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Hello. I'm looking for a new RP to get into or just a person/persons to rp with. I'd like to say that I am semi-lit. I try to post what you give me. Ex: You give me a paragraph, I'll give you one back.

So I'll leave this to whoever finds this interesting to PM me with an rp idea and we can act upon it. I prefer PM rps or IM rps. Again, please PM me with YOUR IDEA FOR AN RP. It is YOUR decision, I just decide if I want to accept it and sometimes I may add my own ideas to yours. Any RP suggestion will be taken into consideration rather its used or not. So please don't be afraid to suggest something ^_^

Also, Yaoi and Yuri are bumming me out now. (Mostly because people bail on me). If you suggest a yaoi or yuri rp, provide a back story for it to follow and how you would like to story to flow. If you cannot do that, the idea will be immediately shot down. Sorry.

Master x Slave
Bandmate x Bandmate
Bandmate x Fan
Kidnapped x Kidnapper
Gang Leader x Newbie of gang
Mentally Insane x Sane

Other races
Abusive relationships
Bad situations (unplanned pregnancy, drugs, crime, etc.)
Video Games
Yaoi & Yuri are A-OK, I don't discriminate.
(Yuri actually confuses me though, I never really know what to do with it.)

I prefer to rp as a female character, since I, myself am female, also because it is hard to tap into the male mind frame at times. I do play males though. (Only for Yaoi or if I find the rp can be interesting enough when I rp the male role.)

Please note: I am ONLY looking for one on one rps. No groups please.

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