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Heeeeeeey, sexy lady~!

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Gallant Knight

Thanks. biggrin

I play Lilith, the bath house assistant.
Wanna do any plans?

I made Angela slight friend to Lilith since she visits the bar, she doesn't know Mie...and I haven't done the boys yet.
What should we do about Porter and Lilith, still people who don't really care for the other?
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Hygenic Dabbler

Nice, so Porter and Angel will both know Allison quite well since she'll be their boss.
Good luck with Porter, he likes to get his way and drink on the job ;P

I quite enjoyed their rivalry, so yes ;FF

Angel can be Lilith's friend fo sho <3

circus perfomer
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Fused Girl

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I think I'll quit on the journals for right now and work on a post now. orz
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Desirable Sex Symbol

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I love whoever thought of bringing in a circus, I love you dearly <3 <3 <3
My beach babe is almost done!
Just gotta add color and she'll be sent in ^__^

I ish gooood~
And you? :3
@Butler - That would be ME! <333

Our aerial duo is going to be so sexy.
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Hygenic Dabbler

YES, YES THEY ARE <3 <3 <3
I have to sit down and start concentrating on journals
but I just watched the fall finale of Doctor Who and
I just can't. Like I can't.

But some of that energy is transferring over to how excited I
am about our duo and the circus and this rp. sldkjflkdj
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@Mizu: Would you like to set up a flirtation-ship with William and Lilith perhaps? c;
He's going to be a huge flirt and I'm sure he could be a regular visitor to the bathhouse ;D
He'd never give up the chance to show off his 'guns' to the ladies X3

@Jesus: I can see a love-hate kind of thing with Porter and Allison because of that xD
She'll act all ticked about it and yell and tease him, but she won't actually do too much to stop him
So they could be like...Frienemies! 8D
If you want, that is xD
Maybe Angel can be like her best friend and confident? :3

@Butler: I'm pretty fantabulous, thanks for asking! C:
Do you think Soki and Christopher would be good friends?
I haven't finished his profile yet but for some reason I think they'd click x3
He's a very mellow, level-headed yet distant type of person.
That's because of how his fiancee left him just days before their wedding though really :c
Anyway, just a thought/suggestion, it's completely up to you ^-^

@Everyone: Feel free to just call me Lindz! I know typing those z's can get annoying xD
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Gallant Knight

Lindz:: Oh, I like that idea.
Yes please.

I shall resume work on her journal once more!

Alright, sounds swell.
/nod nod/


Love:: Aiden and Lilith, she's going to have thrown him a solo house party where they drank booze together! ;D

As for your circus girl...Aspen I think, do we want anything there?

Vio:: /huggles/
jesus haircut's avatar

Hygenic Dabbler


Haha definitely, frienemies - but she secretly is super cool with him so it's okay? lol
Angel is honestly too naive and dumb to be a best friend to someone. She already is kinda brotherxsister like with Dante - She'd be really nice and sweet to Allison, though. And she'd probably tell her a lot since she would see her at work all the time.
Hey girl hey!! Welcome (:

Sounds good! I'll put that in his journal then!
I think they'll have a pretty solid friendship xD
As for Aspen, idk. She and the circus will have
just gotten into town, so she's definitely going to
be up for making new friends and since she's nineteen
she'll be looking for people to provide alcohol for her. lol

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Hygenic Dabbler

*crax whip*
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@Mizu: Yay! 8D -note made for when I start my journals-
Goodness, I still have to finish profiles, I have so much work to do! ;w;
*scrambles to finish everything*

@Jesus: Yes she's secretly completely fine with it xD Her yelling/threatening/teasing is all in fun, even if she comes off as serious. Though usually I'd say she gives herself away by smiling or something c:
lolol, okay then, they're just like...friends cx
Or well, Ali will consider her a friend who's sweet hahah

@Amelia: Heyyyyy! ;D Thank you so much! ^-^
Would you like to do any planning on relationships or anything with me? :3
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Dapper Sex Symbol


sorry just felt like saying that. >________>

hellos again my pretty people. I'll be playing again georgie and oliver with the addition of jackson oliver's brother and unnamed restaurant waiter.

any plots for the four of them?
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Timid Spirit

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// casually deletes all in progress Skeleton's to focus on this one.

I was just about to apply for like 3(000) rp's and then I saw harvest moon and fangirled like a prat. hnnnnng

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