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These are the profiles for Harvest Moon: Industry and Nature.

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NICKNAMES: Licia, Jane, Lily, Mousie
AGE: Twenty Two
BIRTHDAY: Spring 20th
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
HEIGHT: 5'6''
WEIGHT: 121lbs

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PERSONALITY: Adelicia is quite quiet and meek mannered. She will often stick to the back of her shop, letting her cashier do most of the interaction, and finds it hard interacting with people she is not close to. That does not mean she is an outcast, she has a few good friends around the village, who have got used to her little quirks.

Adelicia looks quite young for her age, which people often make fun of, which is not helped by the fact that her voice is quite little and high, which can get her quite frustrated when she tries to speak out about that, and also due to the fact that things, such as loud noises, make her jump easily, making her make squeaks like a mouse, which is how she got one of her nicknames. She has quite an odd sense of humour, and likes a laugh, although don't expect her to laugh at the best comedians out there, it's the little instances in real life that will make her giggle.

HISTORY: Adelicia was born in Arcana. Her father was a businessman, her mother the daughter of the Naturi florists. She spent most of her life going between the two towns, and experiencing the diverse lives of both. At first, like most little girls, she wanted to be a businesswoman, growing up in the hustle, bustle and bright lights of Arcana.

However, when she was ten, the relationship broke up, and so she went to live full time in Naturi with her mother. The breakup had been bad, however, and so therefore her mother was not herself most of the time, and after a while, she took a trip to the mainland to clear her head, leaving Adelicia with her grandparents. Her trip turned into her staying there for good. She met another man, and being the obsessive woman she was, she did not even think twice about her family back in Naturi.

Fearing that the events with her family would impact upon Adelicia, her grandparents took her under their wing, intensively teaching her about horticulture and flower arrangement, not only for them to have a successor to the family business, but also so that her mind as occupied as much as possible. However, Adelicia was quite a complacent child, so it did not affect her much. Later on in her teens, she did start to question why her mother and father left her, she still does, although she sees it as the past. Her grandparents raised her as if they were her daughter, and so she looks after them now, as they are elderly and retired.

However, now it worries her more and more. When they are gone, who will she have left?

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MARRIAGE REQUIREMENTS: Must take her to more than one festival
Must take her on more than one date
Must like flowers

PROPOSAL ITEM(S): Create a breed of rose for her
A simple, heartfelt locket

LOVES: Calla Lillies, Herbal Tea, Peaches, Flower Arranging, Cats
LIKES: Coffee, Sunflowers, Chocolate, Harps, Macaroons
NEUTRAL: Jewellery, Carrots, Books, Country Life, Fudge
DISLIKES: Cold Weather, Winter, Cleaning, Weeds, Moths
HATES: Tomatoes, Celery, Crowds, Pollution, Technology
FEARS: Her grandparents dying, being alone, bees

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THEME SONG: Kaze Sagashi --- Sekai wa Odoru yo, Kimi to
OUTFITS: One --- Two --- Three
HOME: Outside -- Bedroom

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Jebb DouglasSleeping Beauty
Bar Owner
Arcana Town

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                                  Nicknames: Drunken Pirate, The Animal
                                  Age: 25
                                  Birthday: Spring 8th
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Sexuality: Bisexual

                                  Weight: 170Lbs
                                  Height: 6"3

                                  Personality: Jebb is a very unique man. He's what you might call a party animal. He sleeps maybe 4 hours a day? He never seems tired though. He's always outgoing and even loud. He treats everyone as if he's known them for years. The only problem is he's a really bad alcoholic. He drinks form morning till night. He hold's his liquor in better then anyone he's ever met though. He's a bit blunt and brutal, not very good at censoring what he says. He tends to fight a lot with emotional people. He's good to women, he's not a pervert or anything. He tends to be a talker, he keeps talking and talking even if no one is listening. You would never describe him as sh or secretive, in fact Jebb can't keep a secret at all. Unless he realizes how important it may be. But don't trust him too much with them. He laughs at almost everything and is very easy going. It's hard to insult him since he'll either agree or laugh it off. He's not violent but he can hold his own in a fight.

                                  Marriage Requirements: Crush or over, Must be defeated in drinking contest.
                                  Proposal Item(s): Silver lip ring.

                                  Loves: Whiskey, Chocolate cookies, Ties, Tattoos, Oranges.
                                  Likes: Any Liquor, Fish, Swimming, Salads, Mushrooms.
                                  Neutral: Herbs, Cheese, Tomato's, Jewelry, Chocolate.
                                  Dislikes: Shots, Doctors, Apples, Milk, Cake.
                                  Hates: Coffee, Beans, Cold Medicine, Meat, Clocks.
                                  Fears: Bees, Stuffed animals, Leeches.

                                  History: Jebb wasn't always from the island. He only came there about 10 years ago, when he was just 15. Before that he traveled the world with his father. His father was a mighty sea captain. Jebb dreamed of being like him when he grew up. His father was also an alcoholic, that''s probably where Jebb get's his from. Doesn't help that his father has been letting Jebb drink since he was 12, even though it was illegal. But who cares about such thing's on the sea? Jebb knows everything about ships. He knows maintenance and repair as well as how to control them. Not that it matters anymore.

                                  Jebb's not really sure where he's from or anything. He calls himself a child of the sea. Not even his father was sure where Jebb was born form anymore. He doesn't remember his mother either, something's strange isn't it. As far as he knows, his father is his only family. He doesn't feel lonely at all though. His father was an amazing man.

                                  10 years ago when Jebb arrived him and his father stayed for a year. When the year was up and it was time for them to go, his father suddenly decided to stay. Jebb was very confused bout it but he agreed. Together they worked hard and opened up a bar in Arcana town. It was around 5 years ago that jebb's father passed away. His liver had been destroyed from all the alcohol. Jebb expects to go the same way, he's not scared though. He feels it would be n honor to go the same way as his father. Inside the bar is a plaque and a drink dedicated to his father. The drink is called the Sailor Smash. No one knows whats in it besides Jebb and the bar tender.

                                  Miscellaneous: Jebb lives down the road form the bar. His home is just a small house that looks pretty normal. It's blue on the outside. The inside is very clean, except for the bottle room. Thats the room where Jebb keeps all the bottles he needs to recycle.

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Amelia Star Fleur

»» Waitress
»»» Arcana

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            Nicknames: Emmy or Star
            Age: Twenty-Three
            Gender: Female
            Sexuality: Whatever floats my boat~
            Birthday: Summer 10th
            Height: 5' 2"
            Weight: 120lbs

            Personality: Amelia is a naturally nice person and a bit gullible. She believes almost anything she hears. It’s not that she’s not smart; she’s just not the brightest crayon in the box. She tends to help the damsel in distress a lot and pull the weeds in the neighbor’s garden. She just likes to help out, it seems to her if helping out takes away her other flaws. Aside from being the nice and helper girl she is, she’s generally talkative. She’s neither shy nor secretive. She doesn’t mind belting out things that could embarrass her, but she can keep someone else’s secret. She knows better, she just doesn’t mind when it comes down to herself.

            Marriage Requirements: In love, duh
            Proposal Item(s): Ruby Ring and a big ol' bucket of choclate icecream.

            Loves: Ice cream, romance novels, gardening, helping out, singing
            Likes: Cafe, Old people, chipmunks, children
            Neutral: Sun, Cats, beetles, forks, catepillars
            Dislikes: butterflies, shiny objects, peacocks, snow
            Hates: Chalk, dust, dirt, vodka, spiders
            Fears: talking fish, loosing memories, no family

            History: Amelia was born in Arcana. She remembers growing up that some parents wouldn’t allow their kids to even look at the kids from Naturi. She always wanted to cross that barrier and talk to the kids from Naturi, to see what it was like over there, but she never did. Her grandparents forbid her as well to even set foot on in Naturi. At night she would sneak over to the town and buy fresh produce for her parents who didn’t mind Naturi town at all, but her parents had to listen to their parents, therefore Amelia had to listen to them as well. Everyone seemed nicer over in Naturi, maybe it was from all the fresh air and growing crops, but she liked the atmosphere there better. One day, her parents got a letter. It was a letter from a faraway company that manufactured clothes and her parents were tailors. Her parents took the job offer and left Amelia with her grandparents.

            Her grandparents weren’t so bad, except when they weren’t being the oldies they are, they were being hard asses on her. She couldn’t wait to turn 18 and move out. Once she did, she got an apartment close to theirs. She had to watch them still, since they were old and couldn’t do everything they could like they were still spring chickens, so she got an apartment next to theirs. Her grandfather died when she turned twenty, so only her grandma was left and her pet peacock who annoys the crap out of Amelia in the middle of the night since she has to babysit him from time to time.

            Miscellaneous: Lives in an apartment in the Town Square next to her granparents apartment.

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As a note, name is pronounced as ow - rell - ee - ah, elizabeth, air
Most customers or strangers refer to her as Miss Eyre
But those she calls a friend may call her Lia

Twenty - Four (24)
Winter Twenty - Four (Winter 24th)

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Aurelia is a rather serene woman who rarely ever loses her temper. She is well mannered and graceful, which is expected when you consider her upbringing. At first meeting, many misjudge Aurelia and may see her as possibly high maintenance, and hen people hear of her family they often presume that she would be a snob. The blonde is actually very down to Earth and pleasant to be around, and actually holds a modest attitude toward practically every aspect of her life. She can be a workaholic at times, so it is important to encourage her to let her down and have fun; she is capable of it but needs someone else there to remind her to take a break.

Miss Eyre comes from a wealthy family who hail from a large city. Her family run a chain of stores which sell high-end fashion and thus they do have somewhat of a fortune to their name. Aurelia's older brother is the heir to the chains and she often lived in his shadow, trying to catch up and integrate more with her family and their values. There was always tension between the two but one large argument almost split the entire family. It was then that Aurelia chose to leave and make her a name for herself rather than being spoon fed everything from her brother and others.

There had been an ad in the paper about Arcana Town and how some empty stores were being sold. So, Aurelia decided to buy one of them and turn it into a Tailor shop where her and her apprentice create hand-made clothing with a design to suit everyone and options for commissions such as wedding dresses. It has become fairly established in the town and many rely on it for their clothing. Aurelia barely keeps in touch with her family and has settled in to a much more regular style of life, minus a few remaining expensive tastes such as the silver jewellery she often adorns herself with.

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Attend Starry Night Festival for her birthday.
A Healthy Relationship - Aurelia needs to be in a happy, healthy relationship with someone before they can propose.
Trust - There must also be trust and security.

A silver ring encrusted with moonstone, her favourite gem.

Moonstone, Silver Jewellery, Snowflake Flowers, Cherry Pie, Cherry Jam, Cherry Ice Cream, Snowy Weather and Red Perfume.
Onion Bread, Cranberry Juice, Chocolate Cookies, Lilies, Wine, Wool and Yarn.
Fish Dishes, Diamonds, Lemons, Coconuts.
Egg Dishes and Too Hot Weather
Failed Recipes, Junk, Clutter and Insects.
Spiders, Failure and Growing Old.

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Aurelia's home is separate from the Tailor shop as she used the second floor as a workspace and the bottom floor as the shop front. She lives in one of the more quaint houses in the town and keeps it neat and tidy. The small garden at the front will have flowers planted according to season along with a small water feature. The inside of the house is minimalistic but comfortable and the furniture is modern but twists of the eras gone by in their styling.
She favours a feminine style and many pieces of her own clothing have frills, lace or ribbons - but done so in simple and elegant ways as she doesn't like being over the top. Her work outfits mostly consist of skirt suits and blouses whilst her casual clothing for home or chores is usually fitted jeans and a shirt. She loves an excuse to dress formerly and is in ownership of a couple of floor length gowns, but visits to the bar call more for shorter dresses or skirts and strapless tops.
"Blinding" // Florence and the Machine
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Nicknames: Eliza, Eli, Liz.
Age: Twenty Three
Birthday: Summer 2nd
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Weight: 115
Height: 5' 4"

Personality:Elizabeth is the exact opposite of shy. She loves to talk and have conversations with people, which is a plus when owning a cafe. Most of the time, you will see her talking to the different people that come in, or in the kitchen cooking. She could always find something to talk about because it just comes easy to her. Now, the only time she is ever shy or lost for words, is if she is around someone she likes. Then she can get pretty tongue twisted.

Eliza is a motherly type of person. She is always sweet to people and you will almost always find her smiling. She is a good natured person and isn't the type to get into a fight with someone. At the same time, she isn't afraid to stick up for someone, if she sees that they are in trouble. If it is a meaningful fight, then she might get in one. She knows a lot of people because of the cafe or even through the grape vine, but she is not one to judge someone else by what she hears. After the first impression, that is when she will judge them, and even then it's not very harsh.

Marriage Requirements: Must take her to at least two festivals.
Take her out on a date.
Cook one thing for her.

Proposal Item(s): A bouquet of flowers,
something from the heart.

Loves: Pastries, Cats, Hearts, Cooking, Books, Coffee.
Likes: Chocolate, Letters, The Beach, Swimming, Jewelry, Flowers
Neutral: Vegetables, Clothes, Herbs, Curry, Art.
Dislikes: Rain, Fish, Sickness, Snakes, Spiders.
Hates: Medicine, Blood, Crab, Crowds, Death.
Fears: Thunder, Wasps, Pollution.

History: Elizabeth was born and raised in Arcana. Her mom was the librarian and her dad was a farmer. They loved the quiet life and loved the Harvest Goddess. They kept taking trips back and forth between the two villages and Eliza would usually go along with them. That is when she fell in love with cooking. There was no place in Naturi for her to continue this dream so even when she was little, she knew she wanted to go to Arcana. When she told her parents this, it really upset them because they thought she would live the nature life. It wasn't like she fell out of love for it but she just wanted to be a chef. It wasn't many years after, that her parents decided to take a trip out of the country and died in a plane crash. For years, she lived in her house alone, not really accepting any help from anyone.

By the time she was sixteen, she helped out at a small cafe. A lot of the time, she was cooking or running errands, and it made her the happiest she had ever been. Then when she turned twenty, the owner of the cafe decided that he wanted to visit the world, instead of being stuck in the small town, so he left the cafe in her hands completely and took off. She has been running the cafe for three years now and she is thinking that she is doing a good job, for the most part at least. It is staying up and open and there seems to be a lot of customers every day. She loves to see the look on peoples faces whenever they eat her food, it gives her so much happiness.


Theme Song !

Her house is on the outskirts of the town because it doesn't really fit in with the industrial vibe.

Journal !ohhappilyeverafterwouldn'tyouknowwouldn'tyouknowohjustskiptotheendingwho'dliketoknowi'dliketoknowRelationships !
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xxN a t h a n H a l e
xxArcana Town

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Nicknames:Nate, Honey(only by wife so back off)
Age: Twenty-one
Birthday: Winter 28
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual, but can play a good gay.

Weight: 6'1
Height: 149lb

Personality: Nathan is a outgoing and energetic young man whose only worries are making his wife happy and keeping his friends close. He is the kind of guy you can count on to come over with a six pack and just listen to you when you need someone to talk to, he can't always give you the advice you want to hear but he will try his best to get you out of your rut. His soft mannerisms and gentle eyes can calm down a angry mob if he flashed a grin they would make him mayor. Nathan will protect his loved ones with every ounce of his being and lay down any risk to keep them safe. Even his life.

Marriage Requirements:N/A-Already Married
Proposal Item(s): Engagement Ring, Flowers and a Kiss. XOXO

Loves: Summer Rain, Pulsating base and music that make you move, A great cup of Earl Grey, The smell after a fresh rainfall, Crimson Red Roses.
Likes: Banana Cream Pie, A book of Poetry, Sleeping in the sunlight, Summers at the beach, A cold beer on a hot day.
Neutral: Humid day's, That look his wife gives him when she wants something, Choirs around the house, Unscented flowers, Children.
Dislikes: People who poke around other peoples business, Shady Characters, Horrible tip's, Wife yelling at him, When he can't figure out what he was sent to the store to retrieve.
Hates: Making his wife mad or sad, People who treat others like complete trash for no real reason, Overly sensitive people of Naturi, Seeing someone in need and no one is helping them, Those who threaten his family and friends.
Fears: Needles, Bee's, and just the thought of being snowed in.

History: A young Nathan grew up on the mainland away from the petty squabbles of Arlen Island, his family hailed from the mainlands capitol city a bustling thriving place full of life. The sights and sounds of a large city dazzled his young eyes and he fell in love with the modern growth around him. His family was wealthy but not to such an extreme that they threw money away.

Nathan never had to worry about things as a young boy, if he was in need someone provided. As such he also developed a feeling that all people who deserved something should be given. He would go out into the streets searching for people in need and giving the money needed to fix there life. His father thought it a waste, but his mother kept him going. The two of them would sneak out and travel the city meeting all sorts of people. Those days often brought him joy.

His early life was always fun. Nathan never found himself lacking in friends and he loved them deeply, always looking out for them and keeping those he considered precious safe. He also developed a very cocky attitude, a slight detraction from his overall lovable self but still it was who he was. He met his future wife Soojin in the Cafe he worked part time in, she was lovely and well beyond his normal grasp. He tried his best to impress her but kept failing. He finally got Soojin to smile at his complete lack of romantic know how and gave him her number. He coveted it spent a better part of High school trying to prove that he wasn't just some cocky rich boy, and that he was worthy of her love. The rest is history, he finally won Soojin's love and the pair got married and moved to the island just after his 20th birthday. A new life side by side with the woman he was destined to love forever. It should always be noted that she tell the story best, because Nathan was to love struck to keep a proper record of events.


House: Standing three stories high; however, not too wide. The outside painted black with red paneling and wooden trimming. Windows in an orderly fashion, tall, and clean, to let in as much natural light as possible. High ceilings and steep stairs. Straight lines, flat white walls and bursts of contemporary color ensure that the interior is as modern as the exterior suggests it would be. On the first level, you can find the long walled kitchen. It's counter's having a green granite touch, a gas stove, two ovens (above with the cabinets and one below with the drawers), then of course then regular equipment like microwave, dishwasher, etc. The second story is where the bathroom and closets are and just a few more steps up, it twirls into the master's bedroom. Outdoor into to the tall fenced backyard, we find a lovely patch of fresh soft grass on the edge of a wooden pathway that leads into an outside dining area around a bricked fire pit.

Transportation: ZX-10R

[ 四ツ葉さがしの旅人 ] - Galileo Galilei

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Soojin Hale
Doctor in Arcana

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Nicknames: Jin
Age: Twenty
Birthday: Autumn 19th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Weight: 138lbs
Height: 5' 8

Growing up as a hard core tomboy, Soojin was headstrong and rebellious till her middle school years. Always wanting to do things by herself and in her own way, but as she grew up, she found a focus on helping others. That mindset changed from being rather stingy to being tenderly; She began finding the beauty in the little details around her. Relationships with her family and friend's were strong as well. Soojin always spoke respectfully towards them, saved them from a ruthless rumors, and stood her ground when other's would remark about them. Friend's never asked much of her, but when they did need help, she would drop everything and be at their side at any moment even if they wouldn't for her.

Marriage Requirements: N/A, Already Married
Proposal Item(s): Engagement Ring

Loves: Slender shaped motorcycles, Running right before dawn,
Raspberry chocolate, Handwritten letters, Jazz with the lights low.

Likes: Smoothies after a steaming bath, Poetry marked with memories,
Pampering a tired husband, Giggling children, Thrilling lightning storms.

Neutral: Listening to old ladies, Studying medical terminology,
Polaroids with silly faces, Traveling abroad, Fiction novels before night time.

Dislikes: Blazing summer heat, Coffee without a hint of hazelnut,
People with big mouths, Failing at origami, Not having up-to-date technology.

Hates: Eating cheap fast food, Movies that have a wonderful story
line but are poorly made, Working overtime, Losing one side of every earring.

Fears: Drowning, having to experience a death of a child, and the ocean.

Soojin had only one older brother growing up. Mother was a stay at home mom, doing art in her free time to relax and sell. Always keeping her attitude cool, collected, patient, and her influence unbelievable. Father was the main source of in come and the joker. He always did his part in helping his children laugh and forget about the anger they felt at times while growing up. Showing them to work had in life but to enjoy it at the same time. This is where Soojin had the idea to work in the medical field. From her youth, she always loved helping people and driving away the bullies. With the art and knowledge of medicine she learned would be able to change lives. Therefore, since a young age, she worked diligently on her studies. Top grades and scores in every class. Exceeding expectations put down within her age group. Soojin was unbeatable. Unstoppable. Smiles and all. During her two high school years, she enjoyed taking her studies to a cafe between meal times to grab a snack. It was there she met her husband, Nathan.

Every time she came to the cafe, he seemed to always be looking her way. Soojin treated him like she did the other workers; however, the young man never seemed as satisfied with her treatment. On a rainy day she headed in the doors for a cup to warm her up. As she made her way over to her usual spot, she noticed a cup of coffee already placed, with the sent of hazelnut in the air. She glanced up to find Nathan making his way over. Since business was slow that day, he took his time making conversation with her, as hard as he made it seem. Soojin found herself smiling and soon laughing at the mans sudden comments or jokes when stories were told. Giving Nathan her number he was the best decision she had ever made. Although she graduated early, they kept in close touch, and were soon married just after the young man's 20th birthday.

Two lovers and four leaf clovers.
Home: Standing three stories high; however, not too wide. The outside painted black with red paneling and wooden trimming. Windows in an orderly fashion, tall, and clean, to let in as much natural light as possible. High ceilings and steep stairs. Straight lines, flat white walls and bursts of contemporary color ensure that the interior is as modern as the exterior suggests it would be. On the first level, you can find the long walled kitchen. It's counter's having a green granite touch, a gas stove, two ovens (above with the cabinets and one below with the drawers), then of course then regular equipment like microwave, dishwasher, etc. The second story is where the bathroom and closets are and just a few more steps up, it twirls into the master's bedroom. Outdoor into to the tall fenced backyard, we find a lovely patch of fresh soft grass on the edge of a wooden pathway that leads into an outside dining area around a bricked fire pit.
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Marie Elizabeth Knight
Naturi Town

Relationships ---------- Journal

User Image

                                              Nicknames: Mary
                                              Age: Twenty-Four
                                              Birthday: Spring 17th
                                              Gender: Female
                                              Sexuality: Heterosexual

                                              Weight: 5'6"
                                              Height: 125lbs

                                              Personality: Marie is and has always been the friendly face of the town. She's always been willing to lend a helping hand when needs but is hesitant to ask for help when she needs it. Marie is a loyal friend and will stand by them until the end. Of course there are those people are do get on her nerves and annoy her but Marie just ignores then, she has been known on the rare occasion to snap at someone but this only happens when someone really takes things too far.

                                              Marie is also an extremely hard worker, she'll often skip meals if it means that she can get some more work done. It has been known for her friends to bring her meals during the day to make sure that she does eat.

                                              Marriage Requirements: Good relationship and is happy to help out on the farm.
                                              Proposal Item(s): A ring with a sapphire.

                                              Loves: Her Farm, Sweet food, Reading, and
                                              Likes: Classical music, Cooking, A good harvest, Toby (Dog) and Lemon (Cat)
                                              Neutral: Spiders, Thunderstorms, , and
                                              Dislikes: Snow, A bad harvest, People who stick their nose in, Leeks and Not getting any work done
                                              Hates: People treating her differently, Peanuts (Allergic), People who laze around, People who underestimate her and Her deafness
                                              Fears: Losing the farm, Heights and Clowns

                                              History: Marie is the oldest of the Knight siblings and was born and raised in Naturi Town where her family have always owned the crop farm. She's helped out on the farm for as long as she could remember so when her parents decided that they would leave the town in order to retire it was only natural that she would take over the running of the farm.

                                              In her early life Marie was a mischievous child and would often get into trouble, most of the time she'd just smile sweetly and batter her eyelids that she'd get away with it. It wasn't long before it landed her into real trouble, when she was twelve years old Marie had been planning a prank on her younger sister using some firecrackers, she accidentally dropped one in the machine shed and set fire to the place. Marie ran as fast as she could but the flames eventually found a fuel tank, the explosion caused her to lose the hearing in her left ear as well as leaving her with scars on her back and worst of all her younger sister lost her sight. It was after this that Marie grew up a lot, she started to do even more work on the farm to try and make up for the damage that she had cause and learnt extremely quickly how the farm ran.

                                              Shortly after she turned twenty, Marie's parents decided that it was time to retire and leave the town to move and live with Marie's aunt so Marie was instructed that it would be up to her to run the farm and look after her younger sister. Marie has flourished as the owner of the farm and it's just as successful as ever.

                                              Miscellaneous: Marie lives in a large farm house at the farm that is owned by her family, even though she deals primary in crops she does have a hand full of animals as well that she uses to help with farm work. For example she has a hand full of cows, sheep and horses to help with keeping the grass short and to use the manure for her crops. Her younger sister lives at the farm with her.

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Aria Terry
Police Officer
Arcana Town

User Image

Relationships ---------- Journal

Nicknames: Aria
Age: 20
Birthday: Winter 3
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Weight: 105 lbs
Height: 5'5"

Personality: Aria is generally very serious about the rules, wanting to be the police officer her father would be proud of. She is generally very quiet and polite around others. After taveling for so many years she didn't normally talk to people or she would be polite to get something. It's not something she's proud of. Aria's greatly ashamed of herself for her past mistakes and actions towards her father. She tries to hide this behind a happy smile often, not wanting people to see her as weak.

Marriage Requirements: Mutual Love
Proposal Item(s): Ring or Locket

Loves: Tea, Peaceful Days, Quiet, Pastries, and Clear Skies
Likes: Singing, Fluffy Animals, Practicing her swordsmanship, Alone time, and Thinking
Neutral: Bitter food, Flowers, Naturi Town, Birds, and People
Dislikes: Spicy food, Awkward situations, Coffee, Disrespect, and Rude people
Hates: Chaos, People mentioning her journey, Crowds, Improper Ettiquite, and Storms
Fears: Failing as a Police Officer, People Learning about her thievery in the past, and Horses

History: Aria was born in Arcana Town. With her father being the chief officer, Aria was raised to follow all rules. One small step out of line and she would be severly punished. So, Aria did her best to be the perfect child. That is until she hit adolescence. She started to become increasingly independent and no longer wanted to follow in her father's foot steps and become a police officer. However, her father only became more strict and only viewed this as a rebelious stage.

Aria soon became tired of her father trying to rule her life, so she left. Aria left the town on a long journey. She traveled around to various towns and cities. She resorted to thievery often due to lack of money. She became quite skilled at it. Then a week before New Years, she recieved a letter announcing that her father had died. Aria cried, realizing she never got to make up with him or apologize for running off. She quickly returned to Arcana Town and vowed to make up for all those years by doing what her father always wanted, so she took her father's place as the chief officer.

Miscellaneous: None
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User Image Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ User Image

❀Nicknames: Jian
❀Age: Twenty-Six
❀Birthday: Winter 14th
❀Gender: Can't you tell? No? Haha, I'm male!
❀Sexuality: Bisexual
❀Weight: 130 lbs.
❀Height: 5'5"

❀Personality: One of the best things about me besides my luscious hair, amazing figure, and beautiful face is that I'm patient. I'm slow to anger although I do get annoyed; don't get my anger and my annoyance mixed up, sweetie. I'm not shy at all, I will call you out if I don't think what you're doing is right and I will yell from the other side of the street if I want to say 'Hi'. I do love to talk to other people and I do love to walk around the town to see if anyone needs help with something - that is if I finish any boring paperwork or manage to avoid it. I think I'm allergic to paperwork... Anyways, I only want the best for my town and for my people, as well as for everyone else. If you need help on your farm, let me know and I'll throw on my best working clothes and get out there. If you need help getting ready for a date, come on over and I'll most likely have something good for you to wear and help you with your hair and make-up. If you need help with your homework, well... let's hope it's just basic math, dear. Oh, did you know that someone called me a conceited obnoxious drag queen?! Well, whoever said that must be jealous that I was blessed to have such amazing good looks! Teehee!

❀History: Jianhua Bai was born and raised in Naturi Town. He was the youngest child out of six and was the only male beside his father. With five sisters and having a feminine appearance, Jianhua was easily influenced into wearing dresses and growing out his hair. Jianhua was considered to be a strange little kid. Despite his father's and sometimes his teacher's dismay, Jian would go to school wearing a pretty dress and much to his mother's dismay, Jian would come home from school covered in mud, his dress torn, and twigs in his messy ponytail because he was out in the fields chasing bugs with the other boys. Jian knew that he was a boy but he was perfectly comfortable wearing female clothing. Although there were some days that the young boy would come home crying and trying to look for the scissors to cut his hair. A little kid could only take so many insults and bullying but with his family's help, he grew up to be a confident person and learned to love himself... although sometimes his mom thinks that he loves himself a little bit too much! Eventually his father gave up on Jian's strange habit of cross-dressing especially since he was proud enough that Jian was interested in becoming mayor of Naturi Town.

Dating all the way back to the beginning of Naturi Town, someone from Jian's family was mayor and once his father retired, Jian ran for mayor and managed to take over his father's position. Even though Jian may not be the brightest person, he had managed to get the spot through years of trust, honesty, and always being helpful to the townspeople. However, unlike his father and his grandfathers, Jianhua dreams of having a stronger bond and relationship with Arcana Town and its mayor.


❀Marriage Requirements: We must trust, be faithful, and accept each other for who we are. We should go out on a couple of dates too... Oh and you must somehow convince me that you are more beautiful than I am. Not joking.
❀Proposal Item(s): We'll tie a red string around your pinky finger and then tie the other end to mine... and then pull! If it breaks, I'm not marrying you, sorry sweetie... Haha, just kidding!

❀Loves // +3
    Mushroom Dishes
    Milk Tea
    White Roses
    Ice cream

❀Likes // +2
    Cooked Fish

❀Neutral // +1

❀Dislikes // -1
    Needles/getting shots
    Soy Milk

❀Hates // -2

    Being useless
    Failing as mayor of Naturi Town and as a person
    Being alone in the dark



    The Bai family live in a one-story wide house right next to Town Hall. A short walk to work and even if Town Hall is close, the townspeople are allowed to come to Jian's house if they need his help. The only problem is that the only time Jian is at home for sure is when he's sick or it's 10pm. Between the hours that Town Hall is close and 10pm, Jian is usually wandering about in the town. Currently only Jianhua is living in the house; his parents are off in another country for vacation and his sisters moved to the cities where they are happily married and all of them have children.
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Dangerous Fairy

Alec Smith
»» Game Hunter
»»» Naturi

User Image

            Nicknames: Loner or Lone Wolf
            Age: Twenty-Five
            Gender: Male
            Sexuality: The ********]
            Height: 6'2"
            Weight: 190lbs. It's all muscle.

            Personality: Alec has always been a “lone wolf”, hence his nicknames. He tends to be alone at all times; people just think that’s how he is. He’s lonely though. Longing for someone to be his friend and just talk to him. For all he knows maybe he really is a loner, but he doesn’t feel like that all the time, but what can he do? He can’t randomly walk up to someone and talk to them with his deep-ish voice. He tends to be blunt and vague when he talks to people, whenever they talk to him. He’s never been around people a lot so he’s not sure how to converse with them, he just tends to be alone and look and feel awkward. He's still into the chivalry thing, he doesn't know that its not really practiced by men anymore, but he wouldn't know that. He's an awkward fellow.

            Marriage Requirements: Being in love, has heard his whole life story
            Proposal Item(s): I would hope I'd be doing the proposal...

            Loves: Hunting, Rufus, The woods, Sunshine, Birds
            Likes: Coffee, Winter, Showers, Scarves, Cooking
            Neutral: Apples, Oranges, Lemons, Handshakes, Avocadoes
            Dislikes: Toothpicks, rocking chairs, summer, boulders, cereal
            Hates: Thunderstroms, Mud, blizzards, loud sounds, snakes
            Fears: Dieing alone, loosing Rufus, not being able to find love

            History: Born in the big city, Alec was miserable. He hated all the smog clogging up the air and cars racing down the streets and the loud noises that went throughout the night. His parents thought of their child as odd and as an outcast. He never had friends growing up and he was practically a giant compared to everyone else until he got into high school. He went through high school having girls think he was attractive but they never made a move. He was always alone and quiet, they thought something was wrong with him. Truth was, people just never seemed to talk to him and he was used to that. Once he graduated however, he moved out to Naturi for his new life.

            He wanted to try and be different, a different person so he changed his last name to “Smith” hoping someone would get up the courage to talk to a guy that couldn’t be strange with a bland name, but no one ever did. Of course he can’t go his whole life without talking to somebody, but the only time he talked to people was when they talked to him or when he had to sell the game he caught. He lives in the wood with his pet dog, Rufus. He wants to move into society, but society just won’t accept him. They never have, so why would they now after several years of living in Nautri?

            Miscellaneous: Has a pet beagle named Rufus.

            Housing: Lives in a house in the Outskirts where he hunts.

User Image User Image
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Blessed Phantom

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    ➸have a drink on me!

    sentimentisachemicaldefectfoundinthe v i c t o r c o l e

sentimentisachemicaldefectfoundin «arcanaBARTENDER»

sentimentisachemicaldefectfoundinth journalrelationships

sentimentisachemicaldefectfoundintheloosing info

sentagetwenty four
sentbirthdaywinter 19

sentweightone hundred & forty two
sentheightfive foot eight

              sentpersonalityVictor's quite the individual. Catch him at the bar, and he's a happy, hardworking young man flipping tricks and drinks, laughing and sharing secrets. Despite having a colder looking exterior, he's pretty welcome to anyone who crosses his path. He loves his job, and helping people be at ease with colorful drinks and bottles of beer. Being the bartender in town, he hears a lot of stuff, and if there's ever anything you need to know about anyone, he's your man. A bit of a perfectionist, he hates to make a mistake, but can usually mask himself in time to make it seem like it's no big deal.


                                  sentimarriage requirementsvery solid relationship, and a regular patron at the bar
                                  sentiproposal itemsa simple ring
                                  sentilovessecrets, playing ukulele, a good joke, slight of hand tricks, juggling
                                  sentilikessocial events, rain, alcohol, fantasy books, gossip
                                  sentineutralthe beach, relationships, sweets, snow, coffee
                                  sentidislikesthunder, hot sauce, dolphins, bar fights, most fruits
                                  sentihatesbroken glass, tiredness, being out of the loop, hangovers, sickness
                                  sentifearsdeath, rejection from a group, mistakes

                                  sentihistoryVictor and his family moved to Arcana when he was still an infant from the mainland. His parents worked in the industrial business, leaving young Victor alone most of the day by himself, they didn't have enough to afford a babysitter to stay with him. None the less, he grew up a happy only child, with a love for juggling his toys. He loved to impress, even from a young age, and never missed a catch. As he grew up, he always looked for a new skill to try, from swimming to ukulele, he tried anything that passed his mind. Though not always proficient at his new skills, he only retained the ones he could perform well.

                                  Throughout his school years his parents were always there for him, and at 18, he moved out with a small loan from his parents, promising to repay them. He worked odd jobs around town, and made a few friends here and there.When he hit 21, he hit the bar, asking for a job as a bartender, and it didn't take long for him to get the job. Going into his third year as bartender, he continuse to enjoy every day of his job.

                                  sentimentismusictake the train
                                  sentimentishousesmall three room apartment near town centre
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Desirable Fatcat

12,600 Points
  • Somebody Likes You 100
  • Cheerleader 200
  • Forum Sophomore 300
User Image
                                                  naturi town - - - flower shop cashier
                                                  User ImageUser Image

                                                  Nicknames: Mimi, Saki
                                                  Age: 21
                                                  Birthday: Spring 13
                                                  Gender: Female
                                                  Sexuality: Straight

                                                  Weight: 122lbs
                                                  Height: 5'4"

                                                  Personality: Manami is a nice person and is relaxed or calm most of the time.
                                                  And sometimes she's even cheerful. She's the kind of girl who's hardworking and cares about her friends and family. Always wanting to help out, and have fun. She may not look like it, but she is a chatterbox. She enjoys meeting people and getting to know everyone too. She doesn't like picking fights, but if it's for a friend then yes she'll do it if she has to.

                                                  Marriage Requirements: Take her to the flower festival for her birthday on Spring 13 and another festival, invite her to eat at the cafe, visit her at work and maybe help her out,
                                                  Proposal Item(s): Bouquet of Yellow Roses

                                                  Loves: cafe drinks, tea, music, the beach, yellow roses
                                                  Likes: sugar cookies, the smell of lavender, jewelery, bows/bowties, rainbows
                                                  Neutral: Curry, spicy foods, bracelets, organized things, snow
                                                  Dislikes: dead flowers, messy rooms, smelly breaths, fights, alcohol
                                                  Hates: failed recipes, trash, Junk, bugs, meanies
                                                  Fears: losing her job, losing someone, becoming old

                                                  History: She grew up as a only child. She lived in Arcana, and her family was mid-class. She had a normal life. Normal school, normal friends, and normal family. She would always color on the walls with crayons, break most of the vases inside the house and garden inside. She obviously loved flowers back then when she was young. Manami would always try new things, and her parents would just laugh kindly and always clean up her messes. Sometimes they were really stressed, but they learned to deal with her. But her life suddenly changed when she was 17. It was a rainy day and Manami Sasaki came home from the grocery store only to find out that her parents were in a car crash, and were sent to the hospital for medical treatment. Her heart pounded, and she ran to the hospital only to receive more bad news. It seems that her parents couldn't make it, so she was ordered to go live with her grandmother in Arcana too. When she was 19, her grandmother died of old age, but she was already old enough to go on her own. She didn't want to be reminded of her parent's and grandmother's death, so she didn't want to stay at Arcana. Manami went to live at Naturi instead. She now lives in a apartment, has faced the fact that her parents and grandmother were gone, and works as a cashier at a flower shop.

                                                  Miscellaneous: Lives in a decent apartment.
                                                  her song - きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - PONPONPON

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