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I am so happy that we won!
Love you guys!

Go Barton!

Yes we are just that awesome.
The very first year I've taken part in the olympics and the team I joined won! Yay Barton forever!

I'll nevah forget the day we pwned Durem. It's a memory that will never fade away.

Hey ! i think we did great even if there were people like me who just sucked at the games XD. So YAAAAY !

My Lil Sweet Cakes says:

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Yay, now I can officially say.
Barton owns Durem.

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BARTAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
~Akahimi heart
go barton for Rufus and the FISH and for the catfish

"what?!? there are catfish?"rufus asked


"yay! cats and fish put together make catfish i wonder if they ever eat themselfs"rufus said

there is also dogfish

"what! oh no poor catfish"rufus said
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Magic Cat

*crawls under box*
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Team Barton Rocks !!!! biggrin biggrin
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3nodding signed by,
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GO GO BARTON!!! biggrin

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