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We've been offered a guild to use for our Rp. Do we want to move it?

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Timid Seeker

I can set you up, babe.
*evil cackle*

Ehhe... hehe... As long as I'm not imposing.
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Obsessive Gawker

but of course not, my dear! That's what manipulative bad guys are here for! xD
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Timid Seeker

but of course not, my dear!

That's good, hehe....

That's what manipulative bad guys are here for!

And then Elysia was bor- wait, she's already been born.

Joking aside, sounds a might bit fun... depending on how it plays out.

On seven side notes, I'm listening to this.

var x; int = 1;
for (x>0; x++){
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Well, i'm only here to please. xD

Hey out of curiosity is Azure still with us?
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i think so; I'll pm and ask.
Hey guys, I'm kinda having writer's block on how to introduce my chars. Could I get some suggestions please? Should at least spark an idea or two.

Also, in terms of the music, I've always liked Hard Revenge but I prefer the Mythos arrangement. Now THAT's got some kick!
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Hmm, well there's signals going off from the museum and the national park. Maybe your navi can pick up on them?
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Princess GraviTEA:
Scaring Rock is fun,
It really is.
10:02pmPrincess GraviTEA:
I love it when anime characters have fears you can make fun of
One word or the right atmosphere; louder than bloody murder.
10:17pmPrincess GraviTEA:
A haunted house with spooky sounds
and moving shadows. xD
10:38pmPrincess GraviTEA:
"Netto-kun? Can we leave?"
*Is trying very hard not to scream*
too bad; you have to find the bad guy.
10:50pmPrincess GraviTEA:
"But what if there are ghosts"
too bad; Gotta go anyway.
10:51pmPrincess GraviTEA:
*Starts looking around even though he desperately wants to run. Points his buster at the slightest shift in shadows*
*Or sound*
*or very quiet sniffling sound*
10:52pmPrincess GraviTEA:
*Wait, quiet sniffling sound?*
*Oh yes. Like a crying little kid. But scarier . . .*
11:09pmPrincess GraviTEA:
*Rockman looks around, trying to find the source. He followed the sound, his steps unsure. He kept turning back to where he previously was as if he was going to flee at the smallest sound. He definetly scared. But his job was to find anything suspicious, and this qualified. Still, it was quite a bit unnerving*
"H-hello?" Rockman called, hoping to get some answer. He pressed his back to a wall, to attempt to keep anyone from sneaking up on him.

*Only the sniffling. Never words, never sobs, only the soft quiet sniffle that led Rock slowly toward the basement. A noise that sounded much more frightening and unnatural than it aught to have been . . .*
11:24pmPrincess GraviTEA:
*Rock was seriously debating running at this pont. The sniffling... How could something as that sound so ... frightening. It was just crying. It sounded so.... eery though. Not exactly like a ghost... But close. He pushed another door open and held his buster out. Nothing that he could see. Yet the sound that lead him into the room was so much louder.*
"H-hello?" He called again, hoping for an answer. This was getting far to creepy for his liking.
*The sniffling was louder now, though there still was no discernible source to it. It was dusty and dirty, but the room appeared to have once been a playroom. Why a playroom would have been in the basement was anyone's guess, but the bigger question was why there was a house with a playroom in the basement, with dilapidated furniture and old broken toys on the net.*
11:36pmPrincess GraviTEA:
"Netto-kun? I don't want to stay here," Rock stated. But in his mind he felt like the message wouldn't even reach his operator. Like something blocked the signal. He felt he couldn't log out if he tried. The physical appearance of this room, made it seem so old. A rocking horse with the rocker cracked. Building blocks scattered and some broken. A doll sitting on the rocking chair, one eye missing. The chair was ripped up, and missing some stuffing. Everything was coated in a thin layer of dust. He ran his fingers over the cloth on the rocking horse, examined the blocks. He looked at everything, but that creepy doll kept attracting his attention, like it is something out to get him. The doll, he couldn't tell anything about its face, except it's missing eye. That doll....
He couldn't help the thought that it might possibly be the source of the sound
((God, we're so wonderfully creepy!))
*The doll's clothes may have once been blue, but it was too faded now to tell. In fact, almost everything about the dolls clothes seemed to be blue at one time; it's little shoes, a ratted pair of gloves, and a broken . . . something that used to be on it's back, but had long since decayed away. it's hair was short and black, as were the broken circles that served as earrings and a brooch. But, it's single catching feature was it's one eye. It's single, green eye, that seemed unaffected by the time that had consumed the rest of the house. And the sniffling; had it gotten louder?*
12:01amPrincess GraviTEA:
The doll. It was getting to Rock. He was ready to turn and jet as soon as it did something alarming. Alarming. saying this about a doll. Something only done to him, to this extent anyways, by ghosts. Yet he found himself scared, at the same time, in a way, drawn to the creepy doll. He tentatively took a step towards it. Another. His hand returned to normal. This close up, he could see its eye, a green eye, as if it were on a brand new doll. So out of place... So real looking. He pushed the doll gently with his fingers. He wanted to run away. Something, unexplainable really, was keeping him here. Under the strange and mysterious spell of this damned doll. The outfit was blue, at one time. Everything about it. The outfit reminded Rockman of his own armor in a way. And it was disturbing
*The eye seemed to stare with a life of it's own as it flopped to the floor under Rock's touch, looking up at him . . . sadly? No, no, that couldn't be; toys didn't have emotion. And yet, the sensation remained; this strange, one eyed doll seemed sad as it rested in it's new place on the floor, the dust from the motion of falling now settling around it. And the sniffling; it hadn't stopped, but it hadn't gotten louder either. It couldn't be coming from the doll, could it? *
12:17amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rockman was at his breaking point, ready to run away screaming. It was like being trapped in a horror movie, only it was real. He picked the doll up, from the floor. The doll was heavy in his hand. The material it was made of... felt almost real. He touched its hair. Almost like a living beings (or navis) hair. He turned and set the doll down on the chair. He began backing away, desperate to leave.
And the fact it looked like it was sad? It just added to the scariness of the thing. Rock needed away as fast as possible
Save for the fact the door was now stuck. And no amount of pushing, pulling, or shoving would get it open. And the sniffling; confound that noise, it WAS getting louder. and closer. And now, now it was beginning sob . . .
12:36amPrincess GraviTEA:
Stuck. Stuck. Stuck. Rockman could not believe it. The door was stuck. His hand reformed into his buster. The sniffling in the room that had been in there longer than Rock had, grew to a sob, and Rockman became alarmed. He fired his buster rapidly at the door. It all bounced back, leaving him to practically dance around the magenta beams. On caught him in the stomach, and blew him backwards, all the way to the other side of the room. Most of the stuff on this side had been wrecked in the rebound, except that doll. That creepy, disturbing doll that lead Rockman here. Now only a few feet from him.
"Netto-kun... I'm scared.... Please answer"
It was an answer Rock knew he wouldn't get. He was alone. Alone with that doll. That sobbing was dragging the boys mental state down. He was tempted to join it. He sure gelt like crying too.
The doll, now lightly covered in debris and massive amounts of dust, still ended up eye facing Rock. As the dust settled on it's face, it gave the appearance of the thing forming a tear. No- no that was impossible; it couldn't be, and yet . . . No. Just no. that doll wasn't crying, and that sobbing sound was NOT starting to sound like words. It. Just. WASN'T.
12:48amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rockman heard an underlay words in that crying. Words among it. How scary. The tear at the corner of the dolls eye should've been strange, but everything that had happened, it was starting to wear on Rockman's sanity. That doll was still scary, but strangely he no longer wanted to run away. He brushed the dolls tear away with the tips of his finger. He gave the doll a look over. Its appearance had not changed. It still resembled him in that strange way. "Don't cry," he whispered. He felt like he was beginning to go insane, and that was likely what was happening
The word slowly, slowly started to make more sense. Home . . . Want . . . Home . . . The doll seemed sad still, but maybe . . . comforted? Safe? It was hard to tell the emotions of an inanimate object with a single eye, if it were even possible. The words were quiet, just as the sniffling had been at first, but so sad, so lost and confused was the way they were spoken. Loneliness. Loneliness and sadness were the emotions that filled the room, and still the unblinking eye stared, with the quiet sobbing and the even quieter words.
12:59amPrincess GraviTEA:
It wanted home.... Rockman gave a small laugh. It was a bit Ironic. He wanted home too... He would like to see Netto again. Wouldn't miss waking Netto for school though. He picked the doll up and held it in his lap. When you looked at it enough, it was kinda cute. He ran his hand through the dolls hair, ridding it of some tangles. He felt like a little girl playing with her doll...
"Where is home?" he asked, it didn't appear strange for him anymore to talk to a doll, a supposedly inanimate object.
it was strange, how the sniffling seemed to slow down some as Rock showed it a little affection, if his (likely) insanity induced actions counted as such. Don't . . . know . . . the words slowly formed from the sniffles and lessened sobs. Too long . . . Too far . . .
1:13amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rock flicked away bits and pieces of debris of the dolls dress. Without all the dust coating the dress, it was actually kinda pretty. Not ripped, just faded.
Ha. He understood about being too far away, he did want home. But strangely enough, if he were to leave, he would want the doll with him. "Do you have a name?" There he goes again, talking to a doll like it is the most normal thing in the world...
Less lonely, more sad. that was how it felt now. The sobs had reseeded into sniffles again as the words slowly formed. Strange, though, that they seemed to come clearer and clearer. No . . . have no name . . .
1:30amPrincess GraviTEA:
How sad... Did noone ever name it? Rockman decided then and there that he would name the doll. Come up with a pretty name if it killed him. "Raya," he decided with a nod. He held the doll with one arm, and gathered stuffing in a small pile with his free hand. He set the doll, now named Raya by him, on the pile. He looked over the rest of Raya's clothing. He had no clue what the thing on her back was supposed to be in the first place. He didn't know what to do about her gloves, but he would think of something.
***Netto was at his wits end. He hadn't heard from Rockman, had gotten no sign that he was okay. It was as if his navi had fallen off the surface of the net. Netto called Enzan. Calling wasn't as easy without a navi, but was doable. As much as he hated to admit it, Netto needed help with the situation. "Pick up..." ***
Even the sniffling was beginning to quiet now, and the frightening sensation of the room started to ebb. The doll seemed almost happier some how, as if it approved of the name and Rock's company when it looked to the navi with it's one green eye. Thank you . . .
*Enzan stared at the incoming call. "Netto?" he asked when he answered. What could Netto possibly need? It was such a simple mission . . . "What's wrong?" And something HAD to be wrong; the look on the boy's face spoke nothing but. Even Blues grew concerned.
1:39amPrincess GraviTEA:
"You're welcome," Rockman stated, his voice low and gentle. Using careful touches, he didn't want to risk hurting the doll that had eased up his being scared, something so meancing at first, but actually really sweet. He held it close. It was all he really had, trapped in the room.
***Netto sighed a little when Enzan picked up. Enzan didn't look too happy about his calling... But Enzan was the only one he could ask...
"Enzan, Rockman has disappeared,"
Better to get straight to the point***
The doll's head listed lightly to the side; was it smiling now? It very well may have been; the whole experience simply seemed impossible, but there it was, happening anyway. Either way, the green eye looked at Rock gingerly, like a friend.
**Something about the tone of Nettos voice set the vice president on edge. "How long has he been gone?" Enzan asked seriously. "And where did you see him last?"
1:51amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rockman smiled back at Raya. Nothing at all Raya could do that would suprise him. He scooted into a corner, and laid Raya on his chest. He was sleepy, the events taking alot of energy. He felt comfortable, it wasn't hard for him to enter his sleep cycle.
*** Netto had to stop and think about Enzan's question. When WAS the last time he had seen Rockman? "He has been gone for about an hour. I thought he had just gotten a little off track, but he was really scared, asking if we could leave." And now where was the last place he saw Rock? "He was walking down a hallway. He opened the door, and his signal disappeared."***
Something about the room now felt safe and warm, as if Raya herself was watching over Rockman. Something akin to affection, perhaps, filled the place, as the dust finished settling over the navi and doll, with Raya's one eye staring at the door, ever intently . . .
***Again, something about Netto's tone insisted that Enzan take action, not to mention a haunting feeling . . . "Alright; I'm sending Blues ahead and meeting up with you. Don't move, and keep trying to get to Rockman."***
2:02amPrincess GraviTEA:
***Netto nodded. "Alright," He would've kept trying to find Rock even if he wasn't told too. He wanted to find his navi. Now if only he could trick himself into thinking that everything would turn out okay. "Rockman? Are you there? Answer me please!" The calls for him never worked. Didn't stop him from trying***
Blues found the site Rock was last seen at and bit back a sigh; of course the blue navi would want nothing to do with this place. It almost set Blues himself on edge, as the boards of the porch creaked realistically at his approach, along with the eerie squeaking the hidges of the front door made.
2:18amPrincess GraviTEA:
Netto turned when he saw Blues in the computer. "Good, you're here." Netto sat down. The wasn't much he could do, being in the real world. Then he thought of something he had to say, "Blues be careful. I don't think Enzan would be happy if you went missing too,"
"Right." Blues replied, the thought was kind, yes, but unnecessary. Still, Blues could see why Netto was troubled, and was beginning to see Rock's distaste for ghosts and similar spooks, as he slowly made his through the strange house.
2:29amPrincess GraviTEA:
Netto sighed. All he could do was wait. And hope Enzan showed up soon. He hated feeling helpless. He wanted to look for Rock too. Netto wished Enzan would show up, he needed someone to talk too.
Enzan saw Netto sitting on a bench as he approached; his friend's dejected pose as he held his PET was not a comforting sight. "Any luck?" Enzan asked, feeling he already knew the answer.
Blues carefully followed Rockman's steps, still fairly visible in the dust of the place. The red navi felt . . . watched somehow. And some weird sound kept flickering in and out; something like a contented hum . . .
2:39amPrincess GraviTEA:
Netto shook his head with a sigh. "No luck," Netto set his PET down next to him and leaned back. He couldn't wait to have Rockman back so they can both go home and get a nice sleep they probably both deserve.
As Blues followed Rock's trail, the hum slowly dissipated and changed into agitated, frightened silence. It unnerved Blues; he never felt like this, and when he did, it was an emotion he could push away to deal with whatever appropriate situation had caused it. It felt almost pushed onto him, which left Blues even more unsettled as he approached the door where the footprints just . . . stopped.
Enzan noticed Blues' hesitation. "What's wrong, Blues? Is everything alright?" Enzan wasn't sure why, but even he had a bad vibe from this site.
"I'm alright, Enzan-sama." Blues answered, but he wasn't sure how true those words actually were.
2:56amPrincess GraviTEA:
Netto looked over Enzan's shoulder. The foot prints suddenly stopping. Did they continue past the door? There would only be one way to see for sure. "Blues, can you open the door?" Not that Netto didn't notice the bad vibes. But they still had contact with Blues, whereas by this point, he had lost contact with Rockman. Enzan isn't stupid, either way, Blues could be plugged out... right?
Blues cautiously tried the knob. It turned easily, but Blues still wasn't sure what made him so hesitant. The navi opened the door quickly, as if to dispell his own growing fears to find . . . nothing. Just a large, empty, basement room, and overwhelming feeling of anxiousness and fear; not to mention a strange sensation that something was being hidden from him. Or was it that he wanted to hide . . . No, that was nonsense.
3:06amPrincess GraviTEA:
Nothing. How strange. Why were there footprints there? And where did his navi go? Netto growled in frusteration. "Well he has to be around here somewhere!" Netto hit his hand on the wall. The entire situation was wearing down his paitence, and Netto never had a lot to begin with.
"Take it easy." Enzan said evenly, putting his hand on Netto's shoulder. "Stay calm; we'll figure this out." Enzan knew the sound advice would likely be lost on Netto, and he didn't really blame the boy, but Netto was not the type of boy you let get too excited in a delicate situation.
Blues stepped into the room, still trying to rationalize what in the world about this room set him so on edge. The navi felt smothered; as if some force was terrified of him and was trying to push him away.
3:22amPrincess GraviTEA:
Netto plopped himself down and crossed his arms. Enzan was telling him to calm down. Well, how would he like it if BLUES had gone missing. Netto hates the helpless feeling. Hates not being able to be helping more.
Rock opened his eyes. Some time passed since he was asleep. Raya was still in his arms, but he could feel a new presence in the room. It felt familiar, but like it was being pushed away. Just who was out there? Rock held Raya alittle tighter,
Enzan bit back a sigh; he knew Netto was suffering, but there wan't anything else that could be done. At least Netto was a little calmer as Blues continued his search for the missing navi.
"Rockman?" Blues called; he wasn't sure how useful the tactic really was, but gosh darn it if Blues wasn't thorough, even with this now terrified presence squeezing him on all sides as he stepped farther into the room.
3:49amPrincess GraviTEA:
With one hand pressed against the wall, Rock stood up. He was tired of sitting. He froze when he swore he heard his name. But it must have been his imagination. All he would've heard in this room is Raya, and she was silent. Rockman began walking around the room, for no particular reason then to stretch his legs. But he could tell Raya was unhappy about something. What?
Netto began kicking his feet out of boredom. Has he mentioned how much he hates feeling useless? He didn't really care at this point if it bugged Enzan, He wanted to help find Rock too....
Blues flinched; he knew he heard something this time; something shuffling on the floor. "Rockman!" he called again, ignoring the sounds and feelings the room gave off as he somehow felt more and more alone.
Raya's eye looked frightened as it looked to the door, as if a stranger was there, threatening them. A worried hum softly filled the room, and one could almost think that she tried to hold Rock's hand.
Enzan tried to be patient with Netto; he knew the boy well, and this situation was hard on him. But Netto's antziness was starting to get to him.
4:12amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rock's head snapped to the side. He knew he heard his name that time. Raya seemed unhappy. He did want to know why. "Is something wrongm Raya?" He asked, his voice kept quiet. Waiting for her response, Rockman began walking again, determined to find the source of that voice.
Netto began tapping his fingers on his leg. With each passing moment, it was getting harder and harder to stay still. He knew he was annoying Enzan by this point but....
Who? the voice finally asked, quietly, frightened and untrusting. Red . . . Who? Raya eyed the door warilly.
Blues heard it again; rustling footsteps, and he could almost swear he saw dust move. "Enzan-sama, I'm not sure where but Rockman is nearby." he reported, ignoring the fact he could almost swear someone had asked who he was . . .
Well, this was news, though how good that news actually was, Enzan wasn't sure as he scooted away from Netto.
4:25amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rockman was near Blues? Netto was.... partially happy, but he won't be fully until he hears that Rock is safely back in his PET... Not until then.
Rockman frowned and took a couple steps towards where he knew he was hearing his name. Raya said something along the lines of "Red...Who?" Rockman stopped to think if he knew anyone who dressed in red. Some memories were in a haze, and Rock grasped at them hoping to get an idea. "Blues?" He asked noone in particular. That was the only person he could think of that would be in red...
. . . Friend? the voice asked at length. The tone was . . . worried. Unsure, cautious even; as if Raya were asking to assure herself it was okay to trust the unseen stranger she watched intently with her one green eye.
4:44amPrincess GraviTEA:
"I think he's a friend, since I can't see him..." Why can't he see him anyways? He shifted Raya so he was holding her with one arm. Rockman reached his other out, hoping his hand would meet something besides air. He really wanted to know who was out there...
Something touched Blues. It wasn't possible, as nothing was there, but he'd felt it; fingertips on his arm. And somehow he knew it was Rockman. The growing tension eased away, but that simply left Blues with his own growing paranoia, something he was not enjoying. It felt silly, being scared of nothing, but that feeling still made him reach out his arm, to Enzan's confusion, and nearly swear aloud that he felt Rockman's shoulder beneath his hand.
4:54amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rockman tensed up when something touched his shoulder, and instinct he 'eeped' and swatted it away. He had been suprised enough when he was touching something he couldn't see, then someone touched him, it made him think it was a ghost at first. "Who's out there?!" Rockman called. he wanted to confirm that maybe it was Blues out there.
Blues heard the distinctive, yet distant, yeep of a ghost frightened Rock as his arm was batted away, and a similarly distant call for who was there. "Rockman!" Blues called loudly; what ever strange force possessed (and Blues used that term lightly) this server was finally admitting Blues to know where Rockman was, although now something seemed to be nudging him to a certain point on the wall . . .
Raya head tilted to the right, so that her eye faced the opposite wall. There was a door there now; one that hadn't been there before. Or had it? Either way, something seemed to give a gentle, loving nudge toward it . . .
5:21amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rockman heard a call of his name, a bit distanced. "Blues?" He called uncertainly. He was pretty sure it was Blues out there. But he couldn't be totally sure. Raya's attention was turned towards a wall and Rock looked the same way... A door... He began walking towards it.
Blues sighed; this was already long past any semblance of sanity, he might as well give it a try. And to his surprise, the wall gave way; into a white room that didn't seem to match the rest of the house. it was clean in here; no dust or signs of age, though it was hard to stare at, and the furniture was still covered. There was a door on the opposite wall that seemed to be opening to reveal . . . "ROCKMAN!"
5:39amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rockman instantly snapped his head towards the voice, startlingly loud. To his suprise, he could see Blues across the room. He smiled and waved at him. Rockman walked to the center of the room and waved for Blues to come stand with him. He shifted Raya to his other arm. Admittedly, she did get heavy after a while.
Blues walked over to Rock; the Thing in his arms was . . . unusual to say the least, but it didn't seem to bear any attention. Instead, Blues went right to the point. "Are you alright? Netto lost connection with you, and called us for help."
Raya still felt uneasy about the stranger; it was as if she could sense how strong Blues was, and it scared her. Her eye looked at him uneasily, untrustingly.
Rockman tilted his head in slight confusion. "Who is Netto?" he asked himself. Then he remembered. Ohhh.... "Oh wait, I remember..." He let his voice trail off. "I'm fine," His eyes drifted to the doll clutched in his arms. She seemed worried. "Don't worry Raya, Blues doesn't bite."
Blues stared blankly at the (now obviously deranged) navi. He knew Rock had a phobia of ghosts, silly as that was, but what was happening before him was outside of any possibility of mental damage he'd ever thought possible. In short, he was OBVIOUSLY not well.
Enzan shared a similar stare at his PET screen, and while the picture was starting to get fuzzy, it was quite clear that Rockman, who was still not responding to his own PET, was holding and talking to a very creepy doll. Enzan couldn't even form a thought at what he was witnessing; this was ludicrous, by any means imaginable.
Blues wasn't entirely sure how to continue; he had to figure out what happened to Rockman without allowing the same to happen to himself. He also wasn't sure it Rock's lack of hysterics was a good thing or a bad thing. Blues decided to try and keep Rock calm; it would be easier to help that way, as he sat down beside him. "Who is this?" he asked, as gently as he could, trying very hard not to say what as he gestured to the doll, hoping to pry some answers from the mentally mangled navi.
Netto stared. What happened to his navi? Rockman was talking to a doll. An old torn up CREEPY doll. And Rock was carrying it around like it was his friend. What had happened to him?
Rockman yawned. He was still tired. He reshifted Raya in his arms. He rubbed his eyes with his free arm. "I'm tired," he stated before sitting down. Besides, what else was there to do?
3:30pmPrincess GraviTEA:
Rockman looked down at Raya, then back at Blues. "She's Raya," Rockman chirped. He began messing with her hair.It had gotten a bit messy while he was sleeping the first time.
Rockman was eerily chipper; Blues would almost rather deal with the screaming. Almost. "Where'd you find her?" he asked, again gently, in an attempt to both keep Rock calm and not alert him to the fact Blues was sure he'd seen something move in the shadows.
Enzan recognized what his navi was doing; slowly leading Rock to give the answers everyone was looking for. Unfortunately, while this may have meant more (understandable) torment from Netto, this may be the only way to get anything out of Rock without causing him to do something unpredictable (if anything could get more strange than this), and honestly Enzan didn't want to fight Rockman, not right then.
Raya seemed a little more at ease, though her eye always seemed to point distrustfully at Blues. Even with Rockman playing with her hair, which she somehow seemed to thoroughly enjoy, the eye never seemed to look away from the red navi.
3:47pmPrincess GraviTEA:
Rockman stopped playing with Raya's hair long enough to turn around and point. "I found her over there." He turned back to Raya. He held her up a little ways. "Isn't Raya pretty Blues?"
Netto was watching, that doll was giving him the creeps. Blues was asking him questions, and trying to keep him calm. Netto wanted so badly to know what was happening.
"Yeah." Blues lied with a nod. He felt a little bad about it; he knew Rock had never lied to him, or likely anyone else, but he didn't want to upset him. Besides, of all the things in all the Net that Blues had ever seen, the doll was likely not the worst. The vibe that the thing gave, however, was another story entirely, though Blues tried his best to ignore it. "Do you remember how you got here, Rockman?" Blues prodded calmly; he was having to fight keeping the anxiety out of his voice.
((What animal would Blues and Rock be))
((If they had their pick? Blues would be something fierce I'm sure, cheetah or something of the like, and I'd imagine Rock would be able to deal with something cute that packed a wicked punch. for some reason, that kangaroo that from Looney Toons comes to mine, lol! Also, Blues may be in for a BAAAAD surprise in both the RP and the Haunted House . . .))
((I think Rock would be an Iriomote Cat, for a couple reasons))
((A: They are a species native to Japan B: They are about as small as a domestic house cat, but they are very good hunters C: They actually like water D: They are cute!))
Rock glanced up at the ceiling. How did he get there? "I found the playroom when I was walking around". Wasn't exactly a lie. Rock's memories were a bit fuzzy at this point. He continued playing with Raya's hair. Not like there was much else to do.
Playroom? Blues wondered, though he didn't press the fact he never saw one. "Ah." Blues replied with a nod. "Did you find Raya before then?"
Raya eyed Blues curiously, as if surprised that Blues cared of her existence at all.
11:11pmPrincess GraviTEA:
"Nah, I found her in the playroom," Rock smiled. "I wanna go some where," Rock stated, pushing himself to his feet. "I'm getting bored." He yawned to illustrate his point. He clutched Raya tightly. No need to risk dropping her.
"Alright." Blues nodded, standing up and letting himself be lead by Rock. Or was it the site leading them around? It didn't really matter, as long as Blues could help fix it. The two (three?) of them wandered toward a door Blues knew wasn't there before, and the last door seemed to have disappeared. The new door lead to another old dusty place, but this room seemed more naturally lit, perhaps by moonlight. It seemed to be an art studio, with a few easels set up, and a few jars of paint and brushes left about. Raya seemed exceptionally pleased with this room, and her one eye sparkled in the light.
11:46pmPrincess GraviTEA:
Rockman wandered in the room, looking around. He wandered over to an easel and picked up a paint brush. He wanted to try painting something. But he didn't know what. Then he saw Raya, still clutched tightly in his arm, and he had an idea. He would paint Raya.
Raya smiled as much as a doll could, and if she could blush, she would have. Maybe she did; Rock was so sweet and kind, Raya simply loved him. He made her feel safe and happy.
Blues kept an eye to the window and the door, watching for movement or navis. Or anything really, but nothing seemed to happen in this room besides the sway of the tree outside, and occasionally the moan of the cryptic wind, and an inexplicable mushy feeling of happiness. That was almost worse than the anxious feeling; it almost made Blues nauseous, like he was invading some personal moment.
1:05amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rockman smiled at his painting; It was almost done. "Whatcha think, Raya?" He asked. He thought it looked really good. It wasn't that bad. Blues was doing something, looking around as if he thought something was going to happen. Rock didn't really care. As stated before, He was much more interested in what Raya thought.
Raya'e eye sparkled happily as it examined the painting. She thought it was beautiful, and the room hummed in her appreciation.
Blues took a glance at the picture; it actually was quiet good, even given the . . . awkward subject matter. The red navi was getting used to the odd sounds that followed them, despite the fact he could have swore he heard a faint giggle.
1:38amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rock smiled. He was glad the Raya liked it. He picked up his brush. It is time to shade. He dipped his brush in paint. He brought it along the edge of the dress, creating a darker line. Shading was rather easy.
Netto was ready to hit something. The doll. That doll. It was driving him mad! It was keeping Rock's attention. He wouldn't be suprised if it caused his navi's condition. "Its that doll," he growled, only loud enough for Enzan to here him.
"I'm beginning to agree with you, Netto." Enzan told the boy, unable to take what was going on any longer (Netto was practically crushing him to see Blues' PET screen). "But we need to be careful; we don't know exactly what has happened to Rockman, or how exactly this thing has control over him like it does. If we simply lash out, we may seriously hurt him, or worse." Enzan didn't need to explain what worse most likely was. "Just try to stay calm; we'll get this sorted out. I promise."
Blues had to admit, if even only to himself, that Rock was a rather talented artist. Still, after hearing Netto's comment, he couldn't help but wonder if it was Rock's talent or the doll's. The more he thought about it, the more it made sense; Rock was responding to the sounds and sensations that followed them around, and the doll had been the only consistent item.
2:03amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rockman let out a contented sigh. Really, he could just do this for hours. He was happy when Raya was happy, and she seemed happy with this. "Done!" Rock exclaimed happily. He had put alot of work into it.
Netto shook his head. That was a really good painting, and that was not good. "Rock's drawings, even his stick figures, usually look like squiggly lines on crack. And when they don't, it still isn't very good," Netto stated with an air of annoyance. It was that doll. Definitely. Enzan had a point, but that didn't help his mood.
Nor did it help Enzan's; though it did give him an idea. "Maybe if we can get Rockman to realize he's being controlled, we can sever it without hurting him." Enzan mused.
Raya's head leaned into Rock's chest contentedly; his work was wonderful, and she was happy he'd made it for her.
Blues nodded; he had a pretty good idea of where to start doing just that. In a rather long meeting once, a long time ago, Blues had met the navi of a client of Enzan's who took a particular interest in art. The two had gotten to talking, and she'd eventually goaded Blues into an impromptu basic art class over the four hour meeting. Most importantly, she'd taught him how to draw humans, specifically faces. Blues picked up a brush and began sketching in short, light lines, building a circle, and then slowly adding the features. In a few minuets, an image of Netto's cocky face was now looking at Rock.
2:34amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rock turned to thhe sound of a brush against paper. He was a little bit surprised to see Blues painting. Then Blues turned the canvas so he could see it. A human face... One so familiar to Rock, yet in his current state, it was a couple seconds before he recognized it. The boy in the painting, was Netto. Rock found himself caught in memories. Meeting Netto for the first time... Defeating Fireman.... The time on the plane, just after he was revived...
Netto allowed himself to feel the tiniest bit of hopefulness. It seemed Rock was deep in thought. Hopefully, Blues' plan was working, even if only a little
Blues knelt down, putting his hand on Rockman's shoulder gently as he look the blue navi seriously in the eye. "You need to go home, Rockman. Netto is worried about you." he told Rock, kindly but firmly, trying not to lose that glimmer of recognition he saw in the other's eyes.
Raya had remembered something. It had been so long since she'd remembered anything; she'd been too lost, too lonely, and she didn't know how long. Something about the way her new friend felt toward that picture felt like . . . Home? she asked at length, unsure. Is . . . that your home?
2:57amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rockman reached out to touch the picture. Home... Maybe Blues had a point. He did have to go home. He didn't want to worry Netto. But what about Raya? "My home is with Netto..." He whispered. He traced the outline of the picture with his finger. Raya was still in his arm, but he was feeling a litle torn. Who was more important?
Raya was confused too; she liked Rockman happy, but Rockman was happy at home. But if Rockman went home, she would be lonely again. Raya didn't like being lonely, especially not now that she remembered being happy. But she was starting to remember something . . . Help Raya go home too? she asked, rather sad and frightened.
3:16amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rock had just about made up his mind; he'd return to Netto. Then Raya asked him to take her home. "Where is your home Raya? I know where my home is, but where is yours?" He would help, but he would need to know this stuff first.
I . . . don't remember. she admitted, and Blues was surprised to finally hear the voice. I think . . . It might be . . . lost here somewhere. Something important that I need to go home.
3:23amPrincess GraviTEA:
She's missing something she needs to go home... What could it be? "I have no clue what exactly we are looking for, but I think the playroom is a good place to start." Rockman stood up. He knew there was one thing he needed to do. "Netto-kun? Are you there?"
"Yea Rock?" And boy was Netto happy to have his navi address him. He hadn't talked to him directly since the start of the mission gone wrong.
"Sorry for worrying you," and with that, Rockman headed for the door intending to go back to the playroom.
Enzan released a small sigh of relief he didn't know he was holding; the creepiness of the place had dropped considerably, despite it looking exactly the same.
Blues looked about, searching for clues, but nothing seemed to be very important; it was all broken toys, old furniture and dust. "Raya, is there anything else you remember? Any other parts of this house we could look in?" It felt a little strange, talking to a doll, but at least it was proven that he wasn't crazy for doing so.
Raya thought for a moment. I . . . I lightly remember being somewhere else. the doll said slowly, trying her best to be helpful. It was very pretty in there; it was gold, and red, and white, very beautiful. I remember that I looked there for a long time. And . . . something scary chasing me here . . . and then I was stuck here . . ."
4:01amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rock really did not have high hopes for the room in the first place. He did sorta destroy the room with his buster earlier. He had set Raya down in the middle of the room, so she could see both boys, and so Rockman could have both of his hands. "I think it is time to try another room?" Maybe there would be another room with something matching Raya's description. He picked Raya up again, and walked to the door that had first lead him to this room, the one that started it all. He pushed it open. No longer stuck. Huh.
Raya tried to remember where that room was, but everything was rather fuzzy. It frustrated her, but she tried to stay positive. It's . . . this way, I think. Raya said, and a gentle force guided Blues and Rockman to a set of double doors to their right, away from the entrance.
Blues moved ahead and opened the doors. This was likely the room they were looking for, though the decayed place was rather dark and very dirty, it appeared to have once been a grand ballroom.
4:13amPrincess GraviTEA:
Rockman walked a little faster to catch up, and he got to see the room. It was all dark, and decayed now, but he was sure it must have been a very pretty room at some point. He wandered in, and found a soft chair that looked salvageable. He dragged it to the center of the room, setting Raya on it. "Any idea what we are looking for?" He asked gently. It didn't do much if he didn't know what he was looking for. He knelt down to check the nearby tables, and under them.
The doll's head hung in thought, though Raya really didn't much control over that. It was . . . blue. It was small and blue, and when I lost it, I started to forget. Raya told them. I think. I don't really remember; it's too fuzzy.
Blues nodded; that was a little better than looking for a needle in a haystack.
It was blue. Not very descriptive. But it was all they had to go on. Rock knelt down and peeked under a table. A desert of dust. With a little hill in the middle. Wait, hill? He reached out for it, and picked it up. He pushed the dust away with his finger. "Is this it?" He asked. It was blue, but he couldn't really tell much about it beyond that.
Raya brightened at the find; Yes! she cheered. It's . . . oh, it does something important, I know it does . . . her voice faded sadly as she tried to remember.
Blues came over to look at Rock's find. It looked like a navi emblem, save for whatever that had been on it seemed to have faded away, leaving a faded blue shape.
Ooookay... What's with the massive wall of text? ...Nevermind. Doesn't matter.

Anyway, whoo! Made my first post! Sorry if it's a tad long. Best I could think of to introduce my chars. Hope I did alright. If not just let me know where I went wrong and I'll make whatever changes I have to.
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Ooookay... What's with the massive wall of text? ...Nevermind. Doesn't matter.

Anyway, whoo! Made my first post! Sorry if it's a tad long. Best I could think of to introduce my chars. Hope I did alright. If not just let me know where I went wrong and I'll make whatever changes I have to.

Why, You read the massive wall of text. It is actually pretty funny/creepy (just a little). It is a chat turned RP that happened a few weeks ago between Kikker and I. We do this a lot. Get used to it.

Your post is fine. Interesting start to your characters. None of my characters are nearby, so no interaction from me. And don't apologize for making long posts! Long posts are awesome. If you have a lot to say, say it!

OH Since you are new... I have to say this: Welcome to the RP! Beware the craziness that can be me and Kikker. And enjoy yourself.
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I share my crazed adventures; feel free to make you own ending to them. xD

And your post was fine; There's no post limit for a reason, dear; don't ever think you have to make short or long posts if you don't find it helpful.
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First of all, let me just say, I'm sorry for the inactivity, it was kind of... uh... random. It'll probably happen again in two weeks, but hopefully after that I'll calm down and stop fangasming over TERA Online.
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First of all, let me just say, I'm sorry for the inactivity, it was kind of... uh... random. It'll probably happen again in two weeks, but hopefully after that I'll calm down and stop fangasming over TERA Online.

That's quite alright; thanks for the heads up, and I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. i have quite a few games that need beating myself. Darn all these good series games . . .
Sorry for the late post everyone. Been busy trying to get through Mass Effect 2 so I could get started on ME3. Such is the life of a gamer... And on that note, a word of warning: I just got my hands on "Tales of Graces f" and I'm a HUGE fan of the Tales series so please forgive me if I make any more late posts over the next couple of weeks. I've got a bad habbit of pushing everything else to the side when I'm into a really good game.

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