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I am Ryan Ross

nOOOOOOOOOOOOo its too much love
ILL DIE FROM IT. ... wat.
but omg who doesnt. that is so relevant to everything everybdoy experiences omg.
have fun sleeeeeeeeping dear~


hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ~ i was just new to the roleplay yesterday.
want to get to know everybody here. and plot with a bunch of people!
IM SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS OF NO LIFE. all gaians have it. *high five*
who do you playyy?! i play audrey/crickee~

OHMIGOSH! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! 8D
Seriously? Ack! And I wasn't here to greet you? Shame on me! OTL
But welcome! Yay for excited new people joining us here!
Awesome! Everyone here is pretty cool to get to know and huzzah for plotting! I love plotting!
IT'S OKAY! I THINK I SHALL RECOVER! [/high fives in return!]
Oh! I play Seth(Sora), Jason(Roxas), Robby(Fix-It Felix Jr.), and Tyler(Vanitas).
Seth is a junior and he's one of those super hyper people who wants to befriend every person that he meets. So he's very friendly, outgoing, and a bit of a goof. But he's incredibly loyal and protective of the people that he cares about.
Jason is a sophomore and one of the quieter types. He's not outgoing but he won't push people away who try to get to know him. It just takes a little longer to get past his defenses and have him relax around you. And by relax I mean to show his less guarded side where he will joke around and be a lot more open and playful.
Robby is a freshman and he's another one of those really nice guys. He isn't exactly outgoing in terms of trying to meet everyone but he is friendly to everyone and can't turn down someone who asks him for help.
Tyler is kind of the polar opposite. He's a sophomore and basically doesn't like people. He more or less deems everyone stupid and has no problem making comments to cut others down. He's also prone to getting into fights if his temper flares and his sister isn't around to get him to calm down again.

So that's their personalities in a nutshell. n__n;;
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ugHHH wat how do you manage so many chars?!
i cant do that. @ _@
well i guess i was on when not that many people were.
ahhh ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok.

audrey is a junior.
she is really calm and easy going and chill and laidback and all those synonyms.
but like if the people she knows are awesome, she'll be all jumpy and quirky and everyhting.
deep down she's really protective and caring and whatnot. so yep !!

so many guys though. *u*

Ummmmm...people are patient with me when I don't have a chance to reply immediately? n__n;;;;
I bet that you could! But it does take a bit of work.
Hehe. HIYAS!
Ohhhh. That might have something to do with it! But they shall all say hi when they run into you on here because we're all friendly people like that! 8D

Yay juniors! Seth is my only junior but that doesn't mean that she can't be friends with undeclassmen, right?
So judging by that, it sounds like she'd get along with Seth really well since they both can get really jumpy, hyper, and quirky. It will be like an insane sugar high because they'll be feeding off of each other's energy! XD;;
And if she's fairly chill then odds are that she would get along with Jason as well because it means she wouldn't put him on edge when they first meet and it will give them a chance to get to know each other and thus become comfortable and friendly. After that, he wouldn't mind he quirkiness and would probably just chuckle at it.
As for Tyler, he could possibly tolerate her but I'm not sure if they'd be friends since he generally doesn't like people. So I guess that that would depend on how they met and what has happened since then. Seeing as how they're in different years, they may not even know each other all that well.
With Robby, I'm pretty sure that they'd get along just fine. Her hyperness may throw him off at first but he tends to adapt pretty quickly. He won't feed off of it like Seth will but odds are that he would enjoy it and they'd have fun with it.

Yeah. We need more of them and I just kind of play guys better than girls so, why not? n__n
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Hey! I will reply when I get on tomorrow, I was out all day today and now I am going to sleep, because I am tired and need a good night's sleep.

Hey Katt! Sounds good to me!
Oh jeez. Sounds like you had a really busy day. I hope you're able to get a good night's sleep!
I'm gonna try to post for Jason tonight but no promises. n__n;;;
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i really dont like much work.
hehe, i roleplay to improve my writing skills & just for fun & fantasies.
hopefully they will, i mean i already met with 3 ppl. :3

lul i think almost all the chars are going to acknowledge each other, regardless of their grade.
i wanna see how audrey turn out with seth and robby. biggrin DD

i have to get it done before i plot with too many people.

That makes sense. We roleplay for fun so as soon as it becomes work, it's not as much fun anymore.
Same here! I know that my skills have gotten a lot better since I first started. Although I'm nowhere near as good as a lot of people.
Awesome! You're on a roll!

That works for me! I love having characters already know each other. Grade level doesn't matter much, especially seeing as how anyone could have classes together.
Sounds like fun! I'm excited to see how that works out! 8DDD

I have all sorts of plots that I haven't written down yet. OTL
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Hi! HI! HI! HI! HI!
Welcome to the roleplay biggrin
we can plot if you want.

I have:
Kayle/kiara, Naomi/Nakoma, David/Dr. Doppler, Diana/Esmeralda, Gwyneth/Duchess, Mason/Oogie, Even/Vexen, and Tomomi/Timon
(don't ask how I manage all this I feel like i may pass out at any moment from overcompansating....or....something [slightly tired,brain dying])

some interesting things about them ummmm.....
Diana is adopted. When she was younger her parents passed away, she bounced from foster hom to foster home for a while till one of her foster families decided to adopt her.
Gwen used to date Mason but she became pregnant and Mason ran for the hills. They are now Broken-up and Gwen has a 5 month old son. Mason regrets leaving her.
Mason (mentioned a bit above) is falling for sable, they are currently in a FWB situation.

I think thats it for those ones. The others are more similar to the movies ya know, kayle has a controling father, naomi is half asian half native american (I believe i put cherokee indian i could be wrong) Tomomi lives with his mom and uncle max, father died when he was little, he use to live in japan. oh and Even is dating Rylan and Diana is dating Elaina

To Everyone

Ima go try to post in a bit then do some...plot stuff in my relationship threads cause i may or may not have been slacking on that.

To my new little monsters welcome, and if anyone wants to plot, feel free to quote or pm or whatever.


Oh yea, I read the valentine thingy and my reaction was complete.... crying DAAAAAAWWWWWWS <3 lol It turned out cute emotion_kirakira <3 heart heart heart
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when i first started roleplaying, i would always write like a short paragraph or two.
i think i have an idea of how i got into roleplaying,
but i stuck to it because of my passion for writing. ♥

we could have seth and audrey know each other and then like freak out and jump around once they see each other. but robby and audrey just know that they both exist. idk, robby could be alone and audrey could say hey and it could go on from there. :3

i dont even know how i want to do my relationship thread like it's so muchh.
i didn't even know relationship threads existed before i found this lol.


hey hey heyyy ~ is it alright if we plot some other timeeeeeeee? its almost 12 and i got school so ~
but i would love to start plotting with kayle&gwyneth. i need to plot with some girls. xD;;
been plotting with so many guys lately.


im heading to bed. 20 minutes to 12 and im gonna get 6 hrs of sleep. WOOHOO. but i hate how i have to get off when more people start to come in. more plotting and posting tomorrow. <3 i already love this thread and roleplay and sgolkajsdfas.
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We can certaintly wait til tomorrow razz I will be at my lappy all day.....playin smite......like I was today........when I should have been posting.....oops lol. Have a good sleep and have fun in school tomorrow razz
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And now I wait.... :) .... Just waiting away~

Really? Yay! I've always been terrible at Mad Libs so I'm glad that it actually worked out okay! XD;; <3


When I first started out, I was lucky if it was even that long. Although that was the first roleplay I was ever in. Over time, they've gotten a lot longer and I'm getting a lot better at expressing ideas.
I got into it because of my friend Torii. Sadly, she's so busy with college that she doesn't really have time to get on Gaia or roleplay anymore.
Honestly, I've always been more of a math person yet I love roleplaying for some reason and my post length is usually pretty decent. who knew that I would take up writing as a hobby? XD;;

That works for me! Seth is another one of those tackle-glomp kind of people so he would happily freak out and jump around when he ran into her. Hyper-spazz mode activated! >8D
That sounds good to me. I would say we can do that now but she's hanging out with Josh. But yeah! I'm all for this plan at some point. n__nb

Well, everyone does it differently so do what works for you. The beauty is that if you want to change it later, you can, because it's your own thread! 8D
Haha. I've never made an official one before this roleplay.


Oh? Whatcha waiting for Kitty? owo

IDEK MAN emotion_0A0
it's okay sakghks josh has like, loads of nicknames already???
his parents call him like, joss, josh, joe and sometimes they even call him stitch c':

ahhh, not able to post tonight though as i've pretty much just got home from school (it's half past six!!!) and i'm sooooo tired from staying up last night @.@;;;
SO! imma go catch up on my sleep noooow~
however, i'll probably be awake around three am my time, which is in...nine-ish hours from now!
i'll get my post up then! biggrin

and if anyone else would like to plot, pleeeeeease let me know! ^^ <3
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I guess I should stop looking at colleges and start writing replies, because honestly, I think I know the college I want to go to. I also need to make relationship threads, finish plotting, make posting layouts, and eat lunch; not in that order, yeah, because I am going to eat lunch now, then I am going to post, make posting layouts, post some more, make relationship threads, then finish plotting, because that makes logical sense. Oddly enough, I have been up since like 6:30 this morning, and I am not the least bit tired, this is a good thing, a very good thing.

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