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Yeah I saw that he was busy with the texting.

Yeah, it's more like schizotypal. It has characteristics like schizophrenia, but not like hallucination, delusions or disconnection from reality. They have very odd beliefs, fantasies and they don't normally connect well with other people. But Criselda likes to believe that she doesn't have a disorder. Two shirts? Hmm, I wish I were like that.

No, I don't really see Levi challenging him. Yea, I don't see that going well either, Levi is probably just going to mock him.

No, take her a while to realize she might have feelings for him. I guess that's true that she has a soft spot, but she probably wouldn't take notice to it, or try to ignore it. She also kinda have a soft spot for underdogs, not saying Seth is one. Lol, ok. That's the same with Amelia. She wouldn't see it coming; she doesn't use her emotions enough to notice what they might mean. Just with Timothy, she doesn't know what she's feeling with him.

No problem. I sent them yesterday.

Ok then. It seems like a couple of Disney stories are associated with forests and trees anyways.


I understand with the whole being busy thing. I'm glad you like them, do you have anyone in particular who you'd like to be his gf?

And that's nice. Of course they can be friends. But you wont see her in a crowd or hanging around large groups of people. So if Michael attracts many people around him I can see her eventually resorting to somewhere less traffic.

Alright then great!

Sure they can be acquaintances. Yep, I thought she'd look great as the evil queen. So, you mean like he'll act like an evil queen around her as well? biggrin , I can see him living up to her standards then.

I'm sure Ceci wouldn't do it on purpose. It'll be like that 'Oh I forgot again' for the 30th time. That's sounds great. Ok, yeah, if that's the case, if he keeps trying to be around she'll have to eventually like him for more than a friend. No only that I'm sure she'll love by his personality.

Yep, and I'm sure Yvonne will notice the connect with him and her sister, she'll probably do something dramatic to push them together.

Well, yeah, if you think biting is cute, then a cute shy. I guess they can be friends. But it'll be a funny relationship because she doesn't work well with friendly gestures or with other people. If he makes her laugh that's a start biggrin . But she's kind of like a little child or a scared cat.

Sure then, best friends they are ^^. Plus, I believe they're the same age and in the same grade. They could have a/some class(es) together. Maybe Calculus? You can pick the hour. I still haven't made his profile yet.


It's totally cool! Take your time! Please, get the rest you need, this stuff can wait =).
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I know right? All of the classics are amazing, Mickey Mouse, too!
Kara tends to like the adventurous type. She has a friend already (Seth/SugarHighKira) who is pretty adventurous. Her father is really strict, so he doesn't let her out much. But she gives excuses to go off with friends... Though he doesn't really know. She also has a little sister (Alma/TAO-OPPA) who sometimes tags along. But Kara is kind of like a mom to her since their mother died. ... So yeah. I think they would be good friends! Do they have any classes together?


Okay good. You are such a good manager. :3 HUZZAH! xD Yeah, I've got this.
Sorry for not replying in here or in the main thread for the past few days. Things have been a little crazy at school this week.

Tuesday: A student had a seizure during a class.
Thursday: One of our security guards had what they're guessing is a heart attack out on the South Field. Paramedics came to get him but he still ended up passing away.
Friday: One of our assistant principals was T-boned when someone ran a red light and is now in the hospital.

So...I've been a little out of sorts. I'm gonna try to get that stuff done tomorrow though.
Hopefully spending the morning putting up Christmas decorations will help. n__n;;

Yep! I was surprised myself that not only more people decided to join French, but it was mostly girls that joined it and for who? Oh that’s right, Timmy! Hahaha xD He definitely is a chick magnet and yet he doesn’t have a girlfriend.. smh.
Yeah, you really need like at a least three people or more to have a great time. Three is never a crowd, but a party! Haha that’s why threesomes are always something to be enthralled about lol TMI? ^^ Indeed it is his favorite class of all the other classes he’ll have to take, because one it’s an easy A for him and two he has all the girls there biggrin haha
I do notice that Seth does text a whole load of people, which isn’t always a bad thing, it just means he’s very very popular!! Haha it’s a good trait, but yeah I’m sure people will figure out a way to work around your post *shrugs*
You must be super good at multitasking then if you could sleep while listen to the teacher haha I could never fall asleep in class because of how distracted I am with talking to people or just disrupting my teacher during his lectures with smart@$$ comments lol I was a terrible student during high school lol but everyone loved me!!! ^^
Sounds great to me! I can’t wait for this fire drill to happen, plus since I’ll have Timmy in a boring class he’d be lucky enough be able to get out of there.. maybe at that time they’ll be a test and he’ll be super thankful to have the fire drill lol *crosses fingers*
Wow that must be a nightmare for you, I would not like to be in your shoes when that happens. I hate being tickled, it’s like I’m having a seizure or something lol That’s why I retaliate by ticking the ticklers and if they aren’t ticklish then I’ll find something else to torture them, I don’t go down without a fight!
Oh that’s awesome! Thanks for reminding me, I’m going to need to put that on my reminder or something lol Nah… he’s just loveable! Haha xD Hmm I’m actually looking for someone to just listen so Seth would be a perfect sounding board! Haha ^^
Well I do hope that never happens with Timmy, because Timmy can be defensive as well and if things get too intense he’ll knock some fools out cold! Hehe but I’m sure that’ll never happen between Seth and Timmy biggrin Yeah, I’m sure Seth wouldn’t get to that point with Timmy giving him the cold shoulder, Seth is too cool to have Timmy ignore the guy haha so no worries about that.
Yeah, I’m glad that they’re friends too because like you said they seem to fit together and it’s awesome! Especially if they do get in a lot of trouble together hahahaha


Hey there, Michelle! I just gotta say that I love Mickey Mouse and I could totally see Michael and Timmy being great friends! biggrin


Yeah, too bad we'll never be get the chance to eat them ever again! sad Oh wells, they were good when they lasted haha. I bet she will and he'll love it! haha. I would to see that happen with her and yes, he can be her camping/mentor/goofy/possible crush dude! haha jk! biggrin
I also gotta comment on the model you chose, her eyes are just fantasticly beautiful! haha biggrin

Kidhiy B

Hmm I respect her for that and if she doesn't want to change then she shouldn't, I believe someone should like her for who she is, but I don't think a lot of people do lol xD
Haha I didn't mean for your guy to go all crazy and abusive on her, I just meant like them verbally fighting or something then Timmy could step in to stop this nonsense of a fight. But yeah, you could have your guy man-handle her then Timmy can come in and rescue her. I'm going to assume that Timmy and the guy aren't friends, huh? haha. Hmm I can see her taking it the wrong way as well and that would be perfect if she did, because then they can argue about it, have Timmy be super angry at her and feel stupid about helping her. So yeah, that could totally work smile
I totally meant that whatever happens if it's a disease or a natural disaster that we'll miss you dearly.. well probably mostly me wink haha but yeah, I do hope everything goes well for you though smile
Oh most definitely is. I hate choosing things on my own because I was second guess myself and I also believe that whatever I choose that I think it's a bad choice so that always scares me too sad
Also, since you have new characters I don't think we have plotted with them. I was thinking that Yvonne and Timmy had been together recently? And the other two, maybe just friends?
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Oh my gosh. That's horrible! Man.... Yeah, I would call that a hectic week. My my.. Well I hope everybody is alright. And everything settles back down. <3
I'm trying to update the information in the class roster. If your characters are involved in things like band, student council, cheerleading, sports, etc. could you let me know what position they are and such? I'm trying to get that all put up in there. I filled in what I remembered and read off of profiles but I don't remember a huge amount. Thank you!

Kidhiy B

He's a texting machine! I was saying earlier that I wouldn't be surprised if everyone in the school had his number. XD;;

Ohhh. Okay. That makes a lot of sense. And now the way that her bio is written works really well too. It was interesting to read her life story from her perspective. I've never done that with mine for the most part. By the way, Seth was wondering if she would be mad at him if he called her "Crissie". I have my favorites. Yay jeans and a T-shirt. Haha.

He may not like the authority but he's not going to challenge it and risk breaking up the team somehow. Probably not but that won't stop Seth from trying it at least once. He doesn't like it when he doesn't get along with people.

Ohhhhh. Well, those are usually the most interesting relationships to pop up. I've honestly never been a fan of instant pairings. I like to just let characters interact and see if chemistry forms between them. Most people do but sometimes it's buried pretty deep. But if it's there, Seth usually has a way of finding it somehow. Or of at least knowing that it's there even if that soft spot doesn't include him. Nothing wrong with that. I'm sure he could be considered one in some department or another. Haha. Exactly! Neither of them are really romance -type people.

Awesome! Thank you for doing that! I tried to get all of their information up in the class roster.

You know . . . they are. So yeah! It would make a lot of sense for it to be kind of forested.


It's been a bit crazy, that's for sure. And it's made it hard to post since I was not in the right mindset. I haven't gotten much done this week that I probably should have gotten done. But! I got at least one post in.
And thanks. I know both the student and the assistant principal are both in the hospital but I haven't heard anything else yet so no news is good news, right?


Of course! What other possible draw could that class have? Haha. XD Well if he had a girlfriend he wouldn't attract quite as many chicks you see. XP
Pretty much. I mean, you can get plenty done with only two characters interacting but I agree that groups of people are always a lot more fun! Oh really now? Possible TMI. XD;; Can't argue with that logic! Haha.
I didn't realize it was that many people till I was writing the post. Holy cow Seth! I guess so. He's definitely a major social butterfly who makes it his job to know every person in the school. ^^;; I hope so. I'd feel horrible if I didn't give someone enough to work with.
But I wasn't sleeping! I just looked like I was asleep. Ohhhhh. I was always one of those students that was taking notes and basically doing whatever the teacher asked s to do. With the exception of looking like I was asleep, I'm one of those goody-two-shoes students. Haha. XD
It shall be lots of fun! There ya go! Although science classes can be fun when you're doing labs and stuff like that. True. But most of the time, the teachers know which days fire drills are going to be and don't schedule tests during those periods. But maybe his teacher forgot. XD
It is! And they do it all the time for their own amusement till I get up and move. And then they follow me! D8 I've warned them that they can't get made at me if I smack them while flailing around. Haha. Sounds like a plan to me!
No problem! I'm happy to do so. Probably seeing as how Timmy is going to be hosting it. lol Oh. My bad. A lovable player. XD He's completely up for it! You just gotta catch him at a time when he's not surrounded by other people. Although I'm sure Timmy could just drag him off without too much trouble. Haha.
I'm hoping that they don't happen with either boy although Jade is pushing Seth's buttons with how she treated Charlie and Sophia. Nah. They're friends with all of the same people and neither of them are really the type to speak badly of their friends. I don't think Seth would be okay with being ignored in any form so Timmy would be hard-pressed to pull it off. Good! I won't worry then. Haha.
They just work well together! They compliment each other in a sense that they bring out the better qualities in the other and tone down ones that may need toning down at times. Hahaha.


No problem at all! I will happily stay in charge of the class roster. I've got everything saved on my computer so that I can update it pretty easily and then copy/paste into the posts.
Pretty much! So I think we've got the major stuff covered! 8D
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I will make a reply for Seung and Elizabeth as soon as possible, but it may not be until Wednesday, because today I am going to Downtown Disney with a group of Cosplayers, tomorrow my mom and I are cleaning, and Tuesday I am going to EPCOT and possibly DHS. So I may not be free until Wednesday.
Now I must paint my fingernails black once again, after finally removing the remnants of the first go around last night.

No huge rush on it. I can wait and school is kicking me in the rear right now anyway.
Wow! Sounds like you're keeping yourself busy with all sorts of fun things! I'm kind of jealous. Haha.
Well, at least they're now clean so the paint will go on nicely? XD;;
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Usually no news is good news.. hopefully. : / And good! But well, you'll get everything done eventually. Oh! Kara is on the dance team, gymnastics, and choir. She's a soprano in singing. But nothing specifically in either of the others.

That's what I'm hoping too. I know the student is still in the hospital because some kids were talking about going to visit him while we were painting in Winterhaven on Saturday.
I know! Sorry that I didn't send Seth over to talk to Kara. Katt and I had already planned on him heading out to find Sean in the bathroom and I didn't want to have him talk to you and then disappear. However, first period will be over after the next person posts so we need someone to post!
And awesome! Thank you for that! I didn't think that dance team or gymnastics had any specific positions other than the captain but I wanted to double check. And I'll add Kara to the soprano list right now!

I get the same feeling as well when I see other people plotting, it makes me curious on what will happen and I get so anxious about it as well hehe.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure Michael would be okay with having younger friends. Heck when I was in high school, most of my friends were younger than I was so it'll be okay.
I actually found Michael a girlfriend so yay for him! hehe <3
I mentioned Robby in my bio so they're officially cousins! I do hope someone becomes Oswald to be Mickey's half brother though, because I sort of mentioned that Oswald is going to the same school as well.
Yes, I can't just go in there blind it would make things awkward and such a hassle. I would rather make things easier for me and find the background of this whole thing before jumping in. It's like you have to test the water before jumping in, correct? hehe
Oh that's great! I'll start on my relationship post and add him in there. Thank you Seth! hehe
Well I do have Michael in Choir and it looks like Jason is in Choir as well, so maybe they hangout sometime during practice or something like that? But I have faith that they can be good friends hehe.
Okay, so Tyler will be Michael's enemy. That's fantastic! Michael has an enemy!!! hehe Is it weird that I'm excited about that? hehe.
Let's say the mom's side, because Michael doesn't like his father because of leaving his mother so it would be best to have Robby on the mother's side of the family, if that's okay with you of course.

Kidhiy B

I think that Michael should just have a big crush on Ceci and we can just see how it unfolds from there, because I already talked to Dark Gozenta and she is okay with having Jade be Michael's girlfriend. I've been reading some of the post in the main thread and it seems not a lot of girls are fond of Jade hehe But it's okay for Michael, he loves everyone!
Hmm well if that ever happens, I'm sure Michael will take the time to hangout with Eirly.
That's wonderful news! Even though acquaintances isn't as good as friends, but it's better than being enemies! hehe. Yes, well Michael is the type of person that likes to be treated the same way he would treat others. So if Amelia is acting all snobbish or anything of the sort, he probably would treat her the same way.
Yes, I'm planning on having Michael do whatever it takes to get Ceci to notice that he is really into her, hopefully it won't be too late to where he graduates then she finally realizes that he likes her and she likes him then it'll be all bad for him hehe.
Ooooooh that would be perfect! If Yvonne did something like that it would make things easier for Michael.
Hmm biting, huh? I wonder what would Michael do if she bit him lol I can imagine him freaking out hehe. I think that they'll be great friends and I'll make it Michael's goal to make her laugh before he graduates!
That's perfect! Michael has a bestfriend now, I'm so excited! hehe. I have him in Algebra II because two of his crushes are in that class hehe


I've always loved the classic Disney characters.
Well now Kara can have another friend hehe
Aww Kara sounds so sweet, I think Michael and her would get along very well, because Michael takes care of his family as well and loves them. Maybe Alma can be Michael's friend, too?
I believe they have two classes together.. Algebra II and Art. I also saw that Kara is in Choir which Michael is also in as well. So they have a ton of time hanging out together.


Hello to you too good sir.
Yes, Mickey Mouse is just the best Disney Character alive. I would love to have Timmy be great friends with Michael. What class does Timmy have? Michael has Algebra II, 16th century, Creative writing, Environmental Science, and Art. I'm actually of thinking of switching Environmental science with Chemistry.

I know what you mean! Part of the fun with roleplaying is everyone else's characters. It keeps things fun and exciting! Haha.
I don't see why he wouldn't be. There's nothing wrong with younger friends. See? Perfect example! XD
I read that! So Miss Jade is his girlfriend yet he has crushes on other girls. This is going to be interesting. Although, just to forewarn you, Seth is a little miffed with Jade at the moment so don't bring her up Michael, okay?
Great! Then I'll go put that into my profile as soon as I read yours. Oswald? Hmmm. I'm sure that someone will because that would probably be a lot of fun!
Exactly. And thus why these OOC threads were created in the first place, right? Yup! It's usually better to know if that water is freezing or not first. XD Haha.
Awesome! I'll probably be getting started on making/editing my character's relationship threads as well and will be sure to include Michael in there. And Seth says no problem at all!
That could definitely work. Maybe they're in the same section or sit next to each other so that's how they started to get to know each other and it went from there? I'm up for this! Jason could probably use more friends since he's kind of reserved sometimes.
Sounds like a plan to me! Haha. I'm not sure. For some reason, even though you normally don't want enemies, in a roleplay, it's more fun to have them because conflict can make things a lot more interesting.
Okie-doke. So cousin's on their moms' side. I have no problem at all! What does Michael's mom do? Robby's mom is a police officer.
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Well I hope they both get better real soon. Oh it's alright! I understand that. I don't like doing that to people, either. Okay. So I'm ready to post then. After the next person. If anybody ever posts. xD Aha I'm ready to roll! No, they don't. Ooh I know who the leader is for one or the other.... Can't remember which one, or who it was though, either. Aah yeah. Great memory. Okay, great! Wait where do you have this organized list you're making here? I wanna check it out! :3


Okay. They so have to be real good friends. Sounds like they have a lot in common. And classes together. Oh yes. That means Alma will have a relationship with him, too. But you'll have to talk to her about that. And then fill me in with what you guys are plotting, so I make sure to know what's going on. xD

Thanks! I'm hoping so too.
Okay. I didn't want you to think that I was ignoring you. I know you had been waiting for someone in that class to interact with her and I was planning on it but Seth wouldn't just ignore that message. I know what you mean! If no one posts by tomorrow night, I may just have to do Robby's intro post a bit earlier than I was planning and just have him bump into someone in the hallway just to finish up this page so we can get to the next period.
I think Aurora was the captain of the dance team but she has dropped so that position is now open. XD;; Awesome! She should be on there now. Huh? Oh! I'm in charge of the class roster link. It's where I keep who is in what class during each period as well as the sports and clubs. n__n
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Right now, I'm kinda dead. So, bear with me please =].


Mhm. Amelia feels the same way about herself. She's vain, so she think's she's the right person and everyone else are evil. That's just her way of thinking.

Oh, ok. Yeah. They're probably be at each other's throats because they're both controlling and proud. But Levi's more of the good proud, and Amelia's more of the evil proud. I guess Levi and Timmy are friends. Maybe because Levi has the wrong impression of Timmy (seeing him always with different girls). Just like Amelia, he thinks his ideas are the right ones.

Yeah, and Amelia getting upset with Timmy about him helping her will be kinda like her way of defending herself. Plus, she doesn't like feeling that she needs help. But I'm sure she'll realize that he was just helping; she might even make up to him.

Well, I appreciate that much. smile Lol, and I'll miss you too! Thank you smile

Ok, I understand. So, you're having a feeling he'll make a better choice?

Yeppers we can plot. With Yvonne, that can be fine! So, at what terms are they now? Are they just friends? Or what? Yvonne's pretty bubbly and as long as you don't cross her you should be good. If it's like an honest break up, like, they both wanted it and they were still close afterwards then she should be cool. The rest can be friends. Criselda isn't very social though, so you won't get much from her.


Kira, I am very sorry to hear such! That sounds traumatizing; I hope things get better!

Also, I meant to tell one of you that if Amelia can't be the Head Senior Representative then can she be one of the senior Representatives? I didn't put this on her profile. Sorry.

Alright, so, Seth is popular then?

I'm glad you think so. But I also realized I had a couple of typo's here and there, though =p.
I'm sure she wouldn't mind. But she's probably going to feel uneasy if anyone talks to her at times, so having her to reply may be difficult.

Yeah, that would be the reason he wouldn't challenge the authority. Plus, it'll even make him look bad.

I agree. I find instant pairings sort of unauthentic and flavorless. So, is Seth like intuitive? Yep, Amelia isn't really a fan of romance.

My pleasure =]. You seem to be on top of things! smile That's awesome.

Yep, and I like regions like that =).


Oh ok. Plus, I'm sure Ceci knowing that Micheal's in a relationship will allow her to attempt to bury her feelings for him.

If that's so, Eirlys will definitely be friends with Micheal.

Yeppers, I'm sure Amelia will be amused as well. smile

Hehe, I'm sure she'll feel the same way. She'll feel bad if they both do not find out their feelings for each other in time.

Yep, it's Yvonne's dream to do something like that!

Well, in most cases she won't literally bite. But she can be aggressive. =D Awesome goal.

Oh, ok. Cool, Ceci's in Algebra II. If you don't mind me asking, which two? smile

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