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Of course, if anyone has any ideas they'd like to suggest I'll be considering those as well. :3
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Welp, so far one person has declined to rejoin. It's just one, but it makes me saaaaaad -- ; A;
Well I was kinda suspecting that there'd be at least one, but I am disappointed to hear that none the less.
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Honestly, I'd be surprised if every single person stuck around after such a long lapse in action. I'm sad to see 'em go, but I'd rather clarify that they won't be around than find out at a later point down the road.
Clarity is always good...

And on that note, there is one little thing that I've always been kinda curious about...
Is it possible for the Maelstrom to force other groups to fight one another?
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Technically, yes. He could, but he just doesn't want to. If a reason crops up in the future that makes it clear that the groups need to fight to establish something, he may step in. For the most part, however, he's satisfied to sit back and watch how things progress on their own. That could easily change...
So say if two teams discovered a beautiful, lush island with all the resources they could possibly need to survive and the two considered sharing the island. Would the Maelstrom in turn be all like "Sorry, can't let ya do that. You two gotta fight for it. Go."?
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Because the island would be gone within the next couple of days.


But in all seriousness, if the planet was stable enough to support something like that, and it remained in the same place permanently, he'd let them decide what to do with it. Whether they share it or whether they fight over it is up to them.
Ah. So he'd because go "Island!? Man, f@ck yo' island!" *crushes with a meteor*
XD lol

But yeah, I get ya mean.
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does he look like sephiroth
meteors are for babies
he'll drop a whale on it
Or perhaps a giant banana
Why a banana? Why not? He's a deity; he can do whatever he wants.
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[******** SORAKA

Okay, someone has to play Donkey Kong RIGHT NOW. There's so much banana to clean up!
hmmm...I think that joke kinda went over my head. Is that a LOL joke?

I don't think even Donkey could eat that much Banana...
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Yes. There are two characters in LoL that fire banana-shaped projectiles: Ezreal and Soraka.

Um... then... the whole Kong family? KING KONG???
A kong-a-bonanza if you will...
XP lol

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