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Hello? ;_;
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Hey there Rave!
What have you been up to?
Just a lot of school, as always razz How've you been lately? ^^
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About the same. rolleyes
Between school and work, I'm one tired puppy!

Anything interesting with school?
We just started this ship-construction/matlab project today. So we need to make a matlab-program that will analyze a small part of a ship construction. o_o; I think it's gonna be fun, but really annoying xP

Other than that, its all the same old razz

And where are you working? And you're at college or?
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Oh that sounds interesting!
I wouldn't have any idea where to start with a program like that, though! o_o

I'm a waitress in the nearby town, and I pick up shifts on the weekends or when I'm not in class.
I'm also a Computer Science student in college, so you can guess how much of a headache that is. rolleyes

One more year... and I'll be happy to never see an advanced mathematics text book ever again.
This semester is seriously kicking my a**, and I'm looking at maybe getting B's, which is new.
Luckily I've never been too hardcore about getting straight A's... just lucky.

I don't think I ever asked. What you're majoring in?
s**t, computer science sounds wicked! And you work beside studying? That sounds really heavy :S I only work summers, and christmas, and other vacations. :S

I'm doing a bachelor/master in marine engineering. I'm only in my second year. And we don't actually ever get the bachelor, we just do 5 years straight and then get a master degree. So yeah. Only 3 years to go! (And that just made me a little sad ;_; I love my uni, I don't ever want to leave ;_; )

But computer science, is that mostly writing programs in different languages, or how does that work?
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Yeah, it's just a liiiiittle time consuming. lol.
Comp Sci is basically all programming.
I can't wait until next year, when I get to take AI!

Engineering sounds freakin hardcore though.
Do you have to a lot of math with that?
Most of the courses involve some maths, but we only have four advanced math courses. This semester we're doing differential equations, linear algebra and stuff. It ain't all that bad. Last semester was worse. And I'm worried next semester will be hell razz

And AI sounds so cool! But which languages do you program in? I've only done some Python, that's about it. xD Some of the guys I live with though have done C++, Java and stuff, and it looks so much more interesting than python >_>;
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Oh yikes, differential equations.
I'm soooo not looking forward to that class.

Right now, we're just focusing on C++, with other language-focused classes either being electives or later classes.
I'm a C++ person, and I've only gotten my toes wet with Java.

I reeeeeaaaallllllyyyyyy want to work for Google, so I need a strong base in C++ and one or two others.
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Sam and I miss this thread. =[
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And all is quiet on Gaia...
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-waves back-
Heeeeey Karmi!

Seriously, I think midterms ate everyone.
And Momo is out with the baby, I'm pretty sure.
Si is busy with rl and Berry.... where is Berry?

We're dropping like flies. o_o
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-raises hand-

Midterms definitely ate me. After these last few weeks, I can't wait til things settle down again and I can get back here more regularly.

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