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a 1x1 search thread
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Monkey Island, something goofy, edgy and surreal inspired by old cartoons and screwball comedies, something electroswing inspired, and literally anything you think I might like a lot, period.

Hello, Gaians. I'm looking for a one on one RP -- several, actually. I'm very flexible, but simultaneously quite picky; although it is more than likely if you know what I'm craving, and, more importantly, understand it, you're the coolest ******** person alive. And also a beautiful and very attractive thing and we should totally roleplay together, you sexy beast.

I will not promise to post 1500 words or more a post. It's not because I can't. It's because I don't have the time to commit to something like that. I want something laid back, relaxed, and probably comedic. I really don't care if you're not funny, so long as you have fun with it, it'll be great! =D

I'm always willing to try new things and ideas. PM me if you think something might strike my interest! I won't bite, and most of the time I'm very friendly.

Lastly, I need some sort of external conflict in my RPs. I cannot RP straight drama. It's boring. I need an antagonist, and I will be more than happy to play him myself.

What do I RP? Tons of things. My cravings are above, and I want those the most but I really want you to suggest, suggest, suggest! I love new stimulus! =D Especially if it's vintage Hollywood, art deco, raygun gothic, or otherwise.

What do I not RP? Any fandoms that have a TON of exposure. For s**t like BBC's Sherlock, the Avengers, Twilight, Doctor Who, and Homestuck, you don't need to come to me to get a good RP about them. I want obscure things that people hardly do -- otherwise why would I even post a thread?

About me:
- Legal male in the EST time zone
- Never in my right mind
- Easily amused
- Love chatting over AIM
- Write in my spare time
- Animation, history, and animation history are my favorite subjects, period
- Love enthusiastic people
- Hold myself to very high standards
- Love making people happy
- Will literally RP anywhere
- Love cute, cartoony things
- Will never intentionally ditch without telling you. If I haven't replied, I've either gotten busy, am between slowly working on it and procrastinating, or have just plain forgotten.
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Old people are the funniest things ever.

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