Welcome to Gaia! ::

              ❣ So. I know this isn't very pretty to look at, but I'm just going to get down to the nitty gritty.
              Go ahead and vote </3 it doesn't bother me in the least haha. I feed off of hatred. <3
              I'm looking for a onexone rp (like it says in the title) that is very creative and well thought of~

              ABOUT ME.
              My name is Hannah and I'm nineteen. The dumbest Korean girl you will ever meet and I love my anime. Sorrynotsorry haters. I live in Ohio so I'm in the Eastern Time Zone. I mostly get on Friday nights and all of the weekend, so I'm sorry for those who are asking to post like five times a day. Not happening. College kills me so I dedicate my time to that mostly. /shot

              Alright, so, I believe in quality over quantity. Don't get me wrong, I don't want one liners. I mostly post reflecting on how my partner posts and/or if I'm passionate about the plot. As for grammar and punctuation......I'm not a grammar nazi or anything, but please don't use the wrong types of "you're" and "your" and "two" and "too" it's a pet peeve of mine. I'm not proud. No one is perfect though in this area. NO ONE. So, therefore, I'm not a b***h about it. I promise.

              WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR.
              I refuse to play male. I KNOW THAT SOUNDS REALLY MEAN, but I just suck at it. Yes, I've tried so don't try to push me into it. I play only the females. I don't play the shy desu kawaii perfect sparkly blond chicks though. I dislike that. And, I'm not looking for the muscular, full of themselves desu kawaii perfect sparkly dark haired man either. I will play mxm, but I strongly perfer het. I'm sorry. :c (FIRST FACE IN THIS POSTING SO FAR LOL.) Also, I don't rp in pms. I find my inbox getting cluttered and people taking advantage and "cybering" if you will..that's when I just quit without notice. My posts in threads are sorta simple and pretty, a few colors and maybe quotes/lyrics here and there and then I use anime pics. I don't really like using human pics.


              AND WITH THAT. I welcome plots and ideas with open arms! I have one in mind. It's basically a modern day fantasy about a Princess and a Prince and it's romantic. I do like the mythical creatures though, just not your ugly short fat trolls and ogres and gnomes. I mainly like kitsunes and dragons. If you're interested at all in a Princess or Prince plot, just ask me~

              [pm me or quote me if you have any questions or want to throw some ideas at me.]
wadda qt's avatar

Wheezing Noob

a bump for you darling. 8D
wadda qt
              Dawwwh. Thank you love. So far no hits. BAHAHA. Expected. o u o
wadda qt's avatar

Wheezing Noob

don't worry. you'll get a hit or two. c;

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