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Here, the profiles will be posted!

The Roleplay
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[Note: Everyone in the kingdom/castle is considered family]


My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Crosszeria
My Name Is: Yuki Leeora
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Captain of the royal guard
My Chosen Element Of Power: Darkness
I Wish I Was Recognized For: Never forgetting my duty
My Past: Yuki's father had served as the captain of the guard for many years. Yuki wanting to make him proud became a guard once she was old enough. It was difficult for her, being a woman, where the rest of her peers were male guards. Yuki had to work twice as hard to get the same recognition. She did, and rose in notoriety. When her father retired he named her to take his place, there was a bit of discontent among the guards, saying she only got the position because of her father. She has worked hard to show that she earned the rank, and for the most part everyone has come around.
I Wish I Never Feared These: Failing my father's memory, letting anything happen to any of the Royal family
My Age: 22
My Likes: Watching rain fall, walking right after a thunderstorm, reading.
My Dislikes: getting caught outside during a rain storm, failure, anyone that would hurt the Crosszeria family
My Weapon: A halberd, with a weighted blade, and three spearheads protruding out in a sunburst
Demon/Archangel: Demon. Swan.
Power Of Demon/Archangel: darkness
User: Nisaba

My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Crosszeria
My Name Is: Raiko Yuiko Crosszeria
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Princess
My Chosen Element Of Power: Earth
I Wish I Was Recognized For: living up to siblings deeds. Being as good a fighter as siblings
My Past: Raiko has never really taken anything too seriously. She always was more interested in playing in the castle garden than studying. Even now that her parents have told her to begin weapon and tactics training, Raiko would rather have fun. She knows that she has to take her duties as a Crosszeria family member, seriously, but is often distracted. Raiko is able to apply herself as show by the remarkable pace at which she's learning her weapon. She wishes that she could take her role more seriously, but doesn't want to end up super serious all the time like her parents
I Wish I Never Feared These: Letting down the her family.
My Age: 9
My Likes: Being outside, bugging her older siblings, meeting new people, flowers.
My Dislikes: Cold, rain, depressing people.
My Weapon: A pyeongon (in appearance) basically two short staves that can be connected by a chain and used as large nunchaku.
Demon/Archangel: Demon. Loray
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Demon doesn't know yet, he still young
User: Leonardo Nix

My appearance:
User Image
Family Name: Crosszeria
My Name Is: Iris Arcana
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Demon/Archangel Specialist
My Chosen Element Of Power: Thunder
I Wish I Was Recognized For: Becoming the most influential person in the land and living a comfortable life.
My Past: I was actually born to two demon hunters in an Empyrean city. With hopes that I would follow in their footsteps, they sent me to one of the biggest churches in the Empyrean lands to follow their teachings and learn more about demons and archangels. Somewhere along my studies, they realized I had just as much respect for demons as archangels and gave me a needlessly long lecture about how much greater they thought archangels were and that salvation comes only to those who...blah, spare me from retelling it. It was somewhere around that time I realized that I would become just like that if things continued the way they were, so I left home to fend for myself.

While I was still wandering the Empyrean land, I made it a habit to visit the library often and learn as much as possible about archangels(Because heaven forbid that the Empyrean libraries should have even a scrap of truth in their demon books). Naturally I learned a bit more about magic along the way, so I decided to practice a bit of thunder-based magic each day. Every time I learned something useful, I would write it in my journal for referance(It's actually quite organized considering it's self-written; there are seprate sections for demons, archangels, rituals that don't require magic, and some thunder spells). When I was confident in my abilities and knowledge on angels, I went on my way to Crosszeria(My parent's always called it an evil place crawling with demons, so surely it would be a great place to learn about them). Sure enough, the libraries were as abundant in demon information as Empyrean libraries were on archangel information. Repeating the daily routine, I learned as much as I could from research alone.

As I predicted, traveling alone was growing more and more financially difficult, but I had an idea to make use of everything I knew: work for one of the royal families! They were constantly warring, so someone who knew about the enemy would definately be useful(but more importantly, they would get a nice payment). Between the two, I figured Crosszeria would be less likely to have people like my parents, so I headed for the Crosszeria castle and asked a guard if I could see the king. When I offered to work for them, the king was hesitant, but he quickly came around when I hinted at my knowledge of demons and my capabitily of simply going to the Empyrean king instead. He even allowed me to keep wearing the nun outfit I like so much. What, you think I threatened him? Of course I wouldn't do something like that! Why, that would go against my church's teachings, silly.

And that was how I ended up working for the Crosszeria! Now my daily tasks consist of helping children in the castle get their demon partners, tracking down archangel intruders, distinguishing between angels and demons, and taming the more mischievous demons. Naturally it would look bad if I didn't have a demon, so I eventually looked through my journal and summoned one through completely fair means. Then I "convinced" her to (completely willingly) become my partner. Honestly, why would I threaten and trick a demon into becoming my slav...er, partner?

Now as for my personality, I'm just a sweet, always honest girl who would never deceive anyone...wait, oh, so apparently I'm supposed to be honest in this paragraph to avoid misunderstandings. Bah, drat. In short, I'm cunning, quick to tease, and will even try to drive someone into a corner with words alone if its beneficial. I'm rarely ever afraid of others unless I can't tease them or get them to act as I expect, and my thirst for knowledge is endless. Although I'm pretty good at keeping secrets, I'd sooner tell everyone everything rather than let some idiot blackmail me. I'm supposed to be the manipulative blackmailer here, not them.

I Wish I Never Feared These:
-Things or people I don't understand
-People who use brute strength and won't listen to reason
-Getting sent to war
-Battles in general, since I can't fight all that well. I suppose that's why I picked an element that lets me run faster
My Age: 17
My Likes:
-Messing with people
-Teasing people
-Tricking people
-Cute things
My Dislikes:
-Being blackmailed
-Being messed with and teased
-Being tricked
-Spending too much time on a single task
-Opinion-based information. It completely distorts the truth of what I want to know
My Weapon: My journal which is filled with valuable information and rituals that I can perform without using magic(Using too much magic is extremely unhealthy, I heard). I also have a multitude of demon-hunting tools from my parents.
Demon/Archangel: A white hen named Kiara.
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Kiara can turn into a pair of wings and attatch herself to anyone's back(It kind of makes them look like an angel, but lots of people find her chicken form to be amusing). However, only Iris can control the wings when Kiara is in "wing" form.
User: Kyuuketsuki Arina

My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Crosszeria
My Name Is: Sanae Crosszeria
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Princess
My Chosen Element Of Power: Darkness
I Wish I Was Recognized For: Making others miserable through curses.
My Past: As a kid I was a little twisted. I always used to torture bugs by tearing off their legs and leaving them to die or stabbing into straw effigies. I also had the tendency pick on and scare my younger siblings whenever I got the chance. At age eight I was wandering through the forest at night after sneaking out. It was hard to see where I was going up to the moment I tripped on a root and poked my eye out with the stick I was holding. Luckily one of the guards had followed me and rushed me to the castle to get my eye treated. That day I lost my eye and got an eyepatch. At age ten I got my demon. At first I was expecting something scary and intimidating but no, I got a squid, how dissapointing. My opinion of it quickly changed after awhile and I used it's ability for the first time. I can also be considered a sadist, I just love watching other people suffer. Sometimes when I'm bored I'll curse people I dispise or just random people I ran into and watch as their lives fall apart.
I Wish I Never Feared These: Losing my other eye.
My Age: 18
My Likes:
-Torturing people
-Stuffed animals
-Spicy food
My Dislikes:
-Sweet food
-The Empyrean
My Weapon: A steel broad sword that she keeps in her room in a crimson sheath with an elegant gold flower pattern on it.
Demon/Archangel: Demon, Squid
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Allows her to summon chained daggers from out of her back and hands.
User: Victorique

My appearance:
User Image
Family Name: Crosszeria
My Name Is: Nama Kiriko
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Traveller
My Chosen Element Of Power: Fire
I Wish I Was Recognized For: Being able fo fully control or at least suppress my magic so I can once again be around others without hurting them.
My Past: Like most children, I loved it whenever I was praised and would make it a habit to go around the village to run errands for the neighbours and local merchants. This continued for a very long time until a passing traveller gave me some seeds and showed me how to take care of plants. I enjoyed the idea of helping these little lives grow to no end, and after a few months there were quite a few flowers around the village.

One day, my parents began making me stay inside most of the time where my father would teach me how to defend myself in daily training sessions. At the time I didn't know their reasons for doing this, and it turned out that there was a fight dangerously close to our home, so they wanted to keep me safe until it was peaceful again. Upset, I was thinking of sneaking out until my mother promised to teach me how to use magic under the condition that I was a good girl and stayed inside. With what I knew of magic, of how some magic users could conjure entire gardens with ease, it was enough of a motivation for me to listen. However, even by the time things quieted down in the village, I couldn't use magic for some reason. At the time, I thought nothing of it.

As years passed and I became less of a child, I had completely forgotten about my inability to use magic until I went to check up on a sprout. This was when things went horribly wrong. I don't remember much except that I heard footsteps, then a hand covering my mouth. After that, it suddenly became extremely warm and I woke up surrounded by ashes. Shortly afterwards, I discovered that I had panicked and used fire magic impulsively because a bandit tried to snatch me away from behind. The training had still strengthened my magic even when I couldn't use it, which explained why the fire was so huge. I was so guilty for the destruction I caused against my will that I left secretly to prevent it from happening again. I don't plan on returning until I can control my magic, no matter how dangerous it might get. Besides, if anyone tries to attack me then my magic will manifest whether I want it to or not. It's a bit lonely though, but I heard non-royals can still meet a partner demon. If one does appear, I really hope I don't hurt it...

Personality-wise, it's very difficult to make me angry and I can handle most insults with unruffled calm. Even around the cruelest of people, I'm more likely to start crying rather than hold a grudge. The only thing that really makes me angry is when people try to sneak up on me, but only because of the fact that it could cause a fire. I'm usually eager to learn both sides of the story in an argument and would even surrender to an enemy to avoid a fight. The only problem is that I'm too jumpy and as a result, I seldom get a chance to surrender without panicking and uing fire magic.
I Wish I Never Feared These:
-Being lost
-Panicking and hurting others as a result of it
-Getting attacked
My Age: 14
My Likes:
-Being able to solve issues peacefully
My Dislikes:
-Everything on the list of fears
-Being snuck up on
-Slimy things
My Weapon: Weapon?! I'm a pacifist! Or at least I wish I could be. My fire magic is very powerful, and it has no long-term effects on my health. The bad part is that I can't control it and that the spells take up so much energy that I'll pass out immediately afterwards. Basically, I'll be left unconscious and defenseless after causing a big fire.
Demon/Archangel: A huge tortoise, big enough for Nama to ride on his back.
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Aside from being able to walk and run at a human's pace, he can imitate any sound or voice.
User: Kyuuketsuki Arina

My appearance:User Image
Family Name: Crosszeria
My Name Is: Aluna 'Sparks' Runecastor
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Traveler
My Chosen Element Of Power: Fire
I Wish I Was Recognized For: What I have done to change the future, not what I was in the past
My Past: Aluna is old, she has played little and small parts in the world, she was once a killer that played both sides, but left of her own accord and was reborn to live again. Since she left the dark to try the light she is often good, but as she was once pure evil she can split off. What happened was as she was coming up with a plot to destroy both Kingdoms, her sister, cursed her to regret all the sins she had committed, unfortunately her sister wasn't strong enough and the spell was thrown off by Aluna. It still worked to some extent; Aluna did stop then and turned her back on everyone and everything. The spell worked, she changed into a new mindset and goes by Sparks, her evil tendencies weakened, and from time to time she does shift into that mindset but very rarely and not for long. When she does it is only from heavily using her fire and or runes. Normally she is quirky, can still be violent, doesn't care to listen to others, and tends to drift into her own thoughts when people talk. She is well known for her antics, she loves to pull pranks. She hates Rules and goes out of her way to break them. Her memory tends to not really exist so it's best to never get her serious in anything or remember your name or face. When she snaps she is bloodthirsty, she will not hesitate to kill, though in that set of mind she'd rather torture.
I Wish I Never Feared These: Losing control of Fire, and reverting back to her old ways
My Age: 24
My Likes: Necturnes, singing and going for runs
My Dislikes: Lazy people, loud noises and being talked down to
My Weapon:An odd assortment of Runes and the sword, Crimson Scar she kept from the old days the blade is plain and the hilt adorned with only a ruby.
Demon/Archangel: Demon, Phoenix
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Can add or subtract Aluna's power, making sure she never loses her mind with her fire.
User: Evil as a Smile


My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Crosszeria
My Name Is: Antonius Desmarais Crosszeria
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Eldest Prince, Knight, Commander of the king's army
My Chosen Element Of Power: Light
I Wish I Was Recognized For: Being greater than my father could ever dream to be. Unifying all the lands under the Crosszerian flag
My Past: I was trained from five to be a warrior, the Prince my father needed to head his army against the Empyreans. I had a strenuous schedule, learning both how to fight with a sword and with my mind. I would often fall into bed at the end of the day, asleep before my head hit the pillow. I was always allotted six hours sleep, before I was roused and the next day started anew. After a while it all seemed normal. As I grew in age and skill, I was given personal time to pursue subjects that interested me. I found an old book of curses hidden away in the study. It seemed interesting, so began studying it, when I'd finished I searched for another. I then found a book of incantations and summonings. For a short while I was even summoning souls to bind to my toys, but as I grew out of them I stopped. There was no point in having walking talking toys, if all they did was annoy you. My first bit of actual military action was when I was thirteen. I was taken by my father to a peasant revolt in the south. I got 'lost' as soon as I could to actually get in the fight. I fought my first real battle. When My father's men finally found me, I was scolded severely. The king said it was because I endangered my life, but I think it was because I was out doing what he was to cowardly to do.

For many more years I continued to be trained, also in using my power. Light. I wish I could do something else but light is all I have so be it. When I was nineteen. My father, with much pride named me the commander of his army. I was presented, with a gift. Any weapon I wanted made by the lands finest blacksmith. I choose a rapier. There was some ridicule for my weapon choice, as it wasn't thought of as the sword of a fighter. During my first battle I was separated from my men, my horse killed, but with the speed of my sword, and skill of my hands, I held my ground until reinforcements could break the lines. Rumors began to spread from that point that after the battle, I ordered the leg bone of the opposing commander chopped off and used to craft the handle of my sword. While this isn't true; I did have him killed though; I let the rumor flourish, so as to instill fear and respect in both my men, and any enemy that might think of striking from within our lands.
I Wish I Never Feared These: Falling short of what I know is my destiny. And my family name being disgraced.
My Age: 25
My Likes: Fencing. Power. Reading history. Horse ridding. And has a dark side that just simply loves causing pain to others. Especially if something is to be gained from doing so.
My Dislikes: Being ordered to do anything. Anything out of order. Empyreans
My Weapon: A bone handle rapier, is his preferred weapon, but he can handle nearly any weapon the Crosszerian army uses. As a hobby he took up throwing knives as a teen, and is fairly accurate with them.
Demon/Archangel: A cheetah named Tsui
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Lighting
User: Nisaba

My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Crosszeria
My Name Is: Cyrus Verea
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Son of Duke Verea, under King Crosszeria.
My Chosen Element Of Power: Water
I Wish I Was Recognized For: Power, strength and courage.
My Past: Growing up I was never quiet what my parents had hoped for, I was smarter than my older brothers, which they liked, but unlike my brothers, I never really took to fighting. I can, but it's not something I relish. I'd much rather, as my father puts it, look weak, and back away from a fight. I'm quiet, preferring to hang back and watch. I try to avoid crowds. I spend much of my time lounging on the roof to the stables. I use to spend time by the pond, but when I was six I was mauled by a pack of duck. Of course there was no injury, and could even be funny, I make jokes about it sometimes, but I am leery around water foul, still.
I Wish I Never Feared These: Failure, embarrassment, ridicule, uncertainties, and water foul.
My Age: 19
My Likes: Quiet, learning new things, listening to water flow or wind rustle the trees, watching evening clouds and stars, rain, and being no where near my brothers.
My Dislikes: Being near my brothers, Loud noises, failing, closed in places, and water foul.
My Weapon: A simple quebracho wood staff, with weighted caps at each end. It's a fairly difficult weapon to use, but the speed, control, and fluidity of the movements is something that I, as a water element user, love. Also I keep a dagger, as a back up. In a pinch I can throw it.
Demon/Archangel: Demon- Dolosus
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Darkness
User: Leonardo Nix

My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Crosszeria
My Name Is: Roland Crosszeria
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Prince
My Chosen Element Of Power: Water
I Wish I Was Recognized For: Being normal
My Past: Roland was a diligent child, nearly any parent would love to have. He was bright and cheerful, with nary a care. He had no ambition to fight his older brother for the throne, no desire to rule men. All he wanted to do was live and be happy. When he was fourteen, however he fell deathly ill. None could diagnose him much less treat him. He lay in bed slowly dying. His mother sent a call out, near pleading for help. Melphas came slithering to the door. He proposed a joining of the two, that would save the boy, as his mind and essence would merge with Roland's. It was seemingly out of good will, there actually was a selfish reason, for this. Melphas was an old demon and dying himself. The only way he could prolong his life was to inhabit the body of a human. He'd hoped to take permanent control of Roland's body, though he found himself unable to do so. As such he resigned himself to share the mind. And over time grew to respect and maybe even love the boy, as he would himself. They are the same, but different, they are one mind, but two views. When together, Roland has a bit darker and more deceitful personality. Though during the brief times Melphas leaves his head, Roland is almost the same person he was before. The two have learned that they can separate Melphas taking the form of a snake once more, but the two can't be like this for too long, as both would die.
I Wish I Never Feared These: Standing out- People finding out I'm some sort of hybrid.
My Age: 19
My Likes: Being outside, riding horses, hunting,
My Dislikes: Bright lights, loud noses, and having a snake live in his head.
My Weapon: Two flintlock revolving barrel pistols. And two scimitar butterfly knives.
Demon/Archangel: His demon is a large black snake.
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Seeing auras (energy given off by all living things.) This also entails being able to sense heart rates, and as such sense increased stress levels. When the two are joined Roland can do this as well.
User: Reverend Click

My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Currently Crosszeria
My Name Is: Ashira Kimura
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: bandit, rogue, assassin, mercenary, etc.
My Chosen Element Of Power:thunder
I Wish I Was Recognized For: having the power to get whatever i want, for good or ill.
My Past: as a child, i had lived on the Empyrean side. i had entered friendly competitions under the watch of my parents. but later my parents died of an illness. i refused to be part of any family that was willing to take me in, because they weren't really my family. financially though, it hurt me. i had new friends in back alleys that showed/taught me many things. even when running away from the law, our friendship grew.
at the age of 18, i started up a group. many people called us bandits, but we were more like mercenaries. except we would do almost ANYTHING for money, wether we got paid from someone or not. unless we didn't want to or felt like doing something else. still, we called ourselves Ashira's Deadly Bandits, or A.D.B.(s). a symbol was created for the group. the symbol looks like a sword with a thunder symbol on top of it. i had thought about making his own "family", my own kingdom. but such a task for a lowlife bandit is hard and opportunities to help with the idea are scarce.
when raiding a village and kidnapping children to sell to a buyer in the black market, the bandits found one of them begging to join them. the girl, Rosette, grew up to be an elite in my group, and took assassination contracts and stole things others would deem too hard. when the base was attacked by empyrean soldiers, Rosette was crucial to our defence. but she abandoned the group. most men believed she was born a coward, as they still remembered how she begged to join just like she convinced the soldiers she wasn't a bandit.
the day we were supposed to be executed, i caused a prison riot and freed my men, along with other prisoners who agreed to join as well. we are now stronger then ever, as we escaped to the Crosszeria kingdom. i am always hard on everyone. i make sure we are organized. i want as few deaths as possible. and i make sure they are trained well.
I Wish I Never Feared These: us not being good enough
My Age:22
My Likes:fights, funny things, being looked as professional, money
My Dislikes:traitors, things that don't go his way
My Weapon: a sword said to have the power of a black dragon. although a little big, i'm strong enough to hold it like a ordinary sword.
Demon/Archangel: a bird/crow hybrid (a crow with white wings). my followers say it is because it's a demon/archangel hybrid. but hybrids have never existed, and they fear a punishment would have happened a long time ago from satan if it did. they say it also reflects how i seem to be half-good half-bad. or just say that im a bad Empyrean. it wouldn't make a difference if i was a Crosszeria.
Power Of Demon/Archangel: darkness

My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Crosszeria
My Name Is: Kojiro Date Tetsuo
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Noble, scholar, bandit
My Chosen Element Of Power: Water
I Wish I Was Recognized For: Being both a skill swordsman as well as a wise scholar
My Past: Growing up as the second son of a noble family in the Crosszeria Kingdom. Kojiro was groomed to be a scholarly citizen to the kingdom, while his older brother was groomed to be a fighter. He served in the royal army, under command of the eldest prince. His life was lost during a battle, where many lives were lost. Word reached the Tetsuo family, Kojiro was working as a bookkeeper for his family's bank. At the loss of his big brother, who he idolized, Kojiro reevaluation his life, and found that while clerical work could be important, safeguarding the country could be too. He left against his parents wishes. As a bookkeeper Kojiro found that, the military wasn't willing to train him. It also didn't help that he was a run away. Undaunted, Kojiro joined with a bandit group. He later learned that his leader was actually a member of the royal family, even if only distant. Kojiro serves with respect and dignity. As far as he sees it, he might be a bandit, but his brother would be proud.
I Wish I Never Feared These: Failing. He is working against his mother and father's wishes, and would hate to have to return home in shame.
My Age: 18
My Likes: Books libraries, learning new things, pushing ones self both mentally and physically.
My Dislikes: Stupid people, close minds
My Weapon: A katana (slightly longer than a normal one) and a recurve bow and a kukri
Demon/Archangel: Demon Orthrus a kangaroo
Power Of Demon/Archangel: 'melt' into shadows, (There must be cast shadow for him to do this) If Kojiro is touching him Kojiro can 'melt' as well, but this also means his hands aren't free.
User: Lady Pierce

My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Crosszeria
My Name Is: Klaus Yuudai Lector
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Hero, ‘Bandit’
My Chosen Element Of Power: Fire
I Wish I Was Recognized For: What the group really accomplishes. Being known as bandits is hardly what Klaus enjoys being called.
My Past: Klaus was born into a royal family separate from the Crosszeria and Empyrean families. Those two kingdoms were sort of like main houses. Klaus’ family served the Crosszeria for generations. When Klaus was of young age he was forced to watch the murders of everyone in the Lector family household. He was young but wanted nothing but revenge because he had no one left belonging in his family. His parents were the first ones killed. Klaus was then officially ‘kidnapped’ and taken in by a bunch of bandit men. Growing up with them, he learned their strategies, their plans, their ways of thinking. This enabled him to escape easily, as well as his growth. Ever since then Klaus has formed his own little group of what he likes to call heroes. Others just assume they are bandits. Klaus’ group merely protects and guards the Crosszeria territory, teaching wrong doers what is right. There is always an occasional robbery but Klaus believes that if the Crosszerias will not accept the group as heroes, it would be better to keep the group as bandits, therefore stealing wasn’t exactly a ‘crime’ but a way to keep themselves known.
I Wish I Never Feared These: Death of a loved one. If anyone in Klaus’ group was to die he would be consumed with agony. Despite his haughty attitude, he is known to become attached to those around him, or those who spend more time with him.
My Age: 17
My Likes: Sword fighting, Secretly Klaus appreciates the company of any friends he has, mysteries
My Dislikes: Dead bodies, being alone, death
My Weapon: Sword with ancient-like letters ingraved into the blade
Demon/Archangel: Black Panther - Keros
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Keros is able to control Klaus’ movements at will. He usually chooses not to but if Klaus is being reckless or is too late in dodging an attack, Keros is able to move Klaus.
User: Unlit Flame

My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Crosszeria
My Name Is: Rajanikant Ch'ndra Isha “Raja”
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Mercenary/Traveler (Was a prince in his home land)
My Chosen Element Of Power: Light
I Wish I Was Recognized For: being the last thing any enemy sees before they fall.
My Past: Raja was born in a land to the west. He was born a werewolf. His clan had a reputation as fierce fighter, and there were some whispers about them being inhuman beasts. When a string of children were killed in a near by village, the village turned their eyes to the clan of outsiders. There was a fight, many of the clan were killed, but many more men from the village. The clan elder, Raja's grandfather decided it would be best to move north into the mountains far from the eyes of the human villages, so that they might live in peace. And for a few years they did. Raja, along with the other children of the clan grew accustom to the harsh conditions in the cold mountains. Life wasn't easy but there were never any humans marching to their homes with torches. However a few of the older members of the clan hated the mountains and wished to return to the low lands were food was never in short supply. A group of men and woman split from the clan to form there own, lead by Raja's uncle. Raja's uncle wasn't happy enough to simply leave, he wanted everyone behind him and if you refused you were a threat and had to be eliminated. The clans fought, several families remained loyal to Raja's clan, but as they were thinned, they left in hopes that they might be spared, and they were. They turned against their own clan as well. Until only a small group remained. Raja's mother had left, with the consent of his father to ensure that their younger children lived. Raja, his father, grandfather, brother, and a few others stayed. One night while Raja was hunting, his uncle's clan attacked, and overwhelmed the men. Raja returned to find what family he had with him still killed. A small group that had hid during the attack now looked to him, as his family had lead their clan for generations. With a heavy heart, Raja decided that they would give his uncle what they wanted there was now no one able or willing to fight. Raja wrote a letter, and gave it to a trusted friend, to give to his mother, that he was still alive, but he couldn't live under his uncle's rule, the person that had once taught him to fish and hunt had taken too much from him. The small group left, and Raja went the other way. He took two lessons from this. You can't trust anyone, they'll always try to hurt you in the end; and you should get close to anyone, it only hurts more if they leave. With that Raja wondered the lands, finally finding himself in a tavern in a kingdom to the east of his home under the rule of the Crosszeria family. He has found work in a messy business, and enjoys every ounce of gore that comes from it.
I Wish I Never Feared These: Silver
My Age: 21
My Likes: Small animals (they taste good) test of strength, and the smell of cooking meat (any kind)
My Dislikes: Being locked up (even for a crime he might have committed) People that over think things
My Weapon: Shamshir and an assortment bladed cooking wear (cleaver, and a few different sizes of butcher knives). But more often than not he'll rely on his animalistic audibility
Demon/Archangel: None
Power Of Demon/Archangel: None
User: Leonardo Nix

My appearance:User Image
FFamily Name: Crosszeria
My Name Is: Alexander Rabidus Aestuo
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Assassin
My Chosen Element Of Power: Dark
I Wish I Was Recognized For: None his only goal is to serve the Crossszeria Family
My Past: Alexander home town unknown parents unknown day of birth unknown a simple weapon for the Crosszeria family he was brought to the palace one day by the king as a little boy saying simply." this is Alexander the Gargoyle of Crosszeria he will protect this family". and since then he has everyone who as crossed him or the family as met a Gruesome death by his hands. he leaves a bloody path of carnage in his wake but he shows no emotion none at all only showing a smile to the Crosszeria family he does not believe himself worthy of being part of such a fraction of people.
I Wish I Never Feared These: Failing the Family
My Age:19
My Likes: Birds, the family.
My Dislikes: those who disrespect the family.
My Weapon: he is a unarmed Assassin using a series of Martial Arts styles called Nine Dragon Art. instead of slinging out with the dark element magic he draws in the negative it puts off in to his body increasing his Physical Abilites.
Power Of Demon/Archangel:N/A
User: Enzo Lord Of Ghost

My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Crosszeria
My Name Is: Kanda Lin Trask
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Mercenary
My Chosen Element Of Power: Thunder
I Wish I Was Recognized For: Being the one Mercenary which no job is too dirty, too far-fetched, or too impossible to take on... For the right price.
My Past: Kanda Trask lived a normal life for 18 years... In his dreams. From the age of 5 and older, Kanda was subject to brutal training exercises with his demon, Shae, who took the form of a Basilisk Lizard. From running until his feet were bleeding, to swimming until he began to drown, doing pushups until his arms went into spasms, sit ups until he passed out... And then beaten awake and told to keep going, Shae whispering small pep-rallies in his ear, clinging on his neck as she had grown accustomed to doing. By the age of 15, Kanda laughed in the face of fear, danger, and pain. He'd gladly look death in the face, spit on his shoes and say, "What took you so long?", so long as his darling Shae was with him. Kanda was trained in a massive assortment of weapons, as was traditional in the Trask family. Yet, with his Thunder Magyck, Kanda always excelled most with his bare hands. He knew all the pressure points, sixteen ways to snap a mans neck and arms, and a plethora of ways to put him through such excruciating pain that someone would burn themselves to death to escape the agony. At age 18, Kanda was ready to face the world as one of the infamous Trask Mercs, the dirtiest, meanest, and most downright effective Mercenaries known in all of Japan. He accepted a few jobs here and there, earned himself quite a reputation and not a few scars.
I Wish I Never Feared These: Being made fun of, and dying without ever leaving his name permanently placed in history, being without Shae.
My Age: 19
My Likes: Heights, balancing on objects, fighting, windy and cloudy days, Shae.
My Dislikes: People making fun of him, talking down to him, telling him he's not good enough, hot, sunny days.
My Weapon: Good ol' fists, and if his fists aren't cutting it, Kanda uses his gauntlets to pummel his enemies.
Demon/Archangel: Shae
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Able to produce and store large amounts of electricity in her body, and release it in powerful blasts, or conduct it through Kanda to increase his Magyck reservoir.
User: The 0ld 0ne

My appearance: (User Image)
Family Name: Crosszeria
My Name Is: Ramos Contoria
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Knight/Guard/Ex bandit/Ex thief
My Chosen Element Of Power: Lighting
I Wish I Was Recognized For: I guess I'd like to be remembered for being brave or strong or some such nonsense
My Past: Ramos's family was a well know, and respected. A family who's loyalty to the Crosszeria family led to great wealth. This wealth made his family unpopular among other regal families. One of the rival families orchestrated the deaths of every Contoria. Ramos's younger brother, older sister, mother, father, uncle, and even maid were killed. The only thing that saved his life, was the fact that he'd sneaked out to cavort around the town with a few friends. Upon returning home he found his family murdered. He was caught and imprisoned for the murders, his family's wealth seized. None of the friends Ramos had been with would vouch for him, for fear that they'd get in trouble for having sneaked out as well. While waiting for his inevitable death for the murders he didn't commit, he met a bandit that had been jailed for a minor offense. With the bandits help he broke out of his cell. The bandit asked him if he'd like to join with him, and his fellow bandits. Ramos, did not however. He instead began investigating the murders. He had to stay hidden, but was able to find the man that had done it. After a short fight the assassin begged for mercy. Ramos relented, but only if the assassin would tell him who'd been responsible. Learning it had been a rival family, Ramos left the assassin alive, and had a tip sent to the guards of his location. He went to exact revenge on the other family. And slowly did what to their family what they'd done to his. No relishing the acts, and thankful for the rival family's lack of young children, he killed every member of the family. In the head of the family's study he found a ledger, that showed the plot to kill his family hidden behind a painting of the Cross King. At this point Ramos walked into the nearby guardhouse, and was promptly arrested once more. Though this time he had proof that he hadn't killed his family. Given the proof and wanting to cover their mistake the guards had Ramos pardoned, and his family's wealth returned. After this Ramos left looking for adventure, and happened upon the bandit that helped him escape. And he joined the bandits for a while.
I Wish I Never Feared These: Dying, or bringing shame to my family's name
My Age: 23
My Likes: Walking in the wood. Having a good time with people I like.
My Dislikes: Treachery.
My Weapon: Two khopeshs as well as gloves with concealed brass covers over the knuckles.
Demon/Archangel: Demon. Zuni a ram
Power Of Demon/Archangel: (T.B.A)
User: Theluji Click
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Dedicated Friend

6,550 Points
  • Partygoer 500
  • Dressed Up 200
  • Conversationalist 100
[Note: Everyone in the kingdom/castle is considered family]


My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Empyrean
My Name Is: Mizu Empyrean
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Princess
My Chosen Element Of Power: Earth
I Wish I Was Recognized For: Restoring the nature and happiness to this desolate land; becoming the ultimate peace keeper.
My Past: A pampered princess from the start. With siblings to annoy her throughout her entire life, she was the child to be defiant, to hit and scratch. She may seem to have little heart, but that is untrue. Mizu feels strongly, emotions can sometimes override her better reasoning. The earth that encompasses everything is nearly dead from years of war; whenever she sees this, a vice clamps her heart and it fills it with a mix of terrible emotions: anger, fear, and sadness. She understands that if she wishes for there to be peace, it must be achieved through war.
I Wish I Never Feared These: she fears the most that one day her body might become as scarred and as damaged as the earth itself. Each new cut and bruise Mizu receives sends her into a severe state of panic, whether it be for a few seconds or days on end.
My Age: 16
My Likes: Water; It is neutral, it has powers of healing and the soft sound of running water calms Mizu.
My Dislikes: Her family, who does not seem to care too much about the deteriorating state of their earth. The dark Cross family who is ruining their earth with disastrous war games. Fire, that has the ability to destroy so much.
My Weapon: A short sword with a silver blade. The hilt is wooden with a grooved bar of metal to wrap her fingers around. http://media.photobucket.com/image/shortsword/jenna_keiku/wsw825-2818.jpg?o=18
Demon/Archangel: Archangel
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Healing
User: Dollar Doll

My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Empyrean
My Name Is: Nishio Ryuu Empyrean
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Princess
My Chosen Element Of Power: Darkness
I Wish I Was Recognized For: To find what I'm meant to do in life.
My Past: Nishio was born to King and Queen Empyrean. Nishio has always felt that she needed to work twice as hard to get half the recognition of her siblings. She always thought that the others got more love from their parents. Nishio has always thrown herself into anything she's ever done, even if she wasn't any good. Nishio is extremely skilled at dual wielding weapons, Nishio hate the war, all she wants is for it to end, for the sake of the common people. She would like to never fight, but knows that fighting is necessary to achieve peace. Nishio often feels utterly lost, she feels like no matter how much she does it's never enough. This gnaws at her to the point where she can barely stand the helpless feeling. Nishio fights this feeling by doing anything she can, be it training studying or even dancing. She'd hate to admit it, but Nishio loves to dance, in a perfect world that would be what she'd want to do with her life, she keeps that and her more girly side locked away far from any eyes, for fear of reprisal. The only being in the world she would confide this in, is Aker, her mentor, and she feels at times her only friend.
I Wish I Never Feared These: Not knowing what to do with my life. Isolation.
My Age: 18
My Likes: Crowds. Parties, anything festive. And yes dancing.
My Dislikes: Indecisiveness. Darkness. Night. Cold (I know weird with my element being darkness, I don't understand it either) Being useless. Innocents suffering.
My Weapon: A long ninjato and a shorter kodachi. She also makes use of her hidden dancing talent with a urumi as a back up 'surprise' weapon.
Demon/Archangel: Archangel- Aker, a white liger. (large enough for Nishio to ride on in a pinch)
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Light
User: Leonardo Nix

My appearance:
User Image
Family Name: Empyrean
My Name Is: Rosette Ixalt
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Courier
My Chosen Element Of Power: Water
I Wish I Was Recognized For: Having a place to call home once and for all.
My Past: At a very young age, Rosette's town was raided by pilagers, who kidnapped her along with many other children with the intention of selling them on the black market. However, her survival instinct kicked in and she begged them to let her join the group of bandits. For the next few years until she turned about 12, Rose went through a harsh training process each day until her fighting and magic skills were enough to rival even the leader's. With her harmless appearence and deadly skill, she was the ideal member to send on assassination and robbery missions.

Even so, a girl her age could only stand so much killing. Just when she was about to sneak away from the group(At this point, she was more than capable of doing so without endangering her life), however, Empyrean soldiers discovered the base and began to arrest anyone who resisted. The leader must have expected her to help defend the base, but she knew better. These thugs who called themselves her comerades weren't worth risking her life. It was partially their fault for teaching her to be conniving in the first place, after all.

With ease, Rosette managed to convince the soldiers that she was a hostage(It wasn't entirely false anyways) and had no home to return to. Unsure of what to do, the soldiers took her to the palace and asked the king if he would allow her to work for the family. After a moment of thought, he suggested that she work as a courier to improve communication with other families. Eager to start this new life in which she wouldn't have to constantly fight and injure herself, she accepted. Shortly after, she met with an archangel named Mina. So far, Mina is the only one who knows of Rosette's ability as a fighter.

Rosette had(and still has) no intention of letting the Empyreans know that she can fight. She wishes to be completely uninvolved in their war with the Crosszerians, and will only fight someone when she feels threatened. Even then, she will be more likely to sneak away. Her reasons for this are not out of compassion for her enemies, but life-preservation. Though she is starting to get attatched to the family, Rose is placing very little faith in actually being allowed to live there for too much longer due to her previous experiences. She may appear overly-cautious, but when she warms up to someone it becomes obvious that she is actually cheerful and kind.

I Wish I Never Feared These:
-Dark areas
-Enclosed spaces
My Age: 16
My Likes:
-Wide areas
-Most animals
-Warm places
-Having a safe place to stay
My Dislikes:
-Putting herself in danger
-People who can see through her lies
-Cold weather
My Weapon: A small assortment of throwing knives that she hides in her sleeves.
Demon/Archangel: Archangel(Takes the form of a racoon)
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Invisibility(She can also make others invisible, though it takes a large amount of focus)
User: Kyuuketsuki Arina

My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Currently Empyrean (No official family name)
My Name Is: Yuka Lise Celeste
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: The Witch
My Chosen Element Of Power: Water (but is still able to use more for the price of part of her life essence and magic core. Eventually, she might no longer be able to use any other magic except water and will suffer a temporary sickness afterwards)
I Wish I Was Recognized For: Helping those in need and punishing those who strive for more than they need.
My Past: Yuka was born into a world of witch craft because of her bloodline being in a family full of witches. Her mother and father were both killed in war even thought they were innocent. The couple never committed a crime. Yuka took it into her own hands to take revenge and punish the people who took more than they needed. To be exact, the people who took innocent lives. She helped as much as she could, using very little magic. Usually she was found healing somebody or giving advice to others. She became well known to those who earned her help.
As a young woman, she was captured by a Crosszeria soldier and forced to help the wounded. Yuka made her escape by cursing the young soldier. (If you would like to know what she did...she turned him into a pig. At the time it was comical) Running away was simple for her. Most people were mesmerized by her beauty and so they would let her stay for a while. It wasn’t long before she built her own house deep in the Empyrean Woods.
To keep herself occupied at all times, she aided anyone with good deeds and also visited the Empyrean King if needed. She also tends to travel back and forth between the Crosszeria and Empyrean lands, given that she can go through the barrier (which is no more) using magic.
I Wish I Never Feared These: No, she does not fear spiders. The thing she fears most is not knowing when she would fall fatally ill due to overusing powers or any of the sort. Also failing to help someone is a fear.
My Age: 20 (don’t worry, she is not one of those old hags who decide to forever be young.)
My Likes: Aiding others, justice, those who befriend her
My Dislikes: Being used
My Weapon: Just the magic she can produce
Demon/Archangel: White Dove
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Manipulate the Wind
User: Unlit Flame

My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Empyrean
My Name Is: Sakura Usagi
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Herbalist
My Chosen Element Of Power: Thunder
I Wish I Was Recognized For: Be as great an herbalist as her mother. And make her own name known.
My Past: Sakura's father was a blacksmith for the Empyrean army, making weapons for years. Her mother was an herbalist for the crown, helping with anything from nightmares to headaches with medicines. Sakura learned from both of them but showed much more aptitude with herbs and steel Her father however died, nearly four years ago in a smelting accident, caused by his apprentice. Sakura helps her mother sometimes, but for the most part has struck out on her own. With nothing but her angel. Sakura is kind of ditzy at times, and can have trouble focusing on the task at hand, but is friendly to anyone she meets. She can actually be too trusting.
I Wish I Never Feared These: People I love dying.
My Age: 17
My Likes: Dancing, cooking, laughter. Being around fun people, helping people however she can.
My Dislikes: People that take life too serious, people making fun of her. Needless fighting. Things that scare her (duh)
My Weapon: A katana made by her own hand, with her father's help (He actually did most of the work, using scraps from around his shop)
Demon/Archangel: Angel, Ezekiel. A goldfish in a magic bowl, that will never break, or spill, that was enchanted by a elderly witch she met in the woods. Ezekiel is bitter about the human's war, before angels were sent to earth to help, he was an angel of death and justice. A very powerful being with great importance in the affairs of the after life, but on earth he has been put into the form a fish.
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Darkness.
User: Nisaba


My appearance:User Image
Family Name: Empyrean
My Name Is: Roy Empyrean
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: prince
My Chosen Element Of Power: Fire
I Wish I Was Recognized For: Being a good prince
My Past: He was told to be careful with fire. and sometimes he was. but he has many burns and bandages from accidents that included the attempt to create "fire armor" or the "fire wheel", which involved rolling on the ground while surrounding yourself with fire, or creating a camp fire and accidently fueling it with too much fire. He doesn't know much, if any, about Crosszerias. He has never seen one before and assumes they look just like demons due to their powers of darkness. He's always looked up to his relatives and has always wanted to be just like them.
I Wish I Never Feared These: Crosszerias, monsters, or losing a family member in a war.
My Age:13
My Likes:playing with fire unless around someone who hates fire (normally a water element). making people happy or pleasing them. challenges, which come natural for a fire user. and usually anything his family members like to do
My Dislikes:displeasing someone or loosing trust and respect, a relative hurting in any way, and darkness
My Weapon:Uses two daggers: one with a green gemstone and one with a blue gemstone. But they are ordinary daggers as he has no experience with a weapon. He likes to use them because he values speed like a thunder user would. He has used gloves attached with spikes/claws when he was 10, which are currently in his room. His real weapon, a sword with a red gemstone in it, is too heavy for him to carry and is instead a decorative in his room. a fire user can turn it into a fire sword and launch fire in a form of a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, or cause a fire/volcano eruption by stabbing the ground.
Demon/Archangel: ??? (he hasnt learned about his archangel yet)
Power Of Demon/Archangel: ???

My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Empyrean
My Name Is: Nikolai Seizel Empyrean
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Prince, head of Knights/Soldier unit
My Chosen Element Of Power: Darkness
I Wish I Was Recognized For: Saving a life.
My Past: I used to be perfectionist. I wanted to make an impression on my parents, they never gave me much thought. I’m different from most Empyreans, them being all friendly, and me being completely gloomy. My parents were horrified once I began to realize my potential using darkness. It was...well...strange. They looked at me in such a way, it still burns in my memory. Like I was one of them. A Cross member. They looked at me like that. At that moment, I stopped doing everything perfectly, I began to be my own self. It wasn’t difficult, throwing away my reputation in front of the King and Queen. I got myself at the head of the knights unit after harsh training, undergoing pressure physically and mentally. No joke, you would have thought I should have been born one of those Cross people. I don’t regret being an Empyrean though...it’s not too bad. Right now, I’ve only got one intention. As a child, I always wanted to save someone from something. I’d try and do something pretty little. If someone dropped their sword, I would try and lunge for it. It was a stupid thing, but seeing their gratitude made me think I could do something more extreme. So save a life it was. I’m still looking for opportunities though. The latest mission was to go out by the barrier area. It was said that the Cross generation would be waiting on the other side, for the battle to start.

I Wish I Never Feared These: Failure. It’s a common fear, but that is the only thing I fear. Otherwise, I’m not afraid of death either.
My Age: 19
My Likes: It’s a secret, but I kind of like those cheesy romance novels. Only because I haven’t experienced love, it makes it interesting to read about it...I also have a liking towards sweet foods. It’s nothing too deep...I just kind of like them. Other than those two, I love fighting. It’s really strange, but it gives you that thrill, when you’re out there, practicing on a dummy or such.
My Dislikes: I absolutely hate this war. It’s pointless. They’re being stupid and selfish, why can’t it be a friendly world. I also dislike being a prince. Sometimes, you wish you could be normal, a citizen. But nope, I was born a prince, so it stays this way. I suppose I only became head of the knights because I wanted to get away, be something other than a prince.
My Weapon: Long Sword
Demon/Archangel: Shard, a white tiger.
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Darkness
User: Unlit Flame

My appearance:User Image
Family Name: Empyrean
My Name Is: Cory Empyrean
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Nephew to the King and Queen (technically I think that makes me a Prince)
My Chosen Element Of Power: Fire
I Wish I Was Recognized For: fighting prowess.
My Past: My family is part of the royal family, on my father's side. If everyone knew what I know in my heart, I'd be a bit of an outsider. It seems that everyone in my family want this war with the Crosszeria's over; I don't. I don't like to see land destroyed of innocents hurt, but I love fighting, I'm good at it, and I'd like to be able to always do it. I think if people are willing to fight then let the willing enjoy it.
I Wish I Never Feared These: Losing. An end to the war before I'm really old enough to enjoy it.
My Age: 15
My Likes: Doing something, fighting, training
My Dislikes: Stillness, slowness, wasting time
My Weapon: Halberd (as seen above)
Demon/Archangel: Archangel- Lýkos a great white wolf
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Light
User: Lady Pierce

My appearance:User Image
Family Name: Empyrean
My Name Is: Keiji Xue
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Knight/soldier, and dabbled in assassination
My Chosen Element Of Power: Earth
I Wish I Was Recognized For: Finding a way to forget the fact that I've lost the most important person to me.
My Past: Keiji was a decorated soldier in the Kings army. He was skilled, just, virtuous, sure of himself, and many other thing that his fellow fighters admired. When he'd return home he'd spend most of his time with a girl, Lin, and the two fell in love. The two were to be married in the spring, unfortunately, tragedy struck. There was an accident at her family home. A fire started, Lin made it out, but then ran back in to save the ring Keiji had given her. She couldn't make it out again. She died. Keiji changed, he never dealt with the grief or guilt over Lin's death, instead just shutting down. He became bitter, and jaded. He sold everything that he owned that reminded him of Lin, (aside from a locket that Rin had kept hidden from him. In fact that is what led to an argument between the two later) and left his village. Keiji spends his time drinking, or doing odd job he finds. Even bitter, and cold, Keiji still has a very strong sense of justice. Often helping people he meets, even if he says it annoying, he wouldn't walk away from people in trouble. Even if he does 'good' for people, he doesn't leave many friends in his wake. His aloof attitude, not endearing him to many people. His uncaring behavior has driven a wedge between him and his archangel. Rin, his archangel, and friend. She left him after an argument. She intended to leave him entirely, but she found she couldn't, archangels share close bonds with their human companions. So Rin follows Keiji, knowing that the idealistic young man he was is still in him. So she waits hoping he can find who he once was.
I Wish I Never Feared These: loosing my loved one.
My Age: 21
My Likes: Forgetting better times, hurting those that hurt innocent people
My Dislikes: good memories, bad booze, war, and ignorance. (other than his own)
My Weapon: Double kai (hand scythes) that can be attached at the handles to make a pole weapon
Demon/Archangel: Rin an antelope jackrabbit (She left Keiji's side, but always stayed near him, to protect and hope that he'd rediscover who he was)
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Earth
User: Lady Pierce

My appearance: User Image
Family Name: Empyrean
My Name Is: Akira Lyndel Kazune
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Knight. (Not considered one by many people though)
My Chosen Element Of Power: Darkness
I Wish I Was Recognized For: (Some of your dream goals): To find something to treasure. Like a memory maybe.
My Past: Akira was born a werewolf. Of course, he has always been kept away from full moons, by the King’s orders. He is considered a danger to society. Akira does not remember his parents, only that he was taken into the kingdom by the King. As for his life, he was mainly kept locked away because of the dangers that he could cause. Akira had once been forced to try and achieve an archangel through dangerous amounts of magic practiced on him. The people living in the kingdom thought that if Akira had been faced with danger, then perhaps his demon would appear. Not much is remembered about his past, or as to why he was taken into the royal Empyrean family. He is not however, a prince and is not treated in any sort of special way. He met Nikolai as a young child, obediently following his every step. He wanted to be normal, and considered Nikolai’s behaviors as normal. The two became friends in an awkward situation where Akira was caught sulking behind Nikolai one day. It was easy to speak with Nikolai. Akira’s relationship with the king is on another level. The king addresses Akira as if he is a dog, which bothers him entirely. However, since it is the king that had taken him in, he could do nothing to prevent anything.
I Wish I Never Feared These: Wrecking havoc upon the kingdom once going through transformation. Not pretty.
My Age: 19
My Likes: Acting like a child. Although it may not seem it, he can be as serious as Nikolai when a situation changes. Otherwise, he is well aware that people think he is a nuisance. All in the name of being recognized. Otherwise he is known to have an abnormal appetite meaning he definitely does enjoy eating. Not that it shows physically.
My Dislikes: He hates how people stare at him strangely, it really kills him to have to walk away because of it. Also, being locked up in the dungeons is difficult. Besides these two, Akira hates what he is. A werewolf. The transformation is excruciatingly painful and he is afraid of hurting someone.
My Weapon: None. He is known to only perform inhuman feats (enhanced strength, speed etc.)
Demon/Archangel: Unavailable
Power Of Demon/Archangel: Unavailable
User: Unlit Flame

My appearance:User Image
Family Name:EMPYREAN
My Name Is: Rellis (Tigerpaw) Empyrean
My Place In Royalty or in the Kingdom Is: Duke
My Chosen Element Of Power: Thunder
I Wish I Was Recognized For: A great follower of the Bushido
My Past: Rellis, or Tigerpaw as many call him, is a follower of the Bushido code. having a great respect for people that wish to learn it and willing to teach the way of Bushido to others he has become known as a sensei among the Empyrean's. however he is also blacked balled for the fact that he dose not look human in the slightest du to the fact that he was cursed at a young age by a Cross, another samurai that he thought was honorable. Living with his curse he is determined to make a name for himself in the land and make sure the way of the Bushido dose not die with him.
I Wish I Never Feared These: A dishonorable samurai
My Age: 23
My Likes: blacksmith
My Dislikes: killing
My Weapon: User Image, User Image, User Image
Demon/Archangel: Kami
Power Of Demon/Archangel: may rejuvenate a person from wounded to fully healed (can't raise the dead)
User: Scartherogue
sheesh gaia turned out to be like the #1 place for a rp theres always a bunch of other rps knocking this one away with their own conversations.
imma bumping once again,
like i have no life! *insert music notes*
actually i'd appreciate it right about now if you all sent your profiles to me instead of Unlit Flame since, i dunno, he seems to be doing something today. see, i seem to always be less busy and more active then anyone else when i actually bother to come on gaia. and if it's in the evening. but good thing it's a holiday tomorrow so NOW IZ CAN BUMPITTY BUMP BUMP ALLZ NIGHT LONG!
wait...that's pretty annoying... mad bumping all night...
i hope ya'll know you CAN pm me your profiles. didn't you read the rules? yeah, it's there. shame on you... rofl
should come to the Barton OOC more often. when did this place get posted anyways how come i never saw this?!
looks like in 2008.... stare

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