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Should there be god force?

Yes 0.31818181818182 31.8% [ 7 ]
No 0.54545454545455 54.5% [ 12 ]
Undecided 0.13636363636364 13.6% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 22 ]
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The Duke of Imagination

Well "dude."
My reply was nothing more than a response to Jaing. It changed nothing else honestly. I read the Jaing post this morning and wanted to write a response. I didn't want to lose the idea I had in my head.

so you don't think there's a problem with putting up a new post before the people you spoke to in your last post were able to reply to it?
Ok cool.

If I had adressed them again yes there would be a problem but i didn't so no.
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Amorous Sweetheart

          Anyone free to plot with Seraphina or Erisephone?
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Both Aledy & Tasha are free to plot w/ Sera ninja
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I am actually working on Kenji's bio now, so once I am done I can use him.

Perhaps Sera and him could interact/

-From the offices of Ginookaze no Jinn, Leader of Dark Haven
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kai pretty much has no purpose.
so i'm open to plots with him.
My char has a slight plot with a vary open road for which it can travel. So i am open to plotting
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Amorous Sweetheart

          So many takers.
          / gets out pen and paper.
          I have to get to talking to all of you guys at some point of the day. orz

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Think only one of my characters have a plot... Well actually has two plots.
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Only Kai Macross is plotted for. Morandar, Jaing and Nyx are open. smile
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Awww man, I missed a plotting session...
Zellieee dun forget about meeeeee.

Also, I'm open for more plots too c:
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woooh im back and im all gettin down with my bad self yum_puddi
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O.G. Noob

*waits for Dio post*
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Amorous Sweetheart

          /plots with everyone.

          And plotting session is still going.
          I just need to get to everybody. orz

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