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So it looks like the cast list is filling up nicely. 3nodding I was a little worried when I first started this thread, that 16 people was a little too hopeful, but with 7 current members, after only being open a few days, I believe its a possibility.
if need be when the time comes, i can take up a prince. c:
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Herro all :3
Sooo, I have a question.
Are all the characters arriving at the same castle? Or different castles?
I don't wanna screw up my first post and look like an idiot. sweatdrop
saaame castle.
or i hope.
or i am stupid. D:
Its the same castle. It wouldn't be much of an thread rp if everyone went to separate castles. It would be more of a collection of private rps, which defeats the purpose of having a thread in the first place. ;P

I used to do those marathon cleaning sessions before my parents came to visit. Currently I am living in the same town so I don't have to worry too much. At least until I move again next year. Since I live just on the edge of town, getting to restaurants is easy, it is just a small selection.


I'm actually planning to make a prince, I just haven't decided for what kingdom yet. I' also thinking out Xirena's first post since I want to get it out tonight.
i have two photos that could fit either a fire prince or water.
so, if i take one.. hopefully one of which is still open. xD
im thinking water.

******** im so hungry, guyz. feed me.
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I just didn't wanna make a fool of myself with the first post.
Although it seems I have already in the OOC thread.
Posting now.
Cool cool. I'm still waiting for someone to wanna be in the Light Kingdom. I'm very aware of the fact that I made the Light Kingdom gimped, and I'm curious if there's someone who can pull off the proper mindset for them.
Could any of the siblings be twins?
one could just be technically older by a few very important minutes?
Yeah that's fine.
Do siblings need to share a last name or does that matter?
They do. The Dark Kingdom is the only exception, since there isn't a royal family.
might not be on until monday because of these dang relatives.

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