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I'm trying to update the information in the class roster. If your characters are involved in things like band, student council, cheerleading, sports, etc. could you let me know what position they are and such? I'm trying to get that all put up in there. I filled in what I remembered and read off of profiles but I don't remember a huge amount. Thank you!


No problem at all! I was hoping that that would help things pick up again in here since people can now head out to interact with whoever they feel like for the next two pages.
And yeah! It's very festive. It surprised me the first time I saw it though. XD


True. Although I have one friend where we're constantly doing 1x1s with each other. But we've got multiple plots going that involve different characters that all reside in the same place. The main problem is that our posts got so long that it takes multiple days to write a response without writer's block. ><;;
I'm pretty sure that they will! Or at least, it sounds like it will be really interesting chemistry. And odds are that Jade needs someone like Michael in her life. I didn't think that it would be a big deal and Seth isn't going to stop being friends with Michael because of something that she said or did. It will just bring his mood down right now if she's brought up because of how mean she was to Sophia. You know... I've noticed that Michael seems to be friends with a lot of people who either don't like or pick on Seth. XD;; Well, at least you have that! If I had a muse for Oswald, I'd try him out but I want to get a good hold on the characters that I already have first.
Same here! I spend more time in this OOC than anywhere else on Gaia. XD;;
I really should get to work on mine. I keep saying that I will and then I realize I have all of this work for school that I have to get done. OTL
Sounds like a good plan to me! So they got to know each other and became friends through choir. Hopefully it will! He's got plenty of people trying to help him with it. He'll get there eventually. Hehe. XD
Same here! It's why I have a muse for Vanitas. He just loves to conflict with everyone that he can. Ack! And we definitely don't want that! D8
Ohhhhh. Okie-doke! Just wanted to make sure in case it ever came up.
Thanks! I believe it has all been edited in!

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The things that tend to work best for me to help wake up muses are either listening to their theme songs or something that reminds me of them, re-watching the movie that they're from, or sometimes reading their old posts.
But new characters can be fun too! Who were you thinking of? 8D
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Mission Impossible: Finding a picture of nakoma with a legit smile. she is either smirking, worried, or making some other weird derp face. All the ones with a legit smile are too small to edit DX guess i'll use the smirk.
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Wow, I'm very sorry to hear that! I truly am. I keep hearing so many sad things happening recently. Did you hear about the shooting in Connecticut? =[ So saad!

Ok, awesomeness =].

=D I guess that's so! All of my characters definitely know him I'm sure. Criselda may be the least.

Alrighty then, I'll consider it. And, she probably won't be too negative about it, if at all. She'll just feel very uncomfortable.

Oh, of course, true. Yvonne already has a crush on Tyler =D, so same here. OK. SO, what do you mean like moron? Will he be ultimately awkward, or like 'eww'? Lol.

Yep! Well, you're doing well enough =).

I know, Eirlys loves these areas as well. Maybe not Amelia, I'll say she's from a city. Thomas, YES! And MJ, it's his home so he loves it.


Yeah, I'm sure if Jade get suspicious, Ceci will try to reassure her that there's nothing going on. But she may wonder why Micheal tries to hang around so often.

Yep! They're best friends. Jade's probably the only person Amelia could truly trust and like. So, I guess she wouldn't be so bad off with Micheal. Maybe they may argue, but more playfully, since she doesn't want to make her best friend upset or anything.

He likes to earn his prize. Nice! Well, Cecili couldn't help it, she already has a lot on her mind and a lot to do. Lol. But I'm sure she'll get a crush on Micheal even if she may want to deny it due to Jade. I can see her getting smiley and butterflies the bit of times she see him around.

Sureness. Yvonne may notice the connection between the two 1) knowing her sister and 2) claiming to be a pro a boy 101. What do you have in mind? I can see her asking Cecili to get something from an empty class room that she left behind (something Cecili will turn to find out it's pretty difficult to get), like a pair of keys in a high messy shelf. Then she'll get Micheal and tell him that Cecili was looking for him in that very same room. She'll predict that Ceci will already be in a huge mess by the time Micheal gets there, so that way he'll have to help her. And that's just one of Yvonne's great plans.

Oh, that's so true! Makes since to give them a goal. Hey are you taking another charrie? If so can we plot?

Ok then. Yeah, my guy MJ may have a crush on three girls.


[Click Here] Here's my relationships thread =)!

Hmm you’re absolutely right about that!!!! What other possible reason would girls come join a French class other than learn French? Haha xD Yes, that is true.. if he had a girlfriend he probably wouldn’t be flirting with many girls as he is right now. That’s why he has to take advantage of his single life before he gets tied down.. I wonder who’ll be the lucky girl wink haha
Yeah, plus it makes things more interesting when you have a lot of people to interact with, but the thing about having a lot of people is that you have to wait for them all to reply back which can be exhausting sometimes, but it’s the price you pay for fun! Haha I thought you’d agree with that which is why I said it lol biggrin
Yeah, it’s great that Seth knows a lot of people. Knowing people will get you through in this world, it’s all about networking nowadays so the more people he knows the better for him  And yeah, I’m sure people could work with whatever you have, I’m sure I could dish out something if I was replying back to you or maybe I’m just awesome like that *shrugs* haha
Ahhh I see, I knew a lot of goody-two-shoes.. in fact my last two girlfriends were goody-two-shoes. So I understand what you mean, I saw it in them as well… except for the “looking like your asleep” part haha But yeah, I was never like that because I would be either always talking with people around me or just interrupting my teachers for no reason haha.
Yeah, I guess some science classes aren’t that bad. I remember a day in my science class when we had to dissect a frog.. it was gruesome yet fun! Haha Did you ever get to dissect something?
I see.. well maybe the teacher is a real douchbag and schedules test every day to torture his students for fun lol jk I don’t know we’ll see when third period comes around.
Haha I can so see you flailing around and smacking people that are in your way bahahaha hilarious image xD
Yeah, but the pace that we’re going at.. it’ll probably take a couple of months to even get to Friday lol But we’ll see.. I have plenty of time to scheme for the party ^^
Haha I’m sure that Timmy will drag Seth away not caring who’s around.. only when it’s really important though.. like if he needs someone to tell who he’s going to ask out or something important like that, he won’t just wait around until Seth is alone since that guy is probably never alone haha
Yeah, Jade seems to be a real b!tch around some people and that’s not cool, but what you gunna do, right? Haha I actually would like to see Seth blow up on someone.. not Timmy though, because that wouldn’t be cool haha. I don’t think Timmy would like to ignore his friends, he loves them with all his heart, but when he gets upset or angry he just gotta blow some steam out you know?
Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking but it didn’t come out when I was replying back to you haha but yeah, they do seem like the perfect partners in crime which is awesome!
Hey Kira, do you know if Zaya is still in the role play?
Omg! I realized that if Zaya is out of the role play, Timmy will only have ONE CRUSH!!!! That is pas bon! emo


I agree with that statement a million times! This is great news, let's have them be friends since Freshmen year. I don't think Timmy has any classes with Michael but I saw that they both are in the student council so they can hang out in there?

Kidhiy B

Haha Timmy is vain as well.. he's a bit cocky for himself as well, but hey a good looking guy like him should be, right? haha xD But yeah, I'm sure Amelia doesn't think everyone is evil.. hope she doesn't think Timmy is sweatdrop

I see.. well as long as Levi and Tim are friends it doesn't matter about anything else haha and it's not like Timmy is with different girls, he likes to flirt with different girls.. totally different ^^ haha But I see what you mean and I understand that the way Timmy perceives himself could make Levi or even Amelia see him as a player or something like that *shrugs*

Yeah, I can sooooo see her getting angry at him for helping her then he will just not care about her as if she doesn't exist afterwards.. too harsh? haha but I'm sure that if she does make it up to him he'll warm back up to her and sparks will fly!

You're so very welcome! For some reason I get attached to people easily. So the more I talk to a certain person is the more I feel like we're close. Thus, you leaving would be tremendously horrible! gonk

Yes. But you shouldn't take my word for it haha

Yeah, Yvonne and Timmy can still be friends. I would say that they broke up because.. Timmy wasn't a reliable person? I don't wanna say because he cheated on her because that probably wouldn't make them on good terms. Lying wouldn't be better. Maybe they just weren't compatible with each other? So they just decided to be friends because it would be better for the both of them. No problem with Criselda.. I'm sure Timmy will manage something to get her talking with him.. he'll do anything to get someone involved in an event or a conversation, so no worries ^^

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Yay for semester being over!!! I just finished my semester as well and I feel so relieved!
I don't believe we've plotted and if we have I probably forgot haha did we? confused

here's my link to my relationship thread, Temari!
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Hmm..Well, I can do that for everyone except Tia. I have yet to buy the Princess and the Frog.
I've been thinking about Timon or probably Merida. I haven't quite decided yet.


Same here! Though I've already had to register for next semester. But there's still a big paperwork hassle that has yet to be resolved..
Um...I think we were going to, but I'm not sure if we actually did.

That is very impressive; I wouldn’t be able to keep my interest in something for so long. I believe I have OCD or something horrible like that hehe.
I really can’t wait to start role playing with Gozenta’s character and see how Jade really is from just hearing about her hehe. I’m sure it’ll be okay though, Michael is a very patience person. Really? Do you really think that Jade needs someone like Michael in her life? How so? Yes, I understand how doleful it can be when someone that is brought up dampens your mood, so I won’t have Michael bring Jade’s name up if it’s not necessary.
Hehe I realized the same thing as well, doesn’t Xaiver not like Seth? I think I read it somewhere that those two don’t get along with each other. It must be very inconvenient to have a friend like Michael that is friends with Seth’s enemies or people that he doesn’t like hehe I apologize for the inconvenience.
Of course, I wouldn’t want you to do more characters than you can handle. I’m sure someone will be Oswald anytime so, but in the meantime Michael can manage without his half brother.
I find myself constantly checking back on this OCC for any updates or people that I haven’t plotted with yet, so I understand what you mean hehe
Yes, I have so much school work as well and on top of that I finally got a job at Hollister! Hehe I’m very excited for it but at the same time I will be mighty busy.
Well I’m glad Michael can be one of Jason’s many friends. It will be an honor and yes, they know each other through choir and probably hangout sometimes. If there’s anything Michael can do to assist Jason with furthering his goal in that department, Michael is more than happy to help.
I see, but I believe it’ll be interesting to have Michael and Vanitas interact with other. I was wondering.. what made Michael and Vanitas not get along? I would like to know this so that I could put it in my relationship thread.
I understand. I’m actually thankful that you asked, because I absentmindedly forgot to add that to his profile, so if you never had asked no one would ever have known hehe so all thanks to you, Michael’s mother has a known job to the world now! Hehe yay!


I'm sure whichever picture you choose for her will be fine, the model you chose is very beautiful no matter what! hehe

Kidhiy B

Yes, I'm sure Ceci will explain that everything is innocent and nothing is happening. I do hope she does realize why Michael hangs around her.. probably more often than his own girlfriend hehe

I understand and that makes sense, I wouldn't want to get Jade upset as well hehe I'm sure Amelia and Michael will definitely get along well and they can even argue playfully if you'd like as well.. maybe the way that they get along is that they make fun of each other? Playfully that is hehe

Once I saw the word 'deny' I totally had the song "I won't say I'm in love" pop in my head hehe It would be so cute if Cecili suddenly just burst out singing that song hehe. But yes, I'm sure that the times that Michael is being around Ceci would most likely have her develop a crush on him. I would love to see Ceci get all smiley and have butterflies

OH you know what I thought about, you should have Yvonne constantly tease Michael about hanging around her sister a lot, it would make him embarrassed and he would never admit it out loud that he has a thing for her, because he is going out with Jade so that would just be cheating and he's not a cheater, but yeah.. that would be cute to see him get teased or have Yvonne tease them both hehe. I like your plan, it's cute and I can totally see them alone in the classroom alone doing something like that.. very cute! hehe. I was wondering.. have you seen the movie Valentines day? I saw it the other day with some friends and I thought of a scene that Michael and Ceci could do, but it's probably towards later on though..

Yes, I have Pocahontas. She has Geometry, Culture History, Literature, Biology, and Art. The sports and clubs that she is in are swimming, cheerleading, she's in GSA, and she's in the student council.

Wow three! That's a lot of crushes. It must be hard for him to choose what girl to be with hehe I'm glad Michael and MJ can be friends. It'll be great! hehe
Check out my relationship thread and if I have missed anyone, please don't hesitate to inform me about your character and what sort of relationship my characters have with yours and I will be more than happy to add it. Please and thank you! hehe
Relationship thread
I'm trying to update the information in the class roster. If your characters are involved in things like band, student council, cheerleading, sports, etc. could you let me know what position they are and such? I'm trying to get that all put up in there. I filled in what I remembered and read off of profiles but I don't remember a huge amount. Thank you!


Ooooh. I feel like I should start playing the theme music for you! XD;;
But best of luck in finding one! I say that if the smirk fits her personality, then go with it. n__nb

Kidhiy B

It's okay. It just means we have to band together and be there for each other till the initial hurt has passed. And then still be there for each other even past that. Oh gosh. Yeah I did. That's . . . I just can't wrap my mind around why someone would do something like that. It's horrible when anyone dies but to kill a class of kindergartners?

Yup! And he's happy to know all of yours! Well, that's okay. And I think he would be pretty understanding of it. That just may prompt him to try to make a special effort to get to know her a little bit better.

Ohhhhh. Well, he'll probably try to back off a bit if he catches that vibe. He's been known to miss it though so Ceci may have to poke him or something if he starts to get a little too excitable.

Indeed she does! And apparently she's Timmy's ex? This may be fun to try to plan into the mix somehow too! Haha. Oh! By moron, I meant that it usually goes right over his head and he's completely oblivious to it. Lol. Although once he catches on to it, I see him as being kind of awkward and not really sure about what he's supposed to do. XD;;

Thanks! I hope it's helping people out!

I can understand why she would. Ohhhh. City girl, huh? That'll make things interesting!


None are coming to my mind! XD That's kind of what I figure as well. So have fun before you ask someone out Timmy! Hmmmm. Can't say that I know. He has so many crushes to choose from! Haha.
That's true. Although thankfully most of the people here are okay with you going on without them a bit if they get too busy to reply fora while. Yay for laid-back RPers! Haha. But of course! Why wouldn't I agree? XD
I think so too! He's definitely a people person. I think if he had to spend a day by himself, he'd get rather depressed or get serious cabin-fever. That's true! Although I don't think he's even thought about it that way yet. XD;; Who knows. It's hard to deny that awesome part though. Haha.
should I be concerned that I'm like your two last girlfriends? Haha. XP Well, that's what makes me unique! And part of why Seth does it too. lol I was the one who would finish my work early and then retreat to the back of the classroom to play cards with my friends. We did that in physics all the time!
Nope. I usually liked my science classes. Oh! We did that in 8th grade! Ummmmm . . . I passed out that first day. I'm really squeamish. <<;;; But after that I was fine and doing just about everything since my partner was absent half the time. And in Biology we got to disect a chicken wing! Although it was just one that the teacher bought at the grocery store that had already been plucked and skinned.
Ohhhh. It's one of those teachers. It's possible that he could do that. lol I guess we shall!
It happens all the time! They enjoy it way too much!
That's true seeing as how we've only just finished second period. n__n;; Yup! All sorts of plots shall be in place by the time that we hit it!
I can see him doing that too. And Seth will probably be confused at first and then catch on that it's important and call out his goodbyes to whoever he's being dragged away from. Nope. I doubt Seth will ever be alone for long at all unless he's at home. Even then, he normally invites friends over as often as he can. Haha.
She definitely can be considering how she treated Sophia, Charlie, and Seth so far this morning. Not much that you can other than try not to let it get to you. Personally, I'd rather not but he's protective and competitive and thus the potential is there if you get him mad enough. Nah. I doubt he would be able to get that mad at Timmy. Generally you have to do something to someone he cares about to get him to that point. I don't think he would either. He's a bit too social for that. Pretty much. I think Seth would suggest some form of sport at that point to blow off the steam. I know that that's what I do when I get mad. I just take off running. By the time I stop, I'm too tired to be mad anymore and I've had time to sort my thoughts out. I've freaked people out by doing that though, especially when I do that at night. <<;;;
Oh gosh! We're thinking the same way! This is almost scary! Haha. xD And yeah they do! Although I get the feeling that Timmy would have to be the mastermind in those kinds of things. Lol
Ummmm...she is as far as I know. I haven't heard any news of her dropping.
What? That would be horrible! D8


I think it's just because we love our characters that much and have a lot of fun with our plotting. That and we talk to each other every day and discuss it even while waiting for the other to write their posts. I wonder about myself with that with how picky I can get about things but then I know I don't because I'll eventually get lazy and think "it's good enough as it is". Haha.
Hopefully you'll get a chance to soon then! Gozenta normally keeps herself really busy but I'm sure that she'll be able to post in here again before too long. Patience is a virtue after all.
I think he bio had something about her childhood being anything but stable. And then with the way she acts, I think she needs someone to ground her and show that he cares about her. So I think having him will do her a lot of good. Sounds good! Seth is normally okay with her, he just doesn't exactly get along with her because she seems to like to target him and his friends with her "bullying".
Xavier does not like Seth at all because he's the captain of the basketball team instead of him. I think that's a large part of why Levi doesn't like him either. So Xavier's heckling borders more along the lines of bullying where Seth is involved. It probably is but I think Seth can just chalk it up to, there are times when he can't hang out around Michael. And so long as Michael is aware of it and doesn't try to get them all to hang out, I think things should be okay. Nah. It's not inconvenient. It makes things interesting! Haha.
Thanks. If I get a chance to, I will definitely look into it though! I guess. He has his cousin at least, right?
Same here! Although I feel bad because I'm going to have to have people remind me of what we plotted because I haven't been writing things down. I'm hoping to make my relationship thread this weekend if I have time though.
Really? Congrats on getting a job! I'm sure it's gonna be crazy busy but so long as you enjoy it, then things are okay, right? Haha.
Indeed he can be! Well, I'm not sure about "many" but he does have a few that he's open around and Michael is probably going to be on of them. Sounds good to me! Well, if Jason ever feels like asking, I will be sure to budge him in Michael's direction. It may be something his friends need to take initiative with though. n__n;;
I know that I'm excited for it! You know, I'm not sure. Tyler(Vanitas) just doesn't really get along with anybody. It was probably something small that Michael didn't back down on that got blown out of proportion. They don't have any classes together and they're a few years apart so it might not even have anything to do with school. Maybe Tyler said or did something to someone and Michael called him on it. And when neither boy backed down, it blew up into something major?
Oh really? Well, you're welcome then! I think quite a few people didn't put what their parents do in their profiles. It's not like it's a major detail but it's kind of fun to know. I feel all special now! Haha.

- E v e r l l a r k -

Ohhhh. I don't think that I own that one either. I have a couple of friends that do though so I could possibly borrow it from them if I had to.
Really? That would be awesome! You could always do both too if you feel up to having two new characters. 8D
Hi all.
I know I'm not very present in here all that often but it may be a little worse now. I'm done stressing out about school and that stuff has been taken care of. But it seems things have taken a turn for the worse. One of my very close friends was murdered Thursday night so I'm trying to deal with that on top of all the friends of his with the questions about him and what happened. Most people are trying to make this easier but there's always that one person who has to be a complete d**k about my actions (which have been close to doing absolutely nothing and being nice).
I promise, I will try my very best to keep on top of this roleplay.
Lexi Something

Oh my gosh Lexi. That's awful! I'm so sorry to hear that something that horrible happened to someone that you care about.
I'm sending all sorts of well-wishes and good vibes right now. Hopefully they'll reach you and help you at least a little.
Please don't worry about the roleplay. The last thing you need is something to stress about.
But if you ever need people to talk to or an escape from reality, we're always here if you need us. [/hugs]


Random thing that I was just wondering about while I wrote his post...
Should Robby know about Michael's crush on Cecili?
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The Katt in the hat is back!
I just posted for Sable, a post I found rather fun to write.
Next I shall write for Seung, then Elizabeth, and finally, I shall write for Riley.
I am so excited!
It may take me a while to get the other three up, mostly because I am going shopping with my father and sister to get my mother's Christmas today.
While it should be okay, if I do not come back afterwards, it may mean that I have died, or that I lost my muse. Let us hope neither happen, especially the first one, but you never know with my dad.
For now however, I shall get to work on Seung's post, since I do not know when we are leaving.

Anyway, if we need to plot, which is likely most of you, since I have a new character, do quote me and we can strike up a conversation.

Also, if anyone watches Glee and happens to ship Faberry, or willing to give it a shot, I need a Rachel to my Quinn. Or if you just watch Glee and wish to vent with me on how bad they have messed up the gay couples in the show, do send me a PM, though be prepared to read a long rant about Ryan Murphy and why I hate his guts.

I do agree with you on that, if you love your character you’re going to want to do everything in your power to make things better for them. Yes, communication is everything. Without it we all probably wouldn’t have an amazing Role Play like this like we do now, so I just want to thank the person that created communication for all of us hehe
Yes, patience is indeed a virtue and I am a very patience person sometimes, but in this case I can wait. I have nothing but time hehe I just hope that my post are good enough because I haven’t role played in a very long time and it gets intimidating seeing all these other wonderful people dishing out amazing post and my post always looks crappy.
Hmm I see what you mean and I do agree with that, because Michael is a very stable guy so with him around Jade he can.. keep her steady hehe
I see.. well when Michael is around I’ll make sure her bullying is at a minimum hehe I’ll try at least..
Oh so that’s why Xavier doesn’t like Seth, huh? I don’t see why Xavier can’t be Co-Captain or just challenge Seth for the spot instead of crying about it, right? Or is that not possible? Anyway, I do hope one day Xavier and Seth will become friends because Michael seems to get along with Xavier. I’m sure seeing that Seth and Xavier don’t get along will make Michael not interfere with their problems. I’m just glad that they can still be friends with Michael being friends with Seth’s enemies in all hehe
Yes! I’m very glad to have Robby as Michael’s cousin, because it’ll be fun messing around with Robby whenever Michael gets the chance. To answer your question about if Robby knows about Michael’s crush.. I would say that he probably senses that Michael is interested in Ceci since Michael is constantly at her place or somewhere else with Ceci, so it’s a no brainer to realize something’s going on there hehe
What I do is that whenever I plot something I would immediately write it down so that I don’t forget, because I am a very forgetful person. I think my relationship thread is pretty updated with all the people I have plotted with so I’m pretty satisfied hehe
Yep yep yep! It’s going to be super busy! Especially during the holiday so I might or might not be posting as often as I would like, but I will try my best to post once a day.
All right, I’m sure Michael can be there for Jason as long as Jason does the same for him? Hehe
Hmm well I guess we can leave it as a mystery or that the issue between was so long ago that neither of them can remember why they don’t get along? Because I can’t think of think of anything that Michael would say or do to anyone, he’s a really nice guy and easy to get along with, but I guess something did happen between both of them and they just couldn’t stand each other.
Yeah, it is interesting to know other people’s background like in depth background instead of making it so vague and short. You’re very special since you were the first person to ask me so yay you! hehe

Lexi Something

Hi there Lexi,
I'm new to the Role Play and I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about your lost and I hope everything gets better for you.
I'm trying to update the information in the class roster. If your characters are involved in things like band, student council, cheerleading, sports, etc. could you let me know what position they are and such? I'm trying to get that all put up in there. I filled in what I remembered and read off of profiles but I don't remember a huge amount. Thank you!


Yay! Glad to have you back Katt! I missed you!
I just finished reading it! Sable is always such an interesting person to read about.
Awesome! I look forward to reading those! And things shouldn't be as overwhelming with school this week so I should be able to reply back fairly quickly. 8D
Yay shopping? I'm actually going out with my parents tonight to get a Christmas tree! I'm really excited because that's always a lot of fun!
Oh jeez. Well I sure hope that you aren't going to die on us. And I'd prefer you not to lose your muses either. But if you do, I have three muses over here who are willing to help you look for them!
Ohoh! I'm up for plotting! I'm finally getting around to making my relationship thread so I need to make sure that I've got everything right when I put it down in there. XD;;


Exactly! Yet somehow we always tend to put them into these absolutely horrible situations (they weren't supposed to be so heartbreaking but they just kind of turned out that way) and then it gets all fluffy as they try to get back out of it. And then something else goes wrong. I think my friend and I need to work on this. <<;; That's true! So yay communication! Haha.
There ya got then! I usually am as well, largely because I would be a major hypocrite if I wasn't because I've made people wait a long time on posts as well. Your posts are awesome! I honestly feel like my ones with Robby have been pretty bad... Maybe this is a case of being our own worst critic?
Yup! So I think that Seth would honestly approve of them being together in hopes that Michael would be able to help Jade through whatever messes come up in her life. He just won't be around very often if she is. Sounds good! Thank you for your help with that Michael! Hopefully she won't be in as much of a mood to be a bully with him around anyway?
We knew that based on the fact that their characters were Xigbar and Sora, they probably wouldn't get along at all. (Especially if you've seen the ending in Dream Drop Distance.) So that was what we came up with. I'm sure that there are other things but that's what Xavier has pegged it on. Seth is honestly somewhat confused as to why they don't get along. He just knows that they don't and doesn't really like being around Xavier due to the bullying thing. You know, that's a good point. Feel free to have Michael bring that up sometime! We can hope but it's hard to say at this point. That would probably be a good idea. Because getting involved in the disputes of others can sometimes make things worse. Yup! I'm glad for that too. Thankfully, Seth isn't the kind of person to let someone's other friends ruin his friendship with them.
I'm glad to have Michael as Robby's cousin! I already love the way that they interact with each other. Oh boy. Well, he's already made him jump once by sneaking up behind him so there will be plenty more opportunities for that. Haha. XD Okay. That's kind of what I was thinking as well. So Michael hasn't told him but Robby can kind of guess it based on how his cousin has been acting.
I was really good about doing that at the beginning and then I got so wrapped up in everything else that I started forgetting to do that. I think I'm going to pull a lot of it off of other people's relationship threads. Lol
If you're able to post once a day then you're ahead of most of the people here. So don't worry about it if work keeps you a bit occupied and you can't post quite as often.
If Jason and Michael are friends, then I can't see any reason why Jason wouldn't be there for him and have his back. n__nb
We could leave it as a mystery. It could be as simple as Michael did one little thing that rubbed Tyler the wrong way and now he hates him for it. Oh! What I meant by that was Tyler was probably being a jerk to someone (possibly a friend or relative of Micheal's) and Michael was the one who stood up to him about it. And if anyone confronts Tyler, he instantly gets worse about it and odds are his irritation redirected itself back at Michael. If it was long enough ago (like in elementary school), a fight may have even broken out between the two but I'm not sure how likely Michael is to get involved in a fight. Tyler is fairly arrogant so anyone that can take him down a peg instantly goes on the "enemies list" for him.
Exactly! It just helps you to feel more like you know who the character is! Yay! I like feeling special! Haha. XD
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Haha, my only way to watch it is whenever it comes on TV.
That's true. c: It'd give me more to do while I try to wake the other muses up. o v o


Here's the relationship thread for my characters. c:
And I also had an idea. Would you be interested in having a sister thread to this roleplay, like Camp Pau is for Camp Disney?

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