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Player beat Durem Grunt! My.Unseen.Angel won 750 gold for winning!
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*signs* Good luck everyone! We can do!
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Aged Gaian

To my teammates,

There are some of you who I talked with a lot, and you managed to make me laugh in the dorkiest way possible!
Those of you I haven't yet spoken to, I know we're still gonna be tight.

From now on, anywhere in Gaia, if you find someone who was a Bartonian, well, we'll all always be Bartonians. You're my family and I love you guys. :]

Let's remember we were the friendliest team on this site, and on top of that, we were GOOD. Win or lose, we gave 'em hell.


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GO BARTON!!! We have the spirit biggrin

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GO BARTON exclaim exclaim exclaim
For the Fish~

whee Signed:

p.s I love you Ian~
dear bartons,
It was great working with you guys hope we can all do this again soon.I'll be back next summer [time for school again sad ] But we must become smarter so we can win again!
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Hey Barton! It was fun, and I can't wait till next year to get to join you again for such a grand event, and may we win again as well! I played peace keeper at points, and I'm please to say, not that often. Barton is such a nice team to play on, and I can't wait till this day is over and we get to see our team's name on the 1st place. Also, I did a bunch of artwork for this event, and I was so happy to see them in people's signatures here and there. :3 (If you want to know which one's I did, click my signature, it leads to my dA. ) I came here for Ian, and I stayed for the team. Long live Barton! May we go down in history tonight! biggrin
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Dear Bartonians,
It was the greatest being your teammate with this year. (: Win or lose, I won't forget the times we had these 7 days. I'll remember how hard we worked, even though we were a small group.
It was great working with you guys.
Don't forget me! ;___;
- ProjectPIKA heart .User Image

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Sparkly Shopper

This year as a Barton citizen has been great, and full of pride :3.
I'm proud to be a Barton, no lie.
All of you people are just so sweet, and kind. All have loyalty in them ;D.
Playing truth or dare with you guys, having towns photoshoots, and going "topless".
Those memories will be kept forever in my pixelated heart.
In conclusion, THIS. IS. BARTA. AND. A. CHOBIT. YEAH. =D
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I must say, on the first day I switched from team to team. I finally decided on Barton. I was with Durem for the last summer event, but I decided not to join them this year because there are too many people, etc. But I'll be sticking with Barton from now on heart
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*signs* mrgreen
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Barton=win. Simple.
A worthwhile week of eyesight damage from not only the games, but the beautiful blinding light of glory within our reach!

Love you Barton! FTW! heart
Let's go Barton, let's go~
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Moonlight Hunter

I just want to say that I've enjoyed these Olympics more than I did the Water Balloon Festival, and while my scores aren't the highest, I've tried my hardest not to be a burden to good ol' Barton. Let us forge ahead to victory and finally step outside of the stifling shadow of Durem!

For Ian,
For Rufus,
For Leon,
For Rina,
For Agatha,
For Logan,
For the Fish,

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