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Kidhiy B

A tantrum might make Sable drag him out of there faster, but hey, totally up to you. Yeah, I see what you mean. I think I will have her text him to meet her by her locker before lunch, then she will ask him and they can walk to lunch together.

Yes, but the theories and stories going around the Faberry fandom totally make up for it, so do the manips, which I love.
No, I already had the coding figured out, it was a matter of adding another piece of coding and then organizing all the relationships I already had to fit the new coding piece. I will have to do the same thing with Seung's and Elizabeth's will be even worse because I have even more filling out to do.

I have to cut my time online, today until the fifteenth, so I can clean my room, because I am living in my sister's room at the moment, and she comes home on the fifteenth, but to move back into my room, we have to drain my water bed and put the regular mattress into the frame. I also have to leave time for getting my stuff out of my sister's room. I may not start cleaning today, but if I am off or unresponsive for a long period of time, it means I went to clean my room.


It was horrible, and it truly is lacking, After season like one, it started to begin to lack things, but now in season four, with most of the original cast barely on the show, yet it still manages to slightly revolve around the drama that is the love life of Rachel Berry, it almost is not worth watching anymore. However, I watch it for the little things, like Jane Lynch, Chris Colfer, and all the random witty banter that you have to re-watch the episode sometimes to catch. Sure, I may eventually stop watching it, once the original cast dwindles to Finn, Sue, Rachel, Kurt, Tina, Artie, Brittany, and the occasional Santana (because I do not consider Sam or Blaine part of the original), but for now, I will keep watching and grimace at Bram, which should never have even been thought of, Brachel, which should never have made it to the Thanksgiving episode, and will delight in all the little implications that tell me Faberry could be real, if only Quinn was not a repressed lemon, and Rachel did not have guys to distract her so much.
Tina makes the outfits, so even if they did have a small budget, after becoming National champs, you would think they would give her enough money to make new outfits, not just to reuse old ones. It was poor time-usage, despite how much I liked seeing Quinn and Santana slap each other, they could have shortened that scene, and they could have done some shortening in other places too, I am sure. Sadly, I had to watch it, and it was creepy, but they did, slightly, make up for it with the "Let's Have a Kiki/ Turkey Lurkey Time" mash-up which I found hilarious, mostly because of the look on Brody's face when he realized that his rule about no one breaking into song was being completely ignored and he was out numbered. Now I must go watch that video, because oddly enough, I like the song.
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It's totally alright!
Oh ok, nice, so his sister is like his security blanket? Or he just prefers not to act like that when she'd around?
Well, I don't think it'll be too much of a hassle. I mean one character I've only made one post for him so far. I don't know how to explain it but I'm not worried.
Oh ok, well then they're pretty close friends. Also, MJ got into a little trouble due to a prank. Should Seth know about his plans before hand? Like, MJ could have told Timmy and Seth that he had some business to take care of at the bakery, and maybe later on they'd ask him how'd it go?

Oh yeah, it doesn't sound like the traditional Cinderella, where she has step sisters who are evil. But I love to make twists so she has sisters who her parents adopted, they aren't evil, but they are not perfect either. But the three of them are best friends.
Cecili/Cinderella and Yvonne/Anastasia are the same age and they're both cheerleaders. Criselda/Drizella I think that she'll be a photographer for the school paper and on the swim team, but she's also antisocial and very quirky and unpredictable.

Levi/Kocoum is very proud, cocky and he's on the basketball team. He chooses not befriend anyone who seems weak or doesn't get on his good side.

I believe I can see Eirlys and Robby getting along because they're both polite and innocent. Yvonne, I could see her having a crush on Tyler. Not to mention Yvonne is a drama queen who can't control her feelings and must make everything more bazaar than it already is. Like I can see her in the background watching him from a distance, with his face all over her locker and her sister (Cici/Cinderella) will constantly warn her against him because he's "bad news".

And then we have Amelia/Evil queen and Thomas/Mad Hatter who both aren't really the friendly types, so that's that.

ALSO: Sorry for the long msg, and I changed Yvonne's name if you noticed. Just changed the "I". I think Y looks better.
Also, the last msg I sent you was on my tablet, if you may have been wondering why it was a little off. Sorry about that.


Well then two yays for you ^^!

Hey, so you wanted to Levi/Kocoum plot with Xigbar. =D SO what's it going to be; are they friends? Are they rivals? Are they frini-rivals? I think I'm going to make him on the basketball team. My one conflict was that he has long hair and he'd never cut his beautiful locks, plus they represent his Native American culture and he'd accuse anyone who speaks anything negative about his hair a prejudice. So maybe he'd just wrap it in a tight bun so that it's not flying all over the place.


Alright sounds great! Also, I have some more charries if you'd like to plot with them. Cecili(Cinderella), Yvonne(Anastasia), Criselda(Drizella) and Levi(Kocoum). The three sisters are best friends with each other, Cici and Yvonne are actually friendly but Yvonne may be just a little shallow and very dramatic. Criselda isn't a bad person, she's just very anti-social and will bite. Levi is pretty cocky; he can be pushy and he holds his standards high.
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Kidhiy B

Sure, let's plot.
Levi will likely be friends with Seung and possibly Eli(Elizabeth), but I doubt he would be friends with Sable because she has casual sex and leads people on, and cannot seem to see what is right in front of her, both in regards to Jade liking her as more than a friend, and Thomas loving her, as well as her own feelings towards Thomas.
I am also thinking of taking on another character. I know what he is going to look like, how he is going to act, but I do not know which Disney character he would be. I was thinking Pascal, cause he is a chameleon, but Pascal has attitude, my guy, to get him to have attitude you have to try really hard. He is your stereo-typical wall-flower. My only thought is to make him Lexaeus from Kingdom Hearts, but I already have two Kingdom Hearts characters, and I was thinking of going somewhere different with him, y'know? So do you have any ideas of who he could possibly be?

A parade? What's the parade for? 8D And yay marching band! Marching band is just beyond awesome. Really? Why not? Although, I've never really gone to them either. XD;;
They do? Great! It wouldn't be as much fun if they only saw each other at lunch time.
Ohhhhh. In that case, then I'm pretty sure that he hasn't caught on. If anything, he attributed it to the fact that people change as they age. Yeah it will! Because I know Jason and Seth at least won't be expecting it. Haha.
Oh good! Glad that I'm not the only one who got that. Okay! So they all went to the same daycare in those pre-school years and became really close there. Oh the whacky and fun stuff that they could do! Everything was exciting and interesting in those days so it could be something as simple as trying to climb up the slide with your socks on. XD


I think so too! So I'm gonna try to spend some time today taking care of organizing stuff too!
Ohhhh. That might be kind of fun! Like, the guy who wanted to ask her tried to get her dad's permission first and he said no which is why they didn't ask. And then she finds out about it once she sneaks to the dance anyway? 8D


Really? Awesome! I love it when fandoms can do stuff like that. Manips?
Ohhhh. So getting all of your old information in to the coding and remembering who dropped and who didn't so that you can keep everything straight?
Yeesh. Well, at least it'll be really nice and helpful for you once you get it all done! 8D

Oh boy. Yay for room cleaning. I still need to do that too. Half of my stuff is in boxes because I was kicked out of my room for a week so that they could shampoo the carpet. I just haven't unpacked everything now that I'm back in my room again. OTL
Sounds like you're gonna keep pretty busy then. Best of luck in the cleaning! And no worries about long response times. People have things they have to do outside of Gaia, right? ^^;;

Smite? I don't think that I've heard of that one. Have fun while playing it though!
Sounds like you're gonna keep yourself pretty busy. Anything that you want me to work on to help you out?
1. Yay for an uncrashed computer. Those are so much nicer than crashed ones. XD
2. Awesome! That sounds like it's going to be a really nice thing! How long have you had them?
Well, I don't think that I've plotted much with you for Tyler and Robby. Wanna do that? 8D


Oooooooh~ What'sthe white box for? 8D

Kidhiy B

Oh good. I feel a little less dumb now. XD;;
I guess it's kind of like that. It's also because she's always been there and is probably one of the only people where he understands how to actually express himself. In short he trusts her and pretty much no one else which is why it's toned down only when she's around him.
True. We are moving at a slower pace again so a bunch of characters shouldn't be too hard at all in that type of setting. Whelp, if you aren't worried then there's no reason for me to worry, right?
That works for me! Oh yeah! I remember reading that in your post as him. That could work. Although Seth's pranks tend to be more of the innocent type and not quite to the level of MJ's so so long as he didn't tell him what he was going to do in the bakery, I don't see why Seth and Timmy couldn't know beforehand. And he would definitely ask how it went the next time they bumped into each other.

Nope. Not the traditional one at all but that's okay because it makes things a lot more fun! Well, it wouldn't be much fun if any of the characters are perfect so I'm interested to meet all of them!
Okie-doke. And they're both juniors, right?
And she's a year younger, therefore a sophomore. Sounds like you've got an interesting range of girls living in the same house!

He is? Great! Because Seth is the Captain of the basketball team so they will obviously know each other. Although I doubt Seth appreciates how cocky Levi is.

I can see them getting along pretty well too. Would you say that they're friends who hang out together (like eat lunch together or something like that) or are they just acquaintances who get along well when they bump in to each other?
Seriously? That sounds like all sorts of fun plotting! Oh jeez. Yeah, she would be the one to get a crush on him. I think that that would be really neat!

Meaning that they probably aren't going to go out to befriend anyone. In terms of that, Robby would probably leave them alone as soon as they reacted that they didn't want to associate (still be nice to them but not actively try to hang out around them), Jason would be fine avoiding them altogether because he wouldn't feel like putting up with it, Seth would probably keep trying to be nice up until the point where one of them does something that hurts one of his friends, and Tyler . . . would probably get confrontational.

No problem! It's because we're plotting. Sorry for mine being so long too.
Ohhhhhh. I thought that something looked different! You know, Iike the Y better too.
It seemed fine to me. At least, I'm pretty sure that I didn't get confused by anything.
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Yes, it is lovely. Photo/GIF Manipulations, commonly shortened to Manips, because no one wants to say the whole thing over and over again? Nobody, that's who. Of all the Glee side Fandoms, those in the Faberry Fandom are what we like to call "Manip Gods" or "Manip Wizards". They have taken two GIFs, one of Finn and Rachel kissing, and another of Quinn and somebody else kissing (cannot remember who, likely Sam) and made it to where their lips fit perfectly, it is amazing.
Yeah basically.
Yep, I just need to finish it, and finish it soon.

Yeah, not really. I personally hate cleaning my room, because no matter how hard I try, it always returns to looking like Taz the Tasmanian Devil went on a rampage through my room, clothes and stuff, EVERYWHERE! I have not seen the floor in the middle of my room in months.
Yeah, at least I do not likely have to make responses to the actual roleplay until later, because I am likely going to have Seung relax in the nurse's office, but not go home, until he feels better and can return to class. Sable, well I have to reply with her when Trent get's his butt out of Bio, provided the guy playing Trent has not dropped by that time. And Eli, well, I can have her hang out with Jason during passing, or, if Spencer is in the roleplay by that point, then Spencer.

Ohhhhh. I get it now! Seriously? Wow! That is really impressive. It's amazing what some people can do to manipulate images and gifs like that!
Yeah, same here. Although to finish...I kind of have to get started. And I wanted to do some stuff on the mule too. Hmmmm. Relationship thread first though so any plotting can be instantly put up on there!

Same here! It's really weird but whenever I try to clean my room...it always ends up getting worse. Messy piles breed I tell you! I've seen the floor in . . . some places. There's a path from my bed to the door at least!
True. I should probably go post as Seth before I do anything else since my last post had him slamming his head into his desk because they had a test in Algebra II. Poor Seung. If he doesn't feel better by lunch time Seth has already told me he's eating lunch in the nurse's office with him. Oh right! We need to get to page 21 so we'll hit passing period. And Eli is kind of waiting on Trent as well right now too, right? I hope he didn't drop. That would be rather sad. Both of those work for me! Maybe all three of them can hang out for a bit.
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Yes, it is amazing and lovely and GAH! I love Faberry so much!
Same here actually.
They do and most of the time, said piles, are on my bed, so I knock them to the floor so I can sleep.
Yeah, that would be a good idea. Aw, that is so nice of Seth, though, if he is not feeling better by lunch, he will likely need someone to take him home, not eat lunch with him. Perhaps Seth's mom is on his record so he can call her and have her take him back to Seth's place, so that he will not be alone and trying to care for himself? Provided Seth's mom does not work.
I hope the person playing Trent has not dropped, I liked Trent and his skeleton footie pajamas.
Yes, all three of them would be better, but it all depends on if Spencer is in the roleplay yet or not.

I am also thinking of taking on another character. I know what he is going to look like, how he is going to act, but I do not know which Disney character he would be. I was thinking Pascal, cause he is a chameleon, but Pascal has attitude, my guy, to get him to have attitude you have to try really hard. He is your stereo-typical wall-flower. My only thought is to make him Lexaeus from Kingdom Hearts, but I already have two Kingdom Hearts characters, and I was thinking of going somewhere different with him, y'know? So do you have any ideas of who he could possibly be?
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Yeah I can totally see him friends with Seung. And with Eli, he might at first have that "you're a girl" attitude, but he tones down once he can see how tough she is. Yeah, I also haven't fully developed him so I'm not certain about his attitude towards girls. Maybe I should make him like someone I know (my brother), picky and mysterious when it comes to girls. But he's not the casual sex type of guy, he's believes that sex is very special and should be with the right person (that's the soft side of him).

Eirlys is a wallflower! And sadly I don't know much about Kingdom Hearts, isn't it a video game? You see I'm obviously not a gamer. Characters who could seem like wallflowers would be John Darling, Copper, Pumba, Quasimodo, Mater and Merlin it seems. What model do you plan on using?


Lol, there was never a need to feel dumb =D.
Well, that's pretty cool!
And nope, I was thinking the same, if this was paced quicker I would probably only have two.
Ok, so what's an innocent prank according to Seth?

Yeppers, I always like to make my characters with somewhat humorous personalities. I hope that anyone someone has caught that (if not I've failed Lol!). And yeah, it's sorta like my house. My sisters and I are best friends and we're sorta close to age (one's only a few months older than me -she's my biological cousin and my parents took custody of her when she was a baby).

But anyways, I sure Yvonne would take him as a 'bad-boy' which would be why she's into him. Plus, I don't see her directly approaching him (because she wants to take her sister's advice). But I can see her awkwardly and suddenly appearing in his face with a binder covering her blushing and saying very rapidly; "Here's my muffin, I didn't want it so you can have it, OK bye!" then bouncing.

Levi will probably not get along with Seth, as Levi claims he's always the best, I'm sure Levi will be annoyed at Seth that he's in a higher place than him.

With Eirlys and Robby, I'd say they're friends who hang out and eat lunch together. As long as Eirlys doesn't lack her ability to be memorable to him.

Amelia will rarely give a d*mn about anything (but she would also never understand why anyone would be nice to her) and Thomas will have to be in the mood to be friendly, or there must be some sort of purpose behind it.

Hey, yours is long, mine is long. It's cool then ^^. lol.
Mhm. Y looks better.
Also, I saw you say something about manips. I know how to do those! If I have time I'd probably take some requests.



Nothing wrong with that. It's fun to have pairings that you like within a series!
I know, right? Because you can never finish cleaning your room n one day but then other things come up that you have to do (like sleeping) and suddenly what you did needs to be put aside.
I'm actually about to work on it right now. Yay for posting! Although I have a lot to respond to. why does he text so many people? I honestly think the entire school has his phone number. XD;; True. If he's been sick for over half of the school day, the nurse probably would send him home. That could work! Seung is kind of like a brother to Seth and his parents view him that way too. Well, Seth's mom works at a daycare, has since Seth was young enough to be there himself, but it could always be her day off or I bet that she could probably take half of the day off since he isn't calling till lunch.
I know! Those are pretty awesome pajamas!
That's what I was thinking too since the three of them usually hang out together in canon as well. I guess we'll have to see what Dark does. I was PMing her last night to try to do some plotting but I don't know where she is on Spencer's profile.

Oh really? Awesome! Really? Hmmmmmm. True. And the attitude is something that you can't have Pascal without. A wall-flower? Because he's shy or because he just doesn't want to stand out? Well, then you'd be joining me because I have three at the moment as well. <<;; But if you're thinking of a different direction I'll see what I can find.
Although, if he's a wall-flower because he's shy, the first character that came to mind for me was Bashful the Dwarf. XD;; I'll see who else I can think of though!
Kidhiy B

I guess not but I still kind of was. Haha.
I'm still doing research on it but that's my basic guess to it. very case is different anyway so it gives me room to play around with it.
That's true. The fast ones you don't want to have too many in because then you'd have to have the free time it takes to keep up.
Basically one that isn't going to hurt anyone or break the law in any form. Basically, he mainly does them to friends because he knows that they'll all just get a laugh out of it and no one will get upset. He's also pretty innocent so the idea of drawing the things that MJ probably drew on those cakes would never even cross his mind.

Those are the best! It keeps things interesting and fun! Oh really? So these three kind of have a personal touch from that? It's great that you're so close to your sisters!

Well he definitely can be that since he has no respect for authority or for expected social norms. That's probably a good thing because I don't think he would take it well if she tried to directly approach him with something like that. That sounds hilarious! He'll probably have no idea how to react to that which will give her a a chance to run off before he does or says anything.

I kind of figured that they probably wouldn't given their different personalities. And that's a pretty good point as well. So now Seth has two people who don't like him because of it. Xavier and Levi.

Sounds good to me! Now they both have lunch buddies! I'm pretty sure that he'd be able to remember her. I mean, it's possible that the first time they met he did that but then he'd be so bothered by the fact that he had done that that he would make a point of never doing it again.

So then Seth continuing to try to be nice to her is going to throw her off. And since he's really close friends with Timmy, would that play into her reactions at all? So Seth and Thomas can get along when Thomas is in the mood for it. The others...probably not so much.

Yup! Long posts everywhere! Haha. XD
I think so too.
Oh! San was talking about them. You do? That's so awesome! I've never been able to really do stuff like that.
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Kidhiy B

Okay, that is good. I like that he would be weary of her at first, then they would become friends. Yeah, that is why I figured him and Sable would not be friends.

COOL! Yeah, it is a video game series, as well as a manga. I may make him Copper, but I have not seen The Fox and the Hound in ages, so I am not sure about his personality. I was thinking Quasimodo, but I have never seen the movie, it is one of the few animated Disney movies I have not seen, same with UP.

The model is this guy. I already have his entire persona planned out, because I have used him in a few roleplays in the past, and felt like reviving him. Besides, we need more quiet guys, there are not enough in this roleplay, and I do not think there are any gingers, so he fills that quota as well.


I just wish they were Canon.
They probably do, and if they don't, they will eventually.
That would work, I doubt she would have Mondays off, but she could most likely take half a day if she really needed too, as long as there were enough workers present, or not a lot of kids that day.
Yes, yes they are.
Yeah, that would be cool. Yeah, she has not stopped in here lately either.

Um, he is a wall-flower because he is a big Harry Potter nerd, his mom has Schizophrenia and was recently put into the "nut house", his dad is over-protective, and he is a bit shy at first, because he talks to himself and is starting to show signs that he inherited his moms Schizophrenia. He is not like Bashful, I cannot see that.

Yeah. I know that feeling. But that's when you make up head-canons and you're fine!
And thus your room never ends up getting clean. But hey! At least you tried.
I wouldn't be surprised by that at all. That's true. It's only a matter of time before the new students have it too. XD;;
I doubt that she would either but it was just an idea to throw out there for consideration. I don't see why she wouldn't be able to. Depending on the parents, some actually are done at lunch and come to pick them up at that time so odds are that she would be okay to take the second half of the day off. And for Seung, who is like family, I doubt she would mind at all.
I think so too. You know, she hasn't. But she's been online. I guess she's busy in other roleplays?

Oh wow. No wonder he kind of wants to keep a low profile.
But yeah, given that information, nothing like Bashful at all. So that throws out that idea. Hmmmmm. Other people that like to be a wallflower and keep a lowprofile...
Although looking that stuff over, I would agree that he does sound kind of like Quasimodo, especially with the overprotective father thing.
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Mhm, it'd be kinda boring if it were the same story.
Yeah normally MJ will try to keep things clean unless he feels the need to do other wise. And yeah. I still haven't posted what he actually put on the cake, it was definitely something to get his kiddish self to laugh.

Well, I just made them BFFs because it was different from the original story. I guess I just know what it's like to have a sister as a bff so I can plot with them easily.

Also with Tyler, not to mention that Yvonne is prone to do other strange things.

Maybe it isn't that he'll dislike Seth, it's just he'd be annoyed if he'd ever have to tell him what to do.

Eirlys would really appreciate that, that he gave effort to remember her out of politeness.

Yeah, it'll for sure throw her off. She might even be mean to him because of the fact that she feels she doesn't deserve his niceness. If he's still nice after that then she probably wouldn't know what to do then. Also, idk if she'd react differently because he's friends with Timmy. She might just think the two guys are simply weird.

Yeah, but if you have the proper tools and programs and methods than it's amazingly easy. lol.

Yep, she would be cool enough for his standards. I think Levi wouldn't really be friends with Sable because she's simply a girl. Levi is just sort of a jerk.

Yeah, I haven't seen a couple of those movies in a while (saw Aladdin on abc family a few days ago). I haven't seen UP or Tangled, or a couple of other things. I simply look through disney wiki so I won't have to watch full movies again. To try to get an idea of the characters.

Yeah, I totally want to revive one character I have used. I realllllly liked her (I think she was my favorite), but I haven't found a rp that she could fit into because she was a mermaid.

Yep agree with the quiet guys. Idk about ginger guys but there are ginger girls. Yvonne is one of the gingers.

xD I know right! At first there were only two people that I knew that had French and now all of a sudden everyone is taking that class! hahahaaha what are the odds of that.. ;D haha
It most definitely is fun because of all these people in there. I'm just glad that there's a lot of people to interact with, because then it would probably be dull, but knowing Timmy he still would make the best out of it biggrin Oh he's most definitely soaking it all in, having this much attention as well as this much girls around him, it's like heaven for him! xD lol
Oh it definitely is mean which is why I like to include people, I'm not the type to leave anyone out so everyone is required to join in the fun no matter what it is lol
Hmm you could be right about that, I think that guys get distracted easier than girls.. well speaking for myself that is because I get super duper distracted with everything! I think I have A.D.D! haha
Hmm that seems like a reasonable time to do the drill. Usually fire drills in school are like that, so if we're gunna have a fire drill might as well do it right and realistic as possible, right? smile
Haha you get antsy pantsy? that's awesome! I'm very ticklish myself, but when I do the tickling I get beast like and go all out whenever I have a target in mind. That's why most of my friends (mostly the girls) don't want to chase me, because they know I will tickle them until they pee in their pants lol xD
Dang! I still have the pizza party huh? haha the sad thing is that I totally forgot when we're going to have it, I can't remember if it's Friday or Saturday. I do remember it's after.. the homecoming dance or the game? I have bad memory lol
Yeah, it's up to five now I believe.. too many to keep track lol but yeah, when the time does come I'm going to ask for your assistance. OH maybe we could have Seth and Timmy have a sit down and just talk about it, that would really help! smile
That's a good thing about Seth, he's very cheerful and helpful guy that never does anything mean to people.. I hope! haha xD And yeah, Timmy wouldn't hurt Seth or any of his other friends, the most he would do is probably give them the cold shoulder, but other than that he's very understandable. Yeah, most definitely gotta live life up.
See! You do understand what's Timmy going through then lol I'm glad to have Timmy friends with Seth, then they both can help each other out, but then again once they get all sugar highed it'll probably be the opposite of that lmao xD I really can't wait for the party to see what happens, I am planning on so many things to happen that night lol biggrin
Yeah, it is pretty gruesome but hey.. it is what it is, let's just make sure it never happens then you won't have to witness it smile
I am ecstatic about our plan, I can't wait for us to get it going. I'm going to reply back to you after I finish up here.

Kidhiy B

Hmm I don't know if Timmy will be jealous of a guy liking Amelia, since you know they are always at each other's throat he just sees them as rivals or something like that, BUT if Amelia showed that she was caring a tad bit then I could see Timmy getting jealous smile
Oh oh oh! I was thinking if you have that guy be her ex, you should have like him abusing her a bit, then Timmy can come and rescue her! that would be totally awesome! smile
I do hope you get the right treatment, I would hate to have lose a possible crush for Timmy smile
I guess that's why other people get more than one character to show more of their traits through their characters. I for one can't do so, because I can't stray from my cocky thinks i'm so amazing very social-able side haha but yeah, I guess it depends on each person.. it just can't be helped for me *shrugs*
Yeah, I'm still debating on either getting a girl or guy.. I'm actually plotting with Kira right now about this, so it's really up to him! lol
Lol really? That's as bad as I am haha I was at a sushi restaurant yesterday trying to decide on what to get, but having over 42 choices it's kind of hard, so it took me almost half an hour to choose one sushi roll lol so I understand what you're going through smile


I do hope twinkies come back, because I really miss their fluffiness lol
Aww well Timmy loves girls that are timid and giggly, he believes it's the cutest thing a girl can do! smile So yeah, i'm sure they'll be great friends! smile
Hmm taking her under his wing, huh? Well Timmy does do that for the freshmens, like he's doing for Sophie and any other freshmen that he knows. So yeah, that could possibly be one way of them knowing each other. Yeah, he did go to camp during the summer. How about we incorporate the two ideas because I can't choose one with me being so indecisive in all. So I was thinking that we do the first idea of Timmy meeting Donitello during her freshmen year and he took her under his wing and helped her and stuff. Then they could have spent time together during camp as well! How's that sound? smile

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