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You suppose Rufus will get his fish now?
heart Go Barton Go heart
W00t! way to go Barton!! i did my part as well! We won smile heart
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*Dances* We did it!!! Good job everyone!!!
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User Image

WOOT!!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!!
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Barton rules! ^^
I don't know much else to say~ We all did great biggrin
Wow it is so nice to be a fellow barton xd Everyone is awayse there to cheer you on 3nodding And it worked too Yay for the barton win whee
:3 Choco007 was here :3
*signs* heart
Barton is the best team ever, with a wonderful spirit. heart
Being in team Barton has been alot of fun. Although when my best friend joined Durem instead of Barton, I was horrified and or upset with her for choosing the opposing team, however I accepted her decision and moved on with my life.
From playing the games to waving my bright yellow flag in the town I was really happy about being on this team. The olympics were alot of fun, they really were. While on the tracks, I made new friends and told off some newbs when they were being obnoxious towards me.(Who doesn't love telling newbs off though right?)

So now, Barton, it is with great pleasure that I post this message on this thread, claiming that I, x-R e i n c l o u d-x.....
...Cheers to all!
-x-R e i n c l o u d-x
Being in team barton was against my family and friends, but now I can laugh in their faces. (They did to me. V___V)
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I don't believe I have signed yet.

Hearts of Gold make the difference! crying We did it for the fish! User Image What a great team; I was proud to be on Barton's team this year User Image Way to go with the positive team spirit! Let's keep it up for future events.
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The twilight of requiem


That's right; Rufus can has fish naow. rofl
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User Image And I want to reach

User ImageBarton, I love you. I'm proud I joined this team, and I'd like to thank everybody who participated and worked so hard in getting us to the top! There was such a great team spirit, from start to finish - this has been an amazing event.

~ signing on behalf of Barton, AngelNo17 heart User Image

To the Angels above. **User Image
Barton kicks a** and we crushed Durem. Way to go all barton members we couldn't have done this with out you.

I had a wonderful week. The Barton manga was the best of all, very inspiring and motivating! heart 4laugh The neck-and-neck race with Durem was really exciting and motivating too. See you all next time! ^^

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