading.

For more information contact: -HoH- Judge, or The Darth Vizzle.

With no entry fee, the tournament is completely run on donations and art auctions-- the size of the pot determines the cut of the winners. The Heaven or Hell staff are unpaid volunteers and do not touch the money except for official tournament business.

Any money given towards Heaven or Hell will be considered a donation to the event. While it will be appreciated, a donation will not gain you any leverage in the tournament and the money will be used to fund such things as: the prize pot, artwork prizes, tournament artwork, guild costs (such as subforums), and other prizes that may be awarded.

Heaven or Hell 2012 :: Current Funds

5 500 000 Gold

Donations may be sent to -HoH- Elia Noah.

Paid-Outs for 2012:
Uberwulf X - 100k for our banners.
Is it really rigged?

User Image
There was indeed some controversy about the rules during HoH 2008. It was a matter of miscommunication between tournament staff and the Gaian mods, dealing with three members of our staff fighting in the tournament as regular participants. It should be known that both sides have settled their problems with the other, and mods are invited to spectate and even join. Though the matter is settled, the following will serve as a short history lesson.

Vahn, Chaplin Fenix, and X were/are part of the staff, doing things from arrangement to stage selection and art. To do this, they had modship within the HoH guild. When the three quietly stepped down from tournament heading responsibilities, they retained their modship so they could assist in the policing of the unruly.

Gaian mods were told by third parties that the tournament was fixed since Leviathanites were the organizers and traditionally the judges and top winners. Fueled by the inside joke that HoH was rigged-- something that had been a joke since the first tournament, players were all warned that any instance of scamming was going to be taken seriously. Time passed from the warning to the tournament's opening, and since none of us were aware of any apparent wrongdoing, the show went on.

The mods revisited and saw that the players kept modship, despite stating clearly that they were not judges, and instantly closed the guild. The outcry from the participants and spectators was loud, and polling showed that the three players at heart of the controversy had a 30-1 vote in their favor*. Despite the instant demodding of the three players, the Gaian mods stated that since money was at stake, more discussion would be needed to accept the validity of the tournament. Solutions were suggested by all and the accepted one was that the three players, if their team won, would have no cash payout. As a further show of support, the year's entry fee was refunded to every player, only to largely be re-sent as donations towards the pot.

Let it be clearly stated that our Judges are selected for their ability to be impartial (and sometimes rather mean) in their rulings. No person involved with the tournament, in any way, shape, or form, will condone cheating as it challenges the integrity of the foundation upon which the Leviathan Stadium itself was built upon. All instances and reports of cheating the system in any form will be taken seriously, and is likely to result in a banning from anything affiliated with the Leviathan Family.

That's what we tell the media, anyway. None of the above changes the fact that HoH is rigged.

*The voting showed 30-3, but of those other two "nays," one was a purposeful joke and the other was the result of a mistake of the mouse.

Special Thanks from the staff!

Ryugi Kazamaru
Well, here we are, another year of Heaven or Hell. I’ll be honest. Over the years, I’ve grown a little indifferent to the whole fighting and RPing scene, and I’m not the only one. Things just aren’t the same as they used to be. Old friends have moved on in life, started families, gotten married, moved on to greener pastures, or hell, just disappeared without a trace. Seven years ago I was seventeen years old, still in High School, and was a terrible noob. Some might say I still am, that I never grew up in the slightest, but that isn’t the point of all this. I co-formed Team Ryugin with my closest Gaian friends, and all of us dove into the fray. We took second place in the first Heaven or Hell Tournament, fighting Glacier in the finals in some of Heaven or Hell’s most memorable moments.

I look back on those days and I feel a small sense of loss. What happened to all my friends, their characters, and all those good times we shared? We lost more than that with the slow death of what Leviathan and organized roleplaying was. We lost a community. Over time, I even became a little bitter towards Heaven or Hell, and how the thing I’d once loved seemed to have changed too. Things just weren’t the same, and after 2010’s story being a disaster by my own admission, I’d all but given up hope of even joining Heaven or Hell again. A good, long time friend of mine, however, sparked my hope for 2011, but that, too fell apart. At least it wasn’t my fault this time, I guess, but after that, it had just died in me once again.

People joked about there being a Heaven or Hell for 2012, none quite as rough as me…and maybe Rage too, bless his artistic heart. However, despite the jokes, word filtered down the grapevine that there was indeed something brewing within the walls of the Guild. After a little searching I found it to be true, and scoffed, wishing them luck. Then, however, I questioned a few things and asked myself some questions I’d never considered before. “What does Heaven or Hell mean to me?” “Do I care if it fails again?” “How much do you really care about all of this?” As I sat questioning these things, I happened to glance at a quote taken from an MSN conversation with a dear friend of mine.

“Stop moping. That’s all in the past now, there’s nothing you can do. You’re the strong knight. You do what’s right, what needs to be done. Look forward and hopeful for the future. Do your best. Now let’s see you grit those teeth.”

Kamina quotation tacked on at the end for humor aside, I thought about the content and realized what Heaven or Hell really meant to me. It isn’t just a fighting tournament. It isn’t just a d**k-waving contest to prove who’s superior or even to gain bragging points. What Heaven or Hell is, what it is to me, is a small chunk of what we’ve seemed to lose over the years. People who don’t do much of anything for an entire year come together under one roof for a few weeks, sometimes months, and simply interact. They laugh, they talk, they remember what things were like, and above all else, they have a good time. And despite everything I’d been through, despite all the bitterness I’d felt, I knew that I still had the power and the drive to bring that small spark back to this community to which I’ve dedicated a large portion of my life.

People, who care about Heaven or Hell, and above all else care about your enjoyment, brought about this year’s tournament. They cared enough to sit around behind the scenes, even as people laughed and joked about how hopeless another years seemed to be, and argue, discuss, and question every aspect of the tournament rules and regulations to bring you, the participants and this community, the best tournament they felt they possibly could. For the first time in a very long time, I can say, honestly and truthfully, I am glad, proud, and honored to have been a part of this year’s creation.

Whether I see all of you behind the scenes as a staff member, or whether I wind up participating once again on a team instead, I want to thank the rest of my fellow design staff from the bottom of my heart for the time, effort, and hope that they’ve brought to this grand stage. And I want to thank you, the competitors, for daring to hope and believe, and to place your trust in all of us again, that Heaven or Hell can bring you something special that you can get no where else.

This Heaven or Hell is for you. All of you.

Good luck, have fun, and keep the dream alive.

Heaven or Hell 2012: Design Staff
Ryugi Kazamaru

Special Thanks from the tournament director, themightyjello

I want to extend a special thank you to everyone who has worked to make Heaven or Hell the success that it is today.

It almost seems like a dream or an exaggeration to think about Heaven or Hell the way that I can today. I never would have thought that it could have ever come this far or become so popular for so long. I never would have thought that I would become so invested in this project for so many years either. This tournament has come to mean a lot to me, and I think to all of us, and as much as it may have its ups and downs just like everything else it means a great deal to me personally to see so many people coming back year after year and to hear the interest and enthusiasm that it generates among the playerbase. There wouldn't be a Heaven or Hell if it weren't for all of you, and we never could have taken it as far as its come if it didn't bring joy to the staff... and to me in particular... to see all of our participants out there in action.

When Heaven or Hell was born it wasn't anything at all like some noble cause to bring just and fair judgement to the people or to try and uproot any other role-play tournament. Essentially what happened was that Kasuga came to me one day and said "I made some tournament rules, I want Leviathan to have a tournament." I had a first-draft codex dropped in my lap and it was up to Kraun, Maximos and I to get the thing off the ground from the framework that we'd been given. It worked... maybe a little too well. The tournament ran again the next year with revisions made to the ruleset and again it was a popular event. Revise, repeat, revise, repeat... At one point we tried to accommodate everyone who had an interest rather than limiting participation, which resulted in a queerly constructed double-elimination bracket with 22 teams registered. We've tried preliminaries on and off to increase the number of players that are allowed to participate even for just one round, though they've never really seemed to be all that successful. Every year we have tried to make it better than it was the year before, but every year brings new challenges.

Role-play has changed since we began, and Heaven or Hell has changed with it. We alter the rules every year to reflect what we had issues with the year before, and every year there are always people who provide us with new challenges as administrators (and not always in a good way). But to that end it has mostly been... me.

Our staff discuss the problems occurring during a tournament year, and the OOC thread discusses issues that are raised with the rules before we start, but in terms of writing the codex for each year it has largely been a solo effort on my own part to incorporate all of the notes that we'd written down through the past year into the new version. In the first few years I discussed alterations with Maximos and with Joseph Brown for a few weeks after the tournament run ended and the rest of the crew had boarded up shop and gone home already. This year, however, I am very grateful for all of the help that we have received.

Our 2012 revision staff is the largest that it has ever been, and I want to personally thank everyone who provided input and suggestions to help make this event a more fun place to role-play and a more fair one to fight in. After letting so many of you down last year I feel that its an obligation for our staff to earn your trust again and though I can't promise that we will always have everything ready according to the timetable that we've given I can promise that we will do what we can to keep to the schedule and make sure that you, the participants, are aware of what is going on if there is a delay.

I can't stress enough how much the success that is enjoyed by this event means to me, personally. I have been involved in the administration of Heaven or Hell for the last seven years, and even on the occasions that I registered as a participant I had made plans or revisions for the system before registration opened. The fact that so many of you enjoy our event makes it feel like it was all worth it, from the long nights doing grading to the juggling work, school, and staff duties, and everything else that goes along with it. We have made a habit of clearing the guild member list at the start of each year and yet each year it still balloons up to over 200 members. We've been running for seven years now. Think about it! We've been in business almost as long as World of Warcraft.

To be a part of that is... inspiring.

And it's all because of you. All of you. Everyone who ever submitted a suggestion, or registered as a participant, or volunteered for staff, or cheered for their friends. We have built something remarkable in this, and even though I know that I sometimes can selfishly think of this storm of emotion as my own baby after all the time I've put in, I know that it belongs to no one person.

Heaven or Hell thanks you.

Heaven or Hell Director,

Special Thanks, by tournament founder Vahn Fah
(Updated 2009)

  • Patrick
    While not terribly active on Gaia to this day, he was the man who took the time to initially help me with the first planning stages of Heaven or Hell, before it even became known as HoH. He invented the FIGHTER concept, still used to this day, and helped me to create the bare bones of the 1st HoH Codex. A good friend, despite whatever mishaps we might have had, I hope he's doing well.

  • Baldwin
    At the time when HoH was first set to premiere, I had been kidnapped into a family trip for Christmas and such. I had little to no access to a computer, and if it weren't for this man, there never would have been an HoH. He set everything in motion, keeping the machine running while I was gone and then some. His work is largely in the background and tends to go unnoticed, but he is owed a lot of thanks. He also is the creator of the majority of HoH sanctioned sprite work you see, and helps to maintain the level of fun that HoH has standardized in the past few years.

    A close friend, and someone who isn't thanked nearly as much as he should be by myself, I couldn't have done any of this without him.

  • Josh
    If I created the bare bones of the original rule Codex, then Josh laid out the proverbial flesh and blood of it all on his own (with help of course). Not one to put up with much in the way of asshattery, he has painstakingly taken the time to fine tune the rulings we have today, as well as aid in creating the HoH we have today. He has always been there to help me on the creative side of things when I was stuck, and was one of the very first judges along with two others. Not too mention, he is basically the business face of HoH, helping to fend off Mods and other problems before they can even start.

  • Chris

  • Wulfman
    The driving force behind the HYPE-A-MACHINE. He creates the slick banners, and graphics that make people of lesser talent jump off a cliff in agony. Without him, HoH wouldn't be as slick as it is. He is the definite go-to man for getting stuff done in terms of marketing, and he's never steered me wrong before.

    I know that sometimes I take him for granted, but then again, he has a 5 digit salary for a reason.

  • Crawley
    This man right here.

    This b*****d got me into KoF to begin with, and if that had not happened, I probably wouldn't have even been tempted to try and make a tournament in the scale that HoH is. He has always been my off and on again adviser on various roleplay fighting topics, and we often trade ideas on varying mechanics and fighting systems. A friendship literally forged on e-drama, I don't think I could ask for a better stereotypical black friend.

  • Jay
    Every year, he has given the single largest donation to HoH. Without his financial support, we wouldn't be able to offer the amount of money that we do, let alone have the funding to properly run HoH on the scale we have standardized over the years. His devotion to the Leviathan Guild and Original thread are second to none, and enjoys HoH just as much as the next man. So to the winners of 2010, remember to thank the man who stuffed your pockets!

  • Rest of Staff
    Tireless work, in both judging and keeping order in what could have easily descended into chaos. The various men and women who have taken up working behind the scenes of HoH have devoted both time and effort to make what we have today, and every year; a goddamned fun time.

  • Participants
    If there weren't the amount of teams that that there are, then we wouldn't have much of a fight right? It's because people are interested in fighting that they come.

    For the money, the notoriety, the fun, the atmosphere--- whatever their reason, the people come. We thank each and every one of you has participated throughout the years. We will continue to strive on improving and creating the HoH you all know and love.

  • The Fans
    What is there really to say?

    Without you guys, there wouldn't be much of a tournament to run or hold. HoH is first and foremost billed for the entertainment factor, and as long as there are people that enjoy watching and talking about HoH, we will know we have been doing a good job.

    The fan support really went through the roof last year, when everyone banned together to fight the shut down of the guild.

    So this year, we are specifically aiming to reward the fans.

    FOR YOU.

    BY YOU.

    AT YOU.


Sigil - The City of Doors and Sigil OOC.

Run by Tresondros X, the City of Doors is an all purposes roleplay setting for all manner of beings in the multiverse.

Heaven or Hell 2012: Avalon banners :

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