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heart Barton is the best!
YES we won! blaugh

o_x Late signing.


Been here since day one.

We're pretty nifty.

The end heart
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You know every year.. ever since the beginning I fought along side Barton.

After 5 years we finally come out on top. Thank you all for making this happen. Thank you all for being such a wonderful team! Thank you.

May we all work together next year! Farewell.

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So, I was originally from Durem last year, and didn't like the way they acted. But I didn't want to betray Durem, either. But my girlfriend suggested I join the same team as her, so I joined Barton, since I feel I should be more loyal to someone I love than to a virtual town. I wasn't expecting much from this team, considering last year's scores, but I was pleasantly surprised. I also found Barton to truly have some of the nicest people I'll ever meet. Which is why, from this day forward, I will choose Barton for every team event.

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Go, Go Gaia xd
My fellow Bartonians, we did it. I had sparing moments of doubt that our team could really take first, but that just made me work all the harder. In the end, thanks to everyone, we managed to bring home the gold and SAVE THE FISH!!!!!!
~Falina. 3nodding
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Go Barton! We all make a great team. heart
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Friendly Puppy

To every Barton,

Last yea, I was Akea. I really had no reason for choosing them, just a random pick. After last year I wanted revenge something awful. So I picked Barton, just to try another team out. I have to say I'm very glad I did. I love you guys. I never would have expected a team to be able to pull together so much and be so friendly. I'm definently a Bartonian for all the events to come. Ilu all~

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BARTON WON!!! heart
rofl 4laugh dramallama lol xd 3nodding biggrin
Barton is the best xd
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yay barton won!!! yipeeeee!!!! im soooo glad we won, we deserve it more.

you people make this team the best.
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Whoo, Barton!
BARTON WE MUST GO FIGHT WIN THE OLYMPICS GGGGGGOOOOOO TEAM BARTON!!!!!!p.s. on the game enter the code whats the code 4 "pgup and pgdn"plz plz plz tell me

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