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I'm so happy to have been a part of this year's festival! heart

Everyone did so great and win or lose, we still have centaurs, hungry kitties, nekkid angel men, smexy Ian and the cheer and happiness of the town of Barton!
^_^ ~
Bartonia for life. . . Signed Kady Linsay, 2008~ <3
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Man-Hungry Man-Lover

Anthh- Thanks to everyone for trying. And putting us in the running to be the top team.
Lets pull this off. FOR BARTON! talk2hand
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Meh loves you all!!


my average right now is 9.60! for memory sake :3
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-meow- ^.^ go barton lets do it for the cat and if we lose ima kill everyone yay ^.^
I hope we win tonight, let's do it our best.

Barton will win. -mighty prophecy-

Signed by
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Well fellow Bartonians,
This was awesome and so much fun. I really hope we win this thing and show Durem. I'm so glad everyone has been working so hard.
We all need to do this next event.
Join the Barton guild to keep in touch. heart
-~`Misty Water`~
Barton, what ever the outcome is, nice work. You guys deserve yourself a pat on the back.
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Barton, it's been a blast!

-A M A
These past few days have been really great! I can only imagine how next year will be smile
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Im so glad I chose Barton and am really sad i missed the water fight that everyone talks about...
Lets all choose Barton again for the next event!
I'm glad I chose to be on bartons team because of all the nice members and such.
Even if we dont win, at the very least, we did our best!!


i will sign in

I'LL REMEMBER BARTON AND EVERYONE FOEVER! (it will stuck inside of my brain memory! LOL)

i love everyone here!
Barton all the way. From the Water Festival, to the Rejected Olympics and beyond! I always have been, am and always will be a Bartonite.

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Fluffy Bunny

Go Barton. :3

®îñí Ïkãtå®û

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