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Questions, ideas, announcements in regards to the rp will be placed here. If you are going to be gone for a while, let us all know here as well. I hope you all enjoy the rp.

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Do you want us to post our profiles?

If so I have one ready.
Yep, in this rp, there is no need to PM the profiles to me, just fill out the profile skeleton provided and start posting.
Am looking for someone to play as Ja'Nara's Demon Master
If I forgot to say so before, this rp is not a fantasy rp, but more of an alternate reality earth, with a dark gothic horror feel. Still trying to figure out how to fit this Albion kingdom into the story. Pretty much, the city used to be a well recognized city, similar to New York or LA, however over 120 years ago, it vanished, and it is now in this alternate dimension, where night is eternal. Hope that clears a few things up.
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He moved from the other realm to this new place for a while to get away from his kingdom. Back at his manor here he has someone that can go between realms moving people through as well, basically how he got into the city of darkness.
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I may bring a second character into play. Varian has a mysterious tail that I need to also play.
So tired of creating or joining rps that die. Please people, lets not let this one die as well.
Still here, just hoping that we get more people before I post again, if we don't, will try to think of something.
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The RP itself is already pretty interesting :3
Thanks. I hope it stays live too.
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Just posted my profile for Raz in the profile thread :]
Anyone interested in interacting with her?
I'm not really sure where to start out ^_^;
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hello everyone i think i would like to join this rp it seems interesting and
i just put in Damian in the profile thread i hope thats ok

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