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This is where I'll toss all the profiles, so you can get an eyeful of the marvelous men and lovely ladies attending the academy.

The RP | OOC
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Player: Takarashi

Name: Kreiva Ruskilitzer
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Kreiva is four feet and ten inches tall, and weighs 110 pounds. She tends to like dark, flowing clothes, and her hair is often a mess. The little lady.
Personality: A foul personality to match her foul mouth, Kreiva is a lazy cheapskate with a temper. She never backs down from a challenge and would sooner solve everything with her fists.
Abilities: Kreiva is a witch in training, making her at least somewhat talented with hexes, enchantments, and potion brewing.
Equipment: Her enchanted broom acts as her means of transport as well as a decent weapon. She also carries a small pocket knife.
Rank: 1 Star

Dragon's name: Oran
Dragon's gender: Male
Dragon's appearance: He has platinum-colored scales, a golden underbelly, and sky blue eyes. He is about seven feet tall on all four legs and weighs 440 pounds.
Personality: The dragon is calm and cautious, and is always trying to learn everything about a situation before getting involved, if at all.
Abilities: Oran can shoot beams of light.
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Player: Skuhlly

Name: Meelos Shuuko
Age: Sixteen (16)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Meelos Is Such A Cutie!
Personality: Meelos is really lazy and very cocky. Hes a talkative and playful person but he is also caring when he can be. He can sometimes had a bit of an attitude but its not often.
Abilities: Meelos is an illusionist. He can create illusions but he focus's more on physical strength.
Equipment: He carries a small wand like stick that gives his magic a slight boost.
Rank: 2 Stars
Biography: Meelos' secret.
Additional Info: N/a

Dragon's name: Sven
Dragon's gender: Male
Dragon's appearance: Sven!
Personality: Sven is just as lazy as Meelos. He also enjoys eating just as much and sleeping.
Abilities: Sven is your typical fire-breathing dragon.
Additional Info: Sven is about 8 ft tall and weighs about 400 lbs.


Name: Maiya Shuuko
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Maiya
Personality: Maiya is very quiet and thoughtful. She spends a lot of time just not talking. She doesn't like to show emotion around others but sometimes she can't help it. Her quietness can sometimes come off as being rude.
Abilities: Healing
Equipment: N/A
Rank: 4 Star
Biography: She disappeared at the age of 12, she was alone for a while until she met her own dragon and since then, they have been travelling together.
Additional Info: She is Meelos's younger sister. Maiya suffers from Amnesia and doesn't remember Meelos, being her brother. Or anything before her disappearance.

Dragon's name: Faera
Dragon's gender: Female
Dragon's appearance: Faera
Personality: Very quiet and very reserved. Faera is almost parent like over Maiya.
Abilities: Ice
Additional Info: Faera is over protective of Maiya
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Player: Shiruke Ryu

Name: Lark Boren
Age: Fourteen
Gender: Male
Appearance: Picture
Personality: Ditzy and clumsy, but excels in academics. Prefers to stay outdoors and enjoys exercising in solitude. Has a strong sense of justice, but never has the courage to take action. Acts as if inanimate objects have feelings and personalities.
Abilities: Photographic memory
Equipment: Carries a brilliantly decorated broadsword with him, no matter where he is.
Rank: 1 star
Biography: Was born into a horrible family. His birth mother disappeared soon after he was born and he has two fathers, both homosexual. His original father despises him to the point where he attempted to murder Lark. His other father pretends he doesn't exist and never will acknowledge him.
Additional Info: Refuses to accept the fact that he has a mental connection to Gure and is whole-heartedly convinced it was a fluke. Has never had his first love, but had his first kiss stolen from him at the early age of eight by an unknown girl. His broadsword seems like a treasured possession.

Dragon's name: Gure Boren
Dragon's gender: N/A
Dragon's appearance: Picture
Personality: Hot-headed and becomes irritated whenever Lark is present. Easily offended and overly emotional.
Abilities: Able to control fire and ice simultaneously, but it always gets out of control.
Additional Info: Never learns to control both elements at once. Have known about Lark for three years, but have never met him until recently.
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Player: Azure Ryuu

Name: Michael D. Levion
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Male
Appearance: Levi or Michael are fine.
Personality: Levi can be sweet, gentle, and kind but on the flip of a switch turn cocky and sarcastic. He doesn't like to take anyone's crap but that doesn't always mean he has to be rude about it. Levi is a thinker and doesn't typically just throw himself into trouble without looking at everything from all sides.
Abilities: Telepathy
Rank: 5 Star
Additional Info:
This marking appeared on Michael's back after bonding with his dragon.

Dragon's name: Evaliir
Dragon's gender: Female
Dragon's appearance: Feathered Dragon
Personality: Evaliir is very protective over her rider. Always skeptical about the people around them, Evaliir is cautious but outspoken. Sometimes she can be a mother hen towards Michael, but that never stopped them from being best friends.
Abilities: Size shifting and Air Manipulation


Name: Arilian Kamitore
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Female ♀
Appearance: Silver Haired Beauty
Personality: Arilian is rather withdrawn and quiet. She has to be for the sake of those around her. She tries to be in control of her emotions at all times so she is found to be weird by other people. If she were to ever just be herself, she's quiet bubbly and friendly, but she's only like that around her grandfather, Horace Elm, and her dragon.
Abilities: Enhanced Agility and Dragon Physiology (She takes on the aspects of her dragon)
Equipment: She wears a choker with an emerald stone in the center to help control her powers.
Rank: Five Star
Biography: Arilian's parents were killed long ago by a rogue dragon that went haywire. As an infant she was critically injured and was on the bring of death when a dragon, Tahlian, killed the berserker dragon. Having pity on the dying infant, the dragon claimed her as his own, saving her by sharing his soul. Her life now became his life, her soul now his soul, her heart now his her. She would stop aging at the age of twenty and live the rest of her life in her prime as a dragon would. Sharing his soul also meant sharing his power, which his human rider is still learning how to handle.
Additional Info: She doesn't have full control of her dragon physiology which is why she keeps her emotions in check and stays away from most people.

Dragon's name: Tahlian
Dragon's gender: Male ♂
Dragon's appearance: Dragon of Ice
Personality: Tahlian is wise and fatherly. He looks after Ari like a daughter and wishes to teach her all he knows. To others, he is curious. He has a thirst for knowledge and loves to learn new things.
Abilities: Soul Sharing (Only once, a physical, mental, and emotional connection) and Ice manipulation
Additional Info: Tahlian is good friends with the headmaster of the school, having known him for a long time. They consider each other allies which is the reason Tahlian had brought Ari to the headmaster when Tahlian saved the infant.
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Player: Phoenix347

Name: Cael Irritum
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Male
Appearance: Black Coat
Personality: Cael originated from a wealthy family, so he can was raised with manners and etiquette in mind. He is also rebellious, choosing doing what he wants rather than taking orders from others. He likes dueling, but doesn’t like hurting others.
Abilities: Learning Steal; Cael can copy the abilities of someone else if he has enough understanding, but he can only use one person’s ability at a time.
Equipment: 2 large swords, 6 throwing daggers, 6 rope darts, lock picking kit
Rank: gaia_star gaia_star gaia_star
Biography: Cael was raised in a wealthy family, but was not in line to succeed as the head, and so he was sent to be on his own. He spent his new life stealing what he needed and helping those who couldn’t, before he gained too much of a reputation and had to leave town.
Additional Info: He’s an ex-thief, so if you wave money in his face, don’t be surprised he steals your coinbag from your belt. He can also pick locks, loves sweet things and challenges.

Dragon's name: Sylvar
Dragon's gender: Male
Dragon's appearance: 9 feet tall, 13 feet long, with a 15 foot wingspan. Sylvar is a silver wyvern dragon, whose scales can reflect images like a mirror, while soft to the touch.
Personality: Sylvar is a calm dragon, who does not like to fight others and prefers to socialize and observe everything around him. He sometimes plays small pranks on Cael.
Abilities: Reflection; Sylvar can change his scales slightly to change the look and color of them, almost like camouflage, but only what the scales can view.
Additional Info: He loves sour things, unlike his partner. He sometimes plays with his scales to reflect light around. He can’t breath fire, but does blow wind and ice.
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Player: Lunastasia IV

Name:Lunastasia (Luna)
Age: 18
Appearance:Anastasias Looks
Personality:Shes seen to be a bit cold hearted at times but she really is kind hearted just very shy
Abilities:Shes has ability to blend with shadows for a small amount of time and She can hear whispers of the dead
Rank: gaia_star gaia_star gaia_star

Lunastasia is to be one to always do as she was told even though she hated it her father and mother have been controlling the family's stock and there true business she has been arranged to marry this man that only want her hand for money so she plans on running away and she can be her own reaper Once she met shade she found her destiny

Additional Info: she doesnt like being called a reaper she prefers death angel

Dragon's name:Shade
Dragon's gender:Male
Dragon's appearance:BLack with silver eyes Shades Looks
Personality:Very calm and protective
Abilities:Hes a shadow dragon so he is well matched to the young death angle
Additional Info:He is older then Lunastasia well skilled the head of the group only trusts luna
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Player: Bortelex

Name: Malik son of Kithon
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearance: About five feet seven inches. Has dark brown hair, and pale blue eyes. He keeps his hair somewhat short and it is very ragged as he cuts it himself and only enough so that it stays out of he eyes and doesn't feel too long. His skin if very tanned. He wears light and loose clothes, as well as a light cloak. His clothes are tan or brown most of bleached from the sun.
Personality: Rash, adventurous, might seem lazy but is more just hesitant.
Abilities: Elemental Mage, (Fire, Water, Earth and Wind powers)
Equipment: A wand, about twenty-six inches long and about an inch and a half thick, made of three different woods intertwined. Used to focus his powers, though is powers are not dependent on it.
Rank: 1 star
Biography: He met the dragon Silivene three years ago, after his former teacher sent him away saying that he could not be taught anything else. Leaving with him a wand as a parting gift. And then she came saying he had great potential. They lived together in a nomadic life until she finally convinced him to come to Avalon.
Additional Info:

Dragon's name: Silivene
Dragon's gender: Female
Dragon's appearance: She has dark blue scales, similar to the color of the deep ocean or the night sky. Despite the darkness they shimmer in the light. She has two lines of horns/spines starting above each of her eyes and continue to about half way down her neck. Her eyes are a fiery shade of yellowish orange.
Personality: Typically calm and mature, but can be very mischievous when she wants to be.
Abilities: Has lightning breath
Additional Info: She has been Malik's teacher in magic since they met, by constantly encouraging him to do things he doesn't think he can do.
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Player: Zaggnita

Name: Toby Ingham
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Toby
Personality: Gentle, warm, knowledgable, cheerful, quirky, and merry. Yet quite clumsy, awkward, lazy, quiet, and unlucky. Despite his background, he is very intelligent and is often found reading. He loves peace and quiet and dislikes that being disrupted.
Abilities: Telekinesis and his great quirky mind!
Equipment: Handcarved walking cane ; Handcarved Pipe
Rank: 2
Biography: Father was a captain of a trading ship, but he died while protecting his family from thieves during a holiday. Toby, who was 10 at the time, inherited his father's cane and pipe and took it upon himself to care for the rest of his family. That is, until they died 5 yrs later from a terrible disease. Toby then decided to travel, and during that time he met Mornaug.
Additional Info: Toby cherishes his father's pipe and cane, and doesn't like it when others mess with them.

Dragon's name: Mornaug Xin
Dragon's gender: Female
Dragon's appearance: 7ft tall, 14 ft long.
Mornaug Xin
Personality: Broody, grouchy, impulsive, vain, stubborn and can be aggressive. With all of those qualities she is also careful, meticulous, compassionate, courageous, tolerant, and respectful. Like Toby, she enjoys her peace and quiet and doesn't like it when it is disrupted.
Abilities: She is a poison based dragon. Very venomous bites. Natural levitation that allows her to fly.
Additional Info: Toby often calls her Zinny. Prefers marshy areas.
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Player: Mormoset

Name: Kyrra Lynne
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Red hair with green eyes. a small splash of freckles decorate her face. Her features are soft, expression stern. She is small but strong.
Personality: Hot headed, but kind when the situation calls. Independent.
Abilities: She is not very sure, as she's had little training before meeting her dragon, but she is precise with a bow and can stand her ground with a sword. She has difficulty with magic but can wield it for short periods of time.
Equipment: And emergency travel kit, small rations, her books, a sword, bow, arrows, a saddle and a few spare pairs of clothes.
Rank: 2nd star
Biography: Doesn't really divulge in herself, asking more of others.

Dragon's name: Larkin
Dragon's gender: Male
Dragon's appearance: Green, Back and face (Siamese points) Dark green/almost black. His eyes are yellow framed in orange. He is cat like in movement and grace.
Personality: Can be hostile, he is a protective male dragon, his human's health is of utmost importance to him.
Abilities: While he can spout fire like most dragons, his real talent is with earth elements. The forest is his friend. once within it is hard to catch him.

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