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boredom monster just crept in.

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I probably won't be able to post until friday. My Internet went out and they can't send a tech until friday. I'll be checking things from my phone and if it gets fixed sooner I'll post asap. If you want to move Meelos, that's fine. I don't want to keep anyone stuck waiting.
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Thanks for the heads up.
Good news! My internet is up an running. Turns out the tech I spoke with on the phone was an idiot. My internet line got cut down the road where they are doing construction so half the neighborhood was actually out. They had repair guys out all day yesterday so it flicked back on late last night. =3

As long as it doesn't go out again, I'll be posting today.
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Woo. And I'll be un-lazy and do some stuff today as well.
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So, would everyone like me to conduct classes for the various ones that people are going to, or would you rather time skip them to breaks and such so that your characters can interact more? I'm fine with either, I just wanna get a feel for what everyone's expecting/looking for.
I'm not really worried either way. I made a schedule for Michael, btw:

Dragon Coordination
Physical Combat
Language Studies

I don't care what you skip or not, but I would like some time roleplaying magical training. Sometimes a class is interesting, other times it just slows things down.

By the way what did you think of my entrance?

Oh, and where would a dragon go to find other dragons?
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Your entrance was dandy. It shows the dynamic Malik and Silivene have, and gives me an inkling of how they might respond to situations I'll think of in the future.

As for where to find other dragons, particularly when their partners are in class and such, I imagine Aven Woods and Malae Lake are where they would go to relax. Some would also hang around the Training Grounds to watch other dragons during the Dragon Coordination course, or during battles.
Yay. Finally got that female character done. xD
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For anyone that might be concerned I'm ignoring you or anything, I promise I'm not, I'm just trying to fit story bits in around all the interactions in various ways. I try to keep my parts in RPs that I run non-invasive so no one feels pressured. It works out with mixed success. But if you would like some more attention than I'm giving, feel free to speak up!
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Sorry about not posting and stuff.
Id post but im just in a shitty mood. /:
ill try tomorrow.
Im sorry for holding you up Azure.
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Quite all right ma'am, it happens. Sorry to hear you're feeling out of it.
Just as a heads up, I'm hoping to have some story arc about Cael's family if we can fit it in there. Not demanding it to happen now, but I think I could incorporate some fun stuff in there for quite a few people, even if I would be posting for at most 4 other characters.

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